Return to the sea…

It was the second day of Chinese New Year. 15th February 2010, a day after those in the West celebrate Valentine’s Day. I was still in my husband’s hometown. Me and my little family had our self-imposed curfew again when we were there the night before, and went to the room to sleep after dinner from 8:00pm- 9:00am the next morning.

And when the sun rises in the east on 15th February 2010, we went down for the usual compulsory breakfast where my poor husband was served more than double the amount that he could eat by his mother. She must have wanted to fatten him up, but then again, the real reason he never puts on weight is not that he was not well fed, but the fact is that he’s a smoker, and some smokers really doesn’t put on weight no matter how much they eat.

Bah, humbug, I can’t be bothered explaining biology to people. *roll eyes* I bet my husband gets sick of people asking why I am skinny too…they must have thought that I didn’t eat or something, but then again, I can be such a glutton when I eat. Genetically, my side of the family… we don’t really put on weight until we’re in our 40s.

Anyway, my husband had to eat up my portion too, as my stomach wasn’t agreeing with me that morning, and I couldn’t really stomach anything as I ate too much mushrooms during new year’s eve dinner. You see… the food that’s served during new year’s eve dinner were all vegetarian food.

My MIL is a strict vegetarian, and therefore, no meat or poultry were allowed, period. Not on Chinese New Year, not ever. So, most of the dishes contains mushrooms and bean products, and I was thanking God endlessly that there was no bean sprouts served and placed in my plate, as if I were to take them, I might ended up having nasty stomach cramps for days. Thank God for small mercies, eh?

It is my misfortune that not many understood why I couldn’t take bean spouts…and foodstuff that produces too much ‘gas’ in the stomach, as I often have troubles ordering when I’m having food outside. I had to tell them strictly no bean sprouts, and yet people would tell me that the food in question would taste nicer and better with bean sprouts. Apart from being a picky eater, this is the reason why I loved my own mother’s food and eating at home more than anything else. It would spare me the agony of explaining why I can’t take certain food, why I usually pick out bean spouts one by one and put it aside and why they must not put it in my plate unless they have the intention to kill me. Sometimes, people annoyed me to the point that’s enough to enrage me and makes me feel like telling them to take up biology classes.

Anyway, let’s put the food issues aside. I am getting sidetracked from what I really want to share with all of you today.

As I mentioned earlier on, my little family and I went down for a huge breakfast served by my MIL, consisting of the leftover foods, newly cooked foods, and takeaway foods…and after more than one hour stuffing his face while I bemoaned the fact that my stomach is filled with gas and having a mild case of indigestion, we finally went out of the house for a walk after taking the cat with us.

Basically, we were practically wasting the precious petrol after going out of the house, as we don’t really have a destination to go to. My husband ended up driving around in circles. After a while, I suggested to my husband that we go to the beach in Lumut.

My heart did a little cartwheel dance when he agreed, as I’ve been wanting to go to the beach. It’s been almost goddamn 7 years since I last go to the beach. I was really excited, no kidding, as finally, one of my 2010 wish, which is going to a beach to collect seashells is going to come true.

Because the little trip is unplanned, none of us had proper attire for the beach, and therefore, after making a stop at a local supermarket to buy some short pants and sleeveless shirt, we’re off to the beach.

My husband was whining that Lumut is too far, and he doesn’t really know how to go there, and therefore, he drove us to Teluk Batik instead. 😀 Oh well, I don’t really give a damn whether it’s Lumut or Teluk Batik. A beach is a beach, and it will be better than staying at home, doing nothing but face the four walls or the idiot box, or worst, stuffing our face with food when the stomach is practically bursting and begging us not to torture it anymore.

The sun was burning fiercely on the top of our heads when we arrived and the beach is practically full of human beings who escaped from don’t know where. My husband was complaining about how crowded it was and how hot it was, but I wasn’t even complaining. Nope, not a word. 😛 Wonder why?

Elementary my dear readers. I was a child of the sea. I grew up by the seaside. When I was in England, there was Blackburn Beach, and when I came back to Malaysia, I lived in places that’s near the beach, or the beach is practically reachable within walking or cycling distance. I was an outdoor girl.

I never liked being cooped up in the house, and when I was younger, my daily activities consists of cycling, horseback riding or taking a stroll by the seaside or digging for shellfish or fishing in the evening so that I could bring it back home to my mother to cook for me. Yes, I was an outdoor girl, or rather, a child of the sea.

The sea, has always been a part of me. The sea not only gave me food, but it also gave me joy and comfort, along with inner peace as I inhale the salty breeze as the wind caress my body comfortingly. Being by the seaside, is like being in a mother’s embrace, and when I was younger, I used to go to my very own secret place near the beach each time something is bothering my mind, and without fail, the sea would take my worries away.

All these while when I live in Kuala Lumpur, I feel as if I’ve been chained and shackled by my own nature as there is no sea nearby. The nearest would be Port Dickson, which is hours away. 🙁 And the closest thing I can have to something soothing is the Titiwangsa Lake Garden and the Perdana Lake Garden. While I can’t be choosers when it comes to recreation, I still have to say that nothing can compare to the sea, and when I returned to the sea on 15th February 2010, I was really ecstatic, though I got sunburns and turned a few shades darker.

