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I’m a believer of a hearty breakfast. It’s one meal that nobody should miss… cuz to me, it’s the thing that fuel you up for the rest of the day. I know some don’t like to take breakfast cuz they have no appetite in the morning and would opt for a hearty lunch or dinner instead, but I don’t do that. I believe not taking breakfast is unhealthy cuz you’ll eat more during the later time of the day and you’ll get fat easily cuz your body won’t be using much energy to digest it during those working hours where you sit in front of the PC to do work and whatnot.

I usually spoil myself for breakfast. My breakfast is always heavy… just like the picture above and more often than not, it always enable me to last til teatime at about 3pm-4pm. I often skip lunch. It’s not important to me. Almost never hungry at lunchtime while dinner is always a family affair. I always make sure we have a sit down dinner at home so that we can talk about our day.

So…I take heavy breakfast, skip lunch, have snacks or sandwiches during teatime and have a sit down dinner. How about you? What’s your eating habit? Do you take breakfast? Or do you prefer to skip it and take lunch instead?


Cleffairy: People always ask me how I stay thin despite of the things that I stuffed into my face. I guess apart from a great metabolism that helps my body to burn the food real fast, having breakfast every day plays a really important role in keeping myself petite.

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  1. Rose says:

    I used to skip breakfast when I was working in my old company few years ago and usually had brunches or lunches. Now I must have my 3 meals a day. sometime heavy sometime light breakfast, depends. But for dinner, I can go without rice, just eat the dishes only.

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