Wings of KKB 2015 Gala Dinner at Awana Resort Hotel Genting

After a long day trekking and birdwatching, it’s time for a rather glamorous night. There was this Wings of KKB 2015 Gala dinner to celebrate all the bird racers and bird watchers who came for the event from all over the world. Naturally, as a member of the media, we were invited to enjoy the night too, and so after getting my son and husband out from the pool, we quickly took a bath and get dressed before heading over to Kenyalang Hall where the scrumptious buffet spread awaits us.

 photo IMG_20150425_210547_zpse7scnli8.jpg

After the welcoming speech from the emcee and representative from MDHS and Resort World Genting, there’s also the launching of a coffee table book that night. I did not have the opportunity to have a look at the book yet, though. Such misfortune. It looks pretty interesting with all the birds and attractions around Selangor in it.

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Apart from the generous buffet spread, there is performances from various artists throughout the night, hailing from Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Here’s The Recycle Band performing their numbers. It is interesting to note that all their musical instruments are pretty much extraordinary. They are all 100% made from recycled materials.

 photo IMG_20150425_214400_zpscciqqh7s.jpg

There was also traditional dance performance that night. The ‘Tari Piring’ (literally translated as the dance of the plates). It is a dramatic dance from Minangkabau where dancers used plates to perform their mesmerizing dance. The dance showcases an exceptional feature of placing porcelain or ceramic plates on both open palms of dancers as they perform fast and vibrant choreographies that involve the swaying of plates to every direction and even turning them upside down with their palms turned down.  Amazingly, whatever energetic moves the dancers make, the plates continue to stick as if glued to their palms.

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It was indeed an entertaining night. Here’s one for the album. Spot me in there? 😛 Special mention of gratitude for my sponsors: My outfit for the night was by H&M, shoes from XES, accessories by Chameleon and last but not least, my contact lenses was from Freshlook and make up was sponsored by L’oreal Paris Malaysia. Thanks for making me look fabulous and thanks to Resort World Genting for having us in Awana Resort Hotel that weekend for Wings of KKB 2015.


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