Get Spirited Away to World’s Famous Spiritual Sites with Secret Cruises

Secret Cruises define a new way to explore Asia. With the complete privacy of chartered yachts, soft adventure experiences and exploration of remote areas, they offer unique experiences for guests far from the well-trodden tourist trails.

For discovering fabled historic and spiritual sites like Vat Phou in Laos, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Bagan in Myanmar, Secret Retreats offers a fleet of four vessels for voyages along both Asian Mighty Rivers the Mekong and the Irrawaddy:

1. The Jahan

Designed to reflect the British colonial spirit of India with its hand painted walls and Hindu motifs, The Jahan cruises between Saigon and Siem Reap, home to the world famous Angkor Wat. Featuring a sundeck with large Jacuzzi, spa, gym, observatory, elegant lounge, restaurant and outdoor bar, each of the 26 cabins has its own private balcony.

2. The Vat Phou

On a leisurely 3-day Mekong journey between Pakse and Champasak in Southern Laos, The Vat Phou bears witness to one of the region’s most remarkable treasures, the UNESCO-recognised Vat Phou Temple, considered the birthplace of Khmer architecture. Featuring 12 cabins, the river cruise passes through timeless landscapes, including the stunning “4,000 Islands” and Southeast Asia’s largest waterfalls at Pha Pheng.

3. Luang Say

Along the northern reaches of the Mekong, the custom built luxury river boat Luang Say cruises between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang on a two-day voyage with overnight accommodation in Laotian riverbank bungalows at Luang Say Lodge. The journey includes stops at villages to discover how local handicrafts and rice whiskey are made, as well as Pak Ou Caves, which contain thousands of Buddha images.

4. Anawrahta Mandalay

Cruising between the fabled plain of temples of Bagan and Mandalay, the elegant 23-cabin Anawrahta offers the finest onboard experience along Myanmar’s Irrawaddy. Built to resemble a British colonial paddle steamer, the vessel takes guests back in time to an era of bygone elegance, with gleaming white rails, polished lacquer and intricate woodwork.

Complete conditions and schedules for all cruises are available on or through the Secret Retreats Concierge team: [email protected]

Wonderful Indonesia: Adventurous Voyage in the Indonesian Archipelago with Secret Cruises

Sailing through the Indonesian archipelago is a true adventure with mostly private charters where itineraries can be tailored according to personal interests. Secret Cruises offers four options to explore Eastern Indonesia:

1. Silolona

The 5-cabin is converted traditional Indonesian phinisi boats, as sailed by the Bugis seafarers from south Sulawesi.

Bird’s eye view of the Silolona. Featuring an authentic design, the boat includes five spacious cabin suites, a teak lounge and dining area surrounded by large windows, on deck dining and a well-equipped dive facility.

Silolona sails in Indonesia from April to November, and up the West Coast of Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar from December to March.

2. Alila Purnama

Alila Purnama provides ultra-modern and elegant accommodation for up to ten guests. Handcrafted in the traditional style of a Phinisi, as used by the Bugis seafarers from south Sulawesi in Indonesia.

The 46-metre-long Alila Purnama consists of three decks, 4 deluxe suites and 1 master suite with a private deck, large wraparound windows offering 180-degree views of the ever-changing yet incredible landscape as well as a lavish en-suite including a bath tub, 2 wash basins and a separate shower room.

Alila Purnama can accomodate up to ten passengers for cruising around Komodo, Flores, and Raja Ampat.

3. Nyaman Perjuangan

Blending authentic Indonesian tradition with contemporary allure designed by a French interior architect, the 7-cabin magnificent 32-metre yacht Nyaman Perjuangan was launched in May 2017, cruising around Komodo National Park.

4. Salila Expeditions

Comfortably able to accommodate up to 14 passengers in 7 spacious and elegant cabins, this 32-metre long traditional Phinisi cruises to Indonesia’s remarkable Komodo National Park. Designed by French interior architect Stephan Remini, the décor reflects Indonesian culture with a contemporary feel. Large panoramic windows offer stunning views of Komodo National Park. Exciting complementary activities include diving the diverse reefs of Komodo National Park, trekking on Rinca and Komodo Island, discovering the famous Komodo Dragons, fishing, snorkelling, spear fishing, tubing, and kayaking.

Aboard the Salila Expeditions. Featuring large panoramic windows, the cabins are made out of the finest Indonesian teak wood. The interior design presents a maximum of comfort including air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms with hot water.

