What the teacher taught me this year…

It was 14th February 2010. It was Valentine’s Day. And it’s also the first day of Chinese New Year for the people in the East, and therefore Valentine’s Day was overshadowed this year. I am not sure how it was for the rest of you over here, but it was overshadowed to me.

But then again… I’ve expected this. Valentine’s Day has always been the same to me since God knows how many years.  It was just another day. No mind blowing sex, no romance, nothing, and I have forgotten when was the last time I received a rose as a token of love or chocolates as a token of appreciation. I think it was when I was in college? High school? I couldn’t remember anymore. But I can say it’s been almost ten years since I received a stalk of rose or a box of chocolate from others.

It may sound pathetic to all of you. But, this year, I feel a bit numb. I suppose, not expecting my Valentine’s Day to be filled with romance helped me not to feel sorry for myself when the rest of the youngsters who are my age are out romancing their other half. Valentine’s Day this year may coincide with Chinese New Year, but I’ve seen some lovers out there made efforts to make each other feel appreciated despite of the clashing event, and I feel happy for them.

I started off my Valentine’s Day by opening one of my letters and read it as the clock stroke midnight…you know, the letter from me in the past to my present self? I wrote about it HERE.

This is going to sound extremely pathetic, but the letter that I was supposed to unseal on 14th February 2010 did comfort me and made me feel that I am worthy of love and life, and I should do whatever I want that day to make myself feel better. And I did just that.

Hey… I shouldn’t let things dishearten me, should I? I have Me, Myself and I. They loved me, and because they loved me, I should live for their sake, and not for others. And I should make them happy by making myself happy. (Okay, I’ll stop. I started to sound looney… or worst, schizoid).

I spent my Valentine’s Day sleeping in from midnight until 11.30am in my husband’s room back in MIL’s house. I woke up to husband’s sms ring tone, which is a cue for him to do his yearly visit to his teacher’s house for gathering with his ex-schoolmates.

We headed over to his teacher’s house after brunch. His ex- classmates were there. There was 10-12 of them, I think, well I don’t know, I didn’t bother counting or snapping pictures of them chatting.

It is better for me to shut up and not make them notice me too much, cuz they were doing their yearly routine of small talk of ‘How are you?’, ‘How’s your career?’, ‘When are you getting married?’, ‘Do you have a bf/gf?’ or even ‘When are you going to have a baby/second baby?’.

My husband’s teacher’s house is definitely more relaxing, and I took the chance to rest my head a little bit, and while my husband was busy chatting away with his friends, I took the picture below. It is something that caught my eyes ever since I entered his teacher’s house.

My husband’s teacher might have taught my husband and his classmates, but I wonder if she had taught them the things written in the scroll that was hang on the wall, and I wonder how many of those people present in the teacher’s house that time noticed this scroll?

I found it very meaningful. I noticed that this scroll has been there at the same place for many years…as early as 2003, and the teacher must have been trying to instill the good values in the scroll to the people who would glance at the scroll.

My husband’s teacher may have taught him when he was in school. I may not be her student, but she have taught me the values above, and now, she’s my teacher too, for she taught me moral values and how to be at ease with people around me and life itself.

When it was time to leave the teacher’s house, my head was filled with the things written on the huge scroll.

After visiting my husband’s old teacher, we went home to change our clothes and bathe, and went out again to loiter in a supermarket then unwind at a cafe until dinner time.

I had to laugh at the poor imitation of Old Town White Coffee, but I had to applaud their service. Teluk Intan’s George Town White Coffee provide better service than Teluk Intan’s Old Town White Coffee. Teluk Intan’s branch of Old Town White Coffee is absolutely notorious, and well known for their nasty food, horrid customer service and filled with assholes of staff. They disgust me and I wouldn’t go back there even if I’m paid to.

Overall, 14th February 2010 was tolerable… and it ended on a sweet note when some of my blogger friends and my ex schoolmates sent me sms wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day, just before the day was over. 😀

To those who sent me greetings… thank you…thank you for remembering me. And thank you to the teacher who taught me without knowing as well. This might not be the most romantic Valentine’s Day, but it’s been a fruitful one, cuz I learned something from the teacher.

Cleffairy: Open up your eyes, and you will see…


  1. Kelvin Tan says:

    Valentine’s Day is commercialized to the max.
    In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I would suggest couples to make everyday their Valentine’s Day.

    But for singles like me, I would suggest to live life as the way it pleases you (provided not breaking any laws XD) and just live life to the fullest. It’s actually a great thing being not attached to anybody too!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Actually I wouldn’t mind not celebrating CNY… I just hope to feel more appreciated everyday. But this year’s CNY aka Velentine’s… there was no privacy, as my husband’s room back in his mother’s house was curtain-less. (Dun ask me questions, and I will not spat blasphemy). For me… I would have wanted at least privacy… 🙁 ARGHHHH PRIVACY!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Nvm… he heard me say this a lot of times…. lol… i owez tell him… I like his dad, I like my dad, I like my grandpa…I like STP… he dun care oso. LOL…

      Vodka got good effect on me. Made me sleep well, especially if mixed with some orange juice. It’s a remedy for my severe insomnia when i really desperate. Not bad la… why you can drink beer cannot drink Vodka?

  2. CHVoon says:

    I can say this is not too extremely pathetic but motivation post.

    Because of Valentine coincide with Chinese New year, a lot florist shop earn 30% less than previous year.

    The scroll really meaningful… do your hubby learn it?

    LOL… this part is funny. George Town heheehee

    i hate bad service restaurant…. i will do the same things like you – put into my black list.

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… thanks for saying that, Voon… 😛

      Pity those florist this year… instead, those fruiterers and ppl who sell bak kua earn more. LOL…

      Eh, yeah… George Town… 100% copy Old Town, but their service is way better than Old Town Teluk Intan.

  3. eugene says:

    Sorry been MIA for a week now, so happy to be back and doing what i like best, blogging and visiting, yours is surely one of them…………..

    No V day celebration for me either, simply i dont believe in it, for me i try to make it a lovely day everyday for my wife to be happy, i know it is fucking hard but i will try my fucking best,,,,, hahahahahah.

    now we shall be back to the grind after the CNY…..

  4. claire says:

    someone talking about me here? ish.. tebal muka I! dont talk of valentine, me always no gift… *sob sob* unless i buy myself flowers but that would cost a bomb during valentine! better jimat,…

  5. fatty oldman says:

    can drink beer doesnt mean can drink vodka…not nice as after drink nex day lazy to wake up…made whole body weak only…

  6. Annie Q says:

    not bad lei, at least you got “precious present” for this valentine’s day, those are valuable, no money can buy (the wording on the scroll)

    Don’t *sulk sulk* ok, i buy you chocolate, i buy you vodka ok. 🙂

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