Remarkable Children Set to Change The World Through Music

So, I was given an opportunity to enjoy a charity concert by ChildAid Asia in KLPac not quite long ago. ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur: A World to Imagine 2016 is a fundraising concert featuring collaborative performances by child talents from ASEAN countries mainly from Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

ChildAid Asia is an organization that believe in children, regardless their background or disability. Their mission is to develop a sense of confidence and purpose in life among these children and encourage them to stand in the eyes of the world brimming with hope and dignity through art and music. It is really a great organization with noble missions.

I’ll be honest with you. Initially, I was a bit reluctant to write about the concert. Why? The concert made me feel too much. It was overwhelming and way too close to home and at some point during the concert especially when a young blind and autistic boy conjure his magic with the piano during the ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur 2016 concert,my eyes grew watery. I felt angry, sad, touched and happy all at the same time. The feeling was indescribable. It’s not bad. Just too overwhelming to be penned down.

You see, I have a special need son in his tweens. He is autistic, socially impaired and dyslexic. On top of that, he also have sensory processing disorder to add in the whole package. Raising him is not only challenging but quite a hell on Earth, especially when he was much younger. My husband and I were accused of so many things, including child negligence and child abuse due to his regular stimming episodes and constant meltdown. Like most parents with special need children, charity concerts that features talented special need performers like in ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur 2016 concert is too close to home. To me, there’s too much emotions involved when I was watching the concert. Fair enough to say, I did not get much help and understanding, be it from friends and family members or the society at large. Support was practically nonexistent. I was mostly on my own in helping him being accepted in the society. It was just hell and still hell at times.

Malaysians in general are still not really aware what autism is all about and what it entails. Children like my son are often misunderstood and parents like us are often shunned in many ways. Children such as mine are stigmatized. They are interpreted as either misbehaving or spoiled rotten by their parents.

During my son’s younger years, especially when he just started attending kindergarten, I was told that my son should be locked up or chained up. I was advised to stop sending him to school as he was non verbal and not able to communicate the way children his age does, and at some point, I did pulled him out for a little while. The stress was too much for me to handle and I wanted to think of the best solution I should take for my son’s education and future.

Seeing how children, especially special need ones are not only respected but celebrated for being different in ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur 2016 concert in KLPac recently just moved me to the point that I broke into tears. It was tears of gladness. There’s hope for children like my son after all. Even if my son has no talent in the field of art and music, at least there’s hope for other children like him, and I am grateful for that.

I won’t talk much about the ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur 2016 concert. I’m sure there’s loads of reports about it around by social media influencers and also by mainstream media. I want to talk about how the children who performed during the concert inspire people like me and my son and the rest of the world. Here’s sharing with you some shots taken after the concert.

It was raining cats and dogs just right after the concert and the children who performed on stage for ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur: A World to Imagine 2016 decided to entertain everyone while waiting for the rain to subside.

 photo IMG_7849_zpsdd0trxdv.jpg

13-year old Michael Anthony Kwok from Indonesia, born blind and autistic but a prodigy in piano, being guided to the piano by Yumi Chung.

 photo IMG_7839_zpssgpmh3fe.jpg

Micheal Anthony Kwok, working his magic and making me wish that time would just stop, even for just little moment. Being able to hear him play the piano at such a close distance, is not only breathtaking, but inspirational as well. He made me think that children with special need and multiple disability are not a liability or a nuisance. They just need an unprejudiced chance to shine.

 photo IMG_7816_zpsxfgfmo9h.jpg

The young talents indulging us with an exclusive after concert performance at KLPac. The entire performance was about 45 minutes and unlike the concert that’s carefully planned and orchestrated, this one’s much more fun as we get to dance, sing along and get up close and personal with the young talents. Singing along to Michael Anthony Kwok’s piano rendition of various Disney movies soundtrack, from left, Gabri Panlilio, Cristi Madrid, Zoe Hong and Yumi Chung. Their performance were cheerful, unrestricted and simply mesmerizing. Michael Anthony Kwok also played some familiar classical number, receiving thundering applause from excited audiences present.

