Chef’s A-List Feast at Nook, Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur

It was 19th May 2015, and it happens to be both my husband’s birthday and our anniversary. Yes, yes. I’m a hopeless romantic. I married my husband on his birthday. :p Romantically speaking, I will always be his birthday gift. Practically speaking, he will never ever forget our wedding anniversary til he breathe his last as it was his birthday too. :P

Truth be told. Our marriage was no bed of roses but we have been blessed with 13 years together and still counting. ;) Last year, we took a short trip to Hadyai and Songhkla, Thailand to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary, but this year, we were both busy with work and couldn’t manage to even arrange for anything. Me with events and food reviews and him with work. It’s been seriously a hectic month for us, but of course we do try to take some time off for each other and have a short date every now and then.

Aside from celebrating in the confines of our bedroom door, we didn’t plan for anything special but universe wants us to do it differently and we were invited to a Ramadan preview in Nook, Aloft Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Despite of having to work, my husband and I said yes to the thoughtful invitation, of course. Who can resist good food and some romantic time together with the love of their lives on their birthday and anniversary anyway? We certainly couldn’t.

It’s the time of the year for the mouth-watering delights of Chef’s A-List Malaysian Feast at Nook.

Nook will feature traditional local Malay delicacies, succulent barbecue, seafood delights and juicy roasted whole lamb this coming Ramadan 2015. They showcased a lot of food items that night but here’s highlighting some of the delicacies that is worth mentioning.
The buffet line-up offers an extensive selection of Malay dishes and regional specialities, along with appetisers, salad, condiments, breads, soups, main dishes, action counters and desserts.

Chef Adri and team has crafted the menus this year, adding in more local delights into the buffet, offering Chef’s star dishes such as Stuffed Whole Lamb Kuzi.

 photo IMG_0386_zpsigq6c6c5.jpg

Lamb Kuzi. Don’t let the picture fool you. This dish was sensational. The meat was tender and juicy and perfectly flavoured. My husband and I love this Lamb Kuzi very much that we took more than just one helping of it that night.

 photo IMG_0431_zpsnl8qhy9t.jpg

Nasi Briyani was a tad bland in my humble opinion. Lacks the usual herb and spices taste but it makes a perfect pair for the assorted curries offered here in Nook.

 photo IMG_0427_zpsj74dskpa.jpg

A selection of curries in pot for your to pair your Nasi Briyani with.

 photo IMG_0428_zps6t2jq0js.jpg

Beef Rendang

 photo IMG_0429_zpsjzybypbb.jpg

Dhal Curry

 photo IMG_0436_zpsrx3oanhp.jpg

Ayam Percik

 photo IMG_0440_zpslbtunbb6.jpg

Pajeri Terung

 photo IMG_0498_zpsk8svx6tf.jpg

Apart from assorted curries specially cooked for you to pair with the Nasi Briyani, there is also assorted sambals and curries served in claypots for your takings.

 photo IMG_0451_zpsj5ukcmzn.jpg

Sambal Udang Petai

 photo IMG_0452_zps1sy8kzyo.jpg

Sambal Tempe Ikan Bilis

 photo IMG_0449_zpsz8wx2suo.jpg

Fish Head Curry

 photo IMG_0450_zpsdsusumxu.jpg

Ketam Masak Lemak Cili Api

 photo IMG_0420_zpsvexh2muf.jpg

If you are not into strongly flavoured rice, you can try Nook’s steamed Chicken Rice with condiments.

 photo IMG_0421_zpsgkbijgdk.jpg

Steamed Chicken. I did not manage to try this, but my husband said this one is simply delicious.

 photo IMG_0532_zpszq8rhsmk.jpg

Porridge and condiments

 photo IMG_0555_zpsgzy6ptfx.jpg

One of the not to be missed Ramadan’s special, the Bubur Lambuk.

 photo IMG_0488_zpsa0u97i7y.jpg

Dimsum is also available but I suggest you to give this a miss in favour of other mouthwatering dishes offered here at Nook.

 photo IMG_0412_zpscwx2jhpr.jpg

Sarawak Laksa is available at the action counter. I can’t comment much about this as I was too busy devouring the Lamb Kuzi, but my son had two helpings of the Sarawak Laksa so I suppose this is very good too.

 photo IMG_0417_zpswfldq3bl.jpg

All time Malaysian favourite, the chapati

 photo IMG_0485_zpszb7w4ah2.jpg

Spotted some beef and chicken satay too.

 photo IMG_0528_zpspfou3yea.jpg

Street food favourite like Roti John is also available.

 photo IMG_0484_zpsiwtadnvp.jpg

The grill section featured some interesting sea products like BBQ squids, fish and cockles.

 photo IMG_0411_zpsvljyjgwt.jpg

Fans of fried food will be pleased to see that they are not forgotten either. There is plenty of fried fritters too over here.

