A woman can dream

It’s that time of the year again, and stress is simply escalating. If you have been a reader of my blog and is my friend on Facebook, you’ll probably have a clue of what I’m talking about. But if you’re not and new around here, then you might be wondering what I’m talking about. Well, I’m talking about Chinese New Year of course. Chinese New Year is one of the biggest holiday celebrated in Malaysia whether I like it or not, it’s happening this weekend, and to say that I’m somewhat wary of all the hoohah is an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the festival itself. I used to enjoy it when I was younger, but I stopped enjoying it once I tied the knot. The expectation is too much, and to be frank, I don’t like having to be drag to my in law’s house to celebrate it. I don’t mind if the visit is kept short and sweet. But for a few days? Well, to be honest, I always feel so out-of-place and akward whenever I’m there and there’s nothing much I can do over there but feel depressed.

Celebrating Chinese New Year is no longer fun, no longer relaxing. It’s all about cultural expectation and filial piety.

I really wonder at times. My son and I were left to celebrate all other major festival on our own last year because my husband had to work. I spent all my other major holidays in 2012 loitering the mall with my son, wandering about while looking at other happy family and couples spending their holidays together. I even kept receipts of my purchases on those days to ‘commemorate’ the events, so why can’t it be the same with Chinese New Year? I never did enjoyed it anyway, though I am grateful that I get to spend more time with my husband.

The whole thing is suffocating, if you ask me. All I did every year during Chinese New Year in my in law’s place is just mope about in the room or watch my husband go for bouts of drinks and gambling. He’s not a drinker or a gambler, but then again…it’s part of the Chinese culture. It is believed that drinking will bring loads of happiness in the year ahead while gambling is associated with gathering wealth and prosperity.

I wish it could be different this year. I wish this time around, the holiday is something I could actually enjoy with my son and husband. I want to experience something leisure and relaxing, something that I can actually enjoy and left me all relaxed and recharged after the holiday…something like what Segway have to offer.

I want to get away from everything and go for Lakeside Camping.

Or learn to fly a Cessna 172 plane over the Bernam River instead of spending my holiday moaning and groaning to myself.

I wish to escape everything and do something that actually excites me and give once a lifetime experience to my son, but I’m no cover girl from vogue.com. I don’t live on the fast lane and financial independence is beyond me. My vacation have to be well planned and well budgeted. I can’t just take off at whim whenever I feel like it during Chinese New Year. It will upset alot of people, and not to mention my saving account. If I were to plan my vacation, I would even have to keep a lookout for great Groupon’s deal so that I will get the best bargain out of it.

I’ve always wanted to go for a holiday retreat during Chinese New Year, but I can only dream, as my husband is all for preserving the tradition and practising filial piety. I have no choice but to tag along with him and endure all the the nonsense  that comes with it. But then again, I thank God that it’s only once a year. I’d probably go looney and have to go on prozac if it is more than that.


Cleffairy: A woman can dream, even when it won’t likely come true can’t she?





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