Sodomized chic soup…

Remember my sodomized Negro chic from not long ago? Well… I’m never the one who lets food goes to waste. I had a lot of leftovers from that chic, and so I made mini pizza bread, sandwich fillings and porridge out of it.

Well… I really can’t let it go to waste. While the skin, the drumstick, thigh and wings were all gone in one sitting, nobody really wants to eat the chicken breast meat.

None of my family members likes the plain chicken breast meat. And  since there’s a lot of meat left on the chicken’s carcass. It would be a waste if I just throw them away .

I made chicken soup out of it, and it turn out quite nice… (at least nice for me and the sharks at home). Suits the weather very well too, as it happens to rain heavily that day and the soup was polished off from the bowl.

All I did was throw the chicken carcass a pot of boiling water, along with some other ingredients that I  managed to dish out from my refrigerator. For the recipe of this dish, kindly head over to my food blog, EROS EDIBLES

The ‘burnt’ skin on top was already gone, cuz my husband and the shark was a fan of burnt chicken skin. It was polished off right from the start, but there’s bits of chicken skin left on the bottom part of the chic. It wasn’t burn, but none of them fight over it. LOL.

Anyway, lazy me just toss the remaining chic into a pot of boiling water.

I added in some salt, pepper and some veggie bits. I like my chicken soup to be very thick and quite creamy, so I cooked the chicken soup for about 2 hours until all of the meats fall off from the chicken carcass.

When it’s quite creamy to be served…

I placed the soup into the bowl, and it was immediately polished off. The soup has a hint of potato taste in it… as the mashed potato stuffing gives extra flavour to it. 😀 See… my Negro chicken is not so bad after all, as the leftovers made some good soup. *grinz*

Cleffairy: Don’t waste food, for there’s a lot of hunger going on in the world. What we have wasted, could have been a gourmet luxury to those who are less fortunate.


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      LOL… you love soup, eh? Like my brat lerr… he likes to take soup. But for us, we like thick kind, not the clear kind. The one that I made… is not so thick, cuz everyone hungry d. LOL… else it would have been very creamy wan. 😛

  1. Cynthia says:

    nice way of ‘dealing’ with those leftovers… for me, I will normally do the ‘sourish veg soup’ which included lots of lots of vege!! if tonight dinner at the wedding got extra of leftover, I sure sapu and cook this soup again.. 😀

    • jamaican dating app says:

      Hihi Cyn…nice way? Haiyorr… very simple thing onli. 🙁 I dun have much ingredients with me that time. Just got cabbage onli. 🙁 So just toss cabbage inside. Ahahaha.. else would have put some carrots and celery… would have tasted nicer. 🙁 But ok lah.. everyone wallop it. Better than waste it, right?

  2. Annie Q says:

    my sons love soup and i love soup too!! Today i just boil some clear soup, celery, onion and carrot, yummy!! I know you don’t like onion, me too, but if the soup add in with some onion, it taste sweet and onion good for health can prevent flu, good for your boys. 🙂

    Not bad ya, “fully utilize” the chicken. LOL!

    • jamaican dating app says:

      Eh? Really taste sweet ah? I had no idea…. ahahaha…i tot onions will make soup taste weird lah, Annie… LOL…usually if I want ‘sweet’ soup… I toss in corn inside. LOL…

      Yeah… have to fully utilize, if not very waste lerr… nobody wants the chic breast!

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