Richdad SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

This outlet is operated 24 hours daily and if you are looking for something to fill your tummy at ungodly hours while you are staying in Resorts World Genting, then just head over to Richdad. Richdad SkyAvenue offers a selection of coffee and non caffeinated drinks alongside with a selection of freshly made pastries and local delights.

Here’s some of the dishes that we managed to try at RichDad SkyAvenue; Grilled Chicken Masak Merah, Rendang Beef Rice,Americano,Strawberry Sunshine

Rendang Beef Rice has a homey taste to it where the rendang was richly flavoured with herbs and spices.

Grilled Chicken Masak Merah may not look so flattering, but trust me, it tasted extraordinary. The chicken was perfectly grilled and was good to have even on it’s own. The sauce wasn’t so spicy, so even those who couldn’t tolerate spiciness would be able to enjoy this dish.

Most of the things on the menu are available around the clock in RichDad, so if whether you wants light bites during dinner or heavy meal during supper, it will not be a problem. Just go ahead and order anything you want from there.

RichDad is located at Level 1, T2-17 SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.

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San Francisco Coffee SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

I’m not much of a coffee lover. My blog’s name ‘Over A Cuppa Tea’ says it all. I’m positively a tea lover, but my husband is my direct opposite. He loves coffees to the moon and back, and I often found ourselves chilling over a cuppa or two in popular coffee joints around. One of his all time favourite cafe lurk is San Francisco Coffee.

San Francisco Coffee has plenty of franchises in Malaysia and recently they just opened another outlet in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. We didn’t let the opportunity to chill over a cuppa in the newly opened San Francisco Coffee at SkyAvenue slide, of course.

And here’s some yummies that we had in San Francisco Coffee SkyAvenue; some frappes, sandwiches and pasta.

If you want more than just coffees should you go shopping in SkyAvenue, San Francisco Coffee is quite a good place to grab a quick bite. San Francisco Coffee offers not only coffees to go but plenty of gourmet sandwiches and warm pasta too.

You may dine in at San Francisco Coffee, or just grab and go, but I highly recommend dining in, especially if the weather is sunny as the outlet is located at al-fresco area with great view of the Genting Highlands sky.

San Francisco Coffee is located at Level 4- T2C-07 SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.

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Starbucks Reserve SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

My family and I had an opportunity to enjoy a cuppa in Starbucks Reserve SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting recently and I must say that I’m quite inpressed with what they have to offer.
So, what’s so special, you ask? Starbucks is always Starbucks and it’s a yet another one of those grab and go coffee joint, right? Wrong. The Starbucks Reserve is more than just the usual grab and go coffee place. It is actually a place that preserve coffee culture and offers a much higher end coffee experience as Starbucks Reserve coffee beans often come from remote and rugged places, with limited harvests from lots as small as a family backyard.

The coffees in Starbucks Reserve are individually ground and brewed by the cup just for you, so if you are looking for a cup of coffee that you can customize to your liking, Starbucks Reserve is the place to go.

Each bags of coffee beans over here are extremely limited and can often last only a matter of weeks in Starbucks Reserve. And here’s Premium Nicaragua La Roca Coffee beans from Starbucks Reserve SkyAvenue.

Nicaragua La Roca Coffee from Starbucks Reserve, specially brewed for us by our Coffee Master. The Nicaragua La Roca offers medium body and acidity with flowery scent and slightly fruity taste. As this coffee leans over more to the bitter and acidic side, I believe it will pair well with sweet cookies and cakes.

I’m not an expert coffee drinker enough to recommend you any of those exclusive coffees here at Starbucks Reserve, but if you need any help in customizing a cuppa, just ask your Coffee Master for recommendations. They will be most pleased to help you out in your coffee selections.

Starbucks Reserve is located at T2B-31, Level 3, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.

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Editor’s Pick: What to Eat in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Sky Avenue, the latest lifestyle shopping mall in Resorts World Genting has been opened for quite some time now. Located at 6,000 feet above sea level, SkyAvenue is easily accessible via the cable car from Awana SkyWay.

