Ephyra, The Best Collagen Drink I’ve Tried

Ephyra is a collagen-based antioxidant drink, the most delicious, in the form of sachets made from natural ingredients (L-Glutathione, Astaxanthin, Acai Berry, AcerollaCeri, Marigold Flower Extract, Gum Acacia, Superberi & Tomato powder) that treat, renew and further enhances inner and outer health.

There are loads of collagen products out there, but EPHYRA has gained a place in the hearts of thousands of loyal users. So why EPHYRA is different from the others in the market? Well, for one, EPHYRA uses marine collagen from “white fish” which live in the deep sea. Reason being: deep-sea fish are free of contamination. EPHYRA uses hydrolyzed collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen consists of the smallest fraction of amino acids, which are easily absorbed by the body.

EPHYRA contains absorbable collagen. This is very important. Do you know why loads of people people takes collagen, but couldn’t really see the result? High collagen molecule density is the reason. The body can’t absorb it easily. A brand’s collagen is measured in DALTON (Da). It’s not about how many mg of collagen there is in the content, but how small the protein is. The more rapidly absorbed, the sooner see the effects of body. Important fact: The density of EPHYRA collagen = less than 1500Dalton. EPHYRA collagen size = less than 1500 Dalton and therefore very easily absorbed by the body . That’s why those who are drinking EPHYRA can see the effects as early as 7 days unlike most collagen in the market where one needs 3-4 boxes of collagen to see the effect.

EPHYRA collagen content is sufficient for the body .The human body does not require a large amount of collagen, but only needs small amount of it. (Do note that exessive amount of collagen can be damaging to the kidney in the long run. :()

EPHYRA is a skin supplement , (a beauty drink ), but not the only the skin that will be able to benefit from it . There are other benefits besides bright and elastic skin . Among them are: Energy booster

    • Less hair loss. ~ Strengthen hair roots , and encourages new hair growth.
    • Weight control.
    • Shiny and healthy nails.
    • Cracked heel decreases. ~ No more dry and cracked heels.
    • Dark circles under the eyes is reduced and more even skin tone.
    • Reduce inflammation & joint pain as well as knee pain.
    • EPHYRA is proven to be effective as early as 7-14 days.

There are many collagen products out there that claims to be safe & clean , but surprisingly when we checked them out with MOH & JAKIM, it is not. It is important to choose a product that will not be harmful to your body. EPHYRA is certified Halal, so if you’re a Muslim, you won’t have to worry about consuming a non-halal product. ;)

 photo promoephyra2_zps9657793e.jpg

EPHYRA has been proven effective by so many users. Just take a look at the testimonial below:

 photo testimoniephyra1_zps6514b509.jpg

The Skin condition of this user is much better after consuming EPHYRA after quite some time. :D

 photo testimoniephyra2_zps7b019a0c.jpg

It doesn’t just work for the ladies, but EPHYRA doesn’t have any gender discrimination. Men can consume and benefit from EPHYRA too. ;) I know a few male bloggers who consumed EPHYRA religiously…and they have benefited tremendously from it. Among them are Shakiddo and Eyriqazz. ;) Check their blogs out and find out for yourself how they actually benefited from it. If I’m not mistaken, EPHYRA also helped boost up EYriqazz’s fertility and his wife is now pregnant with another child. ;)

I’m myself an EPHYRA user. And I assure you that it’s nothing short of miracle. Below is the recap of my first 14 days experience with EPHYRA.

14 days journal entry with EPHYRA

Day 1: I was a little skeptical about drinking EPHYRA, cuz most collagen and beauty drinks taste nasty. But I tried it regardless and was pleased to discover that EPHYRA is not only easy to prepare; all you need to do is just pour out the sachet contents into the shaker and shake it with cold water, but it taste very, very good too! EPHYRA tasted like a yummilicious glass of orange juice. I was all smile and immediately craved for a second glass on the spot, but rules are rules. One can only take EPHYRA once a day and according to prescribed serving. Completely a pleasant experience.

Day 2: I did not realize if there is any changes, but I noticed that I had no problems running around like the crazy Duracell Bunny all day long in events and whatnot. That’s pretty surprising cuz I get tired pretty easily and my mood can get terribly nasty due to fatigue.

Day 3: My skin isn’t any fairer and the dark chicken pox scar was still there, but I noticed that my skin is not as dry.

Day 4: Bowel movements improves and I pee more often.

Day 5: I was able to sleep better.

Day 6: Started noticing that my face is getting smoother and much more hydrated from within.

Day 7: The real fun begins, could really start to notice the difference in my face. It’s now brighter and my skin feels hydrated from within.

Day 8: Was out whole day again, attending events. Was filled with energy and people mistook my son for being my kid brother twice.

Day 9: Flaky and scaly skin is much lesser and I could seriously see the new skin regeneration effects.

Day 10: Skin is much clearer, smoother and the best part, chicken pox scar started to really fade.

Day 11: Took a good look in the mirror and noticed that my face is much fairer and my cheeks have natural rosy blush though there was no make up on. Skin is devoid of pimples though I was having PMS symptoms. The dark circles around the eyes and eyebags has pretty much faded. Skin tone is much more even too.

Day 12: More and more chicken pox scars faded away and my skin feels hydrated from.within all day through. Another noticeable positive changes that I noticed is that my gum no longer bleed easily. I suppose all that vitamins in EPHYRA contributed in this change too.