 photo IMG_0408_zpsmznkhhfd.jpg

My son found this gem at the fried food section. The Ayam Goreng Berempah, to be paired with some chilli dips. These are wonderfully flavoured and adeptly fried. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

 photo IMG_0477_zpswybkosbs.jpg

Spotted a lone pan of pasta over here.

 photo IMG_0475_zps6jpmkwgn.jpg

The lamb stew is a must try too. It was such a comfort to the growling tummy.

 photo IMG_0491_zpsiuooagcj.jpg

Betis Lembu Rendang

 photo IMG_0464_zpsdf3bkitv.jpg

The salad counter

 photo IMG_0406_zps5l0rkp0e.jpg

Not sure if Pecal is categorized as salads but you can assemble and customize a bowl of your own at the Salad Counter too.

 photo IMG_0407_zpsiusaagvk.jpg

Fresh local fruits and pickles. Great to cleanse your palate with.

 photo IMG_0400_zpscxdrt0ji.jpg

And not forgetting, Nook’s fun Ice Kacang. I did not make my own Ais Kacang as I was seduced by the dessert section.

 photo IMG_0460_zpsvjdon3b7.jpg

Traditional Malay kuih is spotted at the dessert section.

 photo IMG_0455_zpsjsppzbjs.jpg

But what really won my heart over is the temptations displayed here.

 photo IMG_0393_zpsumbuxdce.jpg

Chocolate Swiss Cake

 photo IMG_0394_zps2oaywnuq.jpg

Custard Pudding

 photo IMG_0395_zpse4r3pzhj.jpg

Caramel Pudding

 photo IMG_0392_zps3nq9uax0.jpg

Pavlova. Because we have been running around like some headless chicken and couldn’t find time for a proper celebration, we stole some of this lovely, colourful Pavlova from the buffet spread and brought it to the table and enjoyed the sweetness and the quiet birthday and anniversary night together before we end our little gluttony adventure.

Although it was not a exactly a proper birthday or anniversary celebration for both of us but Nook, Aloft Hotel KL has unknowingly made it to our book of memories. And a rather delicious one too. :)

Fancy some sweet and delicious moments with your loved ones too this coming Ramadan 2015? Well then, book Early! A-list Malaysian Feast buffet is priced at RM110nett per person and early bird special is available from 1 May until 21 June at RM90nett for 30 vouchers and below and RM80nett for 31 vouchers and above! Chef’s A-List Malaysian Feast is available from 22 June till 16 July 2015.

Nook is located at Level 1, Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral and is open daily from 6.30am to 12am. For more information, please call +603 2723 1154 or zip an email to [email protected]

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack: The Dark Side of Tempura

Wisdom accepts that all things have two sides and Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks’ latest addition to its Singapore and Malaysia menu is no exception. Playing on the popularity of one of its best sellers, the Seafood Tempura, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is luring its loyal fans over to the dark side with its latest creation, the Squid Ink Tempura

 photo squid_zpseeznvvx7.jpg

Using a highly guarded seafood based recipe that is infused with a dose of black squid ink, the Squid Ink Tempura is presented in jet black, making it mysterious, sophisticated, sexy and captivating all at once. In line with its black theme, this new creation will be specially packed and served in custom printed matt black paper bags, elevating it to a class above the rest. And to top it off, customers will be asked to sprinkle a pinch of fairy dust parsley for added flavour and to give it a good shake before savouring.

Appearances aside, the potential health benefits of black squid ink cannot be ignored. Squid ink has been proven to be rich in iron and antioxidants, and scientists believe that these antioxidants have strong preventive lipid oxidation abilities – a benefit which is in turn possibly linked to a lower risk of heart disease in humans. With such positive findings, the health-conscious can now look beyond their daily greens and opt for black instead. Black is indeed, the new green!

In conjunction with the launch of the Squid Ink Tempura, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is pleased to announce an exclusive “#HeiHeiHey~” promotion, starting from 22 May 2015. Customers who shout “HeiHeiHey~” along with any words of their choice (such as “HeiHeiHey~ I want you!”) when ordering the Squid Ink Tempura will be entitled to an immediate discount off their purchase. Customers will also be encouraged to post pictures of themselves with their purchases using the official hashtag – #HeiHeiHey.

The Squid Ink Tempura is available for a limited period only, in Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks stores in Singapore and Malaysia, from 22 May 2015 until stocks run out. For complete store listings, please visit their website at .

Ramadan Buka Puasa Temptation, Seasons Cafe at Grand Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This is my fourth Ramadan buffet review within a week, and if you are silently wondering whether I’m getting bored of hotel food and buffet, the answer is a definite ‘no’. As I go around the Klang Valley hunting for good food to eat during iftar and sahur in the upcoming Ramadan in June 2015, I discovered that the restaurants and hotels in Kuala Lumpur still got more to to offer this coming Ramadan.

