Santai Teh Tarik Tourism: Culture and Heritage Tourism

In my previous blog post I’ve written about ‘Voluntourism PUSPANITA IM4U program at Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor where my family and I had the privileges to partake in the program first hand. It is not easy to keep the environment clean and green, hence, from that day onwards I stopped taking things for granted. Anyway, as mentioned in my previous blog post, we were also brought to ‘Voluntourism PUSPANITA IM4U event place at Pantai Bagan Lalang.

There’s plenty of interesting things going on. One in particular is the Santai Teh Tarik Tourism. Initially, I thought it was merely a ‘teh tarik’ session where you can discuss all things related to tourism and travel, but I was wrong. It was more than just mere table talk session.

There is also an ongoing festival that showcased all things related to Malaysian heritage and culture.

 photo IMG_6855_zps0wtigtjr.jpg

Santai Teh Tarik Tourism in session. I was told that it’s actually an event, or rather series of tour where each Santai Teh Tarik tourism is held at different interesting tourist attractions in Malaysia. Discussion topic or theme is different every time. The previous edition that my family and I went to was Santai Teh Tarik Tourism: Culture& Heritage Tourism. The discussions was of course, all things related to traveling to domestic attractions that is rich in culture and heritage.

Apart from the Teh Tarik Tourism, there’s plenty of things going on there too.

 photo IMG_6844_zpsorogsz4y.jpg

Musical performance by school children

 photo IMG_6760_zps9fjoix0w.jpg

Friends from Tourism Malaysia Selangor. They were responsible for manning the Tourism Malaysia Selangor booth. Note to readers: Approach them if you ever spot them at any events. They have plenty to share with you, especially attractive places in Selangor. And oh, they are generous too. They usually handout magazines, brochures, tourism swags, magnets and badges and many more to the public as an initiative to promote domestic travel.

 photo IMG_6782_zps8zuflj56.jpg

Pebble painting. Lovely, don’t you think?

 photo IMG_6808_zps6nxgtxex.jpg

Batik painting for children

 photo IMG_6865_zps17xwjrvw.jpg

Aborigin craft making demo

 photo IMG_6872_zpsrk2ndjte.jpg

Pretty artworks and origami.

 photo IMG_6802_zpsn4oehmyi.jpg

Cupcake making and decorating

 photo IMG_6803_zpsgluvya7p.jpg

Delicious cupcakes

 photo IMG_6836_zpsie2fnujp.jpg

Dodol making in progress.

 photo IMG_6824_zpscgmcqcul.jpg

Dodol is a sweet toffee-like confection, popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Burma. It is made with coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour, and is sticky, thick and sweet.

In Muslim majority countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, Dodol is commonly served during festivals such as Aidilfitri and Aidiladha as sweet treats for children. People take pride in making homemade dodol during the Aidilfitri, where family members or community will gather together to make Dodol.

 photo IMG_6833_zpsfnfohhab.jpg

Distributing Dodol to the public. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this traditional delicacy, make sure to try it soon. I dare say that it’s worth your calories.

The event place was actually scorching hot and I did not managed to visit all participating booths because I was already feeling so worn after walking halfway. These are only a part of the things being showcased to the public.

A huge fan of all things cultural, I sure hope to be able to see more things like this in the nearest future and perhaps, next time I’ll be able to share more. :)

Voluntourism PUSPANITA IM4U at Pantai Bagan Lalang Sepang, Selangor.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) has organized ‘Voluntourism PUSPANITA IM4U at Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor back in 22th August 2015.

The program is under the initiative of the Blue Ocean Strategy or “National Blue Ocean Strategy” (NBOS) with the involvement of various parties, including the Government, NGOs and the private sector. The program also involves the participation of several parties, including the PUSPANITA, MOTAC and the agencies under it, IM4U, City Council Sepang, Selangor Homestay Association, Sepang Goldcoast Sdn Bhd and volunteer travelers (‘Voluntourism’) comprising students from various institutions and people from all walks of life.

Malaysia Tourism Centre (MATIC) representative on behalf of JKKN invited us to join in the program, in support of tourism and culture as well as programs organized by the Ministry. My family and I decided that it will do us good to do some volunteer job to give back to Mother Nature, and so we went there to experience first hand how it is like to be a voluntourist.