Day 13: Again, someone mistook me as my son’s elder sister and I noticed that my lips is surprisingly soft, fuller and pinkish without the usage of lip balm.

Day 14: Chicken pox scar is no longer noticeable. Skin much softer and smoother and my face is much more radiant than before. Took selfies and compared the picture with the one taken before I started to consume EPHYRA and I can happily say that I look much better and healthier now.

So, am I satisfied with the result? Yes, absolutely! I could actually see positive results in just 5 days of usage, and I’m definitely a happy camper, considering that I feel much more beautiful and confident now. I rarely feel as tired as before, and feel completely revitalized. A note here: I did not use any other skincare products throughout my 14 days challenge with EPHYRA, so I can vouch that it is really, really effective!

Not convinced? Well then just take a look at the before and after below.

Can you see the difference? Skin is much fairer and flawless.

And lips is much pinker. These photos are taken completely ‘nude’ with no makeups on and no filter was used whatsoever. Please ignore the damaged- looking hair, though. I had a little bit of a disaster in a stupid hairsalon and not even EPHYRA could save my burnt and frazzled hair. That’s another story altogether and I need to fix it and rescue it by using some hair products or chopped them all off, but apart from the disastrous hair, I believe that the changes that EPHYRA helped me achieve is amazing!

 photo pizapcom13804275379551_zpsd54e6394.jpg

Ugly chicken pox scar has faded, and my skin is not as flaky and as dry as before too and I have no doubts that with continuous usage, I’ll be able to get rid of them unhealthy skin and damaged skin completely. :D

EPHYRA might be a tad costly for some, but I have some good news for those who are living in Putrajaya and Perak. EPHYRA will be joining Karnival Utusan (Putrajaya ) & Karnival Jom Heboh (Perak) from  26th April to  27th April 2014. EPHYRA will be sold at a promotional price during these carnivals.
 photo promoephyra001_zps82f34a0b.jpg

Visit any of these EPHYRA booth during the carnival, and stand a chance to meet celebrity couple Memey Suhaiza and Norman Hakim. :D

 photo promoephyra4_zpsb40e9b02.jpg

And in conjunction of EPHYRA’s 2nd anniversary, OCEANLIFE will be have a MEGA SALE starting from 28th April 2014 where you can take advantage of the promotional price of RM180 (original price is RM197). So…grab em. It’s really worth every penny spent as I can vouch for the effectiveness. :D

 photo promoephyra3_zpse5f88ab9.jpg

And in conjunction of the anniversary, EPHYRA is also producing exclusive, limited edition t-shirts at RM15 each. It’s really cool and comfy, so you might wanna grab em too. :D Check out their booth during the carnival to take advantage of the promo price and loads of freebies awaits. ;) I’ll probably check out the Putrajaya one and let me know if you’re going too, and I’ll meet you there.


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Organizing and Managing Email is Easy with ccGenie

My email inbox is always in a mess. I’m not very good at organizing it. It’s constantly overload with new emails, drafts, forwarded emails, contacts, web links, embedded images, links to items in the cloud, all kinds of attachments: documents, spreadsheets, presentations—and more often I’m not, I feel pretty much lost whenever I want to find important emails in it.

 photo Screenshotfrom2014-04-21145531_zps7235f1b2.png

My messy email. :(

:( I know I’m very bad at organizing and I probably should start learning how to manage my email better before any of my clients started to go banshee at me, but…but…I’m just terribly bad at organizing. There’s simply no hope for me in that department. Clearly, email management and cleaning up messy stuff is not my forte. But lucky me, a friend of mine introduced me to ccGenie Rooms.

So…what’s ccGenie Rooms? No…it’s not the wish granting Genie from Aladdin, if that’s what you’re thinking. ccGenie Rooms is an app to intelligently extract and convert the contents of your inbox into neatly organized, structured and shareable content. So,no matter what shape the email arrived in, everything gets sorted for you into convenient ccGenie Rooms. I’ve tried it, and I liked it.

Everything is automatic with ccGenie. With ccGenie, you’ll have rooms where it’s practically a workspace to store you stuff. ccGenie creates an array of content assets and groups these into your Rooms as Documents, Conversations, Notes, and People. Sounds cool, huh? Well, it’s pretty promising to me, as I’m hopeless at organizing stuff. My email is constantly in a mess.

With ccGenie, you can have a room and share your stuff with other people. But if you’re not sharing,, you just can keep it private. These Rooms are easily accessible anytime, anywhere, and works on multiple devices, and multi email clients, so no worries about ccGenie not working for the email that you’re currently using.

Basically, ccGenie helps you to organize your email and help you interact with others easily via Rooms. :D You might wanna check it out. I did, and I’m I’m definitely sticking to it as it helps me keep my email organized.

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Mission: Breakfast Love with F&N Seasons Nutrisoy

Remember not long ago I posted up about waking up early and attending the F&N Nutrisoy Breakfast Love cooking demo where it was emphasized on how important it is to kick start the day with breakfast? Well…after that I was a tad repentant that all these while I have been depriving my family from all the goodness one can benefit from breakfast, so I made a point to make breakfast every now and then these days.

Usually it would be something simple like half boil eggs served with buttered toasts or scrambled eggs, but today I decided to make something much heavier after perusing all of my family member’s calender. Husband would be busy with work and meeting, kiddo’s schedule is inclusive of art class and sports training while my schedule is packed with reviews and events.