 photo IMG_7836_zpspzyaiidd.jpg

Up close and personal with Micheal Anthony Kwok. Looking on is Yumi Chung, a talented young songstress who also performed during the concert.

 photo IMG_7846_zpsdlv5sbvg.jpg

Despite of being different, Micheal Anthony Kwok is a very cheerful and affectionate child.

 photo IMG_7845_zpsbqrlllgl.jpg

Yumi Chung, Micheal Anthony Kwok and Gabri Panlilio, obliging me for for a photography session.

 photo BeautyPlus_20160718094747_fast_zpsphglbbwk.jpg

On the right, the very friendly and approachable Cristi Madrid, another young and beautiful singing sensation for ChildAid Asia Kuala Lumpur: A World to Imagine 2016.

These children may be just children and celebrities in their own rights, but they are no ordinary child star. They are children with a mission. They are making a difference in other people’s life, especially the underprivileged children from all over the world whether directly or indirectly. Their noble efforts is certainly admirable.

Click HERE to find out more about ChildAid movement and how you can play your part like these children and make a difference in people’s lives too. And if you are residing in Malaysia, follow their Facebook page HERE for more regional infos and updates.

Innergie Reimagines Charging For Smart Travelers

Without a doubt, mobile devices have become part of the very fabric of modern life, but ensuring that these mobile devices – be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop – are constantly up-and-running can be quite a challenge.

Innergy Malaysia

Innergie by Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions – sets about to address this inconvenience with its ‘smart crossover charging solution,’ which reimagines charging in the way we know it.

‘Traveling companion’ has taken on a whole new meaning for frequent travelers, as smart mobile devices are now considered to be the most vital companion and the most crucial item travelers carry with them wherever they go.

 photo PIC 1_zpsfzfthedv.jpg

Making its entry into Malaysia, the innovative charging solution is a portable charging set that enables individuals to charge all their mobile devices with ease and live an on-the-go lifestyle, knowing that they are powered and connected at all times, consisting of three products – PowerGear ICE 65 (travel adapter), WizardTip (attachable super-speed USB charging connector), and LifeHub Plus (a charging hub).

 photo 20160720_125221_zpsyrhkvghz.jpg

PowerGear ICE 65 (travel adapter) and  WizardTip (attachable super-speed USB charging connector).The PowerGear ICE 65 is a universal laptop adapter with interchangeable plugs that can tap into the electrical power grid of over 150 countries – ideal for the world traveler who requires maximum mobility. Additionally, the WizardTip can be attached onto the PowerGear ICE 65, creating an instant USB port to charge a mobile device.

 photo 20160707_162447_zpso2jabxji.jpg

LifeHub Plus (a charging hub). LifeHub Plus offers an ingenious approach to charging multiple devices. With built-in smart chips, it can detect the type of devices attached and adjust power from its three 2.4A USB ports accordingly.

Introduction to Innergy Products: Charging Reimagined

Derrick Ho, the Director of Innergie SEA, explained that the smart crossover product idea breaks the limitation and is built for expanded capabilities which can meet mobile life, making people’s lives smarter and easier wherever they travel.

The entry of these products in the Malaysian market reflects Innergie’s commitment to raising the bar in power solutions in the local consumer IT market, and emerging at the forefront of the mobile technology industry in this region.

 photo PIC 3_zpsxsu0hdsz.jpg

To celebrate the exciting launch of these three new products for the Malaysian market, Innergie is offering the trio together as a special “Traveler’s Power Pack”, with limited quantities where buyers can purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) with WizardTip and LifeHub Plus at 20% discount for RM325.60 (UP RM407.00), or purchase the PowerGear ICE 65 (single UK plug) and get a free WizardTip (worth RM39.00) for only RM209.00. The ‘Traveler’s Power Pack’ is available on LAZADA ( and all participating retailer’s outlets.

