A fun product launching and family day with Coway

Guess where I was last Saturday when the rest were ranting and prattling about the illegal rally? Well, make a guess… recognize the blue duck?

No… I was not at the rally. *roll eyes* And instead of staying home as advised  on 9th July to avoid bloodbath and chaos*was on recalcitrant mode*, I went to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park for a day of fun instead.

You see… since I decided to try  Coway Spa Water Softener for 14 days and reviewed it in my previous blog post, I was invited by Coway for their product launching in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. :D  I was really happy, cuz with the invitation invitation came with a free all parks access in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. LOL. That means, after attending the product launch, I get to have fun in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park with my family.

The event started at 11.30am with speech by Mr. Hoe Kian Choon, Coway Senior Sales GM in Malaysia.

Followed the launch of the Coway Spa Water Softener

And then there’s Q&A Session with the celebrities… Ning Baizura, DJ Sam… and *cough* my former senior in  TARC College, May June. She was in my husband’s class. She took Mass Communication in Graphic Design, and I believe she attended Media Law lecture with me years back. Tsk. What a small world. I can’t believe I met her there again after all these years. Unfortunately for me, I did not get to talk to her, couldn’t find her after the Q&A session. LOL… probably was swarmed by her adoring fans. *grinz*

I only get to talk to the lovely Ning Baizura and Vanidah Imran and her husband. It was not a first for me as I’ve met the three of them a couple of times a few years ago. Ning at various charity events while Vanidah Imran and her husband during my notorious scriptwriting and journalism years. Really brings me back to the times when I was practicing journalism. LOL! Neway, those days are over… I think. Can’t keep up with the glamorous and hectic world. I saw alot of bloggers like iamthewitch and Saucer, Nicolekiss…and many more familiar faces who used to be my blog reader. But I did not go up and say hello, as they do not know me. *blush* Geez…I’m nobody…would be a shame if I go up and say hello and they have no idea who I am, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t want the “Cleffairy? Who? You’re sure you’re invited” kinda conversation to resurface over and over again now, wouldn I? Plus, not all bloggers are my friends. Some of them disagree with my opinions and what I wrote and loathe me to death, even if what I wrote is the truth.

Anyway, I’m straying… as I was saying, I was there for the product launching and Coway family day not chit-chatting with old friends and whatnot.

After the launching and the Q&A session with Coway ambassadors ( Ning, May June and DJ Sam) we’re given an exclusive preview of the product, which I had the pleasure to test out before the launching ceremony.

Now, I did not know much about the product apart from the product’s ability to make my skin more moisturized and smooth, but during the launching, I learned quite a few things about our bodies as well as the product.

First, I learn that our skin absorbed water 3 times more during shower than during drinking water. And second, I learn that all these while, I’ve been using hard water to shower. Gosh! Imagine our skin absorbing unclean water that’s harmful to our skin and the rest of our anatomy.

During the launch, I learned that Coway water softener unit is scientifically proven to increase as much as 69% of skin moisture and reduce dead skin cells and decrease friction by 20% in just two weeks. Yeah… I can really vouch for that. Why did I say that? Well, one week ago, I got henna(mahendi) on my hand. After I showered with the Coway Spa Water Softener just once… I discovered that the dead cells with henna on my hands were falling off.  🙁

*FAINT* I was so shocked! There goes my henna. No more sexy, Bollywood hands… but thinking back, it was a good thing as my skin became much softer after all the dead skin cells fell off and I feel much more comfortable after bathing. Another thing that I noticed after using the water softener is that soap and shampoo works better with soft water that comes out from the water softener.

Darn it… I am sooo tempted to keep the product. *SOBS* (But my husband wants me to return it, cuz we have no budget for it. He will only allow me to keep it if Coway sponsor me that unit. TSK TSK TSK!) Not only my skin is much smoother, but I noticed that my dandruffs are not as much as before too. The product is really good, you can have my words on it. There’s so much difference before using it and after using it. My skin was not easily irritated as before too.

This product was actually first introduced in South Korea in 2000. (Aha! So that’s why Korean ladies have such smooth skin and so pretty! This must be their secret!). The water softener is also equipped with a composite filter to remove harmful substance like chlorine and other floating substance. It’s ion exchange function on the other hand, reduced the hardness of water, making it softer for the body to absorb.

During the launch, I also learn that bathing with hard water not only causes rashes and irritation to the skin, but it also encourages premature aging and hair loss as hard water destroys the vitamins  in our skin. So yeah… if you’re balding prematurely and suffering hair loss, this is definitely one of your remedy. LOL!

Anyway, Coway has generously installed 48 preview units of their spa water softener throughout Sunway Lagoon Theme Park for the public to try out. So if you happen to be in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and had a swim or two, you might wanna wash off all those nasty chlorine from your body by using their water softener.

After the launching, the guests, bloggers, reviewers and members of the media were ushered for lunch and were invited to participate in their family day with lotsa fun activities.

