5 Cheap Eats in Teluk Intan

Teluk Intan is a small town in South Perak. Famous for it’s very own leaning clock tower, the town is almost a food heaven with plenty of reasonable cheap eats.

Here’s my top 5 Muslim friendly (pork-free) food pick in Teluk Intan, Perak. They’re the place where the locals dine, so no worries about these food joints being a tourist trap.

1. No.1 Lo Han Guo a.k.a the Hawaii

 photo 20160208_164635_zpsvkpuig9e.jpg

Located just beside Anson Hotel, Teluk Intan, place is with perpetual crowd, especially during festive season. Their poison? Assorted noodles with their signature being the Mee Rebus and shaved ice desserts.

 photo 20160209_153440_zpsexy03jzl.jpg

Price range is about RM5.00 per plate/bowl.

2. Satay Sri Intan( Gerai no. 20 in front of the clocktower)

 photo 20160209_183312_zpscstgmir9.jpg

Fancy some sweetened skewered meat? Well, this is the place for you then.

 photo 20160209_185102_zpsugdf5qoy.jpg

Price is RM0.60 per satay stick and RM1 for ketupat nasi. Peanut sauce dip is complimentary.

3. Gado Gado Maideen (Gerai no. 20 in front of the clocktower)

 photo 20160209_183903_zpsyo0aushm.jpg

Gado Gado Maideen’s special is their Gado Gado (Prawn fritters, sliced fried tofu and sliced cucumber served with sweetened tapioca sauce dip). Great for light and easy snacking during teatime.

 photo 20160209_184407_zps41kuqxa6.jpg

The price is RM2 per plate.

4. Shameema Begam Ghulam Rasul

 photo 20160210_033709_zpsindrtfvj.jpg

Ghulam Rasul and all of it’s franchise is famous for their Nasi Kandar but if you are looking for something light, then just go for their satisfying and comforting Roti Bakar Telur. Basically, this is French toast, done Mamak style.

 photo 20160210_021544_zpsfk5x3yxd.jpg

Price for this Roti Bakar Telur is RM2.40 per set.

5. Coffee Lab

 photo 20160209_210933_zpsj49rquhe.jpg

Moving on to a tad higher end food of our food hunt, we stumbled upon Coffee Lab in Bandar Baru Teluk Intan. The cafe is offering great coffees and smoothies with reasonable price.

 photo PhotoGrid_1455045580113_zpsl9fokdqr.jpg

Recommended beverage: Ristretto Mocha and Yogurt Smoothies. Price range: RM6 and above.

There is plenty of cheap eats in Teluk Intan. But be forewarned, they are usually crowded with ravenous diner and if you want to dine at any of these places, make sure your patience is in check. Do keep in mind too that they usually charge higher than regular price during festive seasons.

Attractions in Bentong: Lemang To’ Ki

Being a small scale Chinatown, finding Muslim friendly food is quite a feat if you are not familar with the town, but fret not, there are actually plenty of them around. One of them is Lemang To’Ki.

 photo 20160131_141734_zpskutcvb9h.jpg

Located in the outskirt of the town, Lemang To’Ki is a favourite among motorbikers who are on convoys. It’s usually crowded on weekend and definitely not a place for you to drop by if you are the sort who wants to be served hand and foot whenever you dine as they practice the self service concept.Their specialty is of course, Lemang. Lemang is a traditional food made of glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt, cooked in a hollowed bamboo stick lined with banana leaves in order to prevent the rice from sticking to the bamboo. It is commonly found in maritime Southeast Asian countries, especially Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

 photo 20160131_142743_zps1kmtoose.jpg

The bamboo tube containing glutinous rice, salt and coconut milk is placed slightly slanted on a small fire with the opening facing upwards and turned regularly in order to make it evenly cooked. It takes about 4–5 hours to cook Lemang.

 photo 20160131_143930_zpsw6ec5tgo.jpg

Lemang is commonly eaten to mark the end of daily fasting during the annual Muslim holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, but here at Lemang To’Ki in Bentong, you can enjoy them whole year through.

