Awana Resort Hotel, Genting Highlands

Hunting for birds… I mean birdwatching is not easy, especially when the weather was pretty much scorching hot. I ended up drenched in my own sweat by evening, so I was glad when the day draws it’s curtain and it’s time for us us to retreat to Awana Resort Genting Highlands. It means I can finally take a bath and put my feet up for a rest. Awana Resorts Genting was the last checkpoint for the Wings of KKB 2015: Selangor Bird Race, and words has it that the area around Awana is a home to a lot of rare birds.

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We arrived at the lobby and the good folks from MDHS and Tourism Malaysia Selangor welcomes us and briefed us about the program that night, which was the gala dinner.

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Awana Resort Genting is the accommodation sponsor for Wings of KKB 2015: Selangor Bird Race. It is a family friendly hotel situated 4km before the peak of Genting Highlands at Gohtong Jaya, a short distance after the town roundabout. The resort provides accommodation in 413 family rooms, split between a pagoda tower and condominium blocks below that houses studio apartment units. The resort’s spacious land area provides for a wide range of recreational facilities that include an 18-hole golf course, team building circuit, swimming pools and sports courts. A grand ballroom and 16 function halls of various sizes provide space for events and conventions, while there are five food & beverage outlets. A free shuttle service is provided to the peak at scheduled times during the day.

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My family and I were given a suite with two Queen sized bed and a bathroom ensuite. As a family travel activist, we usually don’t fuss much on accommodations. I for one is fine with two single beds; where I usually share one with my husband. Ahem…I love to cuddle while sleeping and I kinda dont like big beds as I tend to get ‘lost’ in big beds. 😛 Our son on the other hand, sleeps on one bed on his own but we were really pleased nevertheless when we were given such a spacious room to stay for the night.

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Toilet was squeaky clean.

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Regular sized bathtub. Not big enough for some water play activities but it was good enough for us. Functional for families.

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Living room. With small section for coffee or some short chit chat.

Unlike the First World Hotel Genting, where only ceiling fans are available in each rooms for air ventilation purposes, Awana Resorts provides both fan and air conditioner for guests’ pleasure. I suppose it got something to do with the altitude and temperature. The temperature is not that cold in Awana Resorts in comparison to First World Hotel or Genting Grand, hence air conditioner is needed for those sunny days.

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We were given smoker friendly room, by the way. Guests is allowed to smoke at the balcony. Something that pleases my smoker husband immensely, I reckon.

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It’s time for some for some R&R before the gala night, but we were terribly famished and before I could even finished watching movie, my boys decided to drag me from the bed and head over to the poolside cafe to get something to eat.

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Not wanting to spoil our appetite for dinner, we just shared this by the poolside cafe. A cuppa milk tea with Chocolate Cheese Brownie.

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Initially I find it rather ridiculous to have an outdoor swimming pool in highlands area such as Awana Resorts as it can be quite cold outside but I discovered that the outdoor swimming pool is one of the main attractions in the resorts apart from their birdwatching area and their golf course.

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The swimming pool is equipped with heaters. Which means the water is not cold at all and in fact, is warm to swim in even in cold temperature.

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My boys had a go at the pool.But despite being a swimmer, I wasn’t really interested in jumping in after such a busy day.

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I rather put my feet up and have a rest I instead.

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Apart from their heated outdoor swimming pool, they also have beautiful, serene gardens around where you can take a walk or just sit back and enjoy the sceneries. Or take a selfie or two as well.

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There is also fishponds around but you are not allowed to feed the fishes.

Overall, our stay in the hotel is a pleasant one and hopefully we would be able to stay there again some time soon in the future for our short weekend getaways. It is definitely much more refreshing and relaxing than First World Hotel and Genting Grand Hotel that accommodates more gamblers than eco-tourists and families who are getting some R&R.

For more information and room rates on this hotel, you may check out this link:

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