If you are looking for a bit of everything to eat within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur with a reasonable price this coming Ramadan, here’s one you can consider.

 photo IMG_0314_zpsln0nlskz.jpg

Seasons Cafe, Grand Seasons Hotel. The hotel is located somewhere along Jalan Pahang and is easily accessible via public transport. The in house cafe, Seasons Cafe is offering quite a generous selection of food in their buffet spread this coming Ramadan. They do not have any specific theme for Ramadan but they have most of the Malaysian favourite cuisines with over 130 delectable dishes ranging from tempting appetizers to tantalizing desserts.

As this is a buffet and there are too many food for me to try at one go, I’ll just highlight some of their chef’s specialties.

 photo IMG_0328_zpsq7hs3k7q.jpg

An assortment of dishes that I think a must try over here and not to be missed.

 photo IMG_0331_zpsoskklwsb.jpg

Sup Ekor (Oxtail soup). After almost a day fasting, one would definitely appreciate a bowl of this flavourful and appetizing food. It was intensely flavoured and definitely would make a great pair with a plate of plain rice or some bread.

 photo IMG_0346_zpsbl8bmpph.jpg

Nasi Briyani Ayam is divine. The magic of this Nasi Briyani lies in the way rice is transformed into something ambrosial. Very aromatic rice dish made using whole spices only this dish is good to be eaten on it’s own but is best served with a side of curry and vegetables.

 photo IMG_0333_zpsrnjp5uvy.jpg

Rendang Daging is actually a traditional Minangkabau curry dish where chunks of beef is slowly simmered in a myriad of herbs and spices til it was cooked to perfection.This one was a tad too spicy for me to take on it’s own, so I paired this with my plate of Nasi Briyani and the result was positively addictive.

 photo IMG_0337_zpsjw4odh7s.jpg

Ayam Golek Berempah Panggang. Roasted chicken marinated in flavorful spices and is usually drenched in sweet and spicy coconut sauce. It said to originates from Kelantan and is generally a favourite dish during Ramadan and festive seasons. Got to love this unique dish. It is both sweet and savoury at the same time.

 photo IMG_0357_zpslrs7axq2.jpg

Siakap Tiga Rasa. Fish lovers would appreciate this sweet, sour and spicy dish. The fish was fried to perfection and was naturally sweet. The sweet, sour and spicy sauce serves only to enhance the fish’s natural flavourings. Do give it a try if you chanced upon this dish at Seasons Cafe Ramadan Buffet spread. It’s sensational, and this is an honest comment coming from someone who actually detests fish dishes.

 photo IMG_0332_zpsdf7lcgqy.jpg

Laksa Johor. Being a Penangite, I’m a little biased. While I think that nothing could ever beat the Penang’s version of laksa, this bowl of Laksa Johor managed to win my heart over. Another must try dish in the buffet.

 photo IMG_0377_zpsplaza3km.jpg

Roti Shawurma. Shawurma is a Levantine Arab meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or mixed meats are placed on a spit, and may be grilled for as long as a day and is usually stuffed into an assortment of Arabic bread, usually pita bread. I did not manage to try this but I suppose it is irresistible as my son pretty much polished his share off the plate.

 photo IMG_0364_zpsc3uhnvtf.jpg

Buah Melaka is a type of traditional Malay dessert made from glutinous rice flour and filled with palm sugar chunks. Chewy on the outside and chunkily sweet on the inside, this traditional dessert is just lovely.

 photo IMG_0350_zpsjncg66bu.jpg

Ketayap, a type of rolled green coloured pancakes filled with sweet coconut fillings. I’m not quite a fan of this dish, so I gave it a miss and can’t comment much about it.

 photo IMG_0368_zpsxxz4tk9i.jpg

Pulut Inti. A traditional glutinous rice dish topped with sweet coconut topping and wrapped in banana leaf. Quite a lovely dish and a must they if you want something sweet and filling but doesn’t want to go through those cloyingly sweet desserts.

 photo IMG_0355_zps44wxocd1.jpg

Kuih Cara Berlauk was my favourite kuih and this was sensational. But then again, I love everything savoury, so naturally I like this kuih a lot.