 photo 20160131_142000_zpsessjhw0t.jpg

Apart from Lemang, they are also selling roasted chicken.

 photo IMG_9319_zpsbtytmw8e.jpg

Here’s what we had during our trip to Bentong; Roasted chicken, lemang with chicken curry and lemang with serunding.

 photo IMG_9331_zpsh3nouib6.jpg

Roasted chicken was perfectly done. Crispy on the outside and juicily flavourful on the inside. It was finger licking good.

 photo IMG_9332_zpslts2vbi0.jpg

Lemang with chicken curry was fabulous. The chicken curry was thick and rich and complemented the lemang very well.

 photo IMG_9330_zpscfapznhk.jpg

Lemang with serunding ayam was not only fun to eat but was positively addictive.

 photo 20160131_143738_zpswc2ggxlj.jpg

Cendol was one of the cooling beverage offered here in Lemang To’Ki. Sweet and refreshing, cendol is definitely one of the must have thing here in Lemang To’Ki.

For more information on Lemang To’Ki, please refer to the information below:

Lemang To’Ki
Bt 2 Jalan Tras, Bentong, Malaysia

Business hours: 7am-7pm daily

Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/LemangToki/

Attractions in Bentong: The Wet Market&Morning Market

I’m not a morning person but when I was in Bentong with my family and co-hosts, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to explore the small town for the world, even though I felt like something the cat dragged in.

 photo 20160131_110018_zpshh02qezb.jpg

I was informed that the wet market is very famous in Bentong. I’m not a huge fan of the wet market though. So instead of making my way into the market, I went to the Morning Market with my friends Kos and Irene instead.

 photo 20160131_102229_zpsc75jjl2e.jpg

The difference between the wet market and the morning market is that the wet market is indoor and selling wet kind of groceries items, while the morning market is outdoor, selling all sort of goodies ranging from food to clothings and trinkets.

 photo 20160131_102429_zpsyr4lbgjp.jpg

Handbags are sold at ridiculously low price here in the morning market.

 photo 20160131_102003_zpsme674aeu.jpg

The famous local produce, Bentong Ginger spotted.

 photo 20160131_102025_zpsw6wnr5t3.jpg

The ginger from Bentong said to be much more huge and spicier than the ordinary ginger found elsewhere with higher medicinal values.

 photo 20160131_102135_zpscsacdxbs.jpg

Decorative plants being sold for Chinese New Year.

 photo 20160131_102124_zpsl2ve12wf.jpg

Exotic pitcher plant spotted being sold at the morning market. I was informed that these plants can be used to make lemang, some sort of glutinous rice delicacy.

The morning market is about 800 meters long and have all kinds of everything on sale. It is almost as lively as Bentong Walk at night, minus the karaoke competitions and activities for children. Things are generally cheap over here and we spent about 1 hour over there buying things as momentos before heading back to the hotel.

While morning and I are almost a nemesis and I am usually never human before 1pm, I’m glad I went to explore the morning market. It is certainly different and much more fun than hunting for goods in shopping malls.

Attractions in Bentong: Old School Kopitiams

During my most recent trip to Bentong, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with my friends cum co-host, Kos Serani and Irene while my husband and son continues to sleep in til our check out time.

 photo 20160131_110153_zps0flc403p.jpg

Unlike the regular breakfast joints in the city where the breakfast is pretty heavy and rather elaborated, the breakfast menu in most kopitiams in Bentong is quite simple and very basic.

 photo 20160131_110717_zps8driatgg.jpg

Drinks for the three of us, Kopi O Ais, Kopi Ais and Teh O Ais. Basically they are the regular plain iced coffees and iced tea. But looks can be rather receiving. These beverages are thick and rich.

 photo 20160131_111439_zpscxa7zs5m.jpg

Plain toast with the option of kaya and butter or butter and sugar. Feeling rather queasy, I opt for a set of toasted breast smothered in just salted butter. Kos and Irene had half boiled eggs to go with their toasts earlier too and they assured me that it was simply sensational.

 photo 20160131_123756_zpsmcasay6n.jpg

The damage on our pocket that morning? Less than RM10 for 3 pax. And the experience of going back to basic and chilling out with friends without having to rush for work while watching as the world goes by around you? Priceless. This is definitely one of the things that you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in Bentong.