It was scorching hot and crowded, and my husband was complaining about the heat and sunburns, but I had fun. I have forgotten when was the last time I felt as relaxed as when I was in Teluk Batik. My worries were gone as soon as I stepped my feet into the sand and as soon as I smell the scent of the salty sea breeze…

I felt as if…though I wasn’t so pleased with the hoohah about Chinese New Year and stuff…for a moment… just that moment, I felt as if nothing else mattered. Mother Nature had comforted me… for that moment. Yes, just for a moment, nothing else mattered.

My husband helped me to collect seashells for me to make shell castles and necklace out of them, and that’s the best Valentine’s Day present he could ever give me. I couldn’t feel happier if he were to give me roses or chocolates.The seashells were a better present, as it’s not something money could buy, and each of them are unique in their own ways.

Anyway, all good things have to come to an end. After collecting some seashells and relaxing at the beach, we had to go back, as MIL was getting restless back home as we didn’t go back for lunch.

She called my husband a few times when we were at the beach. Fearing that MIL will be upset as we sneaked to Teluk Batik, we went back after collecting more seashells and buying some tidbits and some T-shirt as a souvenir. We left the beach at 5:00pm after having a late lunch meal of seafood fried rice at the stall nearby.

We arrived at MIL’s house at around 9:00pm, and went straight to the room without dinner, as we had dinner earlier on before going back. Everyone was beat from the little trip, but I was really happy, as for the first time in 7 years, I return to the sea, albeit, just for a few hours.

Next up: Stories of seashells and sea castle…

Cleffairy: The best thing that anyone could give me, is not what money could buy.

ps: Thank you, God, for listening to my prayers and my wishes. I couldn’t thank enough…


  1. claire says:

    hey, teluk batik is just one hour from IPOH… but unlike u, sea is not my comforter, i dread the heat scorching on me.. nevertheless i am so happy that u had these few hours of bliss, comfort..collecting seashells and a valentine gift from your hubby! yes, keep us posted of your gift in your next post. Oh, u no like bean sprouts? ok, i keep that in mind, ipoh is famous for its fat and short taugeh s i guess that dish is out… 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahaha… you don’t grow up by the sea, so you dun like it, Claire…The sea is soothing the most in the evening. Shady, gentle breeze…My gift? Wud gift? LOL… my hubby just helped me to collect seashells, that’s my gift. Ahahaha… and I make things out of em…

      Bean sprouts? Eh, not I don’t like, but I cannot take them. It gives me cramps… I oso have to take bean products moderately, else… can end up in hospital. Ahahahaha! Yep, that dish is definitely out… cuz my body can’t take bean sprouts.

  2. fatty oldman says:

    i love vegetarian as fatty oldman like me can used to slim down a bit… 😉

    i love beach oso but u cab drive to beach whenever u wan wad…

  3. Bananaz says:

    Life is like that very strange. When in Penang the sea side is so near took it for granted. But when posted to KL knowing that nearest beach is PD then kept thinking about and wishing about Penang oblada obladi…. So when reposted back to Penang the beach is out of mind again. So how? Ought to be shot right!!!!lol

    • Cleffairy says:

      Unfortunately for me… it was not like that. 🙁 Sea has always been a part of me. When I was living in Penang, my house was just in front of the beach…so practically, my life has always been revolving around the beach. 🙁 Every day will go there to take a stroll and unwind without fail, unless it’s raining, of course, and now, I miss that kind of life terribly. *sigh*

  4. manglish says:

    i love the beach oso….but now getting old oredi so scared got skin cancer lar haahahahha…..u know ar, once u got sunburnt the risk is increased and they dont show up until you are older like in ur 50s or 60s….haahha i oso sidetracked oredi, anyway, glad that there was something that you enjoyed during the cny, God’s been nice to you hahhaha

    • Cleffairy says:

      🙁 I din go to the beach since I left for college and since my parents left for oversea, and that was 7 years ago. LOL… din have the chance to go lerr, Eugene. 🙁 Too busy and no time… and not realizing, time flies…

  5. fatty oldman says:

    of coz not everything vegetarian lar as later energy slow pick up but when sex time nice if u r vegetarian coz guys last longer than those ate meat… 😉

  6. Annie Q says:

    i love beach also, i love listen the wave. I feel calm when i see beach, my mood also getting good. I scare the heat also, but sometime i like myself to be tanned a bit.

    When you go to the beach, your boy not tag along? Just you and your hub? My hub also heavy smoker lei, but he is not skinny. 🙁

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL….of course the boy taggged along. Together with my cat as well. LOL… 4 of us… whole family. Me, hubby, the alien, the cat! Ahahahahahah. No joke, i wun leave him at MIL’s! Later become dono wud!

      Oooo…my hubby smoker, but the skinny kind. 🙁

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