All three products come with a generous original-manufacturer warranty, environment-friendly GreenSense power conservation technology and InnerShield power protection safety designs.
For more information on participating retailers, please contact Innergie distributors, Afforda Notebook Solution SB (03-8070 8315) and Convergent Distribution (M) SB (03-2144 1881). To find out more about Innergie and Innergie-branded power products, visit

Celebrate Beauty with Althea

Written by: Guest writer Comot &Tutty
Edited by: Cleffairy
Photographer: Cleffairy
Assisted by: Hanny Abdullah&Hazirah Shah
Disclaimer: No furkids or humans were harmed in the making of this article. To avoid unnecessary clawing and chewing by the furkids, please don’t do this at home.

 photo 20160720_141932_zpslpt9lgxs_edit_1469041467299_zpskjtwrn4p.jpg

Heyya, come closer. Don’t be scared. I don’t bite…much. I usually just chew on things but mum will always stop me in time before things gets very nasty. My mum’s away on a short vacation and I’m in charge of the blog today. I have something to tell you.

 photo 20160720_143021_zpstbz52vlj.jpg

My mum’s a nasty shophaholic and she’s done it again. Take a look. She just made a shopping haul in Althea and here’s part of her loot. According to her…these babies are from Korea and they arrived within 5 working days upon ordering. Not bad, huh? Considering that Korea is miles away from Malaysia and you got to fly over to reach there and all that.

 photo 20160720_142848_zps9rs68qey.jpg

Let’s take a sniff…in case mum bought us some treats. We can always dig in before she comes home and re-wrap the this stuff and pretends nothing happens.

 photo 20160720_142936_zpsqvl1yy33.jpg

How disappointing.

 photo 20160720_141359_zpsia6soevt.jpg

There’s no treats. Only some stuff that according to mum and I quote, “the things that will make me look like a hotbabe and a sexy bombshell”.

 photo 20160720_150258_zpsxmsejlum.jpg

Oh well, at least there’s a party hat and a balloon for us to play with and if we feel like it, we can make it go BooM and KapoW and terrorize mum when she refuse to pay any attention to us.

 photo 20160720_142221_zpspnqv0ozh.jpg

Anyway, I cought mum stashing away a yummy birthday cake in the fridge. She said, it’s for Althea’s 1st birthday. Sorry. We can’t help ourselves and ate it. Don’t be mad at us, I’m sure there’s plenty of cakes at Althea.

 photo 0716_BdayPromo_mainbanner_MY_zps4hmiy0iw.jpg

I heard they are throwing a huge partayyyyyy in conjunction of the first Althea’s Birthday Celebration from 20th – 31st July, 2016.

 photo 0716_Althea1stBday_instagram_MY_03_zpstlsk0nwl.jpg

Althea is giving away limited edition birthday box + DIY party kit for orders placed on 20th July 2016 onwards and will also be free full size beauty products goodies that will help you look like a hotbabe and a sexy bombshells for first 1,500 shoppers, while stock last.

 photo 0716_Althea1stBday_catbanner_MY_zpsh5xbqvpj.jpg

And if you pick 3 Top Sellers 100% rebate will be credited into your account.

 photo 0716_BdayPromo_fbContest_MY_zpsrj0eipci.jpg

And there’s more. Greet Althea a happy birthday on instagram with the hashtag #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea. Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won. The contest starts from 20th July – 15th August, 2016, so whatcha waiting for? Insta away, babes!

Mum’s back. I got to sign off and hide before she finds out that we ate the cake she baked and turns into a banshee. Adios, people. See ya again next time.

Malaysia Tourism Council Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Malaysia Tourism Council celebrated it’s 30th anniversary in a splendid dinner affair last Saturday at Dewan Perdana Felda,Kuala Lumpur.

 photo BeautyPlus_20160719200053_save_zps7szwm0pb.jpg

Attended by people from the tourism industry and major travel agencies from both Malaysia and overseas, it was an event of networking and fellowship.
Malaysia Tourism Council revealed their long term plans on further eleviating Malaysia in international level as well as their official travel magazine, Santai Travel during their 30th Anniversary Dinner.

