1+1= Annie and Merryn

The title says all. My mathematic teacher would probably go and dig her own grave and bury herself alive if she saw my equation, but it’s just too bad for her, cuz I’ve always been pretty bad in maths, and I tend to allow my right brain take control of my body.

1+1= Annie and Merryn. Today is about two of my good friend, Annie Q and The Lost Submerryn. I probably should talk about Merryn first, but then again, today is Annie’s birthday, and I want the Supermummy to a pair of twin boys feel special today.

I am bad at writing birthday wishes. They are never pretty or sounded nice. But please bear with me, and here comes the cringe inducing greetings:

Annie, when I first stumble upon your blog through STP’s blog, I practically freaked out and almost swear not to visit your blog again. Why? Because I feel that you are very, very intimidating.

You can make beautiful bentos…and there’s no way in hell I can make my food looks half as beautiful as yours. I am a complete disaster in the kitchen, and I have the power to burn almost anything that I cooked. My recently sodomized negro chicken speaks of my ability in the kitchen.

Another thing that intimidated me is that you’re also a Supermummy… because you had twins… boys no less, and I would have probably dropped dead and turn into a nasty Momster if I were to give birth to twins and take care of them all by myself. I didn’t really want to visit your blog because you made me feel small in comparison to you, as you can do so many things that I cannot do. But you made way into my heart when I was off-guard through your hot, fiery strip dancer entry, and I come to realize, that beneath that intimidating woman,  there’s a sister and a friend inside. And I am so glad that I open up my heart to you, because you’re a very nice woman.

So here you go, Annie… Happy Birthday…. and be 18 at heart forever.

Next up is the famous Lost Submerryn…the lovely, bombshell Merryn. She lost her way while bloghopping and resurfaced at my blog not long ago, and yesterday, her Chinese New Year greeting card escaped from it’s torturous prison in Post Malaysia and made it’s way to my mailbox, and it’s the only thing that brought smile to my face yesterday.

Thank you, Merryn…God knows how long it has been since someone sent me the traditional greetings cards. LOL… I think it’s almost 10 years…technology takes over the world, I guess, and not many bothers to send greetings card anymore. You’re the first to send me cards in almost a decade. Now… that’s record breaking! And it is amazing that I received the whole card and not just the envelop. Because someone opened my card before it landed in my mail box. πŸ™ There’s black finger print on it. πŸ™ I hate it when this sort of thing happened, but, your card inspired a smile on my face nevertheless. Thank you, big sister! πŸ˜€

Cleffairy: I guess… it is true, isn’t it? Open up your heart and you’ll find love and friends everywhere. I did and I found Annie and Merryn. πŸ˜€


  1. http://cleffairy.com/free-dating-site-in-austria/ says: anime dating sims

    I’ve wished Annie on Facebook but never mind, let me join you to wish her “Happy Birthday” once again. May all her wishes come true!

    Wah! Early-early already receiving CNY card!!! For X’mas, I only got 5 cards…and improvement from last year – I got 4 then, despite sending out 20-30!!! Tsk! Tsk!!!

    • Cleffairy says:

      *sigh* Get card or not oso nevermind for me. Cuz I Hate CNY. Sien. $$ All go out during CNY… got wud fun? πŸ™ If spend on something useful nevermind.. but spend unnecessarily just to celebrate stupid thing like this… I dam sien wan. Den so many 8por to deal with oso. πŸ™ Celebrate my ass lah… πŸ™ Stupid culture… angpow lah, gamble lah… all waste money. And there’s so many hypocrites too… sit there, show off bout their achievements, their kids, their banking account… babi wan!

  2. eugene says:

    All stand up and sing//”happy birthday to you, happy birthday to yo, happy birthday to Annie, happy birthday to you.” now let us cut the cake,, where where,,,,,,,,,

    hey Cleff, i am happy that we are getting to know more friends in Blogging world.

    take care now

  3. fatty oldman says:

    wishing both of ur frens happy birthday…

    btw i reli hate til can kill a person that open my thing without my permission…

  4. Annie Q says:

    OMG Cleff! I’m really speechless, i don’t know what to said, all i can said is “Thank you very much” and “accept” me as your friend, altho, not knowing you for very long.

    Your entry make me feel touch and bright up my day!! I feel shy to read it, because i’m not as great and superb as you mention above. πŸ™ This is the best pressie i ever had!!

    Thanks so much my dear friend. *muack muack*

    • Cleffairy says:

      You wouldn’t want to know me… ahahaha…. I am a very horrible person, Annie. Ahahahahahaha! Wah…. my entry makes you feel touched…aiyohh, Annie, I’m never good at making birthday greetings for people. They always sounded weird wan. Ahaha… *hugs* I hope you had fun going out makan makan and have a ‘YOU’ time yesterday. πŸ˜€

  5. Merryn says:

    I dunno how I come to know about Annie but she is in my blogroll now.. hahaha.. really kenot remember how I stumble upon her page..

    Cleffairy – Yeah I’m full of BOMBS, so you better be careful πŸ˜€

    • Cleffairy says:

      You always sesat wan ma… not strange if you dun remember. LMAO…. yaya, I know… you got a lot of torpedos… are they endorsed by the defense ministry, btw? LMAo…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…coffeesncookies, welcome to over a cuppa tea. not scared you’ll melt in my cuppa tea? LOL…

      On a more serious note, Annie is great in my eyes, because I pale in comparison to her. I can never do the things she does, and that alone make her super to me. *grinZ* I hope one day, i can go out and have a cuppa tea with her. Yes, she’s a gem, isn’t she? πŸ˜€

  6. mnhl says:

    Hahaha….seriusly, my maths teacher will also dig her own grave and bury herself because I did very poorly in my maths. Came to your blog from others…..added u into my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind ^_^

    • Cleffairy says:

      I was never any math teachers’ favourite. Every single maths teachers made me their enemy. Sobsob… why? Cuz I can never get my maths right… LOL… thank you for dropping by. πŸ˜€

    • Cleffairy says:

      Ahahahaha…. *golek golek on the floor laughing*. Excuse that Merryn… she owez lost wan… next year, her birthday, I’d be sure to buy her a new radar and periscope! *grinZ*

  7. donna says:

    eh.. i love maths one leh.. how come?!! math is so fun ok!

    happy birthday too Annie!!
    aiya, i also have some very blogger friends (not really the sweet, kind type, but stupid, funny, abnormal type. =____=”)

    hmmm.. i still got plenty of new year cards last year, but i dont think i can get new year cards anymore. =(

    • Cleffairy says:

      I failed maths wan la… cannot wan lahhh…. all maths teachers hate me wan. You see me, so kelian liddat! LOL… you friend with manglish, sure can go gila wan! LMAooo.

  8. Annie Q says:

    Ah, i get too excited today till i forgot to said thanks to STP, kelvin, eugene, fatty oldman, coffeesncookies and donna, Thanks for the birthday wish!!

    Thanks once again for the lovely and touching post by this sweet young lady – Cleff (blog owner).

  9. Jeremin says:

    Hope yr friend have a wonderful bday. Btw, the bento is super super nice. Hello kitty.. one of my favs. How i wish i can make such nice bento. Cleff, u r such a nice friend who will remember their bdays. Hope u will remember mine. =P

  10. Merryn says:

    Cleff.. now only I remember to ask you. Did you receive my name card together with the CNY card? Coz I included it inside leh… Please don’t tell me hilang oso!!! OMG.. I’m going to cry now… another name card gone! With Ethan’s picture on it lagi.. Oh noooooooooo…. πŸ™

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