Ogre prince and his beautiful wife…

Disclaimer: This story is fictional. Any coincidence is purely unintentional.

I’m a little bit rusty with my fairy tales. Been quite some time since I do this, so, please forgive me if this sounds rather… ridiculous. But… I really do want you guys to give me an opinion on this. This may not be up to par to my Farm Stories or even my old Muyyi Skywalker tales that cracked up the hearts of many. I’m afraid, 2009 was a year that did not really inspire me to write my very own fairy tales, and I think, now that I’m feeling particularly inspired, I better write them down before my Muse decided to go on her long MIA again. ( My damn Muse always goes on MIA…stupid bitch!)

Here goes nothing. This fairy’s tale is not suitable for children’s bedtime stories, though, cuz it’s Cleffairy’s very own tale… so tell them at your own risk.

Long, long time ago, in a kingdom not so far a way, there live an Ogre Prince. He was not handsome. In fact, he looks like Shrek. Huge, green, and ugly. He’s not nice looking at all. He’s a grumpy prince. He drinks blood for breakfast, and human that has been quartered and roasted for lunch and dinner. This Ogre Prince, he was so evil that he  plotted to get rid of his own twin brother so that he can ascend the throne when he aging father finally died. What a royal family, I must say. The father must have been wanting to die desperately,seeing that he had such an awful son to even begin with.

One day, when the Ogre Prince was riding on his old horse who will die anytime soon out of  old age in the forest, he heard a melodious female voice singing. The Ogre Prince was captivated with the siren-like voice, and so, he decided to follow the sound of the voice and was immensely pleased to find that there’s a beautiful bombshell of a maiden, bathing naked while singing at a waterfall.

The bombshell of a maiden was cleaning herself up in a rather erotic manner, leaving less for the imagination and immediately, the Ogre Prince was aroused with the scene played before him.

The Ogre Prince was so horny, you see. He wanted so much to toss the maiden over his shoulder, bring her back to his luxurious castle, dump her unceremoniously on the bed, tie up her hands on the headboard and devour her the way he desires.

But the prince was rather smart. He knows that if he wants the bombshell of a maiden in his bed, he must get her into his bed willingly. Besides, he’s the kind who is scared of pain. He wouldn’t want her to struggle and and kick him on his manhood while he was about to do his deeds. Na… uh… that wouldn’t be good for him, wouldn’t it? He wouldn’t want his little brother down there injured. It will be a waste, cuz he can’t screw anymore bombshells to his heart content if that little one down under can’t perform.

And so, this Ogre Prince stole the beautiful maiden’s clothes that she has taken off before she cleaned herself up. And when the beautiful maiden looked for her clothes in panic, the prince made an appearance, and offered the naive and unsuspecting maiden his shirt to wear. The dumb maiden  was of course grateful, and the most idiotic thing was, she followed him back to his luxurious castle when he sweet talked her into it.

The maiden became a guest at the Ogre Prince’s house, and he lavished her with jewelries, and millions of dollars. This is no ordinary fairy tale, so, the girl, though did not fall in love with the damn prince for his good looks and good behaviour, fell in lust with his bling -blings and cashy -cash. And so, when he proposed to her, she agreed readily.

And like any other fairy tales, the prince married the girl, and of course, there’s hot, romp sex involved. Things started to go wrong when the Ogre Prince showed his true colours and began to demonstrate his sadistic streak towards his new teenage wife.

The Prince’s wife freaked out of course, and wanted to be as far as possible from her marriage. She ran back home to her mama. And so, mama dearest took her back in, with loads of nagging and scolding of course.

Her mama wasn’t so pleased that her daughter not only talked to stranger, but followed him home, and married him. It would have been okay if the stranger really did love her truly, but then again, he just wanted to use her to slake his lust. Her mama is a sorceress, you see, and so, she placed protection spells around her so that the Ogre Prince couldn’t find her, and she’ll be spared from being abused physically and sexually again.

The Prince cries foul, and demanded justice be served. He looked for his wife high and lows, and when he couldn’t, he goes to a higher council who usually defended his kind, to search for his wife back. He wants her back in his bed badly, and it hurts his ego that he got ditched by a lowly woman who happens to be his wife, no less.

They searched high and low for her, but they couldn’t catch her and toss her into his bed again, for the girl’s sorceress mama is very, very powerful, and has all but send her pretty little daughter away, far away from the prince’s kingdom.

The prince was pissed. Extremely pissed. Who wouldn’t be pissed? He spent million of dollars to lure her into his bed, and now what does he get? A hard on and the whole world laughing at him cuz he couldn’t control his woman and tie her down. And so he went to the council, and made a demands that she must return to him as soon as possible and do his bidding. Not only that, she must return him all the money he gave her when he was luring her to his bed. He also made a demand that she be loyal to him and return to him immediately

Now, the story is coming to it’s end. Til this very day, the prince had to deal with his frustration, cuz the wife was too scared to go back and let him abuse her further. She live… safely, though not so sure if she found her happily ever after or not. I can be more than sure that she will be happy elsewhere and find her happily ever after if she didn’t return to that blasted husband of hers.

Neway, kids… the moral of this story is… don’t talk to strangers. You’ll never know if they have bad intention like marrying you just so that they could make a sex slave out of you. So, beware of strangers, kids. Don’t talk to them, or even take the money they offered you, even if it’s millions of dollars in cold cash. It might be a bloody trap that will make you not only loose your virginity, but also loose your freedom to walk on the street freely.

