Another idiotic attempt to…

I’m getting pretty wary of things that’s going on in Malaysia these days. Can things get more idiotic and absurd? While my question is meant to be rhetoric, obviously the answer is yes. Banning of tomboys, and yoga…what’s next? I have no idea, but I am not going to talk about that today because I suspect that it will not do any good to my stress level or yours too. By chance (or was it accident?) I received an absurd random sms that says these exact words:

Pls 4ward msg ni pd sume org Islam.Skrg kristian sdg aktf d Srmbn, n Slngor n kian pesat ke ngr len. 1900 org paderi Mlayu yg br tiba dr Sgapore brada d sni Hti2 dgn air mineral

1)Al- baramkah

2) Al-Mansori


4) al-Mansur




Air tsebut tlh d+dgn h0ly water. Tlg sbrknya kpd smua umat islam n shbt2. Ait ni blh m’ngkbtkn lidah [email protected] untuk mybut klimah Allah.

For those who could not understand Malay language, the words above meant:

Please forward this sms to all Muslim. Christians are active in Seremban, Selangor, and making their progress to other states. 1900 Malay priests from Singapore are here. Be careful with the mineral water:

1)Al- baramkah

2) Al-Mansori


4) al-Mansur




Those mineral water have been mixed with holy water. Please spread this to all Muslim. The water that’s mentioned would cause tongue to be tied and the drinker would be unable to say the word Allah.

Now, my precious readers, when I received the bloody sms, my reaction was to curse whoever was the original sender and the mastermind behind the ‘forward sms’ material. I felt that this is downright wrong and ridiculous. Isn’t this a form of defamation towards the above mentioned mineral water products? And most importantly, isn’t this some form of libel and slander to tarnish the image of other religion besides Islam? Is this not stoking racial and religious tension between the Muslim and Christians? Did the mastermind behind this ridiculous sms have visual evidence or something concrete to prove that the Malay-Christian priests from Singapore had done such thing? This is defamation at the very best, and what’s more, the authorities in Malaysia do not give a damn about such things being circulated in the sms world.

I wonder, what would happen if it’s the other way around, where the sms is defaming the Muslims and saying the Muslim did something very despicable to cause people from other religion’s faith to be faltered? Now, wouldn’t they start to feel the burn in their pretty assholes and goes berserk about it and start catching people and throwing them into ISA for insulting Malays and Islam and endangering the national security and public safety?

Mineral water contains many things, and a bottle of mineral water could contain traces of pee and shit for all I care, why not be concern of something that is unclean and harmful towards one’s health rather than be concern over something that is possibly a made up fiction to stoke racial and religious tension among two devotees of different faith or citizens of two different countries?

What’s most ridiculous about the sms is that it claimed that the above mentioned mineral water products were mixed with holy water and would caused Muslim’s faith to be erode and faltered. How ridiculous is that? Absolutely stupid! Absurd to the very core! Does one really have an absolute proof that the water was mixed with Holy Water by the Christians?

Telling me that by just by drinking some mineral water could cause your faith to be shaken is a bit too much for me. Does the Muslim’s faith in Malaysia so easily faltered? I’ve always believed that if one’s faith is strong enough, no matter what kind of water the person drank, he would still believe in his own religion. Tell me, tell me I am wrong about this! Tell me that the Muslims in Malaysia are so fickle minded that by merely drinking some mineral water rumoured to contain the mixture of Holy Water that has been blessed by Christians priest could destroy one’s faith. Does Holy Water contain potent drugs that could cause such thing to happen? No, bloody idiots. ‘Holy Water’ is actually just normal water, it does not contain any drugs that could possibly cause such thing, so why are you fretting about this if your faith is really strong?

I would possibly believe without having second thoughts if the contents in the chain sms informed me that the mentioned mineral water contains excessive amount of melamine that could be dangerous to health and would possibly cause death. And hell yes, I would also probably believe the sms if it informed me that the mineral water was drugged and would possibly paralyze the consumer from waist down, but I definitely refuse to believe in the foolish, absurd and ignorant allegation that the mineral water products was mixed with Holy Water by the Christians and the product would without fail will cause one’s faith to be completely destroyed.

Well, no matter what people would tell me or how they agree and choose to believe the sms, I would stand by my opinion that the sms that I received last night was meant not only to brainwash the Muslim to hate the Christians and tarnish other religion’s good image, but also paint a bad image of our neighbouring country and undermine our diplomatic relationship with them.

If the mineral water was mixed with Holy Water that has been blessed by a Christian priest and is really capable of damaging one’s faith, why not just tell the Muslims not to drink the above mentioned mineral water because it contain toxic waste? Wouldn’t it be more effective to scare everyone from drinking it? Clearly this is just a gimmick and a shallow attempt to make the Muslim and the Christians hate each other.

Cleffairy: This kind of slanderous smses ought to be stopped. Or two biggest religion in the world would never be at peace with each other. This is something that I would classified as psychological terrorism.


  1. calvin says:

    clef, i also received it this morning. i think they purposely sent it to stir religious hatred and cause problems. i wonder if these people think by spreading this malicious smses, they could go to heaven. whatever it is, they’re sure to be condemned to hell.

    ive read somewhere that everything christians do, they are the direct opposite. for eg…..we offer peace, they holy war….we offer love, they hate and kill your enemies….i dont want to publish it, otherwise i’ll be put under ISA.

  2. calvin says:

    on another note, i dont think my muslim friends are like that. they are a cheerful lot and i love them for that. its those extremist that’s causing these hate thingy.

