Klang Parade Bloggers’ Day Out

From the words of a famous Disney character, Stitch ‘Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.’. Yes indeed family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. I’m a family woman and a firm believer of spending time with my family, so I’ll grab every single opportunity that I have to spend fun, quality time with them.

Speaking of fun, quality time, my family and I were given a chance to spend some quality time together in the newly revamped Klang Parade along with a bunch of other bloggers in their Bloggers’ Day Out last Saturday.

Klang Parade underwent a massive makeover  and was refurbished since June 2013, introducing structural additions to the mall including two new brightly lit atriums drenched in natural sunlight during the day, new travelators and a sense of serenity. A product of very careful planning and design by the mall ‘s owners ARA Asset Management Limited, a new al fresco food and beverage area has been established in front of Klang Parade, replacing spaces previously used as a carpark ramp.
Being one of the largest malls in the area, Klang Parade definitely has gone the distance to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers like me, paying attention to the assortment of international and regional brands open to the public.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0008_zpsckw1e8l7.jpg

Klang Parade Blogger Day Out. A group photo before we literally hit the mall.

 photo IMG_20141213_164417_zps6gomv3eg.jpg

There was a surprise funky dance performance to welcome us too. 8tv’s  Showdown and Astro Battleground dance competition, Rejuvenate Dance Crew, showcased breathtakingly energetic movements, just outside their soon to be opened dance studio, called the Peanut Butter Studio.

Insert Video

Awesome, don’t you think? Should you want to learn how to dance like them, you could look up the Peanut Butter Dance Studio in Klang Parade soon. ;)

 photo PC137170_zpsvfp8usbs.jpg

After all the funky dancing excitements, we were ushered to Firezone Family KTV. The Firezone Family KTV is located on the 5th floor.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0030_zpszmegzczu.jpg

There’s plenty of rooms in the Firezone Family KTV, a one stop family KTV with Wifi, Cafe, Snack & Pool KTV. Firezone Family KTV in Klang Parade has 44 units of small, medium, VIP and VVIP rooms.

 photo IMG_20141213_171750_1_zpsujmztriw.jpg

1 hour of karaoke session for us bloggers was definitely not enough. Here’s girlfriend Wendy and Rane singing their hearts out. Song selections was pretty decent, I guess. Quite a safe bet if you are looking for a fun karaoke-ing time with family and friends.

 photo PhotoGrid_1418633482861_zpsbuvpa0jc.jpg

Snacks are readily available to order to in Firezone Family KTV. Not sure if it comes with the hourly karaoke packages, but do look it up if you ever drop by. Their pizzas is actually not bad. Pretty decent for a KTV.

Firezone Family KTV Klang Parade reservation No: +6-03-3359 6303.

 photo PC137227_zpsfkt5tckd.jpg

After an hour of singing, we were let loose in Circus Circus Arcade on 4th floor.

 photo IMG_20141213_180334_zpsnhqxub6t.jpg

While the Firezone Family KTV is mostly catered to teenagers and adults, the arcade on the other hand provides hours of entertainment for both small children and adults alike.

 photo IMG_20141213_181940_zpsg9wkzlwf.jpg

Arcade video games are readily available. I was a tad disappointed to discover that my all time favourite arcade game, Tekken is not there, but I had a go at the classic Street Fighter arcade video game machine nevertheless. Brings back the memories of yesteryears, really. ;) I used to play similar games when in was still a teenager.

 photo PC137239_zpspy5wmopq.jpg

Here’s me, having fun….after going a few rounds at the Street Fighter arcade video game machine.

 photo IMG_162596027767511_zpsap8untz0.jpeg

After indulging our inner children at the Circus Circus Arcade, it’s time for the Klang Parade Mall Hunt. Bloggers were assigned into three groups for the mall hunt, and here’s my first stop. Tune Talk Service Centre. We were introduced to the Tune Talk services and packages and was given an assignment, which is to pose crazily before we were given our very own Tune Talk simpack. ;) I was a very happy girl…as part of the number for my simpack and my husband’s simpack is 520. Our anniversary date, and also means ‘I love you’ in Cantonese.

 photo IMG_20141213_185819_zpssk6dbs8x.jpg

After unleashing our inner models, we head out for our second station; the Fresh Fruits stall where our task was to make our very own skewered fruits.

 photo IMG_20141213_185708_zps6pde0vna.jpg

Here’s my good friend Rane with her fruit stick. Will you just look at that! So much fruity goodness!