Hectic schedule calls for breakfast that’s packed with carbohydrates, protein and iron, and what would better provide energy in the most delicious way than a wholesome breakfast pizzas served with F&N Seasons NutriSoy? :)

Pizzas are well known for being unhealthy, but I beg to differ. It doesn’t necessarily be unhealthy when it’s homemade and you get to control the ingredients. Mine are loaded up with iron through the spinach in it. :P

Here’s sharing with you the recipe for my special Breakfast pizza. Please don’t be intimidated. It’s pretty simple and I promise you that this is a quickie recipe that even the busiest mums could spend time to make.

Breakfast Naan Pizza Recipe

What you’ll need to make Naan Breakfast Pizzas:


Pizza base:

1 piece of naan ( you can easily obtain them from your neighbourhood Mamak restaurants)

Pizza toppings:

Spinach, finely chopped
Chopped garlic
2 pieces of chicken sausages
1 cup of grated mozzarella cheese or 3 slices of cheddar cheese
Ready made pasta sauce of any brand


What you need to do:


Spread the ready made pasta sauce onto your naan, then mix up some chopped spinach with chopped garlic lightly before spreading them up onto the naan evenly. Slice up the chicken sausages or frankfurters of your choice before finishing it up with a topping of sliced Cheddar or mozzarella. You may use any sort of cheese that you like, but I used cheddar, mainly because it’s economical and melt like a dream in the oven, cutting the baking time in the oven. I used two types of Cheddar Cheese. One is the aged ones, while the other is newly processed for extra rich distinctive flavour.



Basically, your Naan Breakfast Pizza will look like this before going into the oven. Now that the pizza is ready, you can either bake it in the oven immediately or wrap it up with cling wrap and leave it overnight in the fridge and bake it the next day for breakfast.
Temperature for baking:

If you used Mozzarella cheese as toppings: 160′celcius for 15 minutes

If you used any kind of Cheddar as topping: 150′celcius for 8 minutes


How my pizza looks like after 8 minutes in the oven. :D


I served my breakfast pizza with F&N Seasons NutriSoy and it’s polished up within minutes upon servings. (sorry, no pictures of us gobbling up the breakfast, we were rushing and too hungry to remember to take pictures. )

:D Preparing breakfast that is nutritious and packed with energy is easy as 1, 2, 3 with F&N Seasons NutriSoy. Apart from the Naan Breakfast Pizza above, you can also pair the F&N Seasons NutriSoy with various local breakfast favourites like roti canai, mee goreng, half boil eggs and toasts, nasi lemak and many more. I’ve tried pairing the F&N Seasons NutriSoy with these local breakfast favourites and I can say that it is definitely a better and a healthier choice than having the meals with the regular the tarik or kopi ais. F&N Seasons NutriSoy pairs perfectly with American breakfast and waffles too, so the next time you serve your American breakfast for your loved ones, it doesn’t have to be with some strong black coffee or breakfast tea. You can replace it with F&N Seasons NutriSoy instead.

Apart from the Naan Breakfast Pizza, here’s a few breakfast recipe in my blog that you can pair the F&N Seasons NutriSoy with too, so check out the links below:

Toad in A Hole Recipe: http://cleffairy.com/?p=3356

Simple Wheatbread Tuna Casserole: http://cleffairy.com/?p=11080

Quickie Spinach Frittata : http://cleffairy.com/?p=9263

Toad Fritters: http://cleffairy.com/?p=1661

Corn Fritters: http://cleffairy.com/?p=2614

Easy-Peasy Spinach Tofu Soup: http://cleffairy.com/?p=9260

Cheesy Potato Croquette: http://cleffairy.com/?p=5533

Check out the recipes, folks. I insist. No more excuse on not having ideas on what to cook for your family for breakfast. Remember, a good day starts with a good breakfast.

Again, I’d like to emphasize that these F&N Seasons NutriSoy are not dairy based and it is something that my family and I can stomach. :) I’m definitely serving up F&N Seasons NutriSoy with the breakfasts I prepared in the future as it is not only packed with energy but contains loads of essential vitamins and protein as well. It’s a bonus that F&N Seasons NutriSoy are low fat, cholesterol free and contains no added preservatives, flavourings or colourings.

I’m not always health conscious, but I know that these drinks are  great for the health conscious and they’re practically guilt-free and definitely suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and strict vegetarians who needs protein sources in their diet plan. Pairing breakfast with F&N Seasons NutriSoy is simple, and it helps busy mothers like myself to provide wholesome breakfast with full of love for my family.;) You might wanna try it too…you know, pairing your breakfast or any other meals with F&N Seasons NutriSoy. You’d be surprised with the energy levels that it provides you and your loved ones. No more complains of hunger before lunchtime, I assure you.