Complete conditions and schedules for all cruises are available on or through the Secret Retreats Concierge team: [email protected]

Wonderful Indonesia: Kalimantan Jungle Adventure with Secret Cruises

Borneo, a giant, rugged island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, is shared by the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesian Kalimantan and the tiny nation of Brunei. It’s known for its beaches and ancient, biodiverse rainforest, home to wildlife including orangutans and clouded leopards. Forming three-quarters of the world’s third largest island, Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of Borneo. Divided into four regions, East, West, South and Central, discover some of richest biodiversity in the world in its vast jungles and rainforests filled with long, winding rivers and fascinating wildlife.

Want to explore wonderful Borneo in a way that has not been explored before? Well then, embark on an adventure with Secret Cruises in three different Kalimantan Rivers aboard a choice of vessels operated by WOW Borneo. Begin your journey by glimpsing at the stilted and floating houses in the capital of Central Kalimantan, Palangkaraya. Canoe through shimmering black water lakes. Meander down rivers to look for proboscis monkeys, hornbills, Brahmini kites, kingfishers, and other bird species. Get up close and personal to orangutans, and witness an orangutan rehabilitation programme centre. Spot wild orangutans, macaques, proboscis monkeys, birds, sun bears, wild boars, clouded leopards, spotted cats, pythons, gibbons, porcupines, Sambar deer, and other wildlife at Tanjung Puting National Park. Soak in the breathtaking mountain views and waterfalls at Bukit Baka-Bukit Raya National Park. Trek on trails or go diving around the world-renowned Derawan Archipelago. Pass through riverside villages to see spectacular historic longhouses, and meet the indigenous Dayak people to learn about their customs and culture. Attend a traditional music and dance performance.

Here’s sharing with you the fleet of three vessels that offers options for the Jungle cruises in Borneo:

1. The Spirit of Kalimantan

The Spirit of Kalimantan is a traditional Kalimantan barge with three cabins available for private charter.

Aboard the Spirit of Kalimantan. Capacity for 8 passengers maximum, in private charter.

3 luxury air-conditioned cabins (one Master and two double), two shared bathrooms, a sitting area and an open deck with steamer chairs.

All activities while cruising with Spirit of Kalimantan offer a balance between wildlife, flora and fauna and the fascinating Dayak culture.

2. Ruhui Rahayu

The sister vessel to the Spirit of Kalimantan, Ruhui Rahayu offers a perfect getaway for couples looking for a romantic escape, or a family wanting to experience the wonders of remote Borneo.

Showcasing a “back to nature” feel, this rustic, simply designed 22-metre long boat can accommodate two adults and up to three children.

Available only for private charters, with all guests quarters located on one level, its folding bedroom doors open up directly onto the front deck.

3. Rahai’i Pangun

The Rahai’i Pangun is traditional Kalimantan river boat known as a bis air, which has been converted into the beautiful boat she is today. The design and specifications were implemented by teams of Indonesian master boat designers and engineers, using local craftsmen.

Sister vessel of Spirit of Kalimantan and Ruhui Rahayu, this one offers join-in cruises. The upper deck is large and comfortable – it is used for all meals and as a place to enjoy the passing scenery from the sofas or deck chairs.

Secret Cruises define a new way to explore Asia. By working with local Dayak people, the cruises offer an intimate encounter with Kalimantan’s forests, wildlife (including an orangutan rehabilitation sanctuary), black water lake systems and traditional villages.

Complete conditions and schedules for all cruises are available on or through the Secret Retreats Concierge team: [email protected]

Enhance Your Alluring Beauty with ENCHANTEUR Stunning

ENCHANTEUR, a reputable fragrance brand with French-inspired scent, has relaunched the Eau de Toilette network and personal care recently.

In conjunction with this launch, a very exciting new fragrance was introduced; ‘Stunning’. This charming fragrance is a combination of Turkish Rose and Magnolia, enhanced by the sweetness of Blackcurrant Bud and Raspberry and mixed with the softness of Sandalwood. Stunning users will be captured by the sensual scents she uses, making her a special lady, highlighting her performances and personalities.

In addition to Eau de Toilette, Stunning variants are also present along with complementary products through a personal care network including lotions, deodorants, and talcum powder that makes the skin seamlessly satin smooth, fragrant and fresh throughout the day.

