Valentine’s Day 2015 at Avenue K Rooftop

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? My husband and I celebrated it in quite a romantic setting this year instead of the usual quiet dinner at home. :)

 photo IMG_20150214_213202_zpst9sbdg0c.jpg

We celebrated at Avenue K rooftop. A rather romantic and dreamy setting I must say. There’s the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower as the backdrop and glittering lights like diamonds when the night falls.

 photo IMG_20150214_211854_zpsltp5z03j.jpg

Avenue K has outdone themselves for Valentine’s Day I must say. There’s even live jazz performance for those who are celebrating that night.

 photo IMG_20150214_202811_zpsxwqmifww.jpg

Beautiful jazz music all night through

 photo IMG_20150214_201738_zps4dsy0rr9.jpg

Light fruit salad as dinner. :)

 photo IMG_20150214_212548_zpsfo1iaawz.jpg

And then husband and I danced a lil bit that night, along with other couples who were there. The last time I danced with my husband was when we were still young and just start dating. We were still in college then. I was only 17 then.Yes. I married my college sweetheart. ;) He was my first love, and still in love with him against all odd.

 photo IMG_20150214_205952_zpsrkg7tzfm.jpg

Love is not something you could actually describe, but who is complaining when they received roses and chocolates as tokens of love?

It was indeed a memorable and lovely night. :) Everyone was in the mood for love. Thank you Avenue K for all the things that has been done for all the lovers that night. The time spent with husband that night is something I’ll cherish and remember for the rest of my life. :)

Kos Serani Fashion Show at IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Having an autistic child whose milestone is not exactly on par with normal children has always made me feel inferior and a failure, but I come to realize that despite of some people telling me that,( oh, you know who…friends, relatives and people who doesn’t bother to mind their own business) it is neither my fault or my child’s fault.

I made it no secret that I want to leave my old life and get out of my comfort zone. I made it no secret that I no longer wish to mingle around with people who constantly have more complaints daily than positive thoughts. I would have been forever stuck in a stagnant level if I were to continue to live in my old life but i’ve been blessed enough to meet with people who not only motivate and support me, but inspire me to be a better version of myself, and also people who told me that I’ve done a great job with my son and I should stop beating myself up just because my child is different. I have self confidence issues, and I still do, I guess. Autism tend to do that to parents, mothers especially, but I have some help from positive people who have faith in me.

One of the person whom I have been privileged enough to get to know on a personal level is Kos Serani; a deejay and designer. Above his designation, he is a wonderful elder brother, confidant and mentor whom I respect very much. He is a man who is multi-talented and humble, and every now and then, I’ll join his modeling and grooming class where he taught me a lot of things; body posture, body language, how to walk with your chin’s up and with confidence, how to speak in public and many more. I have benefited in many ways from his generosity and constant motivation. Although I don’t aspire to be a model or anything like that, what he taught me has helped me tremendously in terms of confidence and self-respect.

Anyway, he had this fashion show, featuring one of his exclusive collections last Sunday with some of his models. I did not manage to go as I have made a commitment to watch Ultraman Live in Genting with my husband and son.

Although I enjoyed myself immensely while I was in Genting with my family, was feeling rather wistful about not being able to watch his fashion show.

And so, a good friend of mine, Yard…a male model who happens to be one of the models who was involved in the show shared me some pictures from the show, and I thought it would be such a waste not to share the photos here with all of you.

 photo IMG-20150302-WA0004_zpsmgr7tstj.jpg

Pretty hot, no? No…I’m not talking about the sexy body…:P but I’m talking about the clothes that these guys are wearing. Flaming, sizzling red. This is a part of the Kos Serani’s Chinese New Year’s collections. ;)

 photo IMG-20150302-WA0001_zpspqplyno5.jpg

Quite a blaze and I like the playful but bold details of the outfit. Fits the spring festival pretty well, don’t you think?

 photo IMG_251540939900394_zpsyqmbtmft.jpeg

I’m still waiting for individual photos to share with you but here’s a group photo featuring models wearing Kos Serani’s collection. Bright, smart and eye catchy.

 photo IMG_251480185326544_zpsnszkshsf.jpeg

Here’s the fabric maestro himself. Dashing in black. :)

I guess that’s all for now and I’ll be featuring more of Kos Serani’s design and collection soon. Keep a lookout for it and I promise you’ll drool over the clothing…and models too, I guess ;)

Ultraman Live in Genting

When it comes to anime, I’m more to Sailormoon and Dragonball kind of girl but my husband and son is an Ultraman freak. My husband especially. Having heard that Ultraman is here in Genting, we decided to pay a little visit. We drove up all the way to Genting. It was just about 1 hour drive from home.

 photo mPHa8CTJER-lCcHOXMGqZt6HWxmpi9aH7Oh0U1N2zMErvJw3WNMAObdDYYyOvXTb2sZEFR0M0E4msCqVUNkQ_MWmUOj6WDsikQGOKu82_v89RWkpgFFL94SZMw3_zpsbpuwqk9a.jpeg

The Ultraman in Ultraman Live in Genting. The show features popular Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Tiga,  and five other Ultramans namely Ultraman, Seven, Taro, Cosmos and Mebius together with two infamous  kaiju alien Baltan and Ultraman Belial.