Attractions in Bentong:Bentong Walk

Who would have thought that a small town like Bentong would turn lively at night? It certainly did not cross my mind as I was under the impression that the sleepy town is eerily quiet at night. I couldn’t be more wrong. There’s plenty of restaurants and cafe in Bentong that operates up to the wee hours, making cafe hopping quite an enjoyable pastime among night owls.

 photo IMG_9096_zpsh0a2qjrc.jpg

Should you visit Bentong town on Saturday nights, you’ll be pleased to discover that there’s some sort of mini carnival set up to attract the local and tourists alike. The place is known as Bentong Walk.

Bentong Walk is an initiative done by the authorities and the locals to enliven the quiet town and also to help the townfolks to generate revenue from it.

 photo IMG_9048_zps4tuh5eb3.jpg

From 5pm to 11pm every Saturday, townfolks and tourists alike will flood Bentong Walk to enjoy the carnival atmosphere. Similar to the night market, Bentong Walk offers plenty of stalls selling street food and trinkets.

The thing that differentiate Bentong Walk and a regular night market is that the Bentong Walk is fairly interactive with event line ups and activities for visitors from all walk of life.

 photo IMG_8914_zps9yteimnk.jpg

Our visit was during the festive season: Chinese New Year. Everything was glimmering with lanterns and Chinese New Year’s songs could be heard playing in the background. With such setting, I felt as if I have been transported to an olden Chinatown.

 photo IMG_8908_zpsjqr236hn.jpg

Children spotted playing the life size Snake and Ladder game on the street.

 photo IMG_8885_zpsiu0btmzn.jpg

Karaoke competition

 photo IMG_9053_zpsqzv1nxoa.jpg

Street food offered at very reasonable price.

 photo IMG_9056_zpsgykqnskt.jpg

One that attracted us was the fishball stall.

 photo IMG_9055_zpsl3owxmse.jpg

The tomyam fishballs were sold at merely RM1.00 per stick.

 photo IMG_9068_zpshpusck9g.jpg

Enjoying tomyam fishball bought at one of the stalls.

 photo IMG_9008_zpsaq8j2blw.jpg

Here’s my friends Kos Serani and Irene, taking the opportunity to have a little photoshoot at one of the empty booth.

 photo IMG_9109_zpsh54fcbvs.jpg

Playfully borrowing an old bicycle from a hawker for photoshoot.

 photo IMG_9121_zpsj4l0lqix.jpg

And we had a wonderful time playing with our little prop.

 photo IMG_9134_zps5rqzfqz8.jpg

Yes. Definitely had fun. Just look at Kos and Irene. My husband and I took a couple of shots here too, but I’m not sharing on the ground that it’s too romantic to display in public. 😉

 photo IMG_8935_zpscoffkism.jpg

Unlike the regular night market that my family and I usually frequent, the people in Bentong Walk are very accommodating to tourists, be it local or foreign tourists. They will try to make conversation with you, even when you’re not buying the things that they are selling. Apart from that, they are media darlings too and would get in the frame as long as you request for it. Certainly charming in my humble opinion and definitely a Malaysian hospitality at it’s best.

Explore Bentong with Go Bentong Apps

Have you ever thought of getting a tad adventurous and have this urge to go exploring some small towns but have no idea where and how to start because there is simply no information for you to look up on the net?

Well, earlier in January we went to Tamqn Negara in Pahang and thought that Pahang has more to offer than just the well famed national park. I have always wanted to explore Bentong, a small town in Pahang. It is my husband’s late grandmother’s hometown. He is rather fond of his late maternal grandmother and told me stories about growing up with her in Bentong as a child occasionally. I never had a chance to explore Bentong, though as it is really a small town, and had no idea of what they have to offer. My husband’s childhood memories of the town is vague too and so, we’re rather bummed.

