Excitements Overload at Vision City Video Games Park, Resorts World Genting

As per my family tradition, we usually go on an eco escapade during school holidays but this time around, the school holiday coincides with Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month and since we are observing Ramadan as well, going outdoors and opting for activities that requires extreme physical exertion is definitely out of the question as we are fasting.

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And so, instead of exploring some jungle again, my family and opt for some fun at Vision City Video Games Park at Resorts World Genting during the last weekend of Malaysian midterm school holiday.

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Located nearby Genting Grand Hotel, Vision City Video Games Park offers 24 hours of unlimited arcade fun. Never mind what people say about arcade parlours having seen better days: but arcade gaming is definitely here to stay, especially in the context of a holiday resort. Whether one is holidaying alone, with family or friends, or with work colleagues, arcade video games do offer much entertainment value, promising hours of fun and instilling a sense of togetherness
among people. Vision City Video Games Park is where leisure seekers of all ages can enjoy the countless machines that provide an array of pleasurable challenges.

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This is one of the largest arcade centres in the country, with a total of 429 units of machinery are available, offering four different types of games, namely video games, redemption games, kiddie rides and skill games.The total number of video games available is 294, including the latest state-of-the-art video machines from Japan, Taiwan and China.

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Unlike the traditional arcade that I grew up with, no coin tokens are required for the machines over here at Vision City Video Games Park but we are required to use eZiCash instead.

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These eZiCash are the currency for Vision City Video Games and enables you to play at the arcade machines and the carnival-like games. All you need is this eZiCash card with preloaded credits in it. We got two of the cards and armed with RM200 credits loaded in each eZiCash cards respectively.

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Checking and topping-up for remaining credits can be done at designated machines for it. All you need to do is just swipe the card at the machine and you will be shown your eZiCash value.

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The arcade gaming machines are pretty much hot stuff over here and you can see people going for them all the time for their dose of fun and here’s my husband and son trying one of them. This machine features a skill game where you will need team up with another player and shoot your enemy with it while strategizing and escape route.

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My husband giving a competitive racing game a go.

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My husband trying one of the all time favourite classic arcade game, the pinball game.

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Getting my hands on a Transformer game. This is also another one of those skill machine where I need to do both maneuveuring and shooting. Pretty challenging and I was killed off in game pretty much early.

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Me, trying my hands at a music box game. I fared better here than the earlier Transformers gaming machine.

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Playing the drumming game was really satisfying. I actually won this game and made it to final round.

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I’m hopeless at arcade and carnival games but this time around, I was really hoping that I could can bring some plushies. Let’s just say that this is one of my unfulfilled childhood whims; being able to loot loads of plushies back from the arcade. And so, after rounds and rounds playing at those arcade machines, I practically dragged my husband and son to play those carnival games instead. Here is where you can redeem prizes instantly should you win the games that you chose to play.

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Catch the Rubber Duckies game. This game relies on nothing but sheer luck. If you managed to fish a duck with a label on it’s underside, then you will win a plushie to bring home.

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I gave up on this after my fourth try. Needless to say, I won nothing from the Rubber Duckies Game.

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Knowing that it will be a futile attempt for me to win anything from the games over here, I bullied my son to help me win something instead on the next game; the ring tossing game.

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And when the boy failed in the game, I got my husband to help me out at the claw machine game. I kinda like the plushies in the machine but I failed in getting any plushies from there after so mamy attempts. Like the Catch the Rubber Duckie game, this is quite tricky to play too. Clawing the plushies takes alot of hand-eye-coordination skill.

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But winning plushies from Vision City Video Games Park is not impossible. All it takes is alot of skills and focus, and of course, patience and perserverence. My husband and son managed to win a pair of Couple Ants for me before we left.

We may not win back a dozen plushies from the games, but it was a really fun for us as a family, and I wouldn’t mind a repeated experience.

For more information on Vision City Video Games Park, call +603 2718 1118 or visit www.rwgenting.com

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