While I easily get confused on which Ultraman is which as there are too many of them to even begin with, my husband can tell me which Ultraman is called what, and he also knows the monster’s name by heart.

My son loves it so much that he can’t stop playing pretend when we came home back home and hugged the huge Ultraman figurine that my father bought for him to sleep.

 photo uoZee1TU8x9PA2GgiBYRvAYPYico_jUwa-gxDpwlLqUGztKJPG3khhMKVgLSbd304bYiJTHjkSkfdIug5_G8As4aaiVsXR6fKfves0JF-6IDcUZz2ODBsvfr3m9_zps47wpxeox.jpeg

Ultraman in action

 photo hR15skvr996qnA2ejlLpBMtGzcOan-fgDJJa7BITSL0QGm8n7i1a8Ps5uNa3bEdyNvzGJ_0q-olIrlVoLfLQQI2_6ab8Nr98WEbsm5Df64qrwXGqKZQHdRxwzjJ_zpsorix8m6o.jpeg

Ultraman fighting monster.
 photo 9ihWrXCS1CeH-2XeYCb1-endtByrIuee5NtqZ3CiUUANTu1PD1TiFn6WfuxJHYFWTd-dGMss6qi0KFtj3B9JAMqvlf9bI7hEXBV1U6cWb2epXsNIu9_kcQcl5ee_zpsmxxzudb8.jpeg

Part of the live action scene

 photo s8qlrUlxZHe_V59it__pioPbc-ZSjOr3TdzkoSH8kpEpFVoIeANsPbJcCIBfI8YQlF-A_O7qBYriYzdS0Of8CUpq_NWzokudDdk296ouKc65KWTkuxxz0ZTXsri_zpsujko0ur1.jpeg

Another cool scene. ‘Ultraman Live in Genting 2015′ is produced by Tsuburaya Productions and it is customized with an all new storyboard for the Malaysian audience and Resorts World Genting. The show is pretty cool with high tech stagecraft and I’d say it is worth every penny spent there.

Anyway here is sharing something with you.

 photo 23e1nYGervDdfJQSCt2kPhkwK0yreOXzUqlFAI1P-ccgkpkGKm2vcKGu49pPsQeBf-chsM1EKcLap-tn3ZJJkwDdEEmQBy7YCm-oCIPWj_mPw-HWVooAKsOAeke_zps8dctutjb.jpeg

If you purchase your tickets now (while stock last) you stand to get a limited edition of Ultraman Projector Watch FREE. Ultraman ticket holders will also receive an exclusive 30% off for Ultraman limited edition merchandises and a 20% discount to dine at Resort Seafood, Hou Mei Resort Hotel and Coffee Terrace.

Pop corns is also on sale for you to munch on and a very special edition Ultraman tumbler. I bought one for my son and it was retailing for just RM20 nett (popcorn and tumbler) and RM26 nett that comes inclusive with a very special Ultraman popsicle. Drinks is refillable for free for the tumbler throughout the duration of the show.

Tickets are available at RM88 (VIP) and RM68 (PS1). For more info, please visit:

Fixing The Beauty Damage Done After CNY

How many of you would agree with me that festive season could be quite damaging in a lot of areas? You know, the financial part, the physical stress and not to mention the emotional challenge that you have to go through when you are forced to face society/relative’s expectations…

While I’m sure most of us couldn’t do much about the financial, emotional and mental damage that has been done during festive seasons, there is something that we could do to fix up the beauty damage that has been done by binge eating and staying out too much in the sun. Here’s sharing with you ladies( and gentlemen too) what we can do to look good after all of those unhealthy indulgence:

*Detox your body by starting to eat healthily again, and fast if you can. You may go on a liquid diet too if you want to.
* Watch your cholesterol level. It might have increased after all of those festive food indulgence. Have some oat in the morning. It helps to decrease your cholesterol level.
*Drink more water and stay hydrated
* Stay out of the sun if you can help it. It is always scorching hot during festive seasons in Malaysia, especially during Chinese New Year. If you can’t, do remember to use sunblock to protect yourselves from the harmful UV rays.
*Hit the gym…or exercise regularly to burn off those unhealthy and unwanted fats.

There is no such thing as a short cut slimming down or looking good. I have always believe that it is all hard work and a healthy lifestyle to keep one looking good and feeling good inside out.