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0029_zpsd0xx1fv6.jpg

Third station is the I.GF Nail Spa where you could have some R&R doing pedicure and manicure.

 photo IMG_20141213_190825_zpsqoqjafbf.jpg

Cute setting for manicure session, don’t you think? Very feminine and girlish.

 photo IMG_20141213_190907_zpssm1rhrls.jpg

Comfy chairs for pedicure sessions.

 photo IMG_20141213_191801_zpsecyc7hdl.jpg

There was not much time allocated for us here so we were told that we could only get one or two of our nails done instead of the entire set. So here’s me, getting my nail art done.

 photo IMG_20141213_193618_zpsk6a4j4rp.jpg

My husband joined the fun too and get his done too. Here’s us, fingers intertwined. ;) A note on their service: A first class service with attentive staff and nail artists. Highly recommended and a must visit if you’re into nail arts. Will be writing more about them soon, you can count on it.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0010_zps0ysvkt5j.jpg

By the time we are done with our nail art at the nail spa, we were famished and headed over to the food court in the vicinity of the Klang Parade Mall to fill up our tummy. It was about 8.00pm.

 photo 1511904_908734865803403_7579524531253819266_n_zpshmt08tsb.jpg

The Next Food Junction. There was plenty of stalls in the food court, separated into two, the Halal section and the Non-Halal section.
 photo 10850089_908734955803394_8988241569521850914_n_zpsx1i05fe8.jpg
The non-Halal section

I’ll be frank with you. The food court is rather disappointing in terms of food availability and service. Service is rather slow at the Halal section even though it was not really crowded. I suppose the staff was not really trained in handling the crowd yet, especially the drinks stall. Customers were not ushered to wait at one side of the counter for their drinks after taking their orders. Instead, they were allowed to wait in queue, resulting in massive queues and long wait by other customers in line who want to place orders. I seriously think this ought to be rectified.

Some of the stalls were also already out of food by 8.00pm. :( I wanted to have a go at the Japanese food and try their Bento set and sushi, but I was informed that they have no more rice and they are not going to cook anymore. Uhh…what? It was only 8pm and I assume the food court closes at 10pm when the mall closes. How could you not have cooked to cater more diners? It’s really a shame, so I had chicken rice at their neighbouring stall instead.

 photo IMG_20141213_201842_zpsd70cvtnr.jpg

Taste- wise, the chicken rice was mediocre. Portion wasn’t that big. Nothing to complain, nothing to shout about either. Price-wise…it was economical and affordable.

While the experience at the food court was not so pleasant in terms of food availability and service, I have no other complaints. It is nice to note that Klang Parade divide the halal and non halal section and I noticed that cleanliness is top notch. Having said that, I am grateful nevertheless that I managed to get my tummy filled.

 photo PC137396_zpsmeioe22s.jpg

After dinner we proceed to the Upin and Ipin meet and greet and had photography session there. My son had loads of fun meeting the animated characters live, and our nights ends there.

Overall… We had loads of fun, and I suppose I will be visiting again to check out what else they have to offer in Klang Parade Mall. I have yet to explore the entire mall yet…and I’m looking forward to spend time with my family there again.