In line of their effort to support domestic travel, guests were also given a glimpse of what some states will have to offer for the Visit Malaysia year 2017 and #DekatJe campaign, mainly Perak, Johor and Terengganu.

 photo 20160716_212106_zpshwluylcx.jpg

The ‘Ulek Mayang’ dance being performed during the Malaysia Tourism Council 30th Anniversary Dinner. The dance originates from Terengganu and is said to have ritualistic element where the dance is actually performed to summon the spirit of seven mystical princess to heal a sick person.

Ulek Mayang Dance Performance

Watch the video. Eerily real and I actually got goosebumps when I recorded the video.

Sabai Sabai

It’s no secret that I am officially a Thai Lakorn addict and when the all time favourite Siamese hit ‘Sabai, Sabai’ being performed during Malaysia Tourism Council’s 30th Anniversary Dinner, I can’t help but sing along.

Needless to say, as a family friendly tourism activist, my family and I were all hyped up during the dinner as we get to meet likeminded people with the same visions and goals, and we sure hope that in tourism, we unite.

Up Close and Personal with Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee: Anyone Can Be a Property Millionaire

If there is one thing that I hate most on weekend is being mundane. I hate to stay at home and do nothing. It made me feel like I’m wasting a great amount of time when I could have gone out exploring and see the world. I was about to blow off my head last weekend as I happen to have nothing planned last Saturday. But lucky for me, amidst my irritation, I was presented with an opportunity to meet up with one of the country’s most prominent real estate personality, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee, who happens to be holding a brief meeting session with social media influencers in order to introduce his upcoming reality TV show, “Anyone Can Be a Property Millionaire”.

 photo IMG_7031_zpsdhb69jbn.jpg

Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee giving an introduction on his upcoming reality TV show, “Anyone Can Be A Property Millionaire”.

 photo IMG_7026_zps8lcrwo0d.jpg

Believing that owning a home and being rich is everyone’s rights, Dato’ Sri Gavin says the aim of the reality TV show is to search for 8 participants for “Anyone Can Be a Property Millionaire” where he will personally be coaching the participants into making their first 1million via property investment.

And so, I made the most out of my boring Saturday with Dato’ Seri Gavin Tee who is talking about investing in property. And guess what, he’s looking for participants for “Anyone can be a Property Millionaire” Reality TV Show where he will be personally coaching the participants on being a property millionaire.

Exclusive Interview with Dato Seri Gavin Tee

Watch my video interview with Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee where he explain what’s the reality TV show is all about.

 photo IMG_7130_zpsazspxgxb.jpg

Expected to be broadcasted in the 2nd quarter of 2017, the show’s creator and host, Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee said he is inviting everyone (Chinese-speaking for the 1st season) to apply to participate.

Shortlisted participants will then go through a selection process where factors such as how they express themselves, financial ability, assessment tests results, and a simple self-introduction,will be taken into consideration.

The search for the 8 Property Millionaire Stars will kick off with Tee’s talk on “Anyone Can be a Property Millionaire” on July 24th (Sunday) at 2pm to be held at the Grand Ballroom, The Garden Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

To participate, you may purchase a ticket at only RM50 where you can attend Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee’s talk and meet him in person on 24th July (1-5pm) at the Gardens Hotel, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Online Ticket:
Alternatively, interested participants and sponsors may log in to or contact 03-22888588 / [email protected] (Yee Ting).

But if you can’t manage to purchase the ticket, it’s all right. I’m giving away a pair of tickets worth RM100 to five lucky readers who comment here. So, what are you waiting for? Comment away. Who knows you might be the next property millionaire.

Cruise into Romantic Horizon with Dream Cruises

If there is one thing that you must try at least once in a lifetime is going on a cruise.

 photo FB_IMG_1468873888306_zpsazfhuq1y.jpg

Just last week, we were given a glimpse of what it is like to be on broad on a cruise liner during the announcement of Genting Dream’s latest romantic and dreamy package, their ‘ Dream Cruises Honeymoon Package’.