Wanna know more about F&N NutriSoy and all it’s benefit? Well, LIKE their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NutriSoy.MY. And please feel free to try the breakfast pizza recipe, and do post up and share your rendition of breakfast pizza with me when you’ve done it :D

Cleffairy: I suppose I can safely say that my Mission Breakfast Love is accomplished. :D I’ve managed to prepare breakfast for my family for 7 days consecutively and none of them suffered food poisoning so far. :P


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Flying Nomad’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

I’m a very vain person, even while traveling, I have the urge to look good. I always believe that style should never have to suffer whenever you’re traveling. One of my favourite designer’s brand that’s travel friendly is Flying Nomad. I believe I’ve written about it quite some time ago last year. It was a love affair at first sight when it comes to Flying Nomad line of clothing. They are just irresistibly stylish. Believing that style should never take a holiday, Flying Nomad Clothing Co, by Malaysia Airports (Niaga) Sdn Bhd, aims to provide a clothing range for travellers who are constantly on-the-go.

 photo Pic1_zpsc221146d.jpg
Combining bright colours with depictions of fresh air, blue skies and green hills, Flying Nomad’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection inspires a “picnic mood” and the love for the outdoors. Tribal jackets, floral prints, polka dots, bohemian scarfs and bright and beautiful accessories make for colourful and comfortable apparel for a sun-kissed day on the beach, with the balmy sea breeze blowing away the cares of the world. Flying Nomad’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection celebrates the laid-back ease of a day by the beach. It embodies a bohemian free spirit and enjoys the unhurried pace of enjoying the little things. Making memories that will linger long after the picnic basket is packed and the bonfire extinguished.
 photo Pic2_zps51b05081.jpg

Its Spring/Summer 2014 collection was launched recently, centred on the “Picnic” theme, with a fashion runway show at the Hilton Kuala Lumpur. The event was attended by Malaysian celebrities, Rozita Che Wan and husband Zain Saidin, Sazzy Falak and husband Nazril Idrus, Yasmin Hani and husband Shaarin Razali as well as Nur Fathia Latiff and Aiman Hakim Ridza.The event also saw the launching of Eraman’s 7th edition of its Shop and Dine catalogue, aptly titled “Celebrations”. Published three times a year, the Celebrations catalogue aims to provide valuable information to customers on the brand’s latest products and promotions.

Flying Nomad’s latest Spring Summer 2014 collection focuses on being in-trend, affordable and providing comfort, which is the upper most consideration amongst travellers on the go. Hence the collection has been put together with comfort and affordability in mind, yet does not sacrifice on trendiness.


 photo Pic4_zps2e989a2e.jpg
Chic, casual and trendy

 photo Pic5_zps51b05081.jpg
Eye-catchy and comfy
 photo Pic8_zps858e23fb.jpg

Fancy mixing business with pleasure? This could be the one you’re looking for.

 photo Pic6_zps3edbee4f.jpg
Go travel in style without sacrificing practicalities
 photo Pic7_zps7285dc8a.jpg
This will make heads turn. :P
 photo Pic9_zps7f3bd64f.jpg

Dare to be bold and different. Flying Nomad offers a wide selection of ladies’ and mens’ apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories which keep abreast with current trends. At the same time, its strongest selling points remain its sense of individual style and price affordability. All in all, Flying Nomad’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection echoes the brand’s signature contemporary and urban chic apparel, centred on comfort, practicality and affordability.

With the upcoming opening of its flagship store at Gateway@klia2, Flying Nomad aims to create a special shopping environment with a friendly atmosphere, carrying apparel, footwear, bags, costume jewellery and other accessories for both men and women.

In conjunction with the launch, a special promotion is currently underway with CIMB and China Union Pay (CUP).The year-long promotion with CIMB, which ends on 31 December 2014, entitles cardholders of CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite 15% discount on merchandise while CIMB Bank credit, debit and Kwik cards get a 10% discount. Cardholders can also pay with their CIMB Bank credit card bonus points. Another promotion, valid from 1 April to 30 June 2014, allows CIMB World Mastercard, Preferred Visa Infinite and Visa Signature cardholders to enjoy an additional 5% discount on all Eraman products featured in the Celebrations Catalogue.

Meanwhile customers who spend RM800 with their China Union Pay (CUP) card with maximum accumulation of two receipts on the same day will receive an exclusive gift. This promotion runs from April to June 2014.


Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest: Grab Some Moneybags by Drinking Yeo’s

I woke up earlier than usual yesterday to go to Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest prize giving ceremony. The prize giving ceremony was held in Espresso Lab Low Yat Plaza , Kuala Lumpur. Plenty of blogger friends were there too, and I’m glad I managed to wake up early to catch up with them through this event. It’s been awhile since I’ve met the bloggers who are active in Denaihati Network Group on Facebook. :D


Lucky winners, waiting for their prizes. :D


Among the prizes that was taken home by the winner were RM10,000  and RM 3,000 in cash, and gadgets like iPad mini. Sounds good no? Well, there’s more… the 80 Days Yeo’s Drink to Cash Contest is STILL ONGOING until 31st May 2014, and we still can participate and grab some moneybags home…or some gadgets for that matter. Opportunities remain open to all Malaysians only by purchasing beverage products Yeos Malaysia , drink and post code entry.:D Awesome, huh? Wanna bring back some hard cash? I’ll tell you how. The contest is easy and fuss free. All you need is…drink Yeo’s, of course, and have a smartphone with the apps WeChat installed in it to enable you to participate.


So, how can you participate in the Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest? To participate, Eligible Contestants must comply with each of the following:

Step 1: Buy any Yeo’s, Justea or SoyRich range of beverage in Tetra Pak 250ml, Tetra Pak 1L, PET Bottle 350ml, PET Bottle 500ml & PET Bottle 1.5L with codes on pack or using the outlet Official Receipt that has Yeo’s product clearly printed (Official Receipt number as “Contest Code”) for Yeo’s product that does not carry any code.