One thing about this Southeast Asia’s latest premium lifestyle destination is that it is a home to plenty of top brands from around the world. Finding things to eat at SkyAvenue can be a bit overwhelming on your first visit as there are so many restaurants around, but don’t worry, here’s a little foodie guide on where to eat at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting:


Can’t live without your daily caffeine fix?Wanna chill out over a cuppa tea or two with your friends or loved ones in the clouds? Well, fret not. SkyAvenue have plenty of cafés for you to get your daily cure:

Starbucks Reserve
Outlet location: Level 3- T2B-31
Business hours: 10am-10pm daily

No, this is not your regular Starbucks Coffee joint. The Starbucks Reserve is more than just the usual grab and go coffee place. The coffee beans sold in Starbucks Reserve‘ often come from remote and rugged places, with limited harvests from lots as small as a family backyard. Each bags of coffee beans are extremely limited and can often last only a matter of weeks in Starbucks Reserve. The coffees are individually ground and brewed by the cup just for you, so if you are looking for a cup of coffee that you can customize to your liking, Starbucks Reserve is the place to go. I’m not an expert coffee drinker enough to recommend you any of those exclusively brewed coffees here at Starbucks Reserve, but if you need any help in customizing a cuppa, just ask your Coffee Master for recommendations. They will be most pleased to help you out in your coffee selections.

San Francisco Coffee
Outlet location: Level 4- T2C-07

If you want more than just coffees, San Francisco Coffee is a good place to grab a quick bite. San Francisco Coffee offers not only coffees to go but plenty of gourmet sandwiches and warm pasta too. You may dine in at San Francisco Coffee, or just grab and go, but I highly recommend dining in, especially if the weather is sunny as the outlet is located at al-fresco area with great view of the Genting Highlands sky.

Dal.komm Coffee
Outlet location: Level 4- T2C-10

Fans of Korean dramas will most likely find Dal.komm heartwarmingly familar. Featured repeatedly in a well known Korean drama series ‘Decendants of The Sun’, Dal.komm Coffee definitely lives up to the expectation of a nice dating spot. Offering irresitibly sweet drinks and desserts, Dal.komm Coffee will surely satisfy even the fussiest foodie. You may grab and go your coffees from Dal.komm Coffee, but I highly recommend dining in as the desserts are mostly good to be eaten immediately. Dal.komm Coffee is located at an al-fresco area in SkyAvenue where the outlet is overlooking the fantastic view of the vast Genting Highlands sky. Definitely a wonderful place for a date with your loved ones.

Outlet location: Level 1-T2-17

This outlet is operated 24 hours and if you are looking for something to fill your tummy at ungodly hours while you are staying in Resorts World Genting, then just head over to Richdad.
Richdad SkyAvenue offers a selection of coffee and non caffeinated drinks alongside with a selection of freshly made pastries and local delights. Among the must try items on their menu are their signature Grilled Chicken Masak Merah and their Beef Rendang with Rice.

Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-06

Loves chilling out in mamak joints or a local kopitiam and wants something similar on the menu while you are in SkyAvenue? Well then, just head over to PapaRich. Whether you are craving for toasts with half boiled eggs or a bubbly cup of Teh Tarik, PapaRich have it all. Their menu is not only limited to light bites but extended to Malaysian favourite dishes like Nasi Lemak and Nasi Ayam too, so if you are looking for a taste of local delights that you usually enjoy in your favorite kopitiam or a mamak joint, PapaRich is your best bet.

Dome Cafe
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-46&47

Dome Cafe offers a selection of delicious food on their menu alongside with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. Their pasta and pizza is a must try. And if you dine with children, you might want to check out their children’s menu too and order something from there as their children’s menu offers quite a selection of impressive treats.


On a diet? Looking for something nourishing to eat? Fret not, there’s a few outlets in SkyAvenue that’s offering something healthy for the health concious to indulge too:

BMS Organic
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-19

BMS Organic offers nothing but organic goodness, and whoever says vegetarian food does not taste nice obviously haven’t been to BMS Organic. All the food in BMS Organic not only taste fabulous but highly nourishing as well. Some of their signatures includes Lei Cha and Herby Broth Pot with Multigrain Rice. Highly recommended to those who want to watch what they eat, but wants to enjoy good tasting food at the same time as well.

