100c Episode 2

This is yet another one of those late post. It was 7th day of Chinese New year… also known as ‘Human Day’. According to the Chinese, humans were created on this day, and therefore, 7th day is considered as everyone’s birthday.

As usual, after all of my husband’s siblings (half siblings)celebrated Chinese New year in their respective mother’s home, it’s time to celebrate with their father.

This year, my father in law decided that we should have fun and celebrate everyone’s birthday, and as usual, we decided to pig out in 100c steamboat restaurant in Kuchai Lama. It’s the same restaurant we went for our customary reunion lunch two years ago.

Everyone loves the food there, and loved the fact that instead of sharing a pot, we get to order our own favourite soup as the restaurant offers individual pot for all of it’s patrons.

As usual…dining with father in law is a stress-free and a fun affair. We get to order whatever we like and the kids are spoiled rotten with their favourite food.

I always enjoy my time with my father in law…he’s different my husband’s other relatives. He may be strict with his own kids, but not with his daughter in laws and grandchildren. He never scold, he listens to our problems and symphatize with it and respect us as the mother of his grandchildren. I find it very easy to be with my father in law as he’s a sensible and a rational person. We could talk just about everything, from current affaird to fashion tips. (Yes, fashion… this year…we talked about dye-ing our hair during festive seasons and all the gory details about it. LOL)

Anyway, we ordered indidual meals. I had a steamboat set for one person, which is more than enough for two.


Assorted  seafood, fishballs, meat and veggies.


Knowing that I’m quite a carnivore… someone ordered beef slices for me. Err… I don’t know who did it…it should be either my father in law or my younger sister in law. They know what I like to eat and have the tendency to order my favourite stuff for me. 😀 I sure glad to have these. It’s really yummy, and I noticed my nephews enjoyed it too. 😀


And then there’s this fish paste. I shared it with my two sister in laws. Nothing special except for the shape, though.


And of course, the dips to go with the food. 😀

Overall, it was an enjoyable meal for all of us. The adults are happy and the kids get to eat in a stress free environment too. No one to reprimand them even when they get messy (except for their respective mothers who gets irritated of the mess, of course) A real reunion lunch, if you ask me as nobody scheme an excuse to escape from the table and enjoy their meal.

Nothing spoiled our mood. Not even when the waiter decided to carry too much drinks on the tray and spill it on my husband again. Geez! They did it two years ago and they did it again this year. It’s really something, isn’t it? After two years and yet the staff are still not trained to carry the drinks properly.

My father in law had claimed it’s ‘anniversary of water spill’, and everyone couldn’t help but laugh at his statement and simply dismiss the waiter and continue eating.

Cleffairy: Nothing could spoil our mood in good companionship. Won’t you agree on that with me?


    • Cleffairy says:

      Actually I’m okay with most of my in laws, especially those on FIL’s side… it is my mother in law I find it hard to get along with… cuz she’s fault finding and loves to scold and nag, and not to mention picks up the rotan to threaten my son, no matter what occasion.Apparently, scolding and nagging is her means of communication. *shrugs*

      V-day plans? None as of yet. Still recuperating from CNY. Hahahah…my pocket dun have kachingggg kachiiinggg anymore. Pokai liao.

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