Step 2: Join Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat Official Account by scanning QR code on pack or add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia


Step 3:There are 2 ways to submit Contest Code:-

  • Using the Official Receipt number as Contest Code for the purchase of any Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages that does not carry any printed code or
  • The printed code on Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages

Key in Contest Code & attach Photo as proof of purchase to Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat Official Account.

Photo submission must meet the following criteria:-

  • Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage without printed Contest Code – photo must clearly show the quantity of Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage purchased and the Official Receipt number.
  • Folding of the receipt is not acceptable.

  • Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage with printed Contest Code – photo must clearly show the code and the Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich Product must be opened/consumed i.e:-
    1. Tetra Pak 250ml : Insertion of straw or flattened pack
    2. Tetra Pak 1L : The pull tab and cover must be opened or flattened pack
    3. PET Bottle : Cap must be opened next to the bottle

Photos must meet minimum visual quality standards. Visible miring, dithering, graininess, blurriness, overexposures, compression artifacts or other degradations to image clarity will not be accepted and will be disqualified.

Step 4: Upon successful submission, Eligible Contestant will receive an official notification from Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat with a hyperlink to view Yeo’s Commercial via Youtube. Any data charges by the respective mobile operator will be borne by the Eligible Contestant.

Step 5: Answer a simple question related to Yeo’s Commercial. The Organiser may change/rotate Commercials/questions during the Contest Period at any time at its sole and absolute discretion.

Step 6: Retain photo with the Contest Code for verification purposes for Winners. Eligible contestants may submit as many entries as they wish with different contest code. Each contest code is entitled for one entry only. For submission using Official Receipt Number, the number of entries accepted will be dependent on the number of packs purchased/printed on the receipt.

Check out the terms and condition for this awesome contest HERE


Like most of my blogger friends from Denaihati Network, I’ll be drinking Yeo’s all the way until 31st May 2014 and hopefully I’ll be able to bring home some cash. :D Interested to join and bring some prizes home? Well, check out Yeo’s 80 Days Drink To Cash Contest social media account Wechat or visit the official website Yeos Malaysia for more detailed info.

Cleffairy: Money is everywhere. All you need to do is find the opportunity to bring it back home. :D


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Happy Birthday, Iqwal Hafiz


Do you have any celebrity friend? Well…I do. Most of them are either novelists or deejays. But ever since I started to join the good folks in Sahabat Media in various media trips and activities, I got to know a good looking kid, who happens to be a talented singer. He’s Iqwal Hafiz, the Singing Traveler and I met him for the very first time during Banghuris Homestay trip. :)

I’ll be honest, I’m not very familiar with Malaysian music industry…and only knew a few names…most of them are…well…older entertainers…or those drama actors and actress who are usually age 30 and above. :p And having meet this humble and down to Earth kid…I never once thought that he is an internationally known star. :)

I fell in love with his voice and humble charisma the very first time I listened to him sing on the stage in Banghuris Homestay and have been following his career with interest ever since. :) Learned plenty of new songs from him each time he sang live during those trips that I joined.

One would have thought that an artist status would made him cocky…but cocky is never a word I’d use to describe this young man. He’s easy to approach and his manager, Myn Khairuddin, more fondly known among us as Mama Myn a.k.a his mum are friendly to boot and most of us in Sahabat Media knows him personally.

First time knowing Iqwal…during Banghuris Homestay trip

Initially I thought he’s just another Vlogger. Then I discovered that he’s a star in his own right. Check out his website HERE


Iqwal singing during the KTAM sponsored Railway Tourism Trip to Bukit Gnatang Homestay. One of the most memorable memory for me. He sang ‘Anak Kampung by Jimmy Pelikat’. A pretty catchy song that’s now one of my favourites. :D


Memories with Iqwal- Adventure in 100 Doraemon Secret Gadget Expo. Kiddo fooling around with Iqwal.


Listening to Iqwal singing on board of Kelah during the Putrajaya Lake Cruise

Here’s thanking Iqwal for being our friend and entertaining us with various serenade, dedicating songs for me and my husband every now and then during DJ Azz and DJ Lia Omey’s program, Carta Blogger 30 in Ewana Fm every 10pm-12am every Tuesday. (sometimes we bully him into singing for us…LOL) and on the behalf of my family and everyone at Sahabat Media…we wish you a very blessed birthday and a wonderful career ahead.

Wanna get to know more about Iqwal The Singing Traveler? Well, visit the links to his websites and subscribe to his youtube Channel: IQWAL MusicNetwork and LIKE his Facebook Fanpage: IQWAL

Cleffairy: Thank you for singing for us and thank you for being our friend.

Q&A On Why I Raise My Child The Way I Do

Someone asked me yesterday…why instead of pushing my kid academically the way other parents are doing…I encourage him to cook, handle animals and do photography shoots instead? That someone seems to think that I’m not doing things the right way.