Koong Woh Tong
Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-05A

Feeling heaty, feverish and lethargic? Don’t let fatique overwhelms you, grab some Chinese herbal refreshments at Koong Woh Tong. They have plenty of heat relief reliever beverages over here. Some of the herbal beverages over here may taste slightly bitter on the palate but if you don’t like bitter drinks, you may request for those sweet ones instead.

Tian Ma Bird Nest
Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-05B

Ladies would especially love this outlet. Tian Ma Bird Nest offers bird’s nest soup that’s made from high quality bird’s nests at a fraction of the price. Tian Ma Bird Nest not only will help you boost your beauty from the inside, but will keep your purse pretty as well.


DC Super Heroes Cafe
Outlet location: Level 3 T2B-06

Dining with young children can be quite a pain, especially if they are very picky with their food. SkyAvenue have plenty of children and family friendly restaurants but DC Super Heroes Cafe tops the list. The cafe adopts super hero theme where not only the deco features superheroes theme, but the food are presented in superhero theme as well. How can anyone say no to burgers or pizzas presented in Superman’s logo or pastas presented in Batman shaped logo? I bet nobody can. All the staffs in DC Super Heroes Cafe are dressed as superheroes as well, so don’t be surprised if anyone donning Superman or Batman shirts come and serve you. The young and the young at heart will definitely love this highly instagrammable cafe.

I Love Yoo!
Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-02B

I Love Yoo! is simply a shop serving porridge and assorted fried stuff. Everything is pretty light and easy and even toddlers would be able to appreciate the simple but nice food over here.


Wants a taste of famous Asian delights? Whether you are craving for a bowl of Udon or some spicy Korean food, SkyAvenue have plenty of restaurants that’s offering Asian cuisine for you to choose from.

Kyochon 1991
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-33

Since the opening of its first store in 1991, KyoChon 1991 has been voted Best Fried Chicken by South Koreans for 13 consecutive years and many years later, this brand of fried chicken finally arrived in SkyAvenue. Korean drama fans would be pleased to discover that Kyochon 1991‘s Korean fried chicken does not only look good in Korean dramas but taste good as well. The fried chicken over here are freshly made to order and therefore, it’s nothing like those fried chicken you get in fast food restaurant.

Outlet location: Level 1 T2-16

Fancy some Baba&Nyonya cuisine from Malaysia? Well, head over to Babajia. This restaurant offers authentic Baba&Nyonya cuisine. Among the dishes that comes highly recommended on their menu are the classic all time favourite Baba&Nyonya’s Cincalok Omelet and the refreshing Cendol. This restaurant operates 24hours every day, so if you find yourself famished at odd hours during your stay in Resorts World Genting and wants something nice to eat, just head over to Babajia. Your tummy will be eternally grateful for it.

Tampopo Delicieux
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-20&21

Tampopo Delicieux is a beautifully inviting restaurants that offers Japanese delicacies, mainly ricebowls, ramen and udons. An excellent place to dine in especially if you are feeling cold or in need of some comfort food.


Those with sweet tooth need not worry about lacking places to lurk at as SkyAvenue have plenty of sweet offerings around. Looking for pastries to sink your teeth into? SkyAvenue has it. Wants some delicate cheesecakes? They have that too. Ice creams? Well, yes, there’s plenty selling those too. Check out some of the dessert places that tops our list:

Madame Waffle
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-40

Madame Waffle serves of course, waffles as the name suggest. You can grab the Belgium waffles to go from Madame Waffles if you are in a rush but if you have time, do have a seat and enjoy the pleasure of enjoying some sweetly satisfying Belgium waffles topped with various kind of ice creams and toppings. They are simply delectable, I assure you.

Inside Scoop
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-45

Inside Scoop offers icy goodness in the form of sweet ice creams and sourish sorbets. But if you are looking for more, they have waffles for you to pair your sweet confections with as well.

Tokyo Secret
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-42

Tokyo Secret is well known for it’s divine tasting cheesecakes and cheesetarts, but recently they came up with Oolong Tea Cheese Drink as well. Tokyo Secret is definitely a must patronize if you are a fan of all things sweet and cheesy.

Just Heavenly
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-55

Just Heavenly offers freshly baked cakes for all occasions. You may opt to buy the whole cake or just a slice or two to enjoy at the outlet. Their cakes menu varies daily, so be sure to ask for recommendations if you’re feeling adventurous and wants to try some of their seasonal offerings.