But then again, if you need some professional help to look beautiful, I believe you can just hop over to visit RMT. It is a medical centre that is offering all sort of beauty and aesthetic solution for your vanity needs. Visit their site here check out what they have to offer.

I visited them once for a whitening procedure and boy I must say that they work wonders. :)

My skin feels much healthier and have some pinkish glow.

 photo IMG_20141208_143728_zpserhdtkeg.jpg

 photo IMG_20150220_200917_zpsiof8mfq3.jpg

And the stubborn dark circle around the eyes has somehow been reduced. The pic above has no filter, by the way. :)

If you are interested in visiting them to fix up some beauty damage or for whatever thing, do use this code: ellie toh 81 and mention my blog to enjoy up to 20% discounts on treatments and procedures. ( T&C ) applies. :)

For appointments, consultations and enquiries, do have a look at the details below:

Reborn Medical Technology (1105509-K)

Phone: 03-2202 1121
WeChat: Reborn Clinic
Whatapps: 011-38179672

Email: [email protected]


Facebook Fanpage:

No. 160, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours
Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00am – 6:00pm

Back Home for Chinese New Year

A child no more and is now a married woman with a child of my own, Chinese New Year is always intimidating to me. It is no longer fun where you get to eat a lot of tidbits and collect angpow from the elders. Socially speaking, Chinese New Year is a horror story where you have to practically endure your nosy relatives who talks too much and judge too much for their own good. You see, I never like those stupid small talks that asks me questions like why I only have one child, why my son’s progress is so slow in comparison to other children etc. Such things makes me feel uneasy and makes me feel like my privacy have been breached.

Yes. Honestly speaking, that is how I feel every Chinese New Year. Unpleasant, really…as the Chinese are extremely competitive and naturally Chinese New Year becomes the time where everyone show off their achievements. Everyone have something to show off about. How well their kids are doing in school, how awesome they are at work…it is all about who is better than the others.
Not exactly my thing. I don’t like showing off…nor do I like to get involved in meaningless small talks.

But then again, I have changed a lot these days. I am much a successful person today in comparison to last year and the year before. I’m prettier and lovelier now. I no longer feel inferior and I strut with my head held high. I am influential too and my son have progressed so much in his own ways too and despite not really expelling academically, my son is pretty street smart and have loads of hands on experience in comparison to children his age. Unlike a lot of children his age, he wasn’t raised to be babysit by iPad or smartphones, so he have better table manners too, where he would actually sit and eat the food instead of fiddling with the gadgets. Frankly speaking, if I were to boast, there is definitely a lot for me to boast about.

So yea…Chinese New Year might be socially unpleasant. But looking on the bright side, at least I have a home to go back to. My mother in law is still around and she usually make a lot of effort to bring the family together for Chinese New Year. She will cook loads of delicious stuff for us to eat and there are jars of tidbits for all of us to munch on. I guess when I am older, I’ll be doing the same thing to keep my family together, and despite the unpleasant social environment, I still could enjoy homecook food and enjoy doing nothing and unwind during Chinese New Year. My husband will be by my side 24/7 too, which is great as we are all busy during normal days. Who says you can’t make the most of everything? Festive season can be pretty overrated and commercialized, but it provides the opportunity to actually bond with your family, so make the most of it. Consider yourselves lucky to still have family and home to go back to this festive season. Some are not lucky enough to have one. :)

Happy Chinese New Year. Here’s sharing with you a video. Inspired by true events, this Chinese New Year short film by Alan Thoo, brings together 4 good friends chit chatting over tea time. Another Lions Club of Sunway Damansara Metro message to everyone, proudly produced by Virtigo Studio and Adini Productions.

Starring Joseph Germani, Dennis Yin, Shawn Lee, Simon Leong and cameos by many local celebs and Lions members.

Mek Mulung: A Unique Malaysian Cultural Experience

Are you a fan of cultural performance? If you are, you’ll certainly appreciate one that’s coming up soon; Mek Mulung: Putera Cahaya Bulan.

Not quite familiar with Mek Mulung?

 photo IMG_20150204_213120_zpsnhswn0xc.jpg

As oppose to the famous Mak Yong from Kelantan, Mek Mulung is a traditional Malay theatre dance drama unique to the northern state of Kedah in Malaysia.

Developed from original folklore legends, Mek Mulung grew in popularity since the late 18th century as it incorporated most elements of Mak Yong, Menora and Hadrah into its repertoire.

The basic dance movements are mainly focused on hand gestures. The orchestra consists of a variety of traditional drums and gongs. The only melodic instrument is the oboe. The singing parts are performed by the musicians themselves.

The Mek Mulung begins with the bertabuh ritual where all the musical instruments are played simultaneously, followed by a song called bertabik sung in chorus as the dance movements develop.

After bertabik, stories from the Hikayat are recited and synchronized to the dance. At various points the sequence is interrupted by dialogues in poetry known as pantun to indicate change of scenes. Performed in a series of stories, a typical Mek Mulung theatre can take up to 3 nights to complete.