Well, I’ve posted my answer on Facebook as I was pretty annoyed that people are being cynical and skeptical of what I’m doing although the business of raising my child is mine and mine alone, but still…I’d like you people to know my answer. But since most of you readers are not my friends on Facebook, so here’s my answer, in case any of you decided to meddle in my business again:

1. My child has autism. He is different and socially challenged. His verbal skills is awfully limited and his academic development is not like other children his age. He doesn’t thrive on paperwork, but hands on. So I give him as much exposure as I can. I made a mistake by keeping him just in the house during the first few years in his life just because I was afraid of people’s opinion about him and my parenting skills. No more stupid mistake like this. Some people are dumb and impossible to educate  anyway and they have no idea how it is like to be a primary caregiver to an autistic child until they are in the same shoes. I’m giving my child the world. Not keep him in a damn house like I use to. Enough hiding. Enough being in the closet. ENOUGH!

2. Instead of just excelling the papers…I want to prepare him for the real world. Life skills is important. I won’t be around forever. I will die someday. When I do, who the hell is going to look after him? Family? Relatives? Friends? Geez…I bet my arse that they will be the first to run away from this ‘spoiled and retarded’ child before I even get cold in my grave. They would probably just throw him in the nuthouse when I’m no longer around…so good survival skills is essentially needed.

3. Cooking teaches him patience. And so does photography. He have photographic memory. It sharpens his mind and concentration. These give him sense of accomplishment and boost his confidence.

4. Handling animals teaches him to be human and compassionate. I don’t want him to be like any other loud, rude and rough brats people are breeding these days.

5. Other parents may just want their kids to get good grades in school and get a good job when they graduate. I don’t want that. I don’t want just a job but a career for my son…so I’ll do whatever I can to give him a head-start so that he can be an accomplished and recognized person nationwide.

Cleffairy: How I raise my child is nobody’s business but mine and mine alone.

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Girlie Time at Elina Zulka with BFF Wendy and DJ Elly

My friend Wendy is getting married. And I’m getting really excited, as for the first time ever, I’ve been given the honour of being someone’s bridesmaid. :( It’s really an emotional thing for me. Never before someone has given me such an honour and high level of trust. I get to be involved in her wedding preparation, giving opinions etc. :)

Anyway…it’s been awhile since us girls get to have some girlie time, so one fine day, the folks at eWana invited me for a spa review in Starparc, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur and I decided to say yes and drag the future bride along. Who would say no to an R&R with your bestie? I certainly wouldn’t, what more we will be spending time with a celebrity deejay too.


The reception counter of Elina Zulka Beauty Centre. Not just any beauty centre, but a one stop bridal house too. They have plenty of beauty packages for brides to be and also by request treatments for couples.

This littpe heaven is located in Starparc Point, Setapak. A very quiet and secluded place in the middle of a bustling city. Great for pampering session, I reckon.


DJ Elly Raja Lawak of eWana FM :) Very pretty in person.


BFF Wendy, ready to be pampered.


Elina Zulka have everything a tired soul needs. Here’s their sauna room.


DJ Elly preparing to enjoy the sauna.


Shower booth for some of the treatment packages in Elina Zulka Beauty Centre.


Jacuzzi tub, catered for ladies only, but married couple can request for joint treatment session.


Massaging bed for the tired bodies.


That’s me, getting ready for hair treatment.



Enjoying myself. Ahhh…the head massage by Ms. Maryam is so relaxing.



Much better after treatment.

I highly recommended this place if you wanna have some girlie time or if you are preparing for your wedding. The packages that they provide are pretty competitive and reasonable, ranging from Rm1,500 above for all inclusive stuff for weddings and engagements ceremony.

Walk in is accepted, but I would recommend an appointment before going there for whatever purpose to avoid disappointment.

For more info, contact:

Elina Zulka Beauty Centre
Starparc Point
Blok F-03-06
Jalan Danau Kota off Jalan Genting Klang
53300 Setapak
Kuala Lumpur

Website: www.elinazulka.com.my

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Learning Fun with Magnolia Gotcha Safari

I feel pregnant these days. Feel very pregnant. Why do I say that? Well, I have constant cravings for ice creams and sweet stuff. I’m not one with sweet tooth, mind you. I’m more partial to savory food and I only craved for sweet stuff, especially ice cream and pastries when I was pregnant. :P Luckily for my husband though, my taste is not that expensive. I don’t hunt for expensive or premium brands. Any kind of ice cream will keep me sweet. One particular brand that’s currently my favourite is the Gotcha Magnolia series, easily obtainable in those 24 hours KK Mart. I’m currently in love with their Cravio series, Strawberry flavours. Get me that and feed me, I’ll stay sweet for the rest of the day. :D Yea, it’s pretty easy to keep me happy. Just feed me, and I’ll be nice to you. :P

Anyway my ice cream madness is still ongoing and I spotted these lovelies from Magnolia.


Their new addition to the Gotcha series, the Magnolia Safari. Very educational and great for kids (and to keep kid’s mum like me sweet).
Cute packaging, don’t you agree? I like this very much! And my boy is in love with it too. The Zebra head is detachable and you can actually use it as a bookmark.

Magnolia Gotcha Safari makes learning fun by offering animal fun facts with every ice cream stick. Magnolia Gotcha Safari experience that teaches you about animals while you enjoy your ice cream. The first step to the Safari experience is to read facts about the animal on the wrapper, followed by the unwrapping of the ice cream and learning about stripe patterns while savouring the unique blend of ice cream.