ENCHANTEUR has also renewed the Eau De Toilette network bottle shape. The Eau De Toilette Bottle conceptualizes the body shape of a woman wearing a pair of gowns. While the color variation on the bottle is based on the flora in it. This bottle of elegance is crowned with a blooming rose-shaped cover that is a symbolic romantic romance and essence of the flower that becomes a complementary essence in the fragrance bottle. This beautiful packaging is easy to handle and can be used as a charming decoration at the dressing table.

ENCHANTEUR Eau De Toilette is available at a retail price of RM28.20 (including 6% GST) per 50ml bottle. Enchanteur Perfumed Body Lotion on the other hand are available in various sizes priced from RM5.40 to RM17.60.

Deodorants comes in three forms namely sticks, balls and even precious jewels from RM4.90 to RM8.40. Enchanteur Perfumed Talc is priced from RM4.40 to RM11.80.

Various fragrances and Enchanteur personal care products can be found at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.

For more information about ENCHANTEUR, please log on to or visit the ENCHANTEUR Facebook page at

Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017 to Empower Malaysian Women

Ageless International Beauty Pageant; which was held for the first time last year will be making a comeback this year to empower Malaysian women.

Qui Production Group,& in collaboration with De BEAUTY, held its official announcement of the second edition of Malaysia’s most prestigious and unique beauty pageant; Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017, today in Selangor Turf Club.

Themed”Be A Star’, the pageant judges beyond the contestants’ appearances, by taking into consideration their character, academic and career achievements. The winner of the crown will be rewarded with a RM30,000 prize,while the first, second, third and fourth runner-ups will be receiving RM26,000, RM23,000, RM21,500 and RM21,000 respectively.The winner of the Classic Ageless International title on the other hand,will be walking away with a prize worth RM25,000.

The event saw the MoU signing between Qui Production Group and De BEAUTY where the will be the co-organisers for this year’s edition of Ageless International Beautiful Pageant.

“We are delighted to collaborate with De BEAUTY as we are certain that this partnership will elevate the pageant to capture the hearts and minds of fellow Malaysians and give them the recognition they truly deserve.” Ms Janis Chong, the Managing Director of Qui Production Group said.

Ageless International Beauty Pageant isn’t just another pageant this pageant aims to inspire, motivate and cultivate strength for the modern women through balancing family, career and societal obligations a well as responsibilities. With the strength of the women representing Ageless International Beauty ambassador, it is hoped that it will encourage and inspire the many friends and families to be more generous for charitable causes, ” Ms Ann Q, the Executive Director of Qui Production Group and Yang Xin Charity Organisation YXCO Founder adds.

“We are thrilled for the partnership as we are co organising for the first time. Through this partnership, we hope to bring more attention and inspire a wider audience of powerful women to participate in this pageant. We are also proud to be associated with Ageless International Beauty Pageant where the contestants for this pageant will be recruited based on the recommendations of De BEAUTY’s beauty salon partners nationwide. Our theme”Be A Star’ shares the same aspiration with Ageless International Beauty Pageant which brings us to work together this year” said De BEAUTY’s Founder, Mr. Jak Tan.

“We want to recognise these amazing women for their great contributions and that is why this platform is truly one-of-a kind. This pageant goes beyond external beauty and emphasises more on women empowerment, nurturing leadership skills and equipping them with powerful life skills that would mould them into role models worth looking up to.” Ms Jazzmine Cheah, Founder of beYOUtiful lmage&Style and the Brand Advisor for Ageless International Beauty Pageant 2017, reiterated,

Also present at the launch was Professor Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh, Deputy Vice Chancellor(Internationalisation) of Asia Metropolitan University. He said that the Ageless International Beauty Pageant provides the perfect platform for them to empower women in entrepreneurship and they are honoured to sponsor a RM200,000 scholarship to the winners to business education at their university.

Meanwhile, Selangor Turf club,  who will be the venue sponsor of the event expressed that they are proud to collaborate with Ageless International Beauty Pageant as the pageant recognises and showcases the many talented, intelligent and beautiful Malaysian contestants who aspire to gain invaluable experiences on the world stage.

Beauty with brains? Now that’s definitely worth our time and inspiration.The finale of this beauty pageant will be taking place on 21 December 2017, Thursday, at Sunway Resort Hotel at 5pm.