Staged performances will begin on Feb 28, 2015 and March 1, 2015 at the Theatre Sari, Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur. Tickets will be on sale starting at RM23, RM53 and RM83 and available online by accessing or by purchasing them at the ticket counter Istana Budaya box-office or at the following locations:

Rock Corner
The Garden, Mid Valley (03-22014893)
KLCC (03-21815560)
Subang Parade (03-56131139)

Victoria Music
Sg Wang (03-21487208)
Lumina (03-79560592)
Tropicana (03-77222955)

Ushering the Goat Year 2015 with XES

I’m a huge fan of fairy tale. I may be a grown up now and have a child of my own, but I still haven’t stopped reading or watching movies that’s inspired from fairy tales. There’s a few all time favourite that I would watch or read over and over again. Those that tops the list would have to be Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, Beauty&The Beast and The Little Mermaid.

Sometimes it’s not much for the stories. Most of the time is because I feel amazed of the details written in those stories. The writers in the olden days does have flair for writing. The descriptions that they used is simply fascinating to the point that you fantasize about the things that you read.

As a child, I fantasized a lot, especially the things that the prince or princesses wear in the stories. I imagined being all beautiful and wearing Cinderella’s glass slippers…and sometimes, the object of my day dreaming would be Dorothy’s magic shoes that could take me to a faraway land full of adventure and magic.

Yes, I was pretty much a daydreamer. Still is, as a grown up. :) I still caught myself daydreaming every now and then. The only difference then and now is that as a grown up, I have the means to make my fantasy a reality.

I don’t have to just imagine some beautiful glass slipper or a pair of magical red shoes. I just have to head over to a store and buy them. :P

Speaking of buying shoes, I have a few favourite.

 photo PhotoGrid_1423766421679_zpsyynp1t3i.jpg

My current favourite have to be shoes by XES. XES has more than 90 outlets branched out across shopping and retail complexes including Jusco, Giant, Tesco, Carrefour and various celebrated malls. The core business operations revolve around retail chain store management as well as local and export original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and are led by a seasoned top management, marketing, merchandising, accounts, logistics, operation, IT, HR and Research and Development department of more than 500 personnel in total. With the efforts and strength of a good team work, employees work together to place the XES brand in a competitive level within the shoe-manufacturing industry.

The XES brand prides itself for developing perfect and affordable footwear for family everyday use. It continues to generate collections after collections of ladies’, men’s and children’s shoes that widely appeals to the masses for its style, comfort and value for money factor. There are 2 different shoe concepts developed by XES. XES Studio caters to the lower-medium income group whereas XES Premium provides for the medium-high income demographic. Different shoe concept caters to varying circumstances which include but not limited to casual, semi-casual, formal and sports under the house brands of XES. XES also carries selected distinguished shoe brands such as Scholl, Lee Cooper, Winnie ThePooh and Disney, Bum Equipment, Scorpion and Neckermann.

Was recently invited to their Chinese New Year Luncheon and boy was I spoiled for shoe choices… And the activities during the event made me feel like Cinderella herself too. Here’s a little throwback during the Chinese New Year’s luncheon with XES.

 photo IMG_20150213_011445_zps2tkewvtk.jpg

The luncheon kicks off with the appearance of God of Wealth and his accompanying fairy.(Locally known as Cai Shen Yeh). It is the Chinese God of prosperity worshipped in the Chinese indigenous religion and Taoism. :)

 photo IMG_104322860520747_zpsqri8dw8h.jpeg

Cai Shen Yeh and the fairies, gracing their presence in XES outlet that day. :)

 photo PhotoGrid_1423764557644_zps5l9uww4g.jpg

Angpows from both XES and the sponsor Fitness First were distributed and tossing Yee Sang was made to invite good luck and prosperity for the upcoming Goat year. :)

If you think the fun ended there, then you are wrong. It was just the beginning. Bloggers, social media influencers and media alike were treated to a full makeover by Sense and Style Beauty Academy and a photoshoot in conjunction of the Chinese New Year celebration.

 photo IMG_20150211_125149_zpsngo86z7k.jpg

Sense And Style Beauty Academy was responsible to make us all look prettier that day. We were also shown how to style our hair elegantly ourselves in the comfort of our own home for the upcoming festive season.

 photo PhotoGrid_1423670450768_zps7ueifpka.jpg

I was having Star Wars fever and has been marathon-ing the saga prior to the Chinese New Year luncheon with XES, so I was terribly tempted to tell my stylist from Sense and Style Beauty Academy to style my hair into the classic Princess Leia’s twin bun, but I thought I would look rather silly walking around in that hairstyle, so I settled for the elegantly elaborated princess chignon for my photoshoot with XES instead. So was I happy with it? Definitely. Was very pleased with the hairstyle. :) This hairstyle takes one rubber band and 33 hairpins to be held together. Kinda complicated and not exactly something I could accomplish on my own.

 photo IMG_20150211_144802_zpsvwynjwhr.jpg

The team of hairstylists and makeup artists.

It was truly an eventful day. I really did feel like a fairy tale princess with all the spoiling and pampering by organizer and sponsors.

Feel abit wistful that you can’t join in the fun? No fret. XES have some good news to share with you. :)

 photo IMG_20150211_122912_1_zpsftp3r51j.jpg

Here’s presenting to you the lovely emcee of the day, Ms. Sabrina; announcing that XES will be organizing a ‘Be Stylish With XES’ Facebook contest where you can bring back some cash prizes and shoe supplies enough to last you for more than a year. The contest will be ongoing from 17th February-17th March 2015. The winner will walk away with RM888.00 cash, RM1,388 worth of products and RM1,888 worth of products to be given away to the lucky 10 fans of their choice as a reward gift for the support.

Be Stylish With XES Facebook Contest:

Step 1- LIKE XES Shoes Facebook
Step 2 – Tag your photo to your friends and family members
Step 3 – Get your friends to VOTE your photos by clicking LIKE (from 17th Feb 2015- 17th March 2015)

The winner with most Likes will be contacted via phone or email and will be officially announced and presented the prize in March 2015 in conjunction with XES Signature Exclusive Preview.

Sounds great, no? So start being stylish with XES now. ;)

 photo IMG_17396337879558_zpskmlvfyev.jpeg

Here’s one for the album and have a wonderful Goat Year ahead.

Kissable Lips with Chu Lip

When was the last time you went to a fun fair or a carnival? It’s been awhile for me. Although I am a big fan of cotton candies and hotdogs that is sold in the carnival or fun fair, I avoided such place at all cost as it can be pretty damaging to then pocket. You see, both my husband and my son are quite addicted to those carnival games, and in my humble opinion, they are not really cheap to have a go at. Not to mention almost impossible to win in exchange of prizes.

Anyway, I was recently invited to Chu Lip carnival. Under ordinary circumstances, I will avoid going to the carnival, but this time around, I wouldn’t miss it for the world, as the carnival doesn’t even require tokens for me to have a go at the games.

 photo PhotoGrid_1422694273939_zpsygcicjgv.jpg

Rohto-Mentholatum(M) has organized a fun-filled Chu Lip Carnival at The Oak Room, Nexus@Bangsar where hundreds of celebrities, bloggers, and fans had enjoyed the fun yet exciting activities such as the Ping Pong Ball Toss, Ring Toss, Bushel Basket Toss, Can Knowckdown and the Penny Pith.

Apart from the games, there was also catchy performances

 photo IMG_20150128_154948_zps8d6rasfo.jpg

Cabaret dancers performing

Skirt lifting dance performance

 photo IMG_20150128_152151_zps0t589hdh.jpg

Balloon sculpting

 photo IMG_20150128_164704_zpsgeafrrxc.jpg

Lucky draw session

 photo IMG_20150128_195922_zpsdiqmmnyd.jpg

This carnival epitomizes the characteristic of the newly launched Mentholatum’s Chu Lip lipbalm which is: fun. ‘Chu’ which means kiss in Japanese, is apt to the function of this lipbalm. Chu Lip lipbalm comes in a fun and stylish dome shape with an easy glide-on formula. It is available in four attractive colours, each comes with its unique secret blend of fragrances. You can collect them all and mix and match the various colours to accessorise your desk while caring for your lips. The four colours are Pink, Red, Purple and Green.

 photo IMG_20150128_154056_zpspty2bwdm.jpg

Pink – Paris, Perfect Memories to feel the eternal love with sweet berry scent with its unique mix of raspberry and peach flavour.

 photo IMG_20150128_154129_zpslby9nkj0.jpg

Purple – Arabian, Floral Shower and experience the magic spell of elegant flower scent of Rose, Germanium and Clove.

 photo IMG_20150128_154108_zpsifybgg3p.jpg

Red – NY, Brilliant My Way and be dazzled with the powerful fruity scent of Apple, Ginger and Tea Rose.

 photo IMG_20150128_154117_zpsecvsnitx.jpg

Green – Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia and enter the world of fairytale surrounded with refreshing scent of Orange, Lime and Mango.

All Chu Lip lipbalms are formulated with delicious blend of recipes as well as enhanced with moisturizing ingredients of Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Rose Hip Oil for happy and healthy lips.

Mentholatum’s Chu Lip lipbalm is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM25.90 each.

Where to Eat for Chinese New Year 2015: Utara Coffee House Armada Hotel

If you are looking for a no-nonsense, strictly traditional place to dine with your friends or the elders in your family, you might want to consider dining in Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya.