The Magnolia Gotcha Safari is now offering 3 animalistic flavours. Tiger, Zebra and Leopard. The Tiger variant has an interesting blend of Chocolate and Vanilla that forms the Tiger’s black and orange stripe fur patterns while the Zebra variant comes with a blend of Cola and Lemon-Lime flavours that forms the Zebra’s black and white stripe fur patterns while the Leopard variant has a blend of Orange and Grape flavours which forms the Leopard spots. So… what’s my favourite? Surprisingly, it was the leopard flavour that tickles me fancy. Love the orangey sensation to bits and these are definitely going be permanent resident in the fridge for quite some time. :D
:D There’s plenty of surprises in store for those who consume the Magnolia Gotcha Safari ice creams. There will be a contest that’s offering prizes like iPad Air, iPod Shuffle and bicycle. Contests will be announced somewhere in April and ends in June 2014. throughout the period, keep a lookout for educational Magnolia Gotcha Safari roadshow nationwide. Visitors can look forward to freebies, balloons and also photo opportunity with the Gotcha Safari Mascot.  Kuntum Magazine in collaboration with F&N Magnolia will also be visiting 15 schools around Peninsular Malaysia to educate young children about the amazing world of animals. :D

The Magnolia Safari is easily available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarket and even your friendly neighborhood grocery stores. A box of these costs Rm5.80 per pack of 6 (2 tigers, 2 zebras and 2 leopards). It is also sold individually at Rm1.50 per stick. Go get em now. :D I’m restocking mine as of writing.

Cleffairy: Keep me sweet and I’ll keep you sweet in return. :D


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Breakfast Love with F&N Seasons NutriSoy

Do you take breakfast? I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides energy for your body for the rest of the day but God…I’m practically a vampire. To say that I’m not a morning person is an understatement. I’m the crankiest and the hardest to deal with in the morning. Not even a cuppa tea or coffee could remedy my nasty mood. Sad, isn’t it? Sometimes I pity my hubby and kid. I spent most of the days sleeping in instead of being all sunshine in the morning. :(

I’ll be honest with you. I don’t prepare breakfast for my hubby and son. Yups…I know. Awful of me…my morning routine merely consists of kissing my husband before sending him off to work, and back to bed til at least 11am for me. It is never an issue until I discovered that kiddo will start having tuition classes in the morning soon.

Oh my! That calls for a drastic change of routine. I can’t possibly send the boy to classes with an empty tummy.

Luck is on my side. Not long ago I was informed that there’s this Breakfast Love demo with F&N Seasons NutriSoy. I was told that they’ll be teaching us busy (and lazy mum in my case) to cook easy least quickie but nutritious breakfast for your loved ones. Breakfast is a daily and the most important meal of the day. Through “Breakfast Love” campaign, F&N Seasons NutriSoy wants Malaysian mums to show their love for their family by providing nutritious and healthy breakfast that pairs food with F&N Seasons NutriSoy beverage to give her and her family all the goodness of soy to start the day right.

 photo FampNSeasonsNutriSoy-BreakfastLove_zps3698753a.jpg

It was held on an early Sunday morning in The Cooking House, Desa Sri Hartamas. I wasn’t so thrilled in the beginning as I had to drag myself out of the bed so early on a weekend, no less, but I thought it should be worth the sacrifice. And it was.

 photo FampNSeasonsNutriSoyCompleteRangeofproductsavailablein1litre300mlcanand250ml_zpsf8a751d5.jpg

The products that we used to cook (and pair) our breakfast with that day was of course, F&N Seasons NutriSoy Soya Milk drink. Two range is available for your drinking pleasure; the regular and less sugar version of it. The picture above depicts the full range of F&N NutriSoy drink. Both regular and less sugar version of F&N Seasons NutriSoy drink is available in 1 litre, 300ml (can) and 250ml (convenient pack), available nationwide in convenient stores and supermarkets.

Now…let me clarify something. I’m not a big fan of milk of any kind, especially the dairy version of milk. This is because I’m lactose intolerance. Some milk gives me nasty reaction. Among them are intense tummy cramps and vomiting. But these F&N Seasons NutriSoy are not dairy based and it is something that I can definitely stomach. :) F&N Seasons NutriSoy is packed with energy as it contains loads of essential vitamins and protein. Suitable for those who are lactose intolerant and strict vegetarians who needs protein sources in their diet. They’re low fat, cholesterol free and contains no added preservatives, flavourings or colourings, so go ahead, knock yourself out. :D These drinks are  great for the health conscious and they’re practically guilt-free. :D A bonus: They tasted good. My boys loves it, and I think you’ll love it too. .Pairing breakfast with F&N Seasons NutriSoy is simple, and it helps busy mothers like me to provide nutritious and healthy breakfast for my family


Here’s Chef Kenneth Kam, explaining to us the wholesome goodness of F&N Seasons NutriSoy and why it is important for us not to skip breakfast, no matter how busy and hectic our lives is. Oppsss…he sent yours truly on a guilt trip a lil bit, I have to say.

 photo 1ChefKennethKamispreparingthechickenbreastforahealthygrilledchickenwrapwithvegetables_zps00b5ffdd.jpg

So, after spending some time in the land of guilt, the F&N Seasons NutriSoy Breakfast Love cooking demo commences.


Us mummy bloggers get to have some hands-on cooking too.


Cooking in progress. :) ingredients used are all fresh and nutritious.