Should you be interested to witness this dazzling event you may hop over to Facebook: for more info or contact +6012-350 557

The New Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo to Sweeten Up Your Day

Ever wondered what Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreo would taste like together? Mondelēz Malaysia, a part of global snacking powerhouse, Mondelēz International (Mondelēz), has just the answer to that through the launch of its Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo – another product innovation in the premium chocolate category.

Magic happens when two great things come together, whether you’re talking about great celebrity duos, unforgettable hero-villain rivalries and even food pairings like peanut butter and jam and “Cham”, a combination of coffee and tea. Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo which is already widely loved in several international markets is a delicious combination of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and the delicious crunchiness of Oreo cookies, held together by a flavoured cream filling that promises to excite in every bite!

Speaking at the launch, Vikram Karwal, Associate Director – SEA Chocolate said, “Our company’s purpose is to create delicious moments of joy for our consumers. Combining these two iconic brands to create the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo is a natural fit and builds on the best-loved features of each product. Cadbury Dairy Milk levels up your favourite smooth and chocolatey bar by adding a familiar crunch to your snacking time.”

Having launched in many countries, Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo has done exceptionally well in attracting new consumers and long standing Cadbury and Oreo fans. The unprecedented growth of the chocolate market in the Southeast Asia region is attributed to the preferences of taste for new innovative products, the snacking behaviour of the younger consumers and their spending power.

The new Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo is available in major Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, nationwide with a recommended selling price of:
RM 3.30 for 40g
RM 4.20 for 60g
RM 8.90 for 130g

Celebrate the Splendour of Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 with Mooncakes from Resorts World Genting

It’s that time of year when mooncakes, lanterns and other paraphernalia associated with Mid-Autumn Festival make an appearance everywhere. It is mooncakes galore at many shopping malls, restaurants and hawker stalls as businesses try to outdo each other in coming up with different flavours of the traditional pastries.

At Resorts World Genting, many varieties of mooncakes await visitors at different locations. Mid-Autumn festival celebrants can purchase them at Genting Palace (2nd Floor, Genting Grand Hotel), Good Friends Restaurant (Level 2, Maxims Hotel), Malaysian Food Street (T4, SkyAvenue), Garden Courtyard (T1, SkyAvenue), and Grab & Win (Level 1, Sky Casino) from 19 August to 4 October, between the hours of 12 noon to 8 pm.

There’s also a kiosk at Wisma Genting selling these delicious desserts; OneHub (next to Resort World Tours ticketing counter) offers enough variants to cater to different taste buds. Visitors can purchase them from the kiosk from 11 to 29 September (except weekends and public holidays) from 11am to 4pm.

New tempting flavours this year are Snow skin blueberry paste, Green tea paste with black sesame jingsa, Sweet corn paste with single yolk, White pandan jade with buttermilk custard, Dragon fruit lotus paste with coconut jingsa, Pu er lotus paste with dry mandarin orange jingsa.

The normal traditional favourite are Low sugar white lotus paste, Lotus paste with single yolk, Lotus pas with double yolk, Red bean paste, Green tea lotus paste, Golden jade with single yolk, Durian lotus paste, Asorted Nuts “Ng Yan”, White lotus paste with black sesame yolk, Single yolk with pu er lotus paste.

TOP : (From Left to Right) Pu Er Lotus Paste with Dry Mandarin Orange Jingsa Sweet Corn Paste with Single Yolk 19.00 nett per pcs, Dragon Fruit Lotus Paste With Coconut Jingsa. BOTTOM (From Left to Right) White Pandan Jade With Buttermilk Custard, Green Tea Paste with Black Sesame Jingsa and Snow Skin Blueberry Paste.

These mooncakes are selling at RM19.00 per pierce, but the more you buy, the more rewarding it is: every purchase of 50 boxes (each box containing four pieces) gives you a discount of 30%. Every purchase of four pieces of mooncake comes with a free carrier mooncake box. God of Wealth cookies are also available in a pack of two pieces.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

Kungfu Steam Seafood Restaurant, Puchong

Finding a Muslim-friendly steamboat/seafood place in Klang Valley can be quite a headache, considering that most steamboat/seafood joints serves pork and many other non-Halal items on their menu. Scouring Klang Valley for a Muslim friendly seafood restaurant, we found this seafood restaurant; Kungfu Steam Seafood. Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong, this Pork-Free restaurant offers all things steamed seafood.