Luckily for us, the Bentong folks has come up an initiative to popularize and bringing tourists to Bentong by creating a free, downloadable travel guide apps that you can refer to should you wish to travel to Bentong. The smartphone apps is known as Go Bentong apps.

 photo Screenshot_2016-02-02-02-53-50_zpsdyiekrlm.png

Go Bentong apps is available in Playstore and is free to download and use.

 photo Screenshot_2016-02-02-02-54-04_zpsioskum8l.png

Once downloaded, you will be prompted to login. You may opt to register an account using your email or login by using your existing Facebook account.
I wouldn’t exactly compare the apps with navigation apps like Waze or the Google maps, but the apps is certainly useful in guiding us on where to go during our most recent trip to Bentong.It is a simple travel guide apps and pretty easy to navigate.

 photo Screenshot_2016-02-02-02-53-10_zpsazsoz4gc.png

Informations are in placed in categories and you can spot them on the left handside of the screen. There’s ‘Food’, ‘Attractions’ ‘Stay’, ‘News’ and many more.

 photo Screenshot_2016-02-02-02-53-20_zpsl1slbizu.png

Once you click on the category that you want, you’ll discover that there is a fairly decent database of articles and information on what you need, and it definitely brings us places in Bentong.

More about our trip to Bentong soon, but do check out this informative travel guide apps. Who knows, you might be tempted to explore Bentong the way we did.

To download the apps:

Android : https://goo.gl/hQpxv7
iOS : https://goo.gl/B8MoLL

Things to Do In Bentong

Bentong, Pahang is a sleepy and quiet town that is populated mostly by Chinese. While the town is small but it is not exactly secluded from the rest of the world. During the most recent visit to Bentong with my family and #kembaradekatje crew, we explored the town for a little bit and we discovered that the place certainly gives you the feeling of stepping back into time. Old buildings can be seen everywhere and life is pretty much laid back.

There is plenty of attractions in Bentong. Well famed for their durian orchards and hot water spring, the town is usually flooded by durian lovers during durian seasons and those who seeks a short spa escapade.

What people don’t know about Bentong is that it has much more to offer than just durian and a soak in the hot water spring.

Here’s my top 5 picks on things you must do in Bentong apart from going to the hot water spring and indulging in a durian feast at a durian orchard:

 photo 20160130_211047_zpsrryxsz2w.jpg

1. Visit Bentong Walk

 photo 20160131_102235_zpsnsfvplzr.jpg

2. Visit the Wet Market and the Morning Market

 photo 20160131_110156_zpshkoitqes.jpg

3. Breakfast at old school kopitiam

 photo 20160131_141734_zpscoxuowqp.jpg

4. Eat Lemang Tok Ki

 photo 20160131_001005_zpsnptlxbv8.jpg

5. Enjoy Thai cuisine

More details on the things listed above in the next posts. In the meantime, find out more about this small but fascinating town with Go Bentong apps.

To download the apps:

Android : https://goo.gl/hQpxv7
iOS : https://goo.gl/B8MoLL

Prinsipessa Love Set Promo

Are you a hijabista? Not sure if you are. I am not a hijabista. Not yet, at least, but I have always been fascinated with those who wears hijab. They look not only decent but elegantly sophiscated as well.

 photo FB_IMG_1454684905798_zpsqwqtkjgk.jpg

For those who are not familar with the term, hijab  is a veil that covers the head and chest, which is particularly worn by Muslim women once they hit  the age of puberty in the presence of adult males outside of their immediate family. It can further refer to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim women that conforms to a certain standard of modesty. 

One must know that while hijab is always associated with religion; Islam in particular, but hijab is not exactly exclusive for Muslims only. While the statement ‘Hijab=Islam’ is almost true in Malaysia, but it is not for the rest of the world.

In most civilization, hijab is worn by women as a symbol modesty, privacy, morality and sophistication. One well known nodern figure that worn hijab frequently  was Grace Kelly, the late Princess Consort of Monaco. She is the epitome of elegance and an inspiration to women all around the world when it comes to fashion and style.