Those are some of the featured chef’s specialty in Season’s Cafe, but like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, they have a generous selection of Malaysians favourite you can indulge on during iftar. Here’s some other things you ought to keep an eye on:

 photo IMG_0312_zpsxvzf4nyg.jpg

Steamboat section. A rare appearance in Ramadan buffet, I must say.

 photo IMG_0309_zpsq43phyzr.jpg

Action counter with grill section where you can pick whatever you want and get the chef to cook it for you.

 photo IMG_0306_zpsjmz5ccyh.jpg

Salad counter for you to assemble your bowl of salad.

 photo IMG_0301_zps6l2ulvsl.jpg

Japanese Food section. Not much choice here but enough to satisfy one’s cravings for Japanese food if they are a fan.

 photo IMG_0307_zpszmlpspgp.jpg

Fresh local fruits to cleanse your palate.

 photo IMG_0294_zpsvivwjl3o.jpg

And of course, Ais Kacang counter where you can customize your own bowl of Ais Kacang.

One would definitely be spoiled for choices with loads of Malaysians
and International favourite in Seasons Cafe this coming Ramadan. So if you are looking to sample abit of everything, this is the place that you’d want to go.

Ramadan Buffet Dinner is available from 18th June-17th July 2015 at RM89.00nett per pax. The early bird special booking starts from 2nd May-10th June 2015. Early reservations is recommended. Call 03-26978888 ext 8819/8801 or email at [email protected] to make your bookings and reservations.

For information on current and ongoing promotions in Grand Seasons Hotel, hop over to their website here:

NEXT, Quill City Mall

Quill City Mall is currently one of my favourite shopping mall. The mall is not only easily accessible via public transport but is also offering quite a lot of things in terms of shopping and dining. I have a few favourites when it comes to shopping for clothing, and I’m pleased to say that Quill City Mall is now offering another wonderful lurk for me to shop in.

 photo IMG_20150522_155316_zpsgfqaespi.jpg

NEXT, one of the United Kingdom’s premier retailers today officially enlarged its footprint in Malaysia by setting up its first city centre outlet featuring women and children wear in Quill City Mall. An integral part of the British High Street, the NEXT retail chain was set up in 1982. Through the decades, the brand has worked with notable greats in the global fashion industry. Clothes under the NEXT label are styled by an in-house design team to offer exceptional style, quality and value for money with a contemporary edge. Today, NEXT operates more than 500 stores in the UK and almost 200 stores in more than 40 countries globally.

 photo IMG_20150522_170930_zpsjgm3s1au.jpg

The brand’s latest outlet showcases its collection of clothes, shoes and accessories for women, in addition to its offering for kids.  

 photo IMG_20150522_170953_zpssx1b1zcs.jpg

Here’s some of their latest women’s clothing collection.

 photo IMG_20150522_171023_zps0c2veyac.jpg

Shoe lovers will definitely appreciate these ;) I know I would love to get a pair or two from the shelf.

 photo IMG_20150522_171030_zps7sdk2sdw.jpg

Accessories ranging from handbags, scarves, belts, eyewear and many more.

 photo PhotoGrid_1432310188528_zps2rglz7tj.jpg

Children’s section features some pretty interesting designs for both boys and girls. Stylist, sweet looking but at the same time, is designed for active wear and maximum comfort.

 photo IMG_20150522_171251_zpsbb9bkcfe.jpg

In-store shopping bags is provided for your shopping convenience. ;)

 photo IMG_20150522_185534_zpspfkbiilv.jpg

Managed to grab two piece of clothing for my son. ;)

 photo PhotoGrid_1432292348317_zpsem5inh3e.jpg

I bet my son will look handsome in these two pairs of shirt. :)

I had fun shopping here in NEXT and I bet you’ll like it too.

More information on NEXT and Quill City Mall, do hop over to this website here;



Poh Kong Gaya Koleksi Raya Showcase

Likes bling blings and jeweleries? Well, then, good news for you, ladies. Poh Kong, Malaysia’s leading brand together with Andrews Model hosted an exclusive fashion show to unveil it’s signature collections of the highly anticipated Gaya Koleksi Raya at Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

 photo IMG_0690_zpsczerrocn.jpg

Poh Kong previewed the latest Anggun that is designed especially for the upcoming Hari Raya celebrations along with a variety of exquisite jewelry pieces by Poh Kong Tranz and Diamonds and Gems Collectioms presented in collaboration with Malaysia’s top designers, Rizman Ruzaini, Alia Bastaman and Justin Yap to create trendy and classy Hari Raya looks.

 photo IMG_0678_zpsaplnzt7m.jpg

Models from Andrews models showcasing both designer’s label and Poh Kong latest collection, Anggun.

 photo IMG_0663_zpsqrqxcobh.jpg

One of Poh Kong’s piece from Anggun collection. Alamanda inspired 916/22K yellow gold. This piece is one of my favourite. Vivid golden flowers that exuded sophistication and class.

Anggun collections comprises of beautiful long necklaces, bangles, charms, earrings, ring and bracelet, and these would definitely sparkle you up for the upcoming Hari Raya.