After personally exploring SkyAvenue with my family during our recent 36hours foodtrail adventure, I believe that SkyAvenue is truly a foodie heaven and whether you want to just chill out with your lover or go for some casual dining with your family, there’s always something for everyone, so go on up, and have a blast exploring the culinary treasures that SkyAvenue had to offer.


SeniKome Peng Heng, Resorts World Genting

SeniKome Peng Heng literally means ‘Our Art’. The word ‘Kome’ was inspired from the original dialect used by the locals in Pahang and some other states in Malaysia. ‘Peng Heng’ on the other hand is a name recorded in historical documents of the Ming Dynasty during the 1520s, which refers to the east coast of the Tanah Melayu/Malay Peninsula. Interesting, no? ‘SeniKome, Peng Heng’ is actually one of the latest attraction in the First World Plaza, Resorts World Genting and it refers to the exhibition which introduces art and local culture of the Malaysian East Coast, focusing on Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. As we know, the East Coast is quite rich with cultural art and some of the people are still clinging to the customs and traditions inherited from their forefathers. Works of art and culture that is exhibited here in SeniKome Peng Heng shows the identity of the East Coast with its own uniqueness.

My family and I were given the opportunity to visit this attraction and we were impressed with the exhibits over here. Here’s sharing with you some of the exquisite artefacts on display at SeniKome Peng Heng.

Among the eye-catching exhibits at SeniKome Peng Heng is this; A set of exhibit in Senikome Peng Heng where metal statues features Silat stances, an ancient Malay martial art practised widely in the olden days by Malay warriors.These are created by Raja Shahriman Raja Aziddin. Raja Shahriman was born in 1967, graduated with a degree in Fine Arts specializing in Art Sculpture, UiTM.

Here’s yours truly, imitating the statue’s Silat stance at Senikome Peng Heng. I think I did a bad job, though.

Old school songket/fabric weaver

Batik sarong

Kain pelikat


Traditional toys exhibit

I used to play this traditional game as a child.

Wau Bulan, a traditional Malay kite originating from Kelantan.

Another interesting exhibit at Senikome Peng Heng; Wau Kenyalang. Kenyalang is a Malay word for hornbills. When this traditional kite is airborned, it will produce a hornbill’s kind of squeaking, hence the name ‘Wau Kenyalang’.

Wayang kulit a traditional shadow play performance is also available here.

Behind the scene of a Wayang Kulit stage.

Traditional Malay bird’s trap.

Traditional Malay bird’s traps

Gamelan; a traditional Malay musical orchestra

Playing a tune with Gamelan instruments with my husband and son at SeniKome Peng Heng.

Souvenir shop offering all sort of traditional art and crafts are also available here, so if you ever visited, you can grab some as a token of your memories too.

SENIKOME PENG HENG is located on Level 3, First World Plaza, Resorts World Genting.

Ticket price:

Adult: RM7.00 (Genting Members), RM8.00 (Malaysian) and RM10.00 (Tourist).

Child RM5.00 (Genting Members), RM6.00 (Malaysian) and RM8.00 (Tourist).

Family package 2 adults and 2 children is RM25.00 (Malaysian) and RM32.00 (Tourist).

For more info visit on SeniKome Peng Heng, please hop over to:

Malay Cuisine Fine Dining at Bunga Emas Restaurant, Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur

Located at Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur’s exclusive Level 1 Dining, Bunga Emas Restaurant is nestled alongside restaurants such as Tai Ping Chinese cuisine, L’Heritage Steakhouse and Royale Café that offers fine dining experience suitable for any occasion.

At Royale Chulan’s Bunga Emas Restaurant, each dish represents more than just a tantalizing palate pleaser it is an embodiment of authentic traditional Malay culture. Culinary creations at the Bunga Emas Restaurant are often served with a flourish in Malay Hidangan style and complemented by the melodies of live Malay traditional music. With a capacity of 100 pax, Bunga Emas offers an ideal venue for corporations and individuals looking to entertain and dine in the comfort of an exclusive Malay environment. From appetizers and mouthwatering mains, to desserts and bracing beverages, each classic and contemporary concoction is infused with time-honored Malay culinary traditions passed down from generation to generation. Bunga Emas Restaurant offers its own contribution to the cache of revered Malay recipes such as Gulai ltik Serati, Ayam Masak Lemak Nangka, Siakap Tiga Rasa, Rendang Daging, Jeruk Amra, Sup Ayam Berempah, Udang Masala, Pucuk Paku and Pulut Hitam created by their award winning chefs. Here’s sharing some of the things that they had to offer for lunch/dinner:

Chef Style Marinated on Pegaga and Ulam Raja Salad, Mango Sambal and Jamaican Plum Sauce. This is basically the Thai mango salad. But instead of having the full flavour of Thai mango salad that we are used to, this version of mango salad is a bit tone down on the taste and served with plump and juicy scallops. There are no overwhelming spiciness with a mere slight tanginess. Great for those who can’t tolerate spicy food.

Malay Style Chicken Soup-with a combination of Malay spices and minced chicken. Mildly flavoured, the soup is somewhat comforting on the tummy.

4 fine traditional Malay dishes for our gastronomic pleasure: Braised King Prawns in Cumin andCoriander Gravy, Ayam Masak Lemak Nangka, Rendang Daging and Pucuk Paku Goreng Cili.

Udang Masala/Braised King Prawns in Cumin-Coriander Gravy. Similar to the appetizer and the soup, this dish is not heavily flavoured too. Great to go on it’s own or a plate of piping hot rice.

Ayam Masak Lemak Nangka is one of my favourite dish over here. The spiciness is just right for me and I had a few helpings of this with my plate of Briyani rice.

Rendang Daging was strongly flavoured and the meat was really tender. Another one of my favourite that day.

Pucuk Paku Goreng Cili. I did not manage to have a taste of this as it was gone within minutes when it was placed on the table, so I guess this was good as well.

Nasi Briyani was served to be paired with all of the dishes served. We also had a choice of plain white rice to go with all the traditional Malay dishes.

Warm Black Glutinuos Rice with Coconut, Palm Sugar and Almond Flakes. No course meal would be complete without dessert. And here’s a sweet ending to our meal; Warm Black Glutinuos Rice with Coconut, Palm Sugar and Almond Flakes. I was abit reluctant to have a taste of this at first as I’m not a huge fan of sweet stuff, but I’m glad I gave it a try as this was not cloyingly sweet and acceptable to my palate.

Bunga Emas Restaurant promises to ensconce you in an atmosphere every bit as sumptuous as your exquisite meal. With ornate, traditional décor and a warm, soothing ambiance, your sense of aesthetics will be as satiated as your taste buds. For a truly intimate experience, the restaurant also offers private rooms designed to let you commune with regal, Malay dining traditions. In addition to 3 private rooms, 2 Bilik Bersila allows you to enjoy your meal in true splendor, while seated cross-legged on plush seat cushions.

For more information or reservations refer to the information below:

Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur,
5, Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: +603 2688 9612.

Business hour:
Lunch: 12.00pm 2.30pm daily
Dinner: 6.30pm 10.30pm daily

Reward Yourselves with Tony Roma’s Value Lunch Deal

Do you believe in rewarding yourselves? I’m not sure if you do, but I certainly believe in treating myself good and rewarding myself. The world can be really fast moving and people around you may lack appreciation for the things that you do and therefore patting yourselves on the back for all the achievements that you accomplished is very important to boost your self worth.

There are plenty of ways for you to reward yourselves. Some indulge in vacationing in exotic places or buying themselves high tech toys, but I’ve always been a foodie and I take extreme pleasure in food, and therefore, whenever I feel like rewarding myself, I’ll spoil myself with some a good meal or two after work.

And speaking of good food, let me share some good news with you; Tony Roma’s offering fantastic lunch value meals for you hardworking people to reward yourselves with.

The value lunch deal is offered at RM16.90 onwards at all participating outlets. Each main course comes accompanied with a bowl of soup and bottomless soft drink.

World renowned for its legendary ribs and famous for so much more, the lunch portion sets are specially designed for you so that you are able to feast on a selection of Tony Roma’s famous dishes such as the Bountiful Beef Ribs or New York Steak. For chicken lovers, you may try the recommended White Barbeque Chicken, Fire-Grilled Harvest Valley Chicken or the Chicken Caprese Pasta which are chicken meals like you never tasted before. For a perfect lunch combo, try the Bountiful Beef Rib & Mojo Chicken, Bountiful Beef Rib with Fish & fries or Boutiful Beef Rib & Lamb Cevapi. If you are looking for something lighter, the selections of salads are great too. Selections such as the famous Tony’s Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken or the Chicken Caesar Salad will definitely satisfy the palate.

