Let’s Stop 114A

Do you care about Internet freedom?

I DO, and I am against 114A bill, because I am a social media user, and it will affect me negatively if 114A bill is passed. Therefore, I am posting this for all of my readers to see.

Section 114A holds the following people accountable for publishing content online:

(1) those who own, administrate, or edit websites open to public contributors, such as online forums or blogs;

(2) those who provide webhosting services or Internet access; and(3) those own the computer or mobile device used to publish content online.In other words, if allegedly defamatory content is traced back to your username, electronic device, and/or WiFi network, Section 114A presumes you are guilty of publishing illicit content on the Internet.

But what if you were the victim of identity theft and a hacker wrongfully used your Twitter or Facebook account to post defamatory content?

Under Section 114A, you are still considered guilty until proven innocent.

To find out more about this issue, visit https://stop114a.wordpress.com/

On 14 August 2012, the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) invites all netizens and online organisations to support Internet Blackout Day.

It’s the next big step for the Stop 114A campaign. Much like the U.S. Blackout to oppose the SOPA bill, this effort will focus on educating Malaysians about the negative impact of the new amendment.

Let’s protest against this. For more information on how you can play a part in stopping this? Kindly head over HERE

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