Now, for whatever reason you don hijabs, whether for keeping up with fashion, to protect your modesty or to oblige the commandment of your religion, let it be known that hijab is beautiful and easy to wear.

 photo FB_IMG_1454685139639_zpsr0xtkkbk.jpg

Well, donning hijab can be uncomfy and complicated to some, but least the ones from Prinsipessa is not only beautiful easy and comfotable to wear.

To celebrate all the beautiful women from all around the world this coming Valentine’s Day, Prinsipessa has gone all out to honour all women. They’re collaborating with the well known perfume brand, One Drop Perfume to spread the happiness with on this coming Valentine’s Day.

 photo IMGL9450_zpsrhcvirfr.jpg

From 8th February – 14th February 2016, hijab lovers from Malaysia and all around the world will be able to purchase Prinsipessa Hydrangea shawl + One Drop Perfumes Mini Set for RM70 only.

Now, for a gift of modest elegance that will also make the ladies smell alluringly fragrant, I’d say it’s quite a steal. Long lasting perfume with just one drop per usage teamed with a stylish pair of hijab, I’d say RM70 is a worthy investment. You definitely can’t get the combination of hijab and perfume for such price elsewhehere.

So, fathers, brothers, husbands, give a gift of modest elegance to your lady love this coming Valentine’s Day as a token of your love. I’m more than sure your feelings will be reciprocated.

To find out more about this exclusive offer, check out the information below:

For more info on Prinsipessa please visit:

Website: http://www.prinsipessa.com/

FB Page Prinsipessa : www.fb.com/tudungprinsipessa

SMS/Whatsapp: 017-541 2948

To find out more about One Drop Perfume :


FB page : www.fb.com/official.onedropperfumes

Prinsipessa Love Set Promo offer is valid from 8th February – 14th February 2016 and on random selection.

Where To Get Fresh Seafood in Klang Valley: Nikudo Seafood

I like cooking for my husband and son but these days, I don’t cook that often anymore.

It is not because I have grown bored of the cooking routine, but I absolutely detest having to go to the wet market for fresh ingredients. Not only the wet market have a certain ‘ aromatic’ charm that does not appeal to me but it is generally slippery as well, making the shopping experience rather unpleasant. Call me a spoilt, modern hussy if you want but that’s me, being honest to all pf you here. I really don’t like shopping in the wet market.

I prefer to shop in a comfortable environment like shopping mall for my groceries where I can get everything at one place.

But the downside of getting groceries from the shopping mall is that their price is exhorbitant and not necessarily fresh either.

Now, let me tell you something. It is a few days to Chinese New Year 2016 as of writing and I have to shamefully confess that I was panicking on getting ingredients for my annual Chinese New Year reunion dinner’s cookout for my family. It’s been a hectic month and I somehow lost the track of time. I have yet to shop for the ingredients and going to the wetmarket and shopping mall to get seafood supplies for my cooking is out of the question. Not only it will be crowded but the price of the goods will be sky high as well. I, for one have no intention on spending ridiculous amount of money on food.

Lucky me, I no longer have to worry about shopping in the wet market for fresh goods for the upcoming Chinese New Year, especially seafood as Nikudo Seafood is offering fresh seafood shopping all in one place.

Located conveniently in Petaling Jaya, Nikudo Seafood is offering a variety selection of local and imported seafood like mud crab, scallop, Boston lobster, Norway Smoke Salmon, Abalone and many more. The best part? The sea produce offered Nikudo is just at a fraction of the price in comparison to the wetmarket and the grocery stores that I usually frequent.

 photo 20160202_144712_zpskw2lxosl.jpg

My treasures from the sea: All the oceanic goodness from Nikudo Seafood.

 photo 20160202_144418_zps7al8mrpa.jpg

Fresh prawns, cleaned and all packed up for your cooking convenience.

 photo 20160202_145119_zpswjpojbdi.jpg

White prawns with heads intact (500gram)

 photo 20160202_145055_zpsehun1pxa.jpg

Vannamei Prawns with heads intact (500gram)

 photo 20160202_145821_zpsehgbf191.jpg

Premium XL Soft Shell Crabs (150 grams per pcs)