For more information about Klang Parade, visit their facebook page HERE

Klang Parade
2112, KM2 Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-3343 7889

Glittering Christmas Wonderland at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur

 photo IMG_20141205_213647_zpswjzdoklo.jpg

I visited PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur last week and was pleased to discover that the Lobby at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur was transformed into a glittering wonderland with children and adults anticipating the family-themed Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

The Festive season at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur was welcomed by hotel guests, corporate clients, The Alice Smith School carollers and children from the Stepping Stones Living Centre at the hotel’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This event also signified the initiation of their annual fundraising campaign in aid of Stepping Stones Living Centre.
 photo Stepping Stones Living Centre and The Alice Smith School have a group photo with PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur associates_zpsdf0pfylp.jpg
The ceremony began with The Alice Smith School carollers taking centre stage with ‘Frosty the Snowman’ which caught the attention of the little ones especially. Santa Claus and his Santarinas was seen going around greeting guests with candies and chocolates from Santa’s red sack. The Alice Smith School then got the Christmas mood going with ‘White Christmas’, ‘Rudolf’, ‘Jingle Bel s’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’. The evening continued with Mr. Mark Losi, General Manager of PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur welcoming and thanking everyone for being present to witness the eventful occasion.
 photo Mrs. Rosalynn and Mr. Michael Turvey generously made their contributions_zpsdaiobjbl.jpg

Launching the fundraising campaign, Mr. Losi made the first contribution towards Stepping Stone Living Centre. Stepping Stones Living Centre was founded in 1998 by Pastor Johnson. It was set up to take care of children, single mothers and senior citizens from needy and broken homes. The children would like to have new uniforms, shoes and clothes for the New Year. To fulfil their Christmas wishes, contributors can choose an envelope from our Christmas tree at the lobby. Each envelope has a child’s name, their wish and the value of each item. Just donate the amount stated into the envelope and drop it into the donation box right next to the Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, diners will be entitled to a lucky dip at RM20 per person. Proceeds will be channelled towards Stepping Stones Living Centre. Your generous contributions will ensure a memorable Christmas and New Year for these children.

Together with Christina, a nine-year-old girl from Stepping Stones Living Centre, they then lit up the Christmas tree, officiating the beginning of ‘A Family Christmas Affair’ festivities at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur.

 photo IMG_20141205_213824_zpsy08wxvmh.jpg
The Christmas tree was brightly lit up with white LED lights by Mr. Losi and Christina using a silver wand.By the tree was a sliver sleigh and four glittering reindeers stocked with Christmas goodies. The ceremony continued with the children of Stepping Stones Living Centre singing classic Christmas carols such as ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘Away in a Manger’. They were then treated to a delectable buffet dinner before making their way home.

 photo PhotoGrid_1418283064120_zpspexhypvq.jpg

Corporate clients were also invited to dine to a Christmas Family Buffet Dinner at Chatz Brasserie, where generous choices of dishes were prepared for them. Among them were Roasted Turkey with Bread Stuffing and served with Giblet and Cranberry Sauce, Roasted Sirloin with Green Peppercorn Sauce, Grilled Seafood, Christmas Fruitcake, Cranberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Log Cake and Mince Pie, e43das well as exquisite selections from the newly-opened Kurata Japanese Fine Dining.

Get the First Whiff of Romance with Enchanteur Paris

To date, I’m married for 12 years, but I learned things the hard way not to take things for granted when it comes to relationships. Marriage can be quite boring and routine, so I make it a point to not stop dating with my husband. I learned how to say yes to my husband’s suggestion more than no these days and I feel much more connected to him than ever, against all odds. :)

Regardless of how busy and packed our schedule are, my husband and I still try to make time for each other. More often than not, we go for teatime break together…or a dinner date during the weekdays. I may not say it out loud, but I do appreciate him making effort to spend quality time with me every now and then.