Dream Cruises, the first-ever Asian luxury cruise line, announced the maiden cruise itinerary for Genting Dream along with their impressively romantic and intimate package catered especially for lovebirds and honeymooners, during their hi-tea session with Tourism Selangor and the members of the media abroad their sister liner, Star Cruise Gemini.

 photo FB_IMG_1468873910713_zpsnyer0bk6.jpg

VIP guests present: Tourism EXCO of Selangor, Datuk Seri Mirza DG of Tourism Malaysia, YB Elizabeth Wong and Datuk Rashidi of Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

 photo FB_IMG_1468873921211_zps60fcvkpf.jpg

In the white uniform, the captain of the ship.

 photo PhotoGrid_1468874835810_zpspgnjcunv.jpg

Dream Cruises offers inspirational luxury, which is Asian at heart and international in spirit. Genting Dream is designed to meet the large and ever growing demand for inspired vacation experiences from discerning guests across China and the Asia region. Complementing their Honeymoon package, Genting Dream in Southeast Asia will be featuring appealing, warmer destinations, designed to give you the privacy and intimacy you desire, plus the opportunity to socialise and meet others if you so choose.

You may choose to embark on an unforgettable 2, 5 or 7 night trip exploring the rich culture and beautiful tropical surroundings of Vietnam and Sanya or spoil yourselves rotten in world-class shopping in Hong Kong and explore sites rich with history and impressive architecture in the Pearl River Delta.

Genting Dream will accommodate some 3,400 guests, attended by 2,000 crew members, forming the highest crew to guest ratio in Asia-based cruising. Experience the ultimate luxury in ‘Dream Mansion’, a ‘ship-within-a-ship’ with two floors of lavish suites featuring European-style butler service. Accommodation aboard Genting Dream reflects both scale and choice for guests with 70 per cent of staterooms offering private balconies and 100 connecting rooms catering to extended families and larger groups.

More than 35 restaurant and bar concepts onboard offer a wide array of regional cuisines from across Asia, along with a wide range of international dining experiences. Innovative entertainment and leisure lifestyle venues include one of the world’s largest Asian reflexology spas at sea, thrilling live shows, duty-free retail and a wide range of recreation options including a variety of pools with six water slides, a stunning 610-metre wraparound promenade, two submersibles, thrilling ropes course and rock climbing wall. Enriching onboard activities including wine tasting, engaging lifestyle experts, guest speakers and immersive workshops will enhance perspectives, unlock new talents and fulfil guests’ dreams.

For more information on Dream Cruise packages and their ongoing promotion, hop over HERE.

We have yet to have the opportunity to be onboard of the Genting Dream, but here’s giving you a little glimpse on how it is like on their sister liner, the Star Cruise Gemini.

 photo received_10209799824050080_zpsj0vmpld1.jpeg

On the deck of Star Cruise Gemini

 photo received_10209799824250085_zpsdd4rsekx.jpeg

Guest swimming in the pool onboard of Star Cruise Gemini.

 photo received_10209799823930077_zpsg7hgczg8.jpeg

The pool, guests all time favourite lurk.

 photo received_10209771337577936_zpsvtbctsvf.jpeg

A guest spotted enjoying the view from the deck of Star Cruise Gemini.

Unlike other means of transportation during travel, cruising on a ship will without a doubt opens your eyes to new horizons as you experience travel from a new perspective. You will be able to learn about multiple countries and cultures in a fresh and exciting way, both on board and on shore, so by all means, do check out the packages offered by Star Cruise liners in this site HERE.


Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting: Herping

Once upon a time, not so long ago when I was just a little girl, a frog hid itself in the depth of my school shoe. I didn’t know that the creature was hiding in there and come morning when I was preparing to go to school, I unsuspectingly placed my foot into the shoe only to feel that it felt as if there was something soft and squishy stuffed inside. Thinking that my kid sister must have stuffed tissue papers inside again, I dug in to throw the offending object out only to find a frog pitifully looking and croaking back at me. I was so shocked and was so disgusted with my unexpected finding that I dropped the poor frog down. The frog jumped around in the house, creating chaos in the usually mundane morning.