Magic of The Night Putrajaya 2015

Another fiesta is coming up in Putrajaya soon in conjunction of MyFest 2015: Magic of The Night.

 photo IMG_20150515_155225_zps1scwlrew.jpg

This magical and family friendly event will allow you to see Putrajaya being turned into a glittering, fantastical place beyond your imaginations.From 28th-31st May 2015, you will have the chance to see a total of 17 decorated boats every night throughout the event.

Apart from magical, enchanted-like boats, there will also be a special performance ‘Drumming Up The Magical Night’ by Malaysian Traditional Orchestra as well as the 1Malaysia Drumming Group. The mascot for the Malaysia Year of Festival 2015 (MyFest), the Proboscis Monkey known as ‘Bayau’ will also make a special appearance, so be sure to try to catch him if you happen to be there and get yourself a selfie or groufie with him. ;)

And speaking of selfie or groufie, MOTAC will also host a photography competition from 28th to 29th May 2015. Participants are allowed to send their entries by hand or CD at the MOTAC 2015 Photography competition submission counter which will be opened on 29th May from 8.30pm to 11pm at the Marina Putrajaya.

There will also be selfie competition for those who can’t live without a selfie or two daily. To participate, just post your selfies on Instagram with the hash tag #MOTNSelfie2015. A combined total of RM13,800 in cash prizes awaits the winners of these two competitions.

Not into selfies? That’s fine. There is something for everybody and foodies will appreciate the food festival that MOTAC will be organizing. There will be the Fabulous Food event that will highlight specialty dish from every state of Malaysia.

Magic of The Night at the Marina Putrajaya will be from 5pm to 11pm every day. Admission is free. For more info please visit

Warisan Tradisi Kampung Ramadan Buffet 2015 at Utara Coffee House Armada PJ

I have been a huge fan of Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ for a couple of years now. Their food is not only impressive but their staff are always friendly and attentive as well. A couple of days ago, my boys and I managed to go for their ‘Warisan Tradisi Kampung’ Ramadan buffet preview and we all but sang praises for what they showcased that night.

 photo IMG_0289_zpsineh8aqb.jpg

There is wide array of Warisan Tradisi Kampung dishes to tempt your appetite for iftar this coming Ramadan. They have a lot of delicious traditional dishes in their buffet spread but here’s highlighting their specialties and dishes that’s definitely worth trying.

 photo IMG_0251_zpsabbq9swp.jpg

First off, be sure to break your fast with these sweet succulent dates from the Middle East. If you are a Muslim and have been fasting for the day, you will appreciate something sweet and comforting to your tummy before digging in to much more heavy and spicy dishes.

 photo IMG_0259_zpsqd5afib9.jpg

Spotted Nasi Ulam . I gave it a try and I have to say that it’s one of the most flavourful one I’ve ever tried. Made from the freshest traditional herbs, this Nasi Ulam Desa is not only appetizing but refreshing on the palate as well.

 photo IMG_0265_zps7prxd9on.jpg

Sup Tulang Rawan Utara was packed with flavours and a tad spicy. Cooked with the best traditional Malay herbs and spices, the meat was well done and fall off the bone tender. My son polished this off within a few minutes while my husband kept wishing for seconds, in which I stopped him as there’s plenty more dishes for us to try and enjoy and it would be a waste if he was too full just from the soup.

 photo IMG_0257_zpsqypfkuua.jpg

Gulai Ayam Portuguese taste like something you’ll get from those traditional Malay weddings. Flavourful and yet not overwhelming. Great with rice or as bread dippings.

 photo IMG_0256_zpsx4rbjlqc.jpg

Gulai Daging Pekasam Daun Kesum was abit mouthful to pronounce, but this rare traditional beef curry was nothing short of sensational. I was informed by the chef that the beef was marinated with secret spices before thinly sliced and cooked in specially selected curry paste. This dish was the epitome of perfection and definitely highly recommended for you to try. Pair this up with plain white rice and you’ll be in the danger of wanting more of it.

 photo IMG_0252_zpshrnd9tz1.jpg

Rendang Itik Serati. I gave this a miss but according to my husband and son, this dish is not too shabby either. The duck meat was well done and there was no gamey taste whatsoever.

 photo IMG_0277_zpsexhlxite.jpg
Ayam Buah Keluak. Buah keluak is a kind of poisonous fruit that can only be made edible after going through a complicated fermentation process. Feeling adventurous, I took a scoop of this and paired it with my plate of Briyani rice and was immediately hooked. The curry was smooth but at the same time, richly addictive. Non spicy and must try if you are a fan of Peranakan delicacy.

 photo IMG_0268_zpso8anoeho.jpg

Gulai Tulang Rawan was a tad spicy, but it’s not something I can’t handle. Absolutely delicious.