Surprise lunch visit or dinner dates…we do often. But movie dates is pretty much rare as we usually just turn on some movies and cuddle up to watch it in the comfort of our own home.

 photo IMG_20141210_125915_zpsp9ggwdny.jpg

And so, when I received complimentary TGV Cinema tickets for the newly released movie, Penguins of Madagascar; couple seats, no less, courtesy of ENCHANTEUR Malaysia, I was thrilled. This means I have an excuse to have a movie date with my husband. It’s been awhile since we actually watched movie together. :)

 photo IMG_20141210_125339_zpstrsbjrh_edit_1418187403011_zpsf44tl3yu.jpg
ENCHANTEUR Malaysia not only sent me movie tickets, but three bottles of their newly launched perfume for me to wear while I’m on a date with my husband. :)

I immediately felt giddy and all excited for my movie date. ;) Feeling like a princess that day, I dolled up and sprayed on one of the perfume, so that my husband could get a whiff of me. ;)

The perfume, smells nice, to be honest. It uplift my mood and made me feel romantic. If you’re not familiar with the brand, I can assure you that ENCHANTEUR is one of the leading mass market fragrance brands and it is well known to evolve with time in not just developing enticing new fragrances but also enhances its reach and engagement with the consumers.

Famed for its French inspired fine fragrances that ignite the flames of romance, ENCHANTEUR launched an advertising campaign which will tease the senses as part of its new fragrance introduction.

For the first time ever Malaysians will get to experience a multi-sensorial commercial that will evoke the senses by way of “Sight”, Sound” and “Smell”.

Audiences are now able to get a whiff of the fragrance being promoted as soon as the commercial is played in the cinema. This advertising campaign will be promoting the newly launched ENCHANTEUR PARIS EDT Fashionista and the commercial will be running for the next 3 months till February next year. Consumers can catch it at selected TGV Cinemas. So yes…my husband and I managed to get a whiff of the perfumes during our movie date last Saturday. :) It was indeed a pleasant experience.

For those who would like to experience the commercial which will be a treat for your 3 senses, the commercial schedule is as per below, so check it out:

KL KLCC Hall 3 6th Nov – 19th Nov
Klang Bukit Raja Hall 1 20th Nov – 3rd Dec
Wangsa Maju Wangsa Walk Hall 9 4th Dec – 17th Dec
Sri Kembangan The Mines Hall 5 18th Dec – 31st Dec
Rawang Rawang Hall 5 1st Jan – 14th Jan 2015
Negeri Sembilan Seremban 2 Hall 3 15th Jan – 28th Jan 2015
Ipoh Kinta City Hall 3 29th Jan – 11th Feb 2015
Johor Tebrau City Hall 1 12th Feb – 25 Feb 2015



Newly launched ENCHANTEUR PARIS fragrances:


ENCHANTEUR PARIS FASHIONISTA TOP NOTE – Bergamot, Passion Fun / Trendy / Charismatic / Stylish / Energetic
HEART NOTE – Jasmine, Freesia, Rose
BASE NOTE – Amber, Cedarwood, Musk
ENCHANTEUR PARIS GLAM TOP NOTE – Red Berries, Mangoes, Pineapple, Melon Poised / Charming / Confident / Gorgeous / Sophisticated / Glamour
HEART NOTE – Rose, Mugeut, Gardenia
BASE NOTE – Amber, Cedarwood, Musk
ENCHANTEUR PARIS PRINCESSE TOP NOTE – Apples, Gardenia, Peach Sweet / Lovely / Irresistible / Sparkling / Delightful
HEART NOTE – Jasmine, Freesia
BASE NOTE – French Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood


 They are also having a giveaway…check out the banner on how you can request for samples. ;)

ENCHANTEUR range of products which also encompasses shower gel/creams, talc and deodorant is available at all major retail outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies at a very affordable price of just RM17.90.

More details at :-

Cleffairy: Don’t ever stop dating. ;) Marriage requires one to fall in love with the same person over and over again. ;)

eWana FM, More Than Just a Radio

When I was a little girl, my ambition was to be one of these three:

1. A doctor
2. A journalist
3. A deejay

I never did became a doctor or a deejay, I’m afraid, but I did pursue my tertiary education in Mass Communication and became a journalist for a short period of time. I suppose, someway…somehow…I did realize my childhood dreams, even for a short while.