Apart from fresh seafood, Nikudo is also offering ready made seafood like seasoned baby cuttlefish, baby octopus, and easy to cook prawn balls, prawn rolls, octopus cakes and many more.

 photo 20160202_145403_zpsn1qxt4ug.jpg

Assorted dumplings: Nikudo Japanese Chicken Dumplings, Nikudo Japanese Prawns Dumplings, Nikudo Japanese Chive Dumplings.

 photo 20160202_145552_zpsplsvboqx.jpg

Ebi Tempura and Prawn Rolls

 photo 20160202_145456_zpsliobi1q6.jpg

Assorted stuffed crabs: Cheese Stuffed Crabs and Curry Stuffed Crabs.

 photo 20160202_145855_zpsuobxgkcz.jpg

Japanese Style Octopus Balls and Prawn Balls

 photo 20160202_145636_zpszbupkbaz.jpg

Tempura prawns

These ready to cook seafood products are made from premium and the freshest ingredients available, so you won’t have to worry about the food tasting awfully artificial. Another bonus point about Nikudo seafood is that it is HALAL certified, and therefore, Muslims may consume food produced by Nikudo seafood with ease.

I will be cooking up a feast with these seafood, that’s for sure.

If you are looking for the best place to buy seafood in Klang Valley without going through all the hassle and burn a few holes in your pocket, I believe Nikudo is just the place for you.

For more information on Nikudo Seafood’s current promotion, please refer to the information below:

Nikudo Seafood
40, Jalan SS 2/63, Petaling Jaya
47300 Selangor.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/yQoz3y

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nikudo.seafood/

Business Hour: Everyday 7a.m. to 7p.m.

Country Club Fitness FTX , Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a developing country and is fast becoming a sport tourism destination among both sports enthusiasts and investors from all around the world.

Being a country that is very open and versatile when it comes to investors, Malaysia recently welcomes a prominent sport investment all the way from Hyderabad; Country Club Hospitality & Holidays. Established in 1989, the Country Club Hospitality & Holidays is a pioneer in offering wholesome leisure hospitality services in India and beyond. A full range of Country Club Hospitality & Holidays specialty services include member exclusive social clubbing hubs, holiday destinations, fitness centres and star-studded entertainment events. The network has over 75 ownership clubs, resorts, hotels and fitness centres in India, Middle East, Bangkok, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Also, it offers over 4000 global hospitality associates. Dubbed as the Powerhouse of Entertainment, the Country Club Hospitality & Holidays celebrates several global festivals and family entertainment events by inviting
leading Indian movie stars.

The Country Club Fitness FTX is a well-known fitness brand from India and it already has many outlets across the globe. The Country Club continues its expansion plans, making its way into Malaysia.

 photo 20160203_162628_zpsxfnw10gs.jpg
Mr. Y Rajeev Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, Country Club Group,
Mr Y Varun Reddy, Chief Operating Officer, Country Club Group and Indian movie star Mr. Rana Daggubati (Bahubali Fame) gracing the opening of the first Country Club Fitness FTX outlet in Malaysia.

 photo 20160203_165158_zpsccjlgk6p.jpg

Left: Datuk M. Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, endorsing Country Club Fitness FTX, Kuala Lumpur.

 photo 20160203_170535_zpsgpd6g6ws.jpg

Mr. Rana also obliged a workout demonstration for fitness fans and a brief autograph signing ceremony.

 photo 20160203_170642_zps01nho4fm.jpg

Datuk M. Saravanan, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports is seen working out at the Country Club Fitness FTX, Kuala Lumpur with the trainers during the launching.

 photo 20160203_172519_zpstapoxerr.jpg

Guests is seen trying out some of the fitness centre’s facilities.

 photo 20160203_173410_zpswvkkpv8s.jpg

One thing about this fitness centre is that they have different work out routine and all workouts are monitored by personal trainers closely with the aim of helping the increase of fitness conscious Malaysians to get fitter and healthier with their unique technology from Australia, a 45-minute functional training exercises for optimal benefits.

For more information on the fitness centre, please refer to: