Where to Eat in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting: Dal.komm Coffee

Fans of Kdrama would probably be familar with Dal.komm Coffee. It was featured countlessly in the Kdrama, ‘Decendants of The Sun’ as an ideal dating spot for lovers.


I find this especially true, as they serve all sort of sweet food and drinks that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Here’s some of our favourite items on their menu; Premium Chocola’de shake,
Strawberry cruffin,Honey Coffee Cube
Strawberry Cube, and Shibuya toasts.


Premium Chocola’de shake is a must try if you love chocolate drinks. I usually have my chocolate drinks hot, but the cold version is good too if not better. This Premium Chocola’de shake makes me feel as if I’m drinking luxurious ice cream. The texture is so chocolatey and so rich. Highly recommended.


Honey Coffee Cube is something that my husband had. Not sure how it taste like but my husband describe it as cold, slightly bitter with a hint of honey.


Strawberry Cube. Ordered this for my son and he mentioned that this drink tasted quite smooth and fruity.


Shibuya toast is thick and drizzled generously with honey and topped heavily with cream. Quite sweet to my liking but my husband and son have sweet tooth and they love it very much.


Strawberry Cruffin. Unlike my husband and son, who loves the Shibuya Toast, I prefer the Strawberry Cruffin instead. The pastry was light, buttery and airy, topped with slightly sourish strawberry sauce. It was simply irresitible and I would have asked for second helping of it if it is not because I was already too full from dinner.

Dal.komm has been my favourite dating spot and chilling out place with my husband for over a year now and we frequent the coffee shop regularly whenever we are in SkyAvenue and I have no doubt that it will still be in the time to come.

Dal.komm Coffee is located at Level 4- T2C-10 SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting in the al-fresco area that is overlooking the beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

For more info on Dal.komm Coffee, please hop over towww.rwgenting.com.

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