Funny how life turns out…but no complains there. I’m now a writer in my own rights and I’m grateful and contented with all the blessings that I have in my life.

God is great and gave me what I want occasionally in His own way and terms. I may not be a doctor or a deejay, but He gave me friends who are deejays. ;)

 photo IMG-20141207-WA0055_zpsom5dt73z.jpg

Here’s a picture taken a few days ago in eWana FM, during a surprise birthday celebration for Kos Serani a.k.a DJ Koz, designer cum deejay.

eWana FM is a place that I consider a home away from home. A place that is more than just a radio; where I get to connect with a lot of awesome people in the media and entertainment industry.

The people on the photos…they are deejays, models and media practitioners. :)

From the surface, one would have the impression that the people in the industry are cocky and unapproachable, but the truth is far cry from people’s common perception. I have the privilege to get to know the models, the artists, the deejays and whatnot personally and I assure you that they are not only easily approachable, but friendly to boot as well. So yes…never judge a person from their appearances or their job, and never stereotype them for whatever reasons.

Anyway, eWana FM is going through a major revamp for their show segments and whatnot. It will indeed be more than just an online radio as soon, the listeners would be able to watch their favourite deejays live while they are on air via live TV stream. :) Cool, huh?

 photo IMG_523835756836521_zps6i2wmrao.jpeg

My friend DJ Koz here will resume his show in eWana FM soon, and guess what?

 photo IMG_530854508240816_zps21xa2oei.jpeg
He is looking for guests who are interested to be interviewed on his show! So…if you have something to promote; doing business etc and is looking for good, clean publicity whatsoever, you may contact http://ewana.fm or directly contact DJ Koz at +60 16-278 1412 to be one of the guests on the show. ;)

The listeners will not only be able to listen to you, but could see you as well!
I daresay it would be a good exposure for you…and if you’re ever there in eWana FM and would like to get to meet me in person and get to know me,just give me a holler and perhaps I could go over and we could go for a cuppa or two. ;)

MyNasi , Midvalley Kuala Lumpur

It’s a yet another working night for my husband, but one got to eat and fuel up before slaving at work for the rest of the night, so we meet half way for dinner as there one perfect place is the vicinity of Midvalley where busy urbanites could have quick but wholesome local delicacies in one go, MyNasi.

 photo IMG_20141127_212046_zpshvdbu0hm.jpg

The restaurant practices self-service concept and is quite small for my dining in- standard, but I guess it is all right, as it’s mostly catered to busy working people who wants to have a quick takeout.

The restaurant is newly opened, and here’s what my husband and I managed to sample.
 photo IMG_20141127_194557_zpsfjmrgqt_edit_1417127761993_zps69l2ojvc.jpg

MyNasi, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, MyLaksa with Cockles, Assorted Side Dishes, Taufu Telur and Otak-Otak Muar.

 photo IMG_20141127_194737_zpstgkrcezz.jpg

Their specialty, is of course, their assorted selection of Nasi Lemak. The one that we tried is this, MyNasi set (RM10.90) with whole chicken thigh. As usual, it’s served with a side of sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts and a a slice of boiled eggs. The coconut rice was very rich with coconut milk taste with fluffy texture. The sambal is a tad too mild for me and I thought it should be better if it’s much spicier, but if you’re busy at work and looking for a comforting meal that will not hurt your tummy, then you will feel that this level of spiciness is just nice. The chicken was adeptly fried and have a hint of lemongrass taste in it. Not exactly the authentic kind of nasi lemak you usually get on the sidewalk, but good enough for me.