Here’s giving you a sneakpeek of what Tony Roma’s have to offer for lunch:

Some of the recommended dish offered for Lunch Value Meal promo.

Bountiful Beef Ribs with Fish&Fries (RM34.90)

Bountiful Beef Ribs&Lamb Cevapi (RM36.90)

Bountiful Beef Ribs& Mojo Chicken (RM33.90)

Chicken Caesar Salad (RM18.90)

Ribs 2 (RM43.90)

Chicken Caprese Pasta (RM19.90)

New York Steak (RM38.90)

Looks good, no? This promo is applicable on weekdays except for Public Holidays from 11.00am to 3.00pm. Tony Romas Value Lunch Deal is available at all Tony Romas outlets except for IOI City Mall and Komtar JBCC.

For more information about Tony Roma’s, visit

Fantastic Dimsum Feast at Dynasty Restaurant Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

Looking forward to an indulging lunch escapade with your colleagues or your loved ones but quite concerned for your pocket? Well, plenty of restaurants offers great deal during lunch hours, but if you want to pamper yourselves with some exquisite dimsum over a cuppa tea or two, then you might want to patronize Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur for some sumptuos dimsum treats.

Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur is offering Weekday Dimsum Feast where you will be spoiled rotten with a delicious selection of dimsums at half price during lunch hour. Diners who wants to take lunch to literally a higher level may also create their own 4-course menu at RM49.90nett per person for both lunch and dinner. Apart from these, Dynasty Restaurant is also offering signature dishes like Mongolian lamb chop, Roasted chicken with fragrant minced garlic, Braised oxtail with garlic in casserole, Beef tenderloin with choice of sauces, Pan seared stuffed scallop, Sautéed shelled prawns with salted egg yolk and Peking duck for starting from as low as RM38nett to RM68.80nett.

Sounds good? Well, I definitely think that what they have to offer is quite friendly on the pocket, considering the things that they’ll be be serving are of premium quality and is freshly made to order.

There are over 30 types of dimsums to choose from and a choice of 4 items to select from each course to create your own set menu. Here’s sharing some that I managed to sample when I was dining at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur.

Emerald Dumplings in Scallop

Steam rice flour rolls with chives&shrimp

Beancurd rolls with cheese

Fluffy buns filled with bbq chicken

Crystal Prawn Dumplings

Prawn Wanton in Chilli Vinaigrette

Deep Fried Crispy Yam

Crispy Prawn Toast with Sesame

And should you want to create your own 4 course meal, here’s some highly recommended items that you can order:

Assorted seafood and crabmeat broth

Stir fried duck with sesame oil&oyster sauce

Pan fried Hong Kong Egg Noodle with Enoki&Chicken

Sauteed shelled prawns with salted egg yolk

Chinese Pancake

Egg tarts

Herbal Jelly with Honey&Longan

All of these looks good, no? Trust me, they taste even better. This promo is valid until 29th August 2017. The restaurant is PORK FREE.* The ‘Fantastic Feast’ is not valid with any other voucher, special promotions, membership card benefits or other discounts. 

** Terms and conditions apply

*** Prices are inclusive of 6% Goods & Services Tax (GST). 

Business hour:

Open daily
Lunch: 12.00noon to 2.30pm daily
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily
Dimsum breakfast is served from 9.30am to 2.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays.

For more info, please refer to the information below:

Facebook: and  

Instagram: @[email protected]_kl

Phone: 03 2771 6692

Travel Back to Pre-Historic Era at Dinosaur Alive 2017, MaTic Kuala Lumpur

Feeling adventurous? Travel back in time and get up close and personal with your favourite dino and pre-historic creatures.

Credit: @Ellie Toh

Malaysia Tourism Centre is set to host its biggest ever event, when Dinosaurs Alive in Kuala Lumpur takes over the MaTiC Lanai precinct, right in the heart of the city.

