A memorable Mother’s Day in Glaneagles

Mother’s Day is definitely an event that transcends across cultures. Every Mother’s Day, everyone in the world finds ways to show their appreciation towards mothers for all their sacrifices, love and dedication.

Mothers at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur were pleasantly surprised during the Mother’s Day celebration recently. In conjunction with this year’s celebration, all mothers in Gleneagles received cookies together with a rose and a special ‘Baby Starter Kit’ for mothers who gave birth on the auspicious day compliments of Fisher-Price and Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur.

Each starter kit includes a gift hamper and baked treats from Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur and various early development products by Fisher-Price such as the ‘Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker’, ‘Healthy Care Booster Seat’ and ‘Learning Kitchen’ amongst others. This exclusive gift from Fisher-Price and Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur is worth over RM1,000 in total each.

For more information about Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur and their services, please visit www.gkl.com.my or call, 03-4141 3000 and for further information on Fisher-Price’s future products, events and activities kindly contact [email protected].

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