There was various products on display and various activities like airbrush and glitter tattoo booth where you can get yourself tattooed for free, and then there’s manicure and reflexology massage where you can pamper yourself as well.

Kids are not forgotten either. There was a sand art section as well. Just too bad there’s soooo much overgrown, not cute big kids cluttering that section til it’s kinda hard for kids to have a chance at sand art. The kids practically have to wait for the not cute overgrown kids to be done with their sand art before having their turn. Tsk! What’s the matter with all these overgrown kids? Grow up! Grr~ Sorry, no picture on the sand art section. Was busy being flabbergasted by some young adults who was hogging the place that I’ve forgotten to snap a picture. 🙁

I had 2 airbrush tattoo done, by the way…my husband had one too. Can you guess where I had myself tattooed?

Anyway, I really had a fun and relaxing day, thanks to Coway. I better pen off as this is getting too long. But before I go, if you’re interested in trying out their water softener, just remember that they are giving the public an opportunity to try out the Spa Water Softener (1,000 units) for FREE in the comfort of their homes with Coway’s exclusive 14 day trial period.  Check it out at their website here: www.coway.com.my. Alternatively, you can call their tol free number: 1800-888-111 for further information and assistance.

Cleffairy: Do you know that the skin absorbed water 3 times more during shower than drinking water?


  1. iamthewitch says:

    Oh no, I must have been one of those ‘overgrown kids’ cluttering the sand art station. 🙁 But in my defense, that station was swotting flies before I went! Hehe So I guess I helped to break the ice a little? Anyway, too bad I didn’t get to meet you in person! Next time do say hi!! 🙂

    • Cleffairy says:

      Aiks? You were at the sand art section? I din notice. LOL… I only saw you quite late in the evening, you were already in bathing suit and coming up from the beach with your husband, ready to go back, I assume? LOL…

      Hahaha… actually we have crossed path a couple of times before.. but I was too shy to say hi. Hahahaha… sked you dono who I am. Met you once at MAS Traveler event, iTalk Whoa event last year and a few more events, and the latest is the Coway… 😀

  2. ladyviral says:

    Promosi promosi :p.

    Ada Komisen? 😀

    Wow so many celebs are there… Even Ning Baizura. Surely haven’t seen her in ages in the entertainment industry.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Komisen ilekkk~ LOL… Just hoping ppl will kasi the water softener to me free…*dreaming* wakakakakak~

      Ning? Haven’t really hear of her news since she got married, but I heard she just launched her latest album recently. 😀

    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea…. she looks young for her age… I hear that she’s more than 10 years older than me. LOL! And boy, she really can sing. Sigh… I wish I have tht talent…but no such luck… my voice is like a toad!

    • Cleffairy says:

      Glamorous? No la, Claire… lol… ntg glamour about it oso… to me, all the actor, actresses, models are just human, just like us. What makes them different from us is that they are public figure, that is all. 😀

  3. Cheeyee says:

    Ooh you must have a good time there! And Ning Baizura is so beautiful!!! Eh if you see her next time, pls ask her what’s the secret to stay young and beauty. :p

    • Cleffairy says:

      Good time? Yes, I suppose you can say that… the event was successful, but I have to say… young adult these days… still have a lot of growing up to do. Act cute konon! Annoying ahhhhhhh~ Budak mau main oso susah! Kesian the budak budak, and kesian the ppl who was at the sand art booth too… they look so serba-salah when they pointed out that there’s children waiting to play the sand art. 🙁

      Ning’s secret to staying young? She looks very young prolly because not much young adults dare to annoy her to make her age faster! *NODS*

  4. smallkucing says:

    Kesian, your henna. Errr….so kira as good or not leh if the water wash away your henna?

    Ha? I thought they would give you the Cosway unit geh? No ah? Should give bloggers mah. After all you all susah susah advertise for them. The post would be permenant in your blog. That means it will be there for more than a few years. If people googled, they will see the ads. Terbalik you have to spend money to attend their events and listen to the talks. Petrol and parking also habis la. Haiz…rugi la you

    As for adult clamouring at the sand art station it’s a biasa thing already. If I was there I would be crowd the station also la. U know me la. Small that time no money. So now adult liao sure like kiasu monkey and tumpang sekali with the kids la. Haiz…so many “glamourous” people there. If i go there tup tup my face will tumpang glamour and masuk newspaper leh..kekekeke. Kids mana tau this sad art thingy one…let the budak besar to play la :p

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… yea… no more sexy bollywood hands… kakakak… but I suppose it is a good thing, because the skin become much more smooth after the dead skin with henna falls off.

      Aiyo… they dun gv wan lah… free trial onli ma… mana will kasi wan? After try if dowan pay, have to gv back lor.

      Tsk… so that is why la… budak besar tumpang glamour punya case la… cis… I din think of it tht way! Patutlah so many budak besar act cute over there la… mau tumpang glamour punya pasal la… tak cute oso act cute macam budak. *pengsan*

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