Needless to say, I was terribly traumatized. What more I encountered a snake slithering at home on the same day later after the morning encounter with the frog. It was both on the same day and I have never been a fan of slimy creatures since. I don’t care if my kid sister thinks that they are cute and adorable, but I hate reptilians and I hate amphibians. To me they are just a slimy and a disgusting creature. Loathing these creatures, I avoid them like a plague and I would never go near them if I could help it.

Unfortunately for me, as a member of the media, my assignments sometimes involves those slimy and slithering little guys. I was sent to the zoo once back in 2010 for an event with Brady Barr and I practically cried in front of everyone just because I was so terrified of the harmless Albino Python they were showcasing.

I never bothered to attempt to overcome my fear towards frogs and snakes, but there was a herping session during my most recent trip to Resorts World Genting with Treks Enterprise. Herping is a term used for searching for amphibians and reptiles at night. READ: Frogs, snakes and lizards are involved. Herping is definitely not for the faint hearted and definitely not for me, but I decided to try to overcome my fear and try it regardless. I thought, if my son is not afraid and is eager for it, then why should I? I’m his mother. I’m supposed to be the brave one and a heroine he can look up to.

 photo DSCN9367_zps9tysxbfu.jpg

Our herping session was led by Steven Wong, the President of The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). Our location; The vicinity of Awana Longhouse, Resorts World Genting. With his expertise, he shared interesting knowledge about nature and wildlife with us, particularly lizards, snakes and frogs and thanks to his lengthy explanation about those creatures I so fear of, they don’t seems to be so scary anymore. After listening to his stories about frogs and snakes, I felt that they are just misunderstood and not dangerous unless they are provoked.

 photo DSCN9273_zpsxomjdku1.jpg

It was a successful herping session.

 photo IMG_5781_zpstvy1qrvd.jpg

We managed to catch a glimpse of a few kinds of frogs.

 photo DSCN9313_zpsrcu3btlj.jpg

Tiny frog spotted

 photo IMG_5864_zpsmzo796vz.jpg

Another tiny frog sitting on leaves

 photo IMG_6058_zpspxtfx1ln.jpg

I wonder if this one will turn into a prince if someone kissed him?

 photo IMG_6055_zpsnz28xrxc.jpg

Steven shared with us something interesting about frogs which is their mating process. When Frogs mate, the male frog tends to clasp the female underneath in an embrace called amplexus. The male frog literally climbs on her back, reaches his arms around her “waist”, either just in front of the hind legs, just behind the front legs, or even around the head. The amplexus embrace can last several days. According to Steven, while in the amplexus position, the male frog fertilizes the eggs as they get are laid. Frogs tend to lay eggs single eggs in masses, whereas toads usually lay eggs in long chains. Some frogs leave after this point, but others stick around to watch over the little ones. Some have very unusual ways of caring for their young. Rather romantic, don’t you think? I’m a sucker for romantic things like this.

 photo DSCN9340_zpsqfgdulks.jpg

That night we also managed to get a close encounter with a Siamese Viper.

 photo IMG_6018_zps4bgidcqu.jpg

Yes. It is poisonous. But it was handled correctly and everyone had fun photographing the handsome snake.
 photo DSCN9373_zpsvqulivfd.jpg

One for the album.

My phobia of snakes and frogs may not be cured in just one night. I think I am still afraid of them. I might need more herping therapy before I feel like touching them willingly, but it’s a start, no?

If you are looking for some slimy adventure, you might want to consider herping. Treks Enterprise is offering all sort of guided walks and eco-related programmes and herping is just one of them.

For more information on other programmes offered by Treks, go to Treks’s website and Facebook page or please call 03-27181118 or logon to

Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting: Jungle Trekking

I was raised by a family of academicians and grew up believing that nothing else matters as long as I do well in my studies. My childhood was pretty much routine and straight forward. Going to school and studying for exams occupies most of my growing up days and thinking back, I was brainwashed to believe that I couldn’t do anything outdoor or extreme stuff as I have a weak and sickly body.