 photo IMG_20141127_194725_zpsfceyjko7.jpg

MyLaksa with Cockles (RM8.90) is actually rice noodles served with thick, creamy curry, topped with condiments like blanched beansprouts, fried tofu, a slice of halved boiled egg, chives, cockles and of course, sambal. Honestly, although I like the texture of the thick rice noodles, the curry is way too creamy and milky for me and the sambal was really mild instead of spicy. Personally, would like a less rich version where you could savor the curry taste, but like I said, the restaurant cater to busy working individuals who needs a quick meal. And this sort of food would just settle their tummy during lunch of dinner without upsetting their tummy.

 photo IMG_20141127_194718_zpsuvildlas.jpg

Mee Rebus (RM8.00). Yellow noodles served with spicy tapioca gravy with condiments. The usual suspects like fried tofu, boiled eggs, blanched beansprouts is of course there. The texture of the noodles is all right. The tapioca gravy was rich and flavourful. It would have overwhelm those who are not familiar with strong tasting food, but this one’s quite all right for me.

 photo IMG_20141127_195412_zpsmm5qlgso.jpg

Mee Siam (RM8.00). Rice vercimille served with sweet, spicy and savoury sauce. This dish was one of my favourite that night. The dish was not only aromatic but it is positively, sinfully delicious. Could easily tempt me for a second helping, I assure you.

 photo IMG_20141127_194832_zps5y0zenp_edit_1417133204507_zpsaiknubzj.jpg

Fried Chicken Wings (RM3.50) per piece. Adeptly fried and flavourful. Nice to have on it’s own as a snack or as a side dish to a plate of nasi lemak.

 photo IMG_20141127_194750_zpsm02fwu3e.jpg

Additional side dishes like breaded fried fish, fried fish, chicken luncheon meat, chicken sausages etc can be ordered separately. Price per piece of these is Rm2 and above.

 photo IMG_20141127_195428_zpscfygjicq.jpg

The house special, Taufu Telur (RM7.90) is practically the star of the night. It’s merely a smooth tofu fried in omelete style, drizzled with sweet soya sauce and topped with shredded cucumber and carrots, but this humble dish is delicious enough to warrant a second or third helping. Highly recommended and a must try if you dine in MyNasi.

 photo IMG_20141127_194939_zpsxdrtajk7.jpg

Otak-Otak Muar and other snacks is also available for you to enjoy, but I can’t comment much on those as I did not try it out.

Overall, the dining experience here in MyNasi Midvalley is decent. The food here is not really authentically spicy for Malaysian standard, but you’d find it enjoyable to eat nevertheless, especially if you are looking for something warm, quick and wholesome to eat.

Here’s the restaurant’s details should you need a quick meal fix:

My Nasi, Mid Valley Megamall
Lot LG074A, Lower Ground Floor
T: +603 2202 3099

Operation hours – 8am – 10pm

Open Daily
Delivery service is available in the vicinity of Midvalley area.

To Each It’s Own

 photo IMG_23460136388763_zpsihnnv0cg.jpeg

Cheesy fried banana have been quite a rave on the social media these days, and I could always see people posting pictures of it with positive caption attached to it. As usual, I would jump in the bandwagon and give it a try too, after all, the cheesy fried bananas people are raving about looks absolutely delicious. I couldn’t possibly resist the temptation so a couple of days ago, when I was walking with my husband in the night market and saw a stall selling these, I just make a grab at it. My husband have a sweet tooth and he wanted to try it too…so…why not…

We bought a set of it at RM5. There were a lot flavours being sold, chocolate, Oreo, rice chocolates etc but we decided to stick to the original cheesy flavour.

The bananas was fried to perfection before being drizzled with condensed milk and topped with grated cheddar cheese.

But as interesting as it looks, this dessert is not to our liking. It tasted absolutely weird to me and to him too. The combination wasn’t exactly appealing to my palate. It’s too sweet and I must say that I prefer the good old original fried bananas with no toppings whatsoever on it.

Well, I guess I won’t be buying these ever again…to each it’s own and whatever everyone else thinks tasted nice, doesn’t necessarily mean will suit me.

Staying Ageless with New Image Alpha Lipid Bee Venom

An old friend whom I haven’t met for quite some time commented that I look much more beautiful and younger these days in comparison to a few years back when I went for a food review a couple of weeks ago. I was naturally flattered, of course. It’s been awhile since someone told me that I looked younger and better than before. Perhaps, all the skincare routine I have been doing is paying off after all. :)

 photo IMG_20141116_052509_zpsxgnsl87s.jpg

I used to be quite afraid of ageing, but I think it is not that scary anymore after using this Bee Venom Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturising Cream.

Bee Venom Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturising Cream is a multifunctional cosmetic which kickstarts the body’s own production of Collagen and Elastin – the key factors to restoring younger, healthier, skin by decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It works in harmony with the body’s systems and is non-invasive or painful like surgery, skin peels, or injections.
Alpha Lipid Bee Venom Intensive Moisturising Cream is the only skin care product containing New Zealand’s Alpha Lipid Colostrum which provides TGF (Transforming Growth Factors) to promote skin cell repair and renewal.
Key active ingredients:

Bee Venom
Natural exotic oils such as jojoba, almond, macadamia seed
Manuka Honey
Evening Primrose
Shea Butte

I’ll be honest with you. Before trying this out, I was a tad skeptical about using a product that contains bee venom. I thought; hey…won’t it sting? Will it have any side effects? But despite of my initial reluctance to try this product, I tried nevertheless.

 photo IMG_20141116_141732_zpsmroquhmt.jpg

During the first week of usage, my skin had a breakout. I freaked out, but discovered that after continuous usage, my complexion started to look clearer, and I have the dark rings under my eyes are not so obvious anymore, so I decided to continue to use it, and I’m glad to say I did.

There is noticeable differences after using a jar of this for two months. My skin is actually much more moisturized, and whenever I used it as a makeup base, my make up lasts even longer and I have that blushing, glowing effect even without blusher on, which is really great! :)

If you are looking for an anti ageing cream that actually works and have that botox effect, you might want to go for this too.

This product is suitable for use by all men and women except those who are allergic to bee stings. I personally would recommend to test on a small area of skin before first use and wait 20 minutes. If there are no adverse effects then continue applying to your face.

Everyone’s skin is unique and different, so some might experience a slight tingling sensation which is normal.

You can also use this product as a Night Cream. All you need to do is apply a generous layer over the face and neck and leave on overnight. In the morning use it again as a Day Cream. For best results apply twice daily and use within 12 months after opening.

So where to buy this product? Well, you can hop over HERE for more information or directly contact +60 19-217 2162 to place your order.

Make Up Kit for Travelers

Friends who knows me says I changed a lot. I’m not the person I was a year ago, and I tend to agree with their opinion. I suppose going through something that had a huge impact on me pushed me to be the woman I am today. You see, some people went through something that made them changed into a completely different person and could never be who they were before, and I happened to went through just that.

Some said I changed for the better, but some said I changed for the bad and they couldn’t even recognized me or could feel the connection with me anymore. Well, whatever their opinion is, they are right. I’m better now…and also in some ways, bad too. It depends on your own perspective. Doesn’t matter though, as I am a happier person now. I feel more comfortable with myself and feels much more liberated, regardless of people’s opinion on me.

I have more fun now and I don’t just stay in my comfort zone. I adopted traveling as a hobby and get lost very often, but as I do, I discover more and more things about myself and life in general.

If there is one thing that I learned about myself these days that I like to take photos while traveling. Read: Selfies. :) I like making new memories in places that I visit and I like looking good in pictures. Therefore, I make it a point to doll up while I’m traveling. :) it is not always convenient as I prefer to travel light with just my trustworthy pink backpack, but hey…I always believe that style should not go flying even when we are hitting the road.

Friends always wonder how I managed to doll up every now and then when I’m on media trips and whatnot these days.