We were brought to visit the Mobile Library, Booths and Exhibition site where Santai Teh Tarik Tourism sessions will be held before heading to the beach.

 photo IMG_7037_zpsdwp8nj9m.jpg

Dirty beach before the cleaning process.

 photo IMG_6915_zps9tezjby7.jpg

Part of the Voluntourism program; planting trees at the beach along Avani Sepang Gold Coast followed by 1 Malaysia Cultural & Heritage UNESCO Events as well as 1 Malaysia Clean 1 Malaysia Green .

 photo IMG_6966_zpsgg0nmlyu.jpg

A group photo of volunteers

 photo IMG_6902_zpsl20gwjk7.jpg

A much more beautiful shot of the beach after cleaning it up. Isn’t it breathtaking?

It was certainly an interesting experience, to be able to participate in this voluntourism program.

I thought it is a good value one could teach the younger generation who usually couldn’t care less about the preservation of blue planet to be a part of it.

Check out what my friend and co-host, Deejay Koz on what he thinks about the program. Interviewed by yours truly and video recording by my husband, Garfield.

Next up: Santai Teh Tarik Tourism

Visit Malaysia in 4 Minutes

It is unfortunate that most Malaysians thinks that the grass is greener on the other side. When it comes to holidays, getaways or even traveling with loved ones, most prefers to go overseas, which is a real shame as we have so many things to see and enjoy in Malaysia, just in our own backyard.

Don’t you know that Malaysia is a very beautiful country rich with cultural diversity? People from all over the world flocks our country just so that they could experience it, why can’t we see Malaysia the same way?

In some ways, it is true that to see how beautiful a country is, you ought to see it in a different perspective, preferably in the views of a tourist. Here’s sharing a video by RJVN Dance Crew (Rejuvenate Dance Crew) where they will bring you to beautiful places around Malaysia in just 4 minutes.

‘Travel Around Malaysia in 4 Minutes’ video.

Beautiful places are all just nearby. Let’s explore our own ‘backyard’ and get to know beautiful Malaysia the way it should be known.

Learn How To Increase Cyber Security at Malaysia IT Fair 2015

When in comes to operating system on my computers, I personally prefer Open Source operating systems, especially those Linux based. In my humble opinion, they are much more flexible and gives user control in comparison to Windows. Apart from that, they provided much better security and will not be infected by Trojans and viruses in comparison to Windows operating system(s) where basically, let’s admit it, is a giant farm of viruses and terribly loads of backdoor ‘magics’ that will appear even if you don’t use them. Experienced that with Windows 7. Three months of not turning on. Everything looks okay during shutdown but spyware magically appeared upon booting up the system. Terrible, terrible thing with so many flaws and not exactly something I approve for daily usage considering I use the desktop and laptop strictly for business and not merely just as an entertainment console.

I’ve tried plenty of Linux/Unix based distros such as PCBSD, SuSe Linux, Debian, Red Hat and Ubuntu. My current favourite is the easy to use and user friendly Ubuntu, which even my 10 years old son could easily handle.

Neway, considering that there is still necessity to use Windows for gaming purposes, the desktops and laptops I owned is naturally partitioned and is dual or triple boot, which means, one of the operating system is sadly Windows. Well, can’t help it if you need to destress by gaming. Windows basically supports all online games that I love eg: MapleStory, DoTa, WoW. You get the picture. Unless you use WINE, you can’t play those games on Linux or Unix based operating systems. Tragic. I know.

 photo IMG_20150828_113552_zpsfjwnvqyr.jpg

Anyway, having heard so much about Malaysia IT Fair (MITF) is happening now until 31st August 2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, I decided to check it out. Mainly because this time around they are offering very interesting deals and seminars. Malaysia IT Fair occupies over 60,000 square feet of exhibition space, has over 80 global brands showcasing business products, solutions and services. 

 photo IMG_20150828_113558_zps528hpaka.jpg

For end users: Competitive deals on items like pen drive, external HD, and also latest gadgets auction. Most, will go for this at the fair but I was interested in checking out the seminars and learn how to improve security in those machines that is running on Windows instead.

 photo IMG_20150828_113947_zpsimv04xbb.jpg

One of the attractive point is TechBiz which is the first ever large scale business-to-business event to be held in Malaysia which comprises of business platform, seminar and exhibitions.

 photo IMG_20150828_113719_zpsxoj6hn98.jpg

TechBiz@MITF is providing free essential trending IT seminars covering network security, virtualization, SME topics to public, which I attended and I have to say that there is quite some thing you can pick up from there.

 photo 20349127704_f1a86f7998_zpsaecinf4u.jpg

Yang Berhormat Dato’ Jailani Bin Johari, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia officiated the opening of Techbiz@MITF and also proud to announce MAMPU’s decision to use Techbiz as their platform to educate, evaluate all the latest technologies and solutions for the Malaysia government and business communities and general public.

 photo IMG_20150828_114012_zpszgb0nlz4.jpg

If you happen to drop by, please do check out the Kaspersky booth for security solution for your Windows operating system. Yes. Just the thing that I need to prevent my Windows to turn into WinBlows. There are three main new features not found before in KIS 2015, firstly is Private Browsing, where your data is protected from social sites and agencies so that your browser activity is private and safe, locations and search history cannot be stolen as many agencies will try to resell them to send targetted ads to you. This feature is able to remove those illegal software via a plugin.

The next feature is KIS 2016 Change Control that is able to detect any process that tries to make a change in your system and a report will be sent to you. Exactly the crap that I experienced with my Windows 7 quite some time ago. Another feature is Webcam Protection that prevents interception of images from the webcam and you will be notifed you when someone tries to access your laptop camera to spy on you. Just the thing that I need if I were to boot on my Windows regularly.

 photo received_1645981682313884_zpspait5yc9.jpeg

Check out the security suites. The price is not too shabby, I reckon. One of it: Kaspersky Internet Security priced at RM179 for 2 boxes of 3-users 1-year licenses, making it only RM29.80 per user. Worth to invest on.

 photo IMG_20150828_113941_zpsgwy7vtmz.jpg

Interested to get yourselves a new smartphone? Well, I spotted ViVo booth doing fantastic promo. Go and check it out of you are considering to get one.

 photo IMG_20150828_114247_zps2vy1tfaa.jpg

Windows users will most definitely appreciate this booth. Here is where you can find out more on how to upgrade your outdated Windows OS to the latest version, Windows 10. Don’t worry. The people there are friendly. Just ask whatever you want. They don’t bite. ;)

 photo IMG_20150828_114217_zpseumjan5p.jpg

Being a part time gamer *cough*, I somehow drool while I was visiting this booth. Here is where you can upgrade, optimize and customize your own gaming machine. The pricing is competitive. Should you need to customize one, head over here for perfect bargain.

 photo IMG_20150828_114150_zps7ka4te8y.jpg

Storage service providers like the well known Western Digital and Seagate can also be spotted at the fair, offering their various updated storage devices at somewhat a reasonable price.

 photo PhotoGrid_1440904440140_zpsznv8thmy.jpg

I had a few that I’m considering to buy but these two from Western Digital and Seagate respectively caught my eyes. One is a very slim kind of External HD while the other provides wireless feature that enable you to use to transfer datas at a more convenient manner unlike the traditional External HD.

I could go on and on talking about
Malaysia IT Fair (MITF), but cutting it short, it is worth checking out. Especially the seminars. Very insightful to say the least. There are plenty of good deals but some of the items are fairly limited so if you are going, make sure you go early.

Malaysia IT Fair (MITF) 2015 is happening now until 31st August 2015 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Be sure to check it out.

For more info and updates, hop over to FB:
IG: @MalaysiaITFair

Or simply search for the hashtag: #MITF #Celebrog for quick reviews and news.

Shining Ballerina Twist MediFeet Shoes

As a family friendly tourism activist, I go around on foot a lot, especially during media or familiarization trips. Inspecting and visiting tourism products is fun but not easy. You got to deal with a lot of things and that includes unsavoury weather or discomfort as a result of walking long hours nonstop.

In my humble opinion, the least my family and I could do during these trip is wear comfortable footwear. Trust me. Comfortable footwear plays an important role in keeping the mood good during travel. Being comfortable would mean you could enjoy the trip and walk extra miles and long hours without contorting in pain.

I find it rather difficult to find shoes that really suits my needs. Most of them are just fashionable and not actually very comfortable or durable, but lucky me, I’ve recently been introduced to MediFeet.

MediFeet specializes in Health and Wellness footwear that require special care, including diabetic, arthritic and other types of medical conditions.
Each shoe has over 10 performance features including added depth for orthotics and modifications, insoles that inhabit bacteria growth and shape retaining, wide toe boxes.

While I do not currently have any health issue, but I do need comfortable footwear for my travels, and not to mention date nights with my husband where we would either take a long stroll somewhere or dance all night long.

Deciding how important these stuff is to me, I decided to check it out and dropped by MediFeet outlet in Shah Alam.

 photo IMG_6224_zpsrgorvffa.jpg
MediFeet outlet in Shah Alam

 photo IMG_6232_zpstez0cthc.jpg

Footwear for all sort of medical conditions being displayed on the shelves.

 photo IMG_6278_zpsrdwrnnfy.jpg

They have a lot of designs, especially for diabetics but my husband and I only had our eyes on two specific footwears in particular. So, here’s sharing with you what I got from MediFeet.

 photo DSCN6350_zpsdkuhq7qx.jpg

There are plenty of sandals but I’m never a fan of thoss, so I got myself a pair of MediFeet Ballerina Twist in Shining Grey. This pair of ballerina shoes costs RM189.70. Pricey? Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that, after all the shoes is made from high quality materials.

 photo DSCN6358_zpsjkwar1v_edit_1440375288283_zpsqag96cdl.jpg

Unboxing my new pair of MediFeet shoes.

 photo DSCN6336_zpshpqfjcah.jpg

Unlike other shoes in MediFeet collections, this particular pair comes with a travel bag for you to carry the shoes while you are traveling or on the go. Each footwear has over 10 performance features and the key material uses in the shoe is “PORON” which is wide accepted and wearable for easing leg problems.

The concept of the shoes are functional-designed with usage of “PORON” consists of the health and welness benefits Medifeet is famous for.

 photo DSCN6338_zps8rlfbcgo.jpg

Here’s my new shoes

 photo DSCN6339_zps1ftv782f.jpg

Designed for comfort and traveling

 photo DSCN6340_zpsyd6ijmmu.jpg

Neat detailing can be seen on my new pair of shoes.

 photo DSCN6352_zpsa1tvjanl.jpg

Perfect fit. But here’s a tip on buying MediFeet shoes. They tend to be bigger, so before you make a purchase, be sure to measure your feet properly.

 photo DSCN6344_zpsmkiwfgam.jpg

Does not require breaking in, the shoes is comfortable on first time wear.

 photo DSCN6368_zpso8z24ous.jpg

Safety feature can be seen here: tight grip and prevents falls and slippery floor surfaces.

 photo DSCN6335_zpsmjc79kcl.jpg

The shoe is also foldable, which makes it absolutely great for traveling.

 photo DSCN6371_zpsidztircd.jpg

My husband got himself a pair too, and here’s us, dancing all night long with our new pair of shoes and still feel we could go at it the next day.

Wanna get yourselves a pair? Well, head over to:


MediFeet HQ at : 2-3, Block 1, Ground Floor, Worldwide Business Park, Jalan Tinju 13/50, Section 13, 40675 Shah Alam. 

Operating Hour:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 2pm

Tel: 03-5513 3708

Register for Free Seminar at Malaysia IT Fair

 photo malaysia-it-fair-2015-mid-valley-exhibition-centre-august-2015-11-600x600_zps0495cbnz.jpg

There are a number of informative seminars throughout the 4 days of Malaysia IT Fair, with panel speakers formed by Raymond Lau Kok Beng (Systems Engineer of AirWatch – Vmware), Mark Bentkower (CISSP Director of Systems Engineering for CommVault ASEAN), Jimmy Low (Presales Group Manager of Kaspersky Lab SEA), Daniel Schneersohn (Vice President for Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) Region, Damballa) and Datuk Mohd Noor Amin (Chairman of ITU-IMPACT), which definigely will be very useful to the consumers, corporate and business owners.

** 28 August 2015 
Register HERE

11.30 am
Cloud Computing: Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud?

12.00 pm
Cloud Computing: Data Protection in Cloud Computing

3.00 pm
Big Data : Is Data Warehousing getting obsolete?

3.30 pm
Big Data : IOT, What is it?

4.00 pm
Network Security : The New Landscape of IT Security

4.30 pm
Network Security : Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Hype or Reality?

5.00 pm
Virtualization : Securing a Virtualization environment

5.30 pm
Virtualization : Hyperconvergence

** 29 August 2015
Register HERE

12.30 pm
Success Story : SMB Success Story

1.30 pm
Digital Marketing Strategy : Strategy to use when deploying DM

3:00 pm
GST : GST Implementation for SMB

4:00 pm
IT Security : The new landscape of Virus Attack

5:00 pm
IT Implementation Model : What is the best SMB IT implementation?

** 30 August 2015
Register HERE

12.30 pm
Success Story : SMB Success Story

1.30 pm
Digital Marketing Strategy : Strategy to use when deploying DM

3:00 pm
GST : GST Implementation for SMB

4:00 pm
IT Security : The importance of having the right security solution to counter ‘Threats’

5:00 pm
IT Implementation Model : What is the best SMB IT implementation?

** 31 August 2015
Register HERE

12.30 pm
Success Story : SMB Success Story

1.30 pm
Digital Marketing Strategy : Strategy to use when deploying DM

3:00 pm
GST : GST Implementation for SMB

4:00 pm
IT Security : The new landscape of Virus Attack

5:00 pm
IT Implementation Model : What is the best SMB IT implementation?

Admission is free! Come and join me at the Malaysia IT Fair for lots of good deals. Take the opportunity to attend the seminars and Techbiz @ Malaysia IT Fair. Register here now to receive a mystery gift.

Stripping Off My Dirty Little Secret

If you told me that I’d be modeling, catwalking or even deejaying a few years back, I’d laugh in your face and tell you that it won’t happen in a million years. But let’s say that my life somehow made a 360′ turn and I ended up doing all the three and I’m no longer the person you know 2-3 years back. Funny how life turns out, eh?

Anyway, my teacher cum personal image consultant, a catwalk coach and designer Kos Serani told me something during one of our catwalk and grooming class. We were discussing on how one should dress up if my memories serves me right. He told me that less is more and never wear clothing that shows your cleavage and legs at the same time. To look attractive and classy, always go for clothes that reveals legs only or cleavage only and not both. A sensible advice, as to reveal both legs and cleavage at the same time does make you look like quite a tart.

The advice is forever etched in my mind, and from then on, I only choose clothing that is either modest and cover up, or dresses that only show off my legs. Why do I opt for legs? Well, apparently that’s because I’m very petite and there’s no change of me showing my cleavage and looking attractive. I’m afraid if I were to opt to show my cleavage, I’d be called a cute schoolgirl instead of a beautiful woman. So yes, legs it is.

Problems? Well, yes. I’m not exactly blessed with completely hairless leg and I need to shave or wax whenever those tiny hairs started to grow.

I shave and wax my legs regularly, but I do have concerns whenever I visit waxing salons, which is privacy and personal hygiene.

A friend highly recommends Strip, Ministry of Waxing to me and I thought I’d give it a shot.

 photo DSCN6228_zpscisw6sa_edit_1440357793243_zps36vlkgi1.jpg

Strip outlet in Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur.

 photo DSCN6230_zpsfvu0hnhi.jpg

Reception counter

 photo DSCN6226_zpsggrw1j2_edit_1440358122051_zpssdt90aug.jpg

Strip, the Ministry of Waxing, has apparently launched a drive on “No Double Dipping” via it’s “Dirty Little Secrets Exposed” campaign quite some time ago where it’s main goal is to bring awareness to the public that there are hygienic waxing practices, which should always be performed in hair removal salons and this includes:

1. Using a new disposable razor for each customer.

2. Ensuring each customer receives a fresh towel.

3. Making sure all therapists are gloved up during treatments.

 photo DSCN6268_zps33e1wsct.jpg

Disposable wax kit. The kit looks rather cheeky;it’s all wrapped up in colourful foil and at first glance, one could easily mistake it for a giant sized condom.

 photo DSCN6237_zpscsijpge_edit_1440358244132_zps8fbww9wf.jpg

Individual treatment rooms is available for your waxing pleasure.

 photo DSCN6239_zps1dt30mqn.jpg

I decided to wax my legs and here’s me, taking a deep, deep breath while my therapist gets her tools ready to wax me.

 photo DSCN6243_zpsphydvwoq.jpg

Applying the sticky stuff to my legs. It’s pretty hot, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.

 photo DSCN6245_zpsbnrue0pa.jpg

Stripping off the hair. I exclaimed ‘ouch’ a few times but the pain is not unbearable, and I’m grateful for that. My legs has always been sensitive and I think my therapist did fairly a good job in waxing me without getting me to scream like a banshee. Observing my therapist, I must say that she did practice all of the personal hygiene code set by Strip, and I’m happy to report that I’m very satisfied with the service and will definitely make revisits soon.

 photo DSCN6262_zpsikkt2ks_edit_1440359113861_zpscnde40ec.jpg

The legs feels and looked much more delectable…I mean smoother and much more comfortable after waxing. :p If you haven’t try waxing, you might want to give Strip a shot. They will strip off your dirty little secrets without cheating on you. ;)

To find out more about Strip’s Dirty Little Secrets Exposed campaign and hygienic hair removal practices, visit      

Run Stroller Run Malaysia 2015

I’ll be frank with you. I’m not much of a runner. I’m more of a swimmer and I love watersport more than anything else, but I stumbled upon this fun run known as ‘Run Stroller Run’, which looks pretty much fun and interesting where participants will run with their strollers. Yes! You heard that right. Run while pushing their baby strollers. I thought that would be quite interesting to join.

 photo 3_zpsai67avnf.jpg

Run Stroller Run is 3.5km fun run for stroller and individual runners. It is targeted to non-serious runners and also serious runners who wants to take it easy once in a while to join the run with their family and friends.You will be running with local celebrity mum such as Sazzy Falak, Yasmin Hani and Daphne Iking with their strollers and for non-strollers category, you’ll be running with Atilia Haron.

 photo 6_zps6lnlmnhu.jpg

Join and stand a chance to win exciting cool prizes such as a Bebe Comfort stroller, Maxi Cosi car seat and many more worth more than RM10,000.00 sponsored by Mamours. Compressport calve sleeves and compression socks worth RM2,000.00, hand watches by Ice-Watch worth RM6,000.00 and the best thing is not only 1 unit of Iphone 6 but 2 units of Iphone 6 to be won at the lucky draw.

 photo 10_zpsgfuzound.jpg

All registered Participants will get a free Compressport dry fit running t-shirt

 photo PhotoGrid_1441084130042_zps1zydyfjs.jpg

And a finisher medal. 

 photo IMG_282948486860675_zpswtybrozw.jpeg

Here’s a little tip if you’re going or a first time runner. ;)

Each registered participants will also get to bring home a goodie bag with vouchers and products worth more than RM200. With that you’re getting, the fee is only RM85 per person. Hurry up to register as the registration close on 15 September 2015 or limited to 2,000 participants only; whichever come first. Registered at the link HERE now and for more information and updates, do check out their Facebook and Website.

Details of the run is as follows :-
Event Date :  8 November 2015 (Sunday)
Venue : Kepong Metropolitan Park

So ,what are you waiting for? Save the date, register and I’ll see you there at the run. :p

Cashback at Rakuten with ShopBack

I’m a passionate person. I do everything from my heart and with passion. Problem? Yes. My heart always rule my brain and it became a problem where shopping is concerned. Whenever I like something, I’ll just buy it and tend to regret later. Let’s just say it is shop in pleasure and repent at leisure.

 photo IMG_20150814_152249_1_zpswuhtrwi1.jpg

This is me at my favourite boutique, shopping for soft jacket.

 photo IMG_20150805_150535_1_zpsjqz1o3zt.jpg

While this is me, at a branded handbag store.

More often than not, I ended up buying stuff after trying them on. Good or bad? Well, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Why do I say that? Well, most if the time, when I make purchases, even during sales, I can’t max out the value for my money as there is no cash back.

So, since I can’t really curb my shopping habit, I Googled for shopping tips and stumbled upon this site, ShopBack Malaysia where you can max out the value of your money while shopping by getting some cashback credited to you whenever you shop via the website.

Wanna know how? Well, read on. It is pretty easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account if you haven’t have any.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-21-14-10-20_zpseqwbufh1.png

Sign up for an account

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-21-14-10-35_zpsengagyg3.png

You may register and login via email or your Facebook account. It is safe and secure, no worries. They won’t be sharing your personal details or account details with anyone.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-21-14-11-15_zpsnvrgooiu.png

You can get up to 30% cashback at Shopback.

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-21-14-11-44_zps3osktu8p.png

There are plenty of participating merchants and here’s some of the trending stores. Spotted a few of my favourites here. There’s Rakuten where I usually buy my accessories online. Click to get the best voucher and coupon for Rakuten. :)

 photo Screenshot_2015-08-21-14-12-10_zpsxtsr68i9.png

This place is great for travel addicts too. You can even get cashback on travel deals. Spotted a few site listed here where I usually make bookings for my travel like Agoda and AirAsiaGo.

The site is fairly easy to use and cashback is approved within 1-3 working days depending on participating merchants and the cashback is usually redeemable within 60 days. One thing you should take note though; is that to stay within the redirected tab until your purchase at the participating merchant’s site is successful to enable cashback to be recorded into your account.


Still confused?That’s okay. Check out the video below to find out more:

ShopBack is almost Godsent for me as it enables me to indulge in shopping and be guilt free. If you are anything like me, you might want to check this out too, and max out the value for your money.

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Malaysia International Mask Festival 2015 at Esplanade KLCC

Malaysia International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015 was held from August 13-16 at Esplanade Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park and hosted by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) via the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN). Intrigued and knowing that my friends from FoNS will be coming all the way from Negeri Sembilan to attend the festival, my family and and I decided to check it out too.

Arrived at the venue and was greeted with such a sight ; where almost everyone there donned a mask.

 photo IMG_6536_zpsvj0jcxnq.jpg

The stage at Esplanade KLCC. Beautiful setting for the mask themed performance from participants from all over the world, but rather too far to get close up look of the performance, so we didn’t stay for it.

 photo IMG_6540_zpsrw7gz1it.jpg

Entrance to the mask exhibition. All sort of mask being hung on the red welcoming flag.

 photo IMG_6550_zpsnmbo7mkj.jpg

Loads of masks for you to try on that night

 photo IMG_6600_zpsczupxq6q.jpg

Mask making demo session

 photo IMG_6602_zpsuqhs94ql.jpg

Mask making in progress

 photo IMG_6744_zpsp89ynpor.jpg

Mask colouring process

 photo IMG_6740_zps0lyjv5ic.jpg

A semi complete Jalur Gemilang themed mask

 photo IMG_6717_zpst5cru1gw.jpg

Strange looking masks on display

 photo IMG_6718_zpst7caa2wv.jpg

Colourful but freaky

 photo IMG_6720_zpsxw9yqlvc.jpg

The many faces mask

 photo IMG_6725_zpscieozato.jpg

Unique deity faced mask from Thailand

 photo IMG_6716_zpsl8cgc2eb.jpg

At the Mah Meri Aborigin booth, visitors are shown how the their tribal masks are made.

 photo IMG_20150817_212241_zpsscsobdkw.jpg

Me, trying out the heavy Mah Meri tribal mask. Isn’t it cool?

 photo IMG_6636_zpszolgbiqq.jpg

Children, trying all sort of masks on

 photo IMG_6680_zpsqcch3efk.jpg

Spotted : the controversial Anonymous

 photo IMG_6590_zpsbc9mfmls.jpg

This is supposed to be the ethereal Puteri Gunung Ledang, but it reminds me of the late King of Pop, Micheal Jackson.

 photo IMG_6587_zpsezynvh9u.jpg

Nenek Kebayan

 photo IMG_6651_zpskiylkttd.jpg

Also spotted at the festival, JKKN performers in their full costumes.

 photo IMG_6693_zpshtjhkrhh.jpg

One for the album, with friends from FoNS (Friends of Negeri Sembilan). It’s certainly fun and an eye opening experience. Wish there would be more of this in the future. :)