As I grew up, I started to become rebellious and discovered that the things that I have been told by my family are mostly not true and I am actually capable of anything that I wanted to do as long as I put my mind to it. My life started to become interesting when I met my husband. He’s always been there to support me and accompany me to to do all the extreme and the crazy things I wanted to do, even if it defies logic.

Naturally, when I became a mother, I did not want my son to go through the same childhood that I did. My son has autism and is dyslexic. And because he does not achieve the academic milestone the same way as children his age, he is stigmatized. I did not want to restrict him from exploring the world and condemn him to a normal and boring academic life although he is a special need child and everyone around me keeps telling me that he is not capable of anything and so, I’ll bring him to explore the world with me at any chance that I got, in hopes that he will benefit from all the exposure.

One of the things that I’ve dreamed of doing as a child but never got the chance to do was jungle trekking. My first jungle trekking experience was with both my husband and son during Resorts World Genting Back to Nature Eco Retreat 2015. It was a 2km trek in the jungle of Genting Highlands and I was practically sweating by the time it was done. It was a memorable experience, to say the least.

We started our exploration just after our birdwatching session. You may read our experience HERE.

 photo IMG_5702_zpsfblqpqnj.jpg

Still all hyped up, we trekked down a very steep slope.

 photo IMG_5715_zpstxh8gpdw.jpg

As our guide back then were pretty strict, we did not really get to leisurely take our time in the jungle but our second time around with Treks Enterprise was another story altogether, we get to trek into the jungle at a pretty much leisurely pace and we were allowed ample time for photography as well.

 photo IMG_5711_zpsmbaanv3v.jpg

Due to the steepness of the path and for safety reasons, only a maximum of 5 people were allowed to go down at one time.

My family and I went down with a guide especially assigned to us. In my humble opinion, this time the path is much more challenging than our first time.

 photo FB_IMG_1468307659070_zpsqlfdclvt.jpg

Walking sticks and hiking shoes is advisable should you decided to trek a challenging path like this. Unless you are equipped with shockproof or action camera, I wouldn’t advice any photography session during any jungle trekking or hiking session.

 photo IMG_5712_zps3nkutcc2.jpg

After about 30 minutes, we were rewarded with such a beautiful view.

 photo FB_IMG_1468307681828_zpsw3lmwedz.jpg

A sight to behold for nature lovers, I must say. And if you ask me if I would do it again, the answer is a definite yes.

Treks Enterprise is offering all sort of guided walks and eco-related programmes and a guided hiking or jungle trekking session is one of them.

For more information on other programmes offered by Treks, go to Treks’s website and Facebook page or please call 03-27181118 or logon to

Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting: Birdwatching at IBA, Awana Genting

I was first introduced to the joy of birdwatching back in the year 2014, where I was invited by Tourism Malaysia as a member of the media to do coverage for Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race 2014 and I have been providing coverage for the said event since then. Basically it is a birdwatching event that embed the element of amazing race in it. Participants were required to identify various kinds of birds from different altitudes, starting from Kuala Kubu Bharu and ends in Awana Genting.

As a member of the media, my job scope was merely to provide coverage and not experience the whole thing as a participant, and therefore, I never had the opportunity to really enjoy birdwatching, but fortunately for me, during my family’s most recent eco-escapade with Treks Enterprise in Awana Genting, we were brought to IBA in Awana, Genting Highlands to experience some real bird watching session.

 photo IMG_5617_zpsafrrdad2.jpg

IBA (Important Bird Watching Area). This place is located nearby Awana Longhouse and is a home to various birds, including migratory birds.

 photo IMG_5672_zpswxuzaymj.jpg

We kicked off our birdwatching session fairly early, under the guidance of a birding expert, Mr. Henry (the guy in the middle).

 photo IMG_5699_zpsipgxbvek.jpg

Going deep inside IBA for some serious birdwatching.

 photo IMG_5645_zpszzlhvypx.jpg

Spotted some birdwatchers patiently waiting for some rare migratory bird sightings.

