3 am Cobbler


Do you buy expensive shoes for yourself or for your children to wear? I don’t. I don’t believe in buying expensive shoes, as not all of those designer’s shoes or banded shoes are comfortable to wear. Some of the shoes ‘bites’ your feet until they’re broken in. And there’s simply no point in buying growing up children those disgustingly expensive shoes as they will outgrow it before the shoes is even worn out. To me, any growing up children shoes above Rm50 is obscenely expensive. Perhaps that’s not the case to those who are rich and can afford it. It’s different for me as even though my husband and I are both working, we find it hard to make ends meet. We don’t simply splurge on things that does not last long. To spend unnecessarily is like burning Chinese prayer money for the dead.  It simply goes nowhere but Hell.(I find it necessary to be abit of a Scrooge, especially after CNY where we married folks are literally bled to death with expenditures and angpow givings… unlike the single who could still take angpows and enjoy the ride)

The most expensive pair of footwear that I owned right at the moment is my sensible pair of flat Mary Janes. It was Rm30. I bought it at a bargained price in stock clearance sale.

Unlike many women out there, I don’t have a whole closet full of shoes. I only have 3 pair of shoes, which is a pair of slipper for my daily wear, a pair of sport shoes for recreational purposes and a pair of Mary Janes for work and formal functions. I detest high heels… so… there’s no high heels for me.

A couple of weeks ago, my slipper has gone case. It’s all worn out and it’s no longer comfortable to be worn and I was really upset with it’s condition. It may be the cheapest pair that I’ve ever had, but it’s the most comfortable pair of shoes that has ever served me. It didn’t even need any broken in the first time I put it on. I was very friendly on my feet.

I thought of finding a new pair of slipper to replace the worn out slippers, but when I saw a cobbler working on his client’s shoes in front of a KFC restaurant at 3 am a couple of nights ago, I knew I’ve found a saviour for my shoes.

I let the cobbler work his magic on my shoes, and it was as good as new 10 minutes later. I was very happy with the result, and it just cost me Rm3. 😀

It’s so worth it and it made me wonder if there’s anyone else like me; prefering to get your worn out shoes fixed by a cobbler, or you’re the kind who prefers to get a replacement for a worn out shoes?

Cleffairy: Call me a sentimental fool, but I do get attached to my things easily.


  1. small Kucing says:

    oo…cheap la rm3. My friend told me she ask the cobbler at her place to jahit, it cost her rm12.

    gimme your shoes size. If you tarak pantang, when i go warehse shoe hunting i sapu some for you too. That day really syok sapu. J’s sandals and shoess rm10 aje.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yalorr.. Rm3 very cheap la… considering the kasut so susah wanna cari. Hmm… this one is just glue the kasut onli… mebbe if ask that guy to jahit, den mebbe will cost more gua.

      No la, I tak pantang wan la… not that superstitious… other people maybe la. I believe that ajal maut, all di tangan Tuhan, tak ada kena mengena with giving people kasut. If God says go, u must go… even if you are pooping. My shoe size is 4.

      Wah… the shoes u bought for J so murah ah? Syok la liddat. 😀 At least when he outhrown it, u not so sakit hati la.

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