My husband and I went to sample some of their Chinese New Year’s offering for 2015 last week, and we thought that unlike last year where is is plenty of surprises and innovation with this dishes, this year’s Chinese New Year’s offering is strictly traditional. While the younger generation will find the dishes boring, those who prefers authenticity will appreciate what Utara Coffee House have to offer.

Here’s sharing with you what we had:

 photo IMG_20150126_185938_zpsrytcbp7k.jpg

Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon doesn’t disappoint. The ingredients were juicy, crunchy and fresh. Those who appreciate a slight tang would love these

 photo IMG_20150126_195653_zpsfhtfuqwq.jpg

Shark’s fin soup is rather controversial and many hotels and restaurants in town omits this dish from their Chinese New Year’s menu and replaced it with other offerings to replicate shark’s fins, but Utara Coffee House is still offering this and if you are a fan of this, do make a dash to Utara Coffee House, Armada PJ.

 photo IMG_20150126_201125_zpsnyvtqd4x.jpg

Chinese Herbal Chicken. Not a big fan of all things herbal. I found that the herbal aroma was rather overwhelming so I gave this a miss.

 photo IMG_20150126_201638_zpsd4ikjpmo.jpg

Steamed Seabass with Ginger Sauce was all right. It was fresh and flavourful.

 photo IMG_20150126_203648_zpsrgunqmhr.jpg

Fried Prawn with Salted Eggs and Butter Flakes was my favourite that night. The prawns are adeptly fried and was bursting with flavour.

 photo IMG_20150126_203834_zpsbjsjuzar.jpg

Fried Mixed Vegetable and Fat Choy is another of those must have dishes during Chinese New Year. Nothing was done to make this dish more appealing to the palate for those who doesn’t really likes to eat vegetables. No additional ingredients to modernize it whatsoever, but those who loges vegetables in it’s most basic form would appreciate the natural sweetness which was accentuated by the gravy

 photo IMG_20150126_203736_zpsyphn7iuv.jpg

Chinese New Year Lotus Rice was fragrant and flavourful enough to tempt me for seconds.

 photo IMG_20150126_213839_zpsdawmwsbe.jpg

Red Bean Cream was served piping hot. It was just nice and not cloyingly sweet. I took two small bowl of this despite being a fan of the cold version of this dessert.

 photo IMG_20150126_214016_zpsdx3jrjks.jpg

Our meal ended with Chinese New Year’s Pancake and Steamed Nian Gao, but I was already full from the dishes earlier and gave this a miss so I can’t really comment on whether I liked it or not.

Overall, what Utara Coffee House is offering for the upcoming Chinese New Year is strictly traditional. It’s a no-nonsense thing. What you see is what you get, and the traditionalist will appreciate this gastronomic charm.

 photo promotions_50088_1_zpsryxjpnzy.jpg

Chinese New Year’s buffet and menu is available from 19th January to 5th March with the pricing above.

For booking and reservation please contact:

Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
Tel : (603) 7954 6888
Fax : (603) 7956 8088
Email: [email protected]

The Last Paper Star, A Tripda Love Story

Blog drama by: Ellie a.k.a Cleffairy
Title: The Last Paper Star
Wardrobe sponsor: Kose Serani
Starring: Are Bern, Fiona, Koz, Fifah, Yard Yazlil, Sherry Go, Elly RL
Photos: Courtesy of Yard Yazlil

 photo IMG-20150129-WA0036_zpskqmb0w38.jpg

I was chilling out with my friends. And then out of the sudden, the hateful topic came up again.

 photo IMG-20150129-WA0039_zpsd2ljbijl.jpg

My friends asked me again and again why is that I don’t have a boyfriend, and getting tired and fed up of this question being directed to me over and over again during gatherings and chilling out sessions, I jokingly said, “I don’t want a boyfriend. I just want to get married. If there is a man who could make me a thousand paper stars in three days, I would marry him the moment when I received the thousandth paper star.”

My friends did not believe a single bit of what I said, but I assured them that is what I really will do if I get a thousand paper stars. All who were present bursts out laughing at my declaration.

Little did I know that I will soon regret what I have said that very day. I shouldn’t have made a joke of my own happiness and future. I should not have made promises I did not intend to keep.

3 days later, I received a package. Curious, I quickly tore away the wrapping paper and lifted the lid of the box.
 photo PhotoGrid_1422628264356_zpsc1hywng5.jpg
Paper stars filled the box. A thousand of them I bet. That was probably the most heart-stopping and the most embarrassing moment in my life! I looked into the box and found a beautifully written letter among the paper stars:

“I am very sorry but I heard what you said the other day, so I made these paper stars for you. I hope you will like it. I would like to meet you next week, Sunday, 7.00pm, at the same restaurant you made the promise. I’ll be wearing Tripda wristband on both of my wrist.”

