Affordable LEGO Found at Carousell

Have you heard about Carousell? Yes? No? I have no idea what Carousell is all about until a friend of mine, who is an avid Carousell user told me about it.

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Carousell is is an online community platform for selling and buying your used goods. Buying items through Carousell online platform is very easy. Access to available items for sale is made through smartphones or laptops / desktops.

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Using Carousell is pretty easy. All you need to do is register an account. You may do so via email or your FB account.

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Then, browse for your choice of items.There are wide varieties of pre-loved items being sold at Carousel, ranging from clothings to household apparels, but what caught my interest the most are the children’s toys that are sold over there. The stuff are mostly pre-loved items but they are mostly still in a very good condition. Simply click ‘BUY NOW’ to make a purchase. Easy as 1, 2, 3 I must say. But of course, do ensure that you have a good internet connection, otherwise your purchase will not be processed successfully.

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One of the soft toy that caught my attention, a pink Alcapa

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Reasonably priced toys. I was looking for a LEGO set for my son the other day and guess what? I saw plenty on sale too over here.

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Check this out, people. Assorted LEGO set for just RM25. That’s a steal, I must say. Usually they cost much more than this. I’m definitely getting this for my son.

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Anyway, if you are parents to newborns and babies, they also have baby toys on sale.

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One of the baby toys that I spotted.

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And here’s another one that I thought not too bad for parents with newborns.

I must say that I’m impressed with what the Carousell community members have to offer on the site. Not only the goods are still in tip-top condition but goods are sold at a very affordable price too.

Let’s just face it, sometimes buying pre-loved items have its advantage, especially for parents whose babies and children are growing up rapidly. There is no sense buying expensive toys only to discover that the kids will either outgrown them or lose interest in them in about a week time and the toys will be left unwanted in the corner of the room.

When it comes to buying babies children’s toys, I personally think buying from Carousell is a smarter move. I highly recommend Carousell for your online shopping needs, especially for parents who constantly need to cater to their children’s entertainment needs.

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