 photo IMG_0279_zpsznmya8b8.jpg

Acar Ikan Bawal. Now, I must stress again that I’m not a fan of fish dishes but whenever I’m in Utara Coffee House, Armada PJ, I will not skip their fish dish. They are probably the only restaurant that could prepare a fish dish that will not make me squirm. The fish was adeptly fried and topped with mildly pickled sliced carrots and cucumbers. A very appetizing dish.

 photo IMG_0282_zpstyhfwmtq.jpg

Otak Otak Muar. I wish I could comment on this dish as it looks very tempting but unfortunately for me, my picky eater son polished it off before I could have a go at it.

 photo IMG_0293_zpsfw51r3rq.jpg

Kek Suji Kurma& Carrot Cake makes quite a sweet ending for our meal that night. As usual, the pastries are not cloyingly sweet and pretty much pleasant and comforting to eat after indulging in all the heavily flavoured curries.

The “Warisan Tradisi Kampung Buffet Dinner” is priced at RM88++ per adult and RM44++ per child from 22nd June 2015 to 16th July 2015. For those who prefer a cheaper option but still wish to savour the taste of Ramadan in Utara Coffee House, do take note that they will commence with an early Ramadan Buffet Dinner Special on the first week of Ramadan from 16 June 2015 to 21 June 2015 priced at RM72++ per adult and RM36++ per child

For reservations do contact them at 03-79546888 ext 4557, Utara Coffee House. 

Jungle Gym, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Let me be very honest with you. I’m a mother, and I have a son who is in primary school. But I come to realized that as time goes by and as my son continues to grow up, I started to detest being around young children, especially from age toddlers to early primary. I find it difficult to tolerate their behavior and their tantrums, especially when they do it in public. Not sure if it is just me, but children these days are pretty much obnoxious. They don’t play or communicate well with others, rude, impatient, noisy and not to mention can always be seen sticking their nose to their gadgets playing games and whatnot even at the dining table. My son is autistic and boy, he was a hell of a case to raise when he was younger but these days, but strange enough, these days I find being around with my somewhat challenged son is very pleasant as he has become very obedient.

I’m not sure what contributes to my lack of tolerance towards children. I used to like them very much, but I suspect it is the way they are being raised these days, where parents are too busy with their careers and stuck in the rat race to actually ‘raise’ them, resulting them to be somewhat obnoxious, rude, loud and prone to throwing tantrums.

Call me old fashion but I don’t believe in allowing strangers (maid, babysitters etc) to fully raise our children while we are busy being in the rat race. True enough, gadgets plays a crucial part in the modern world and they helps the children to be connected with you when you are away, they are not the best of babysitters around. Yes. Children tend to be occupied with gadgets, but there ought to be balance in real life communication and cyber reality.

Young children should be given hands on experience in real life so that they could benefit from it and I believe in allowing them to be children as long as possible. The modern world is extremely competitive and parents usually want their children to excel academically and be better than their peers, but it is a mistake to force young children to grow up too fast. Stop taking their childhood away from them by chaining them to the desk or locking them up in tuition classes. Young children benefits most from play; IQ wise and EQ wise.

There is plenty of places you can bring your children to play, and at the same time, interact with children their age in a fun environment.

 photo IMG_20150516_042312_zpspt0aryys.jpg

One of the place is Jungle Gym in Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Located on 4th floor of the shopping complex, the place is quite an ideal location for both parents and children to play and unwind, and of course, shopping.

 photo IMG_20150515_190014_zpsgwe4mmi0.jpg

For younger children there is the Jungle Gym, a play area suitable for children from age 4years old to 12 years old. Surveying that play area the other day with my son, we think that the place is interactive enough to keep even hyperactive children occupied. However, I would suggest parents not to leave their children unattended while at this area. Overly excited children with adrenaline rush in this play area can be quite a hazard. So do monitor your children while at this area.

 photo IMG_20150515_203732_zpsw79xubnv.jpg

For elder children, teens and adults, there is the joyride and for those who fancy a much more challenging activity, there is the in-line skating rink.

 photo IMG_20150515_182722_zpsx567ehrj.jpg

In-line skates can be rented for a fee. And socks is available for sale at RM5 per pair. However, I noticed that safety helmet and knee paddings is not available for your usage upon entrance. You may purchase it at the counter at RM16 per set. I would advice you to avoid any possibilities of injuries and bring your own knee pads and helmet to use while at the skating rink. Either you make the purchase or bring your own.

 photo IMG_20150515_194623_zpsiaqjprdf.jpg

There is Jungle Cafe located nearby selling refreshments and apart from that, the place also have themed birthday party packages if you are interested to host a birthday party here.

Although I’m more into bringing my son outdoors; traveling with me to those less traveled places in Malaysia and learned about people and culture first hand, I think this place is not too shabby if you are looking for a quick, convenient fun with your children.