The letter has no signature on it, but the words were simple and beautifully written.

 photo IMG_20150208_015031_zpsgabgkdwk.jpg

Enclosed in the envelope, there was Tripda wristbands. They’re funky and cute. Under ordinary circumstances I would appreciate the accessories but
I was so stressed and depressed the following days. I was barely functional. The once cheerful me was there no more.

Sunday came and when I reached our meeting place, I saw him there. Wearing flashy Tripda’s wristbands on both of his wrist. Identical to the ones he enclosed with the letter.He was smiling at me.

But I did not smile back. I walked towards him, lifting my eyes to his. Loathe. I feel loathe when I first saw him. I did not know who he is although he looks terribly familiar.

After a considerably long time, he gave me his contact and introduced himself to me. I discovered that he’s actually a Tripda’s user, and has apparently carpooled with me once as a driver, but I never did pay attention to him although we have exchanged business card while we were carpooling as my girlfriends were there too and we were busy gossiping during the trip.

“Those paper stars took me 3 days to make, and my hand is still burning now.”he said, snapping me out of my reverie.

“But you also got what you want.” I retorted coldly. If looks could kill, I have no doubt that he would have died on the spot. I was practically staring daggers.

“I just want to be friend with you.” was his solemn respond.

“Why not other way but this? Why did you eavesdrop the other day and sent me the paper stars?” was my response.

I was very emotional at the moment, I was so angry, and I feel like hitting him on the spot.

“I am sorry, I won’t make you promise me anything.” he tried to soothe my anger, but that made me even more mad.

“You, what do you mean? Did you mean to trick me or insult me?” I turned and ran away from him, with tears clouding my eyes. It was too much. I decided that enough is enough.

“Wait! I’m sorry, but believe me, I didn’t mean anything. I just want to be your friend since we carpooled together. Please count your paper stars, please?” he shouted from afar and what he said echoed in my head.

I couldn’t forget what he said, and so, when I went back, I grabbed the box through my tears and I started to count those paper stars. I did not know why I counted them in the first place, nor did I know why I am doing a meaningless task, but by the time I finished counting, there was only nine hundred and ninety-nine. I thought I must have made a mistake. I must have counted wrongly. Again, again, nine hundred and ninety-nine. I counted the third and fourth time, nine hundred and ninety-nine, the same result. Relief washed over me.

A few days later, I decided to apologize for being rude to him. And so I requested to meet up with him to apologize.

“I just happened to be there and caught your joke with your friends. I only wanted to make a joke out of it, but I didn’t know you would take it that seriously. But trust me, I just want to be your friend. I’ve noticed you hanging out at the restaurant a couple of times now, but I did not know how to approach you.”

“How-how is your hand?” was the only thing I could managed that time. He merely shrugged in response.

 photo PhotoGrid_1422514120981_zpstfcgpqjo.jpg

We looked up, both smiling and looking at each other the same time. At that moment, I suddenly realised that he is actually a very handsome young man, broad shoulder, tall feature, jet black hair and mysterious pair of eyes hidden behind sunglasses.

Despite a dramatic start, he made my heart beat faster. Soon enough, our relationship developed further and further, we and both fell in love.

But we live quite far apart. And neither of us likes to drive much, so whenever we go on dates, we used Tripda to get to each other.

 photo IMG-20150129-WA0031_zpst7ibj1m7.jpg
Money was quite an issue for us, and carpooling via Tripda is the best way for us to commute to each other.

You must be wondering what Tripda is by now, as I have been mentioning about it plenty of times by now.

So here’s sharing with you what it is. Tripda is an online carpooling platform  that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way.
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Tripda aims to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative, so both driver and passenger(s) can share the cost of the trip, while meeting like-minded friends along the way, reducing traffic congestion and preserving the environment. As long as the car still have empty seats available, you will be able to go with about with the drivers who are offering the ride without taking public transport and even your own transport. Wonderful, isn’t it? You pay less for the extra miles that you are going.

Unlike other form of transportation, Tripda is strictly cost-sharing. Which means, you only pay for the cost of the ride with the people you carpooled with.

 photo IMG-20150129-WA0034_zpspecv2bxx.jpg

Tripda focuses on long distance journeys and operates on the premise of cost sharing rather than the profit making basis. Besides the cost savings, users of Tripda benefit from the opportunity to make new friendships that will last far beyond the duration of the trip itself. In my case…my romantic relationship start with Tripda.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-29-56_zps2i7ej8pb.png

Tripda is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is go to the website or the mobile app (Android or iOS), login with your Facebook account and choose if you are looking for a ride or if you like to offer a ride.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-30-21_zpsdbp8y5cy.png

You then can type in your destination and when you would like to travel, or if you are ‘hitching’ a ride, check when those offering rides are travelling.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-32-29_zpsge5vmayj.png