Cleffairy: The world is a creepy place. So please, beware of strangers. When in doubt, choose looks over dough. A poor man can’t harm you as much as a rich man can, and walking away would have been easier in the worst case scenario.


  1. shakira says:

    A poor man can’t harm you as much as a rich man can, and walking away would have been easier in the worst case scenario. THIS IS SO TRUE! A lovely short fairy tale. Reminded me of a case which involves a royalty too…lol
    Keep up the stories, Lizzie.

    • Cleffairy says:

      OMG…. you’re still awake ah? I tot you went to sleep! It’s true, isn’t it? I’ve always felt it that way. Walking away would have been easier if the man in question is not high profile kinda feller. Short fairy tale? keep it up? LOL… Gua masuk ISA nanti, Shakira. LOL…you haven’t heard my Mongolian Princess who was bombed to death yet… =.= hear oredi you’ll shake your head oso!

      • shakira says:

        Mongolian princess huh? Bombed huh? COOL!
        I have a lot of insights too…but hey, BEEN THERE, GOT OUT IN TIME! Got to save my soul right?

        Not ALL MONEY CORRUPTS , my dad was very rich but he was very generous and in the end, was victimized. Things I can tell you! lol

        Problem with me sleeping is ….once over 3AM, I can skip the day without sleep. Once I went FIVE DAYS WITHOUT SLEEP.LOL.Really bad for health. I do have maniac insomnia.LOl.


        • Cleffairy says:

          It takes courage to save one’s soul. I admire your courage, Shakira. If i could do half of the things that you did… I would be a great woman.

          *sigh* Good people always gets it wan. 🙁 But justice will be served, we have to desperately believe in that, don’t we?

          OMg, you’re much more worst than me… luckily now no more such insomnia?

  2. Cleffairy says:

    Claire wrote this for this article, but the robot somehow rejected her comment, denying access to my blog. Evil robot, bad robot. So I’m gonna paste wud she wrote in my email here.

    reana ct
    to me

    show details 8:04 AM (1 minute ago)

    hello fren.. early early morning read your lovely piece of post and commented as below…

    Thanks for the updates of this story.. in fact, i have lost touch of this prince and the princess, the last time i heard about this story was that he was on the floor and crying for justice.. so till today, the prince of this story is still huming? anywyas i would love to hear the ending soon! this moral of this story is.. girls, don’t be misled by material things… u might end up paying more than what u get in the first place….
    btw, is the girl’s mother really a sorceress? 🙂

    but unfortunately, my office server denied publishing it to your blog.. so frust!!! last time can… today cannot… so i guess i can only comment when i m home… sigh….nasib baik when i clicked “back”, the comment was still there … only cannot publish… is it due to your new domain? hehee…

    • Cleffairy says:

      Sorry bout that, Claire… I dunno wud happen. Maybe your office server block a few things. Or maybe, the server I’m using, the robot goes haywire.

      Neway, back to your comment. yeah…words has it la… the prince keep on bawling…. demanding her to be loyal worr, and return to him… summore ask back the money. Indeed, Claire…we shud not be misled by material things. things will backfire lerr… now see wud happen? Poor princess have to goes into hiding.

  3. cadilacjax says:

    Wow dumb biaatch Princess, Guess my 2 mil woulda been better than 1. sheesh she would not make it in my neighborhood. But I would follow the siren of her voice just to see what she looked like……Sing to Me Baby…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… glad you notice. I just hope that the princess wun go back to the Ogre Prince. What kind of husband is that? Ball-less bastard wan… cries a sobby mess in public like that and make demands. Should have settled the scores like a man lerr…summore, wants to overthrow the elder bro and take the throne…

  4. donna says:

    eh.. i actually copy your post into microsoft word and slow slow read this morning, coz i cannot online too frequent..
    your fairy tale sounds so “DARK” like that. =____________=”
    fairy tale from devil world ar? lolol..
    i like Disney version fairy tale more.. hahaha..

      • donna says:

        WAHHHHHHHHHHHH~ ~ ~..
        i am living in bolehland, boleh company now (no kidding, my company broadcast the boleh song EVERYDAY~~~~! uses that song as our company song~, i want die liao.. )
        lolol… my colleagues and I modified the boleh song though.. lolol.. share with u la..
        i cannot blog about it coz company ppl is reading. =_________________=”

        (comp name) kau fikirkan kau boleh
        kau tidak akan di sini
        (comp name) kau fikirkan ragu ragu
        patutpun kau di sini

        (comp name) kau fikirkan kekalahan
        fakta tak perlulah fikir lagi
        (comp name) kau fikirkan kemenangan
        sekali lagi sedang mimpi

        Engkaulah apa kau fikirkan
        Terkandung dalam pemikiran
        (comp name) fikir boleh melakukan
        memang tak boleh

        Percaya apa kau lakukan
        penuh dengan pelbagai haiwan
        Bertindak macam King Kong
        tak ada otak

        • Cleffairy says:

          Wahhhhhhhh….that song is dinosaur age wan la…. should sing Gemilang or something. Wahhhh *piangz*

          OMG… you all edit the song, become so…. cute wan… ahahaha…. funny la… you tickled my funny bones and made me laugh like some mad cow! LOL…

    • Cleffairy says:

      If you’re bad for fairy tales, den I dunno what I am. Aiyohh… the sorceress wun fall for the prince wan. The prince is not only ugly, but abuse her daughter also. Unless she’s a masochist who is looking to get into trouble…with law and order. The Prince is rather influential…

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