Yummy oh yummy…

Sorry for being absent for quite some time and haven’t had the time to visit your blogs and leave my thoughts. I was unavoidably detained during the festive season. LOL. You know… the usual… rampaging around for ketupat and rendangs as well as cookies and cakes.

Apart from walloping those sleep inducing ketupats, I was whisked away to the world of good food by someone. Can you guess who that someone is?

That someone brought me to Yin Her Restaurant, Sungai Buloh for these…

Thinly sliced pickled papayas with asam boi as the appetizers.

A very thick and nice spinach soup. I am not a fan of greens like spinach, period, but this soup is to die for. I like this spinach soup a lot… and I drank it up til the last drop. šŸ˜€

This, ladies and gentlemen is ‘Tiliapia Fish’ done in Nyonya Assam Style. Again, I am not a fan of fishes… cuz I’m scared of the tiny bones. When I was a little girl… I used to love fishes very much, but once the bones got stuck in my throat, I never want to have fishes again. The special someone told me that this fish doesn’t have any tiny bones… and so, I tried some. This dish is very nice too. I didn’t take much of it, cuz i was still skeptical that there’s no tiny bones in it. I took a lot of the sauce, though. It’s very nice. Thumbs up for it. Though that I wish they put more pineapple bits along with more ladies fingers in it.

This dish is called Kam Heong Sotong. It’s squids fried with loads of curry powder along with dried shrimps, curry leaves as well as bird eye chillies. I’d cut my hands and legs for another round of this dish. It’s very nice, and I like it very much.*blush* I think this dish went into my tummy more than anyone else’s tummy. Hahaha. Thumbs up for Kam Heong Sotong. Very delicious, and it’s something that I’ll probably go for again if I were to go to this restaurant again.

Next up… is the crawling crabs. LOL… sorry… I mean, steamed crabs with egg whites and loads of sliced ginger. The crabs are so fresh that you could have sworn that they’d crawl on your plates. Yummylicious…oozing with it’s natural flavour and sweetness. Another dish that a must have if you’re to visit this restaurant. Good on it’s own or with steamed white rice.

And this is…Hokkien fried noodles. Very nice too, not too oily, and just to my liking. There’s loads of squids, chicken bits as well as prawns in it. Something I’d hang my neck for again too.

There’s also claypot tofu. This one is very nice as well. I only took a little bit of these cuz i was too busy stuffing my face with the ‘Kam Heong Sotong’.

And as for dessert, we had this complimentary green bean ‘tong sui’. Very refreshing and very suitable to wash down those hot and spicy dishes with.

Do you know who that ‘someone’ is? Here’s some clue:

1. That someone have a new camera, and is a blogger. And all the pictures here is courtesy of someone.

2. That someone is a VERY generous person.

3. That someone couldn’t pronounce my real name, and therefore ends up calling me Auntie Little Bird.

4. That someone is somewhat like me, loves books very much and is an avid reader.

5. That someone is often featured here in Over A Cuppa Tea as a guest model/photographer. (cuz yours truly looks like a horrible ghost and not photogenic and is hopeless in snapping/editing pictures)

Cleffairy: If you’ve been a reader of my blog and someone’s blog, you will know who is that someone is. šŸ˜€


    • Cleffairy says:

      I don’t know la… I musuh with a lot of things… I musuh with ayam…musuh with udang…with kambing and also with lembu… everyday oso feel like wanna cekik and makan them.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Bwhahahahahaha… and you can go fishing at this place too… I think they charged per hour, and when you catch a fish, you can ask the cook to cook them for you. šŸ˜€ Come la… come… we go together next time. šŸ˜€ I din mention the environment… the environment is cool too… like a fisherman’s village over there…so nice, so soothing…apart from the food, the environment is really relaxing… reminds me pretty much of my childhood… oh… missed being surrounded with water and missed fishing too!

  1. Joanne Tiew says:

    I know I know, she is Kathy šŸ™‚

    All the food look so good leh, I am sure taste good too:-)
    May I know how much is the total bill yeah?
    Perhaps next time I could visit there.

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