In an amazing pop-up Jurassic theme park under the Big Top, Dinosaurs Alive in Kuala Lumpur brings to life the greatest creatures ever to walk the earth in a thrilling, interactive exhibition.

Get ready to hear, see and feel the might of over 40 Jurassic creatures in an amazing family entertainment and immersive educational experience.

 You won’t believe your eyes as animatronic dinosaurs spring to life in the Jurassic forest. This is a not-to-be-missed journey of discovery through 165 million years when dinosaurs dominated the earth.

Watch them move. Hear them roar! And get up close and personal with the most infamous of prehistoric creatures, the colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex, in this captivating, unimaginable lost wonderland. 

 Here, children can also become paleontologists, chipping away to unearth their very own fossils and making other exciting discoveries.

With many fun activities, including dinosaur art and craft, fossil displays, entertainment and kids’ amusements,Dinosaurs is an unforgettable family experience.

 Dinosaurs Alive in Kuala Lumpur opens at the Lanai precinct of Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) in Jalan Ampang on Friday 14 July 2017, from 10am to 10pm, for a six-month season.

Ticketing details are available at

Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Malaysia

Credit: @Ellie Toh

Malaysia is generally a tourist friendly country with people who will go extra miles to accomodate visitors. But first time visitors might feel slightly overwhelmed on the first visir. Here’s a brief guide on things you should know before visiting Malaysia:

1. Malaysia is a tropical country and the weather can be quite overwhelming for some. Please make sure that you pack up with you light clothing, comfortable shoes, insect repellent and plenty of sunscreens. Do keep keep yourselves hydrated at all times as there are times that the weather in Malaysia can be scorching hot.

2. Malaysia’s national religion is Islam and therefore prominiscous activities and public displays of affection is generally frowned upon. No kissing in public, especially in the more conservative states in Malaysia like Kelantan, Kedag and Terengganu unless you would like to be fined by the authories.

3. Driving in Malaysia is not that straught forward. To drive in Malaysia, you’ll need an International Drivers Permit but it is recommended that you take taxis to move about as it is easier. Alternatively, you may use ride sharing apps like Uber to move about. Ride sharing service like Uber and Grabcar are available in most states in Malaysia. Should you decide to ride a taxi, please insist on using the meter.

4. You must have a certificate of inoculation for yellow-fever if you’re coming from affected countries. Vaccinations for cholera and small pox are not necessary.

5. Before buying a branded item at an individual shop, be careful of its authenticity as bootleg products are widely available.

6 . Tipping is not practiced or expected at eateries. It’s your prerogative if you do want to tip.

7. Keep your belongings safely with you while you’re out sightseeing.

8. Avoid dodgy alleys, grimy bars and suspicious lanes and be wary of approaching locals selling services that are suspiciously not from legitimate providers.

9. Book your acommodation prior to arrival for best deals. There are plenty of sites online that’s offering great deals for for hotels and guesthouses in Malaysia. Take advantage of these deals for great savings.

10. It is important to note that two of Malaysia’s major airport; KLIA 1 and KLIA 2 are two different places. Not to be confused with KLIA 1 which is catered for international flights, KLIA 2 is mainly used for domestic flights. Should you want to travel domestically within Malaysia, the right place you should go to is KLIA 2. Although KLIA 1 caters to internatinal flight and KLIA 2 is for domestic use and budget carrier flights. KLIA 2 is much more vast in size and can be quite confusing to move around in there. Should you need an assistance and tips in moving around in KLIA 2, you may visit this site HERE. The site contains everything you need to know about KLIA 2. The website is not in any way affliated with any Malaysian Airports Associated but it was built by volunteers to help visitors in finding information on the largest budget carrier airport in Malaysia. You may find infos on flights, accomodation, tips and whatnot here. So if you are a first timer in KLIA2, this site is your best bet.

Malaysia is generally a pleasant country and most Malaysians speaks English well, so there’s no need to feel intimidated during your visit in Malaysia. Wear a smile at all times when you approach the locals and you’d find your favours being returned in no time. Apart from the friendly locals, Malaysia is also a food heaven. Do take advantage of your stay by sampling the wide varieties of food the country have to offer.

Ready to visit Malaysia? Well then, I bid you Selamat Datang and enjoy your stay in Malaysia.