Admission fees to both Jungle Gym and the Skating Rink applies. For more information on their operating hours and ongoing current promotion, check out here:


Facebook page:

Avenue K Fashion Carnival

It’s carnival time at Avenue K.
Forget the mundane catwalks normally seen at shopping malls, Fashionably AK highlights fashion this year with a feel good carnival.

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Avenue K is currently presenting their second year of Fashionably AK right now where fashion meets fun in a carnival of style and chic attitude.

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Fashion Carnival in Avenue K.

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Candy Floss and Popcorns is available for your enjoyment.

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Clowns walking around, entertaining and making balloon sculptures for the young and the young at hearts.

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If you are into fortune telling kinda thing, you may want to go for this too.

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Tarot reading. Scarily accurate in my opinion.

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And of course, fashion show, celebrating the art of looking good and feeling great featuring the best of AK’s fashion tennats including Muji, MIDI, Femme Fatale, The Mod House, ID by Rufffey, Leather Avenue, FOS, Cosas United, Crocs, B.O.B. by Afdlin Shauki and Modani.

Shoppers will be treated to a daily redemption between 11 am – 9 pm, where a spend of RM50 and above will allow them a chance at the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to win instant prizes ranging from Jimmy Choo miniature fragrance sets,  beauty treatment vouchers and AK cash vouchers to powerbanks, monopods plus fashion and dining vouchers galore. 

In keeping with AK’s generous tradition, shoppers who spend RM300 and above between 12 – 23rd May will also qualify for the Weekend Lucky Draws happening at the ground floor at 5 pm on the 16th, 17th and 23rd of May with the Grand Lucky Draw taking place on Sunday, the 24th of May.

Be sure to check this out ya? For more info please visit:

Tales of Nusantara Ramadan Buffet, Essence at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

If there is one thing that I like to do after a whole day fasting during Ramadan is hunt down for delicious food in those mushrooming Bazaar Ramadan. Problem? Yes. The lack of energy after a whole day fasting. Walking in a very crowded bazaar can be quite challenging. Apart from that, finding really delicious food for Iftar (breaking fast) can be pretty trying as those who sells food over there in the bazaar are not always in F&B line and merely opportunist who are just trying to earn extra cash during Ramadan.

For those who enjoys having variety of delicious food on their table during iftar now have the option not to walk around in the crowded bazaar and go for Essence in Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur instead. Much better than bazaar, I reckon.

Striving to be different, Essence@Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur is offering ‘The Tales of Nusantara’ this Ramadan where you can find your favourite Ramadan delights at a collection of stalls and live cooking stations with each traditionally decorated to its food origins. Boasting a 120 metre buffet spread, there is more than 210 mouthwatering specialties from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Singapore for you to enjoy.

Now, I’ll be honest with you. When I was at the preview, I was completely overwhelmed with their ‘Tale of Nusantara’ offerings, but here’s what’s worth highlighting in my opinion:

 photo IMG_20150512_185348_zpshjbfdhlt.jpg

Uncle Loo Chilli Crab

 photo IMG_20150512_190009_zps4fvtkuxn.jpg

Chilli Crab is a Singaporean seafood dish popular in Singapore and Malaysia. Mud crabs are commonly used and are stir-fried in a semi-thick, sweet and savoury tomato and chilli based sauce. Despite its name and the flaming colour,chilli crab is not a very spicy dish. Even my son could handle the spiciness. Here in Essence the crab used is the flower crab and I find this dish not only satisfying but well executed as well. A must try in this buffet.

 photo IMG_20150512_185024_zpscifusj9q.jpg

Nasi Ambeng. Nasi Ambeng or Nasi Ambang is a fragrant rice dish cooked during important celebrations and served in a tray to be shared by four to five people. You don’t get to experience eating on the same tray with a few people here in Essence of course, but it is still satisfying nevertheless for those who enjoys Javanese delicacies.

 photo PhotoGrid_1431454200829_zps4jtqytsk.jpg

Nasi Ambeng side dishes. The usual suspect to construct your very own personalized Nasi Ambeng is there; chicken cooked in soy sauce, fried vegetables, fried fish, bergedil and fried noodles.

 photo IMG_20150512_184908_zpsgks8w1dm.jpg

Gorengan Jalanan

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The usual street food like goreng pisang, cucur keledek and whatnot is available at the Gorengan Jalanan stall. I’m not really into greasy stuff, but these are just so irresistible.

 photo IMG_20150512_184823_zpsi8qftpps.jpg

Sup Meletup stall where they are offering all sorts of traditional spicy soup for you to indulge in.

 photo IMG_20150512_193637_zpsdpchicaq.jpg

I gave their Sup Ekor (Oxtail soup) a try and I have a few words of warning for you. This dish is not for the fainthearted. It is a no nonsense dish with robust and spicy flavour. For those who can’t take spicy food, I would suggest you to tone this down a lil bit by partnering a bowl of white rice with it.