Find a ride to your preferred destination.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-36-51_zpshw8uk739.png

Check for drivers offering the ride to your preferred location and personal preferences.

 photo PhotoGrid_1423011918331_zpsbgpkes8r.jpg

You can pick your travel buddy on Tripda base on things like how much you want to pay, whether they like to talk or not, car comfort level, their taste in music and so on.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-42-21_zpshskyxwgi.png

Once you have checked out your potential driver and is all right with their terms and pricing, simply click ‘Book Now’. Don’t worry about having to pay extra for your ride. There is a limitation on the pricing limit. Drivers cannot make profit out of rides.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-42-36_zpsekydhfj8.png

Your application for the ride will be submitted to the driver for approval.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-46-55_zpsxjjgyty2.png

You will be notified via apps/email/SMS once the driver approved your request for a ride.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-45-05_zps2rgcsrb1.png

And you will be able to see the trip’s detail at the ‘My Trip’ tab once your request for a ride have been approved.

 photo Screenshot_2015-02-04-02-48-26_zpsb9wiskw3.png

Tripda apps also have a build in messaging system that you can use to communicate with the driver before the ride, so if you are worried, you can always communicate with your driver or passenger before your trip.

Basically, this is step by step guide on how to use Tripda:

1. Register by using your Facebook account.
2. Choose whether you are offering a ride or looking for a ride.
3. Select your trip detail or select a trip that is most convenient for you.
4. Once you have done all the steps above, Tripda will connect you with your ride buddies and you are good to go for your trips.
5. Rate your ride buddies after the trip and you will both earn reputation points.

There is plenty of advantages of using Tripda, among them are:

*Greatly reduces traveling cost.
*Greatly reduces fuel expenses and save on toll, especially during long journeys.
*Reduces the stress of driving everyday and greatly increases the ease of commuting.
*You have company while driving and Tripda verifies the identity of  drivers and passengers in several ways and runs a variety of checks to ensure your privacy and security, although, in my case I did not really pay attention during the first time.
*You can choose who you want to ride with or not.
*You can communicate via a messaging system with the person you are carpooling with before the trip.
* You can share your rides with friends on Facebook to let you know where you are going as a security measure, or keep your trip completely private if you don’t want yourselves to be traced while you are riding with another Tripda user.

Tripda also have a Ladies Only ride feature. This option allows ladies to travel only with other ladies. This way, a greater sense of trust and security can be achieved among ladies who travel alone or with company, making Tripda a trustworthy apps to use.

Below is a guide on how it works for both lady passengers and drivers:

Lady Drivers
If you’re a female driver and want to offer a ride to other females only, you will find the option “Ladies Only” when you create a trip. When you select this option, only ladies can request for a ride with you.

Lady Passengers
If you’re a female passenger looking for a trip only with females in the car, you can select the “Ladies Only” filter in order to see all the rides that will strictly have only ladies.

Men cannot book a Ladies Only ride as Tripda have gender filter.

 photo PhotoGrid_1422990531290_zpsvwfnqbvl.jpg

Now, ever since I’m no longer available for romantic relationship and is not interested in having men with me while I carpool, I only opt for a Ladies-only ride for women who prefer to carpool with other women where I don’t have to be apprehensive about riding with strange men.

 photo IMG_20150128_171105_1_zpsrhddbyfr.jpg

Ladies Only Ride :)

The love of my life can be quite possessive at times…so yes…ladies only Tripda trip for me whenever it is my turn to make a trip to meet him.
 photo IMG-20150130-WA0000_zpsewjnhthj.jpg

Regardless of my gender preference, the carpool sessions with Tripda drivers of my choice allowed me to make friends, and I ended up keeping in touch and being good friends with the drivers I took my trip with.

Check out the video of ‘carpoolfie’during trips by carpooling. :)

For more information on carpooling with Tripda, hop over to Tripda’s website at or check out their Facebook page at

You can download the Tripda’s iPhone and Android apps at the link below.

For iPhone User :

For Android User :

Tripda instagram   + twitter handle : @TripdaMY for both.

Anyway… back to my story…I didn’t realized when, I started to long for the last paper star. On every special dates, every special holiday trips that we took together, I started hoping that what he held in his hands was not beautiful roses, or chocolates, or gifts, but one last paper star, the thousandth paper star.

Finally the day that I waited came. He gave me the last paper star…the paper star that I have been longing for.

Now, thinking back, he had the power and ability to make that last paper star any time he wanted and made me fulfil my promise there and then, but he didn’t. He took the advantage of the thousandth paper star and win my heart in time with his love and patience.

I may received the last paper star a few years late, but I kept the promise I made regardless, not because I have to, but because I’ve fallen in love with him.


Author’s note& disclaimer: The photos are for illustration purposes only. The blog drama is strictly fiction although the trips and carpooling with Tripda was real.