 photo IMG_5622_zpsapzd6zgy.jpg

Serious birdwatching going on here

 photo IMG_5694_zps0mdlt9ep.jpg

We were quite lucky that morning. Unlike the birdwatching session with the participants of Wings of KKB: Selangor International Bird Race 2016 back in April 2016, we spotted quite a number of rare birds this time.

 photo IMG_5635_zpss2fz7vsu.jpg

We not only get to see rare migratory birds but also flying squirrel and lizard as well.

 photo 20160424_095050_zpsasjzeqwl.jpg

One of the birds that lives in the virgin forest of Genting Highlands.

 photo IMG_4018_zpsexlldov2.jpg


 photo IMG_3925_zpsk3qrl41l.jpg

Can you see the bird? It’s hanging upside down.

 photo IMG_3937_zpsyywih1iz.jpg

Another resident bird in the vicinity of Awana Resort.

 photo IMG_3927_zpsmrbqxsf7.jpg

Other than birds, we managed to captures pics of other creatures too. And here’s a cute little squirrel.

It is unfortunate that I do not own a pair of binocular. I guess it is time to invest one. It is certainly useful during birdwatching session.

Treks Enterprise is offering all sort of guided walks and eco-related programmes and birdwatching is one of them.

For more information on other programmes offered by Treks, go to Treks’s website and Facebook page or please call 03-27181118 or logon to

Family Friendly Eco Adventure with Treks in Resorts World Genting: Cable Car Ride

Getting to Resorts World Genting has always been a pretty straight forward affair for me and my family. We have been to Resorts World Genting for more times than I bothered to count, but we have never experienced a ride on their famous cable car as my family and I usually drives up and riding the cable car at Genting Skyway is not a necessary mode of transport to get to the top of the hill.Obviously my family and I did not know what we have been missing all these while.

 photo IMG_0666_zpseskonpe2.jpg

During our little eco-escapade with Treks Enterprise, we were given a chance to ride the South East Asia’s longest and fastest cable car, as part of our journey to exprience the true beauty of nature from bird’s eyes view.

 photo IMG_5545_zps6jwykdhk.jpg

The Skyway Station operates from 7.30am – 12.00am daily.

 photo IMG_5558_zpspvwlntzg.jpg

The staffs on duty are very friendly and helpful, so if you have any questions, just fire away.

 photo IMG_5559_zpsiccskhsc.jpg

Each gondola can load up a maximum of 8 person. But please note on the lugage requirement. Luggage with size exceeding 56cm x 36cm x 23cm are not allowed to be brought onto the Genting Skyway Gondola. Oversized luggage must be checked-in at the hotel’s front desk or Luggage Handling Counter.  Luggage storage for large luggage is available at Genting Skyway. Guests are advised to make use of this service and to only carry a day bag for the duration of their stay. Kindly ensure that all valuables and important documents are transferred into your day bag as well. Luggage handling counter operating hours is 7.00am to 8.00pm.

 photo IMG_5572_zps577q5zyu.jpg

The ride was 3.38km is it was 15 minutes of sheer ecstasy as the gondola travel through 100 years old tropical rainforest from the station at Resorts World Genting to the base station in Gohtong Jaya.

 photo IMG_0715_zpsvixrki5r.jpg

A zoomed view from above.

 photo IMG_0733_zps0gusvti1.jpg

Lovely, don’t you think?

 photo IMG_0726_zpsoa4zva4j.jpg

You can get to the Skyway Station by express bus,  limousine or luxury coach and car.

For ticket pricing please refer below:

Ticket TypePrice (per person)
Normal One-Way: RM 6.40
Normal Two-Way (Return): RM 12.80
Express One-WayRM 31.80
Hotel Guest Leisure Ride (Return)RM 10.60*Price is inclusive of 6% GST. 

*Children below the height of 90cm are eligible to ride the Genting Skyway for FREE. 

For more information on Genting Skyway or enquiries on planning your journey to Resorts World Genting via their cable cars, visit