 photo IMG_20150512_184459_zpsb6awlbpo.jpg

Assorted traditional curries to go with your plain rice. Those who can’t go without having rice during their breaking fast session would definitely appreciate these offerings.

 photo PhotoGrid_1431454449969_zpsibatqmlj.jpg

Assorted traditional curries. I did not manage to try them all but I managed to have a go of their Gulai Tempoyak Udang (a curry dish cooked in fermented durian paste). A dish that will require an acquired taste. Not everyone will find this dish pleasant, especially those who doesn’t like durian. The Gulai Tempoyak Udang was not only spicy but have the proper pungent durian taste. Not exactly your standalone dish and something that you must pair with some plain rice. I absolutely love this dish, and the slight sweetness that comes from the prawn is of course welcoming.

 photo PhotoGrid_1431454519710_zpsgq4xwu7x.jpg

There is of course something mild for those who doesn’t like spicy food too here, so don’t worry. There is something for everyone.

 photo IMG_20150512_183939_zpsmhload8i.jpg

Freshly plucked ulam to go with your rice. Spotted some rare leaves like Daun Tenggek Burung and buah jering over here. Ulam lovers will approve this for sure.

 photo IMG_20150512_183953_zpsron4cdfn.jpg

Generous selection of kerabu. Great on it’s own and also to be paired with plain white rice.

 photo IMG_20150512_183916_zps8lvpsxra.jpg

A fan of Middle East food? Be sure to request for some freshly assembled kebab/shawerma from this action stall.

 photo IMG_20150512_184745_zpsjeiyg91n.jpg

While you are at Essence@Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, do keep a lookout for this star sensation; Whole Baby Lamb with Mandy Rice.

 photo IMG_20150512_184811_zpsif3sr8lc.jpg

The Mandy Rice and the whole baby lamb is Essence’s Ramadan special and it does not disappoint. The whole baby lamb and the rice was a divine combination that’s so arresting that it warrants a second or third go at it. I love how tender and flavourful the lamb and rice was. Highly recommended to all Middle Eastern food lovers.

The baby lamb and Mandy rice dish is also available for take away for those who would like to break fast at home. You can get it fromToastina Cafe &Bar from 18th June to 16th July 2015. It is priced at RM15 nett per person and will only be available on sale from 4pm to 6pm.

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Indian food is also available for your gastronomic pleasure.

 photo IMG_20150512_183829_zpseiurghza.jpg

Tandoori chicken is not to be missed if you love Indian food. The chicken cutlets was juicy, tender and was full of flavour.

 photo IMG_20150512_184713_zps1fkmltfo.jpg

Roasted duck is also another not to be missed item in this buffet. It was nothing short of delectable.

 photo IMG_20150512_184043_zps3dihr5to.jpg

Fresh tropical fruits to cleanse your palate with.

 photo IMG_20150512_184146_zpshb1b1kqr.jpg

Traditional kuih and desserts for those who have sweet tooth.

 photo PhotoGrid_1431455103423_zpsbccsypni.jpg

Among all of these traditional sweet dessert, one that I found worth all the calories is the Puteri Mandi dessert (top left picture). It is actually steamed glutinous rice balls drench with coconut milk. A tinge of savory and sweet of coconut filling adds special favor to the cake. Do give it a try. It will surely send you to heaven and back. ;)

 photo IMG_20150512_184122_zpsx7xnxgsm.jpg

Another section of traditional desserts and modern cakes.

 photo PhotoGrid_1431455204630_zps58cem5mp.jpg

Modern cakes and pastries for those who can’t live without such desserts

 photo IMG_20150512_185427_zps2h8f35tt.jpg

Assorted drinks and fruit juice for you to wash down all your guilty pleasure with.

 photo IMG_20150512_184933_zpscz5k5ory.jpg

And of course, if the beverage is not enough, you can go for the Ais Kacang and condiments.

Overall, Essence@Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur will positively satisfy even the fussiest eater this coming Ramadan 2015 with their ‘Tales of Nusantara‘ offering. Healthy selection of food, great value for your money and of course, their staff is also attentive and eager to please. A rewarding place you’d want to break your fast at, for sure. I have no words for both their food and their hospitality except for singing praises.

The Buffet is priced at RM 138 nett  per person with an early bird promotion priced at RM 90 nett until the 17th of June. It is available for dinner only from 18th of June until the 16th of July 2015.

Confirm your reservations before 17th June and enjoy the early bird promotion priced at RM90 nett per person. SPG Members can enjoy 20% discount of total food bill. UOB and Maybank card holder enjoy special privileges while dining at Essence as well.

*Prices quoted are inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST tax.

Essence@ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
( Reachable by Medan Tuanku Monorail and Dang Wangi LRT)

Phone: +603 2717 9900