Kungfu Steam Seafood is not your usual steamboat or hotpot restaurant. New to the Malaysian shores, Kungfu Steam Seafood is all about enjoying the freshest seafood items steamed at your table, using minimal ingredients to retain the natural flavours of the seafood served. Steaming process doesn’t take really long, only 3-5 minutes each time with their powerful steamer, giving you enough time to enjoy your dishes at a rather comfortable pace while chatting with your dining companions.

Upon entering, you will see the Kungfu Steam Seafood Market on the side of the restaurant. This place houses plenty of live seafood. Spotted easily at the aquariums over here are premium fishes, lobsters, crabs, prawns, clams and many more.

Kungfu Steam Seafood offers a main dining area on ground level with air conditioning. A plus point as you wouldn’t have to feel steaming hot while dining. There are also four private dining rooms on the first floor. The restaurant is also children friendly as there’s a playroom provided at the ground level for young children to keep themselves occupied while the adults are dining.

Before the steaming starts, you will be asked to choose from a choice soup or  porridge. Your choice will then be placed into a pot beneath the steamer so that when all the ingredients are being steamed above, all the natural juices and flavours will drip below and flavour your choice of soup or porridge. Interesting, no? We will only get to see the final outcome of the soup or porridge at the end of our meal, when we are done savouring all the seafood items.

There are plenty of seafood items on their menu that you can indulge in when you patronize this restaurant, but here’s recommending some:

Signature Flower Crab Porridge, Clams, Scallops with Garlic and Glass Noodles and Live Tiger Prawns

Mixed Mushroom, Mixed Vegetables, Enoki Chicken Rolls, and Red Snapper

Clams (RM4.80/100gm). These clams are simply steamed with sliced ginger and goji berries. There are no msg, salt or oil added to them.The outcome? Naturally sweet clams that’s good to be had on it’s own.

Live Tiger Prawns (RM12.80/100gm). Tiger Prawns was next after the clams. They are pretty fat and were carefully arranged on the steamer by the staff. Topped with a garden of salad, these crustaceans looked so beautiful in their bright orange hue. Juicy, sweet and tender, you’ll simply be begging for more than just a plate of these.

Scallops with Garlic and Glass Noodles (RM19.80/2pcs). These fat scallops were placed on a mound of glass noodles and were simply garnished with chopped garlic and goji berries. The bland glass noodles absorbed all the juicy goodness from the scallops and were absolutely delicious.

Red Snapper (RM9.80/100gm). The Red Snapper was fished out from the aquarium outside prior to steaming, so I can vouch for it’s freshness. I’m not really a fan of fishes with lotsa bones in it, but I had this nevertheless. The flesh was juicy and while the skin had a lovely collagen-like substance. No added flavours whatsoever. A pretty refreshing way to enjoy a fish dish, I must say.

Enoki Chicken Rolls (RM16.80). These thinly sliced chicken rolls were practically pregnant with enoki mushrooms, baby corns and carrots. Highly recommended to those who wants a variety in their meal and not just the seafood.

Mixed Mushrooms (RM19.80-BIG). Suspects spotted on the platter; enoki musrooms, Shittake mushrooms, oyster musrooms and Shimeiji mushrooms alongside with some baby corns. These mushrooms were bursting with umami flavours. I’m a huge fan of all things mushroomy, and therefore, I enjoyed these alot.

Mixed Vegetables (RM19.80-BIG). These were our fibre source of the day. They were no added flavours to it, and yet, they tasted just as sweet after being steamed.

Signature Flower Crab Porridge (RM33.80-BIG). Once the steamer cover was lifted at the end of our meal, we were treated to the sight of bubbling porridge and flower crab. The staff will assist you to add on spring onions, ginger slices, salted vegetables and coriander to the porridge for extra flavours. The porridge was creamy and thick. The natural flavours of seafood were well infused into the porridge. A very comforting and satisfying ending for our meal, I must say.

My experience over here is very enjoyable, and being a non-pork eater, knowing that the restaurant does not serve any pork or lard puts my mind to a peaceful rest as well and I could eat without doubting the ingredients.
Overall, the dining experience in Kungfu Steam Seafood, Puchong surpassed my expectations with both ambiance and service and I highly recommend this for those who would like to dine with their family, friends or even business associates.

For more info, please refer to the information below:

Kung Fu Steam Seafood 
13a, Jln Puteri 7/13A,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia

Pork and lard-free restaurant

Business Hours:
Monday to Friday Dinner 5pm -11pm
Saturday Lunch 11.30am-3pm | Dinner 5pm -11pm

Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel Offers Handcrafted Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival will be here again and it is time to spread the love and togetherness by sending mooncakes to family, friends and business associates.

Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur (pork-free restaurant) will be offering 12 types of handcrafted baked and snow-skin mooncakes using pure and natural ingredients.

Some of their new varieties this season include Red pitaya lotus paste with mango, Honey lotus paste with chocolate, Yam paste with single egg yolk, Alisan tea paste with green tea and Chinese chestnut paste with egg yolk.

These mooncakes will be available for purchase from 29 August to 4 October 2017 at Dynasty Restaurant and from 14 September to 4 October 2017 at Mid Valley Megamall.

For more info, please refer to the information below:

Facebook: and  

Instagram: @renaissancekualalumpur and @dynasty_kl

Phone: 03 2771 6692

belVita Breakfast Biscuits Range Offers a Healthier Breakfast Option with belVita Banana & Oats

Mondelēz Malaysia (Mondelēz), part of the global snacking powerhouse Mondelēz International,has announced the launch of a new product variation for its belVita Breakfast Biscuits range, belVita Banana & Oats. The new offering is aimed at providing Malaysians with more options to enjoy a balanced and healthy breakfast.

Speaking at the launch event, Sharon Tan, Head of Biscuit & Salty Snacks at Mondelēz International said, “Malaysians in general are aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, to fuel the mind, body and soul. Thus, it is vital for us to create a product that includes quality and nutritional ingredients that also appeals to the lifestyle and preferences of Malaysians. When we incorporate the highly nourishing banana and oats into our new product, we are able to provide consumers with a healthier option in preparing a tasty and balanced breakfast. Furthermore, as something that can be eaten on the go, belVita Banana & Oats is also a convenient option to complement the busy routine of modern Malaysians.

Dr. Hamid Jan Bin Jan Mohamed who is an Associate Professor at the School of Health Sciences of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) for Nutrition and Dietetics Programme, gave insights on the importance of having a balanced and quality breakfast. “A good breakfast is essential to our long-term physical, mental and emotional health. It also plays a vital role in deterring hypertension and diabetes. Starting the day with a good quality breakfast will boost your health, balance your hormones and provide you with adequate energy. It is also a great way to prevent obesity and maintain a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).”

Adding on to Sharon’s sentiments, Dr. Hamid further elaborated, “Oats are known for its dietary fibre, minerals and cholesterol-lowering properties, making it one of the most appropriate choices for breakfast. However, oats alone is not enough to ensure a wholesome meal. Therefore, fruits such as banana are one of the best options to complement the benefits of oats due to its fibre, potassium, vitamin C and B6 content that support cardiovascular wellbeing. It is also a local Malaysian favourite fruit that is cost effective and easily available anywhere.”

belVita Breakfast Biscuits are to be eaten as part of a balanced morning meal to provide consumers with the energy to start the day well. It is best consumed with fruits, dairy and cereals that provide the perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, calcium, iron and zinc.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits was launched in Malaysia last year and has been receiving tremendous response from consumers since. The new variant is belVita’s third, following the introduction of its Milk & Cereal and Honey & Chocolates flavours in August 2016.

Sharon added, “As a leader in the biscuits category, we are always focused on innovating and diversifying our product portfolio to meet the changing demands and expectations of consumers. By doing so, we are able continue growing our impact within the market, while extending our commitment in creating moments of joy and empowering consumers’ to make informed choices for their overall health and wellbeing.”

Also present at the launch was Hansen Lee, a renowned TV personality and certified yoga and movement instructor, who shared, “My varied responsibilities require me to travel frequently and my schedule can change significantly from one day to the next. As a strong advocate of healthy living, a high-quality breakfast is my most important meal as it sets my mind, emotion and physical energy just right to start the day. belVita Breakfast Biscuits is a great quick source of energy for me as it comes with the necessary nutrients to complement a balanced breakfast, even on my busiest mornings.”

Pricing and Availability
belVita Banana and Oats comes in two (2) snacking options
80g (RM2.90)
160g (RM5.20)

The variant is available at all major hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience retail stores from August 2017 onwards.
All belVita biscuits contain at least 50 percent cereal ingredients to provide complex carbohydrates as a key energy source to fuel the morning.
belVita Breakfast Biscuits are also a source of fibre, and contain at least 8g wholegrain per serve and source of eight vitamins and minerals. When eaten as part of a balanced breakfast, it provides nutritious energy for people to start the day well.