Here’s the stuff we cooked that morning. Two savoury dishes and two sweet dishes for breakfast. :) On the sweet side, we got pancakes and banana muffin with toasted walnut while on the savoury side we have mushroom omelet and grilled chicken wrap. Looks good, aren’t they? Well, I assure you that they are yummylicious and here’s sharing the recipe with all of you wonderful mummy and daddies out there.:) I can assure you that your kids will love these as I do. They make perfect breakfast on any busy or leisurely morning. Served with F&N Seasons NutriSoy, they are not only delicious, but packed with nutrients and energy.

Here’s sharing with you the recipe of the breakfast dishes we made that day:



Homemade Banana and Walnut Muffins with dark chocolate


250g Plain Flour
1 + 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Cinnamon Powder
50g Sugar
50g Brown Sugar
110g Egg (2 eggs)
200g Melted Butter
460g Ripe bananas (Pisang Berangan), mashed well
Handful Walnuts, roughly chopped
200g Dark chocolate, melted


1. Preheat oven to 180C.
2. In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
3. In a medium-sized bowl, combine the mashed bananas, eggs, melted butter and cinnamon powder. Lightly fold wet ingredients (banana mixture) into the dry ingredients until justcombined and batter is think and chunky. (The important thing is not to over mix the batter.You do not want to make the batter smooth. Over mixing will result in tough and rubbery muffins).
4. Spoon the batter into muffin moulds and sprinkle some chopped walnuts over.
5. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the top.
6. Bake in preheated oven for 25 minutes or until cooked.


Homemade NutriSoy Pancake with bananas, toasted almonds


2 cups Flour
2 tbsp Sugar
2 tsp Baking powder
2 tsp Salt
1 cup Grape seed oil
2 cups NutriSoy
2 tsp Vanilla essence
3 Bananas, sliced
½ cup Almond flakes or almond slivers, toasted
Maple syrup


1. In a large bowl, sift together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
2. In another bowl, whisk together grape seed oil, NutriSoy and vanilla essence until mixture is relatively smooth.
3. Heat an ungreased, non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat.
4. Pour ⅓ cup of batter into the center of the pan. Cook until the edges start to look dry and visible air bubbles have just started to form near the center of the pancake.
5. Flip and cook the other side until golden.
6. Remove from frying pan and place on a serving plate.
7. Repeat until remaining batter is used up.
8. Serve hot, with sliced bananas, toasted almonds and maple syrup.


Wholemeal Breakfast Wrap with mixed greens and grilled chicken

2 pcs Chicken breast
Pinch Salt
Pinch Pepper
½ tsp Lea & Perrins sauce
½ pkt Mixed leaves salad
4 pcs Wholemeal tortilla

Honey Mustard Dressing

2 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp Lemon juice
1 cup Mayonnaise
2 tbsp Cooking Oil
Pinch Salt
Pinch Black pepper


1. Marinate chicken breast with salt, pepper and Lea & Perrins sauce.
2. Place chicken on a grill pan and grill until both sides are just cooked through, around 6 – 8 minutes on each side. Let rest and cut into strips.
3. For the salad dressing, mix together all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk until emulsify.
4. Lay a piece of tortilla on a clean plate, spread 1 tablespoon of the salad dressing on the lower third of the tortilla. Lay ¼ of the chicken breast slices over, followed by some mixed leaves salad. Drizzle some more honey mustard dressing over and roll up. Continue with the remaining tortillas. Serve immediately.


Mushroom Omelet with Oven Roasted Tomatoes


150g Mushrooms, wiped and chopped
1 tbsp Oil
2 tbsp Butter
Pinch Salt and fresh ground black pepper
Pinch Dried parsley
2 tbsp Butter
4 Eggs, lightly beaten
Pinch Salt and freshly ground black pepper
4 Tomatoes, halved
1 tbsp Olive oil
Pinch Salt and freshly ground black pepper


1. Pre-heat oven to 180C.
2. Place the tomatoes on a baking tray, lightly drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place in the oven to roast.
3. In a frying pan heat the oil and butter until the butter is foaming.  Add the mushrooms and sprinkle with a touch of dried parsley, salt and pepper, sauté for approximately 4-5 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked. Remove from heat and set aside.
4. In another pan, heat butter. When the butter is hot, swirl it in the pan, add the eggs, allow to cook for about 2 minutes.
5. Place the mushrooms in the middle of the omelet.
6. Allow to cook for a few minutes.  Roll the edges over the mushrooms, gently turn the omelet over so the seam is face down in the pan.  Allow to cook for a further 2 minutes or so.
7. Gently ease the omelet onto a plate.  Remove the tomatoes from the oven, scatter over the top of the omelet along with any leftover mushrooms and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.


F&N Seasons NutriSoy tastes really good with cereals too and I guess it is forgivable if you want a quick and convenient breakfast without breaking a sweat in the kitchen every now and then.:)
 photo GroupphotoofbloggersandChefKennethKamPhoto1_zps035890f7.jpg
One for the album. I’m glad I woke up early for the F&N NutriSoy Breakfast Love cooking demo that day. I learned quite a lot from it and I’m not just talking about new recipe to try. ;) Wanna know more about F&N NutriSoy and all it’s benefit? Well, LIKE their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/NutriSoy.MY while I…ahemm…go shopping for groceries for my little pet project for the loves of my life, Mission: Breakfast Love. :P I’ll post up what I cooked for breakfast for my husband and soon, so wait for it yea? :D

Cleffairy: Breakfast like a Queen, lunch like a pauper, dine like a princess. :D

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