Well, here’s my secret. ;) ice recently quite taken to taking some beauty survival kit whenever I travel.

 photo IMG_20141116_052830_zpsbp2vuwoh.jpg

Products from Victoria Jackson’s Cosmetics. Victoria Jackson’s Beauty Diary (RM199) , Foundation Powder (RM60) and Lip Addiction (RM55).

 photo IMG_20141116_052925_zpsrir39i8o.jpg

These are the products that I have been using regularly to satisfy the vain woman in me. The foundation powder is mineral based, with SPF15. It works quite well in covering up my flaws while the lip addiction gives my lips some healthy but natural colourings. I used these whenever I go for events etc.

 photo IMG_20141116_053124_zpszxqjdfwe.jpg

But when I go travel, I omit the foundation compact powder and Lip Addiction lip colour in favour of Victoria Jackson’s Beauty Diary, the ultimate lifesaver for a vain traveler like me. It’s compact in size and could easily fit on the palm of your hand. Designed to fit your daily handbags and backpacks. It contains everything that you need for a complete make up look; foundation powder, eyeshadows pallete in a few different shades, blushers, maskara, lipstick pallete, lipliner and eyebrow pencil. Brushes and mirror is included for easy application on the go.

For the price of RM199, I’d say that this is quite a worthy investment in the long run for a vain traveler like me. Great for beginners who just started to fiddle with makeup too.

You can buy these at selected Watson’s outlet nationwide.

BRIM 4.0 2015 Application Form

Malaysians…worried about the cost of living? Well, fret not. Our government do provide a one off relief to those who qualifies annually. BR1M 4.0 will be back in 2015 and the application form will be released on 1st Dec 2014. Those who qualifies, please mark the date and apply for the relief. You can apply for BRIM 4.0 online here https://ebr1m.hasil.gov.my/

 photo IMG_139053306348386_zpsevb8rfwl.jpeg

Check the info graphic above to see if you are qualified and if you do, don’t forget to visit the site to apply or update your details. :)

Say No To Plagiarism

There are plenty of unpleasant things that is going on in the blogging world lately. Some is rather embarrassing to even mention as I believe, when a blogger screwed up…the others will be affected too. As they say, one rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. So I’ll just leave that where it belongs and hope people will just forget some stupidities even happen.

Yes…some is not worthy for discussion but some things that is going on in the industry, I believe must be spoken up.

The one thing that is worthy precious time to mention in my opinion:


Such a disgusting thing and as someone who wrote 33 mini novellas and self published a couple of novels online, I am completely against plagiarism.

As a writer, I have experienced my work being plagiarized a few times, and while this is quite strong to say, I have always feel that plagiarism is a form of rape and robbery Read that: Rape and robbery. Yes. Rape and robbery. I stand by this statement as those who plagiarize forcefully take and use someone’s ideas their own personal gains.

Within the span of one month, I’ve seen a couple of plagiarism cases

Plagiarism is a form of intellectual crime and I do not believe in condoning them. Not even one bit, because if you just let it be, it will occur again and again countlessly.

A lot of bloggers keep quiet whenever their work is being plagiarized. That is a huge mistake, because you let that happen once and just keep quiet about it, people will think it is all right to just copy and paste your work without even bothering to give you credit for it.

I have been plagiarized and I do not tolerate such act. I took legal actions against those who claims that they ate the proprietor of my intellectual property. Some people would think that it is not worth the fight and one should just be all sweet and forgiving by just turning a cheek against it…and thinks people will always know the truth. But sorry to break it to you people that this world is not a romance novel nor it is a fairy tale.

Grow up. The real world does not always paint the good people in the good light and the criminal in the bad light. The world may see things differently and worship the bad guys just because they could give you enjoyment or benefit.

The real world does not always have a happily ever after for good people and if fighting for your rights is considered being a badass, then so be it. It does not matter how people see you, but how you see yourself and stood for what is right.