  3. cleffairy says:

    Calvin, ohh? You received it too? I didn’t expect the venom to be spread so widely like this. that have to be the case, sending and encouraging people to spread such message to stir tension between two religion. What else could it be? Who believed in such thing would be an absolute idiot, no kidding. one should know how to differentiate a slanderous article and truth. 🙁 Eh, that sort of article, better dun publish, or else Rachel would have to sleep alone at night because you’ll be busy eating eggs in ISA. LOL.

    I also believe that not all Muslims are bad… it’s just those extremist ones are bad for the society… sampah masyarakat! most religion promotes peace and love towards one another. God dun discriminate or hate, but human does that.

  4. Pureglutton says:

    Irresponsible acts by idiotic people, i would say. Just some desperate attempts to cause trouble by some people – any sensible person reading such msgs will know that it’s nonsensical, baseless and a clear effort to discredit the mineral water brands as well as religion!

  5. cleffairy says:

    Pureglutton such thing is done with a purpose…to stoke religious tension… 🙁 unfortunately, not everyone would believe this is just a stupid attempt to disrupt peace… some really believe in the sms! So ridiculous! if the mineral water is harmful, den just say it contains toxic or melamine and could cause death… that would do more damage to the brand reputation than this! Clearly the intention is to disrupt harmony!

  6. calvin says:

    pureglutton, the problem is some people still believe in those bullshits. remember once the police told the public not to respond to smses on lucky draws with cash prizes, they know its all bullshit but there are still some who were trapped. utter stupidity or they are just plain ignorant. and to top it all up, those who were trapped were people from the city and not those from kampungs. *shaking head*

  7. KevinP says:

    Calvin, its true that the majority are not like that. It only take a handful to cause a stir… and the majority are more likely to be just followers.

    This is cause for concern really, spreading unnecessary hatred and suspicion. Warrants ISA? Well, I guess the muftis will say there is truth to it… rmbr the case of mass baptism in Perak not too long ago???

  8. riverrasquale says:

    I would like to point out two important things:

    If a so called muslim actually believe this sms he or she is bothering on “shirik”, which is if you like, number one sin…that is making more than one God…actually believing something like that is the lowest of low…meaning something else than God could influence your faith.

    Secondly, this is something that I myself hate. Because if I say that I visit churches they will call me murtad. FFS, I just visit churches (to study the building), not converting! (Apostasy is another story…) That is how shallow some people (who happen to have university degrees and went overseas) are… It is something even when I was a child some people would warn us not to go to church because if you drink holy water you will become kafir. That sms is as silly as saying if you wear a cross you will be a Christian, that kind of mentality.

    So in light of all these things, we need to be careful and be wary of instigations from people who will benefit from religious tensions…

  9. langkau says:

    I don’t think the sender is a Muslim. The person must an authentic a**hole that has nothing better to do that to rock the boat. And he/she must have been watching too much Exorcist movies to believe that the holy water can do such things…so, if I drink pee water, I would not be able to say the word Kidney?

  10. KevinP says:


    Shirik is number one sin? I thought in 2001, someone said, sodomy is a bigger sin than murder…. so shirik is a bigger sin than sodomy? Pardon my understanding of the religion. Clarification required.

    And I do agree with langkau, that the sender may not be a Malay. After all, we always equate those vandals who vandalize in BM are not Malays and those who vandalize properties with Chinese are not Chinese. But whoever it is, do you not think that he deserves to be in ISA or charged with sedition?

  11. amoker says:

    Hi Cleff, disappeared for a week to do some youth camp. Back to check and glad to see your rant.

    Well, i don’t want to know who sent but important to note that the sms contains no truth. Holy water has no magical property like a chant/ curse.

    To say that it is used to stir trouble is an understatement. It has been around for donkey years but people still repeat it. I was in UPM 11 years ago and one of the colleges with mostly Northen students made a stir about holy water and the evil christian consipacies. My catholic friends were aghast. No matter what explaination, the people who want to believe does.

    Riverrasquale, you are welcome to churches and we won’t tag you. I helped to clean up mosque before so it does not mean that I am Muslim. Of course, lately we can’t even go in a mosque due to these fanatism.

  12. cleffairy says:

    Calvin *puke* the bullshit really stinks, no kidding. I hate it when people use this kind of thing to stir tension among people from two different religion. I know god does not discriminate, it’s men who do such things. And I really do agree with you, people are ignorant when it comes to these kind of things, but they still believe in it. And in this case, forward the message around. 🙁

    Kevin, of course this is a concern. The sms is actually slanderous… and if this continues and get out of hand, it might be a national security threat- as Muslims and Christians in Malaysia will view each other with contempt and act all hostile…. the problem here is, Malaysian government practice double standards… you remember the cow called Ahmad? What happened to him now? He was not punish under the law for stoking racial tension. he was only punished under UMNO discipline council… is that what you can call justice? Yeah, right, my poop got more justice than that! I believe this kind of sms sender should be charged under sedition act… why the hell they just catch RPK and not this kind of ppl? Rubbish, really!

    Riverra, I actually believe that there are handfuls of Malay Muslims who believed in syirik. I dun mean to sound racist, but I think my words are justified… why? There are Malay Muslim in Malaysia who believed in Bomoh. Love potions, ubat guna-guna, santau, susuk…. etc. (I’m very sure that those I mention is syirik, isn’t it?)
    And if you tell me you visited churches, I wouldn’t be so fast to call you an apostate or believe that you are a Christian. I myself have been visiting temples and admire the culture and work of art, and I assure you, I am not a Buddhist. I really cannot understand why in Malaysia, once you enter certain shrine or house of God, you will be considered the particulars faith believer. Everything on faith seems to be very stereotyped in Malaysia. I’m sad to see that. Especially when a Chinese enter a mosque, and he was not welcome in it. Mosque is also a house of God, isn’t it? What rights does some men have to judge another man and throw him out of house of God? Does he think that he is higher and mightier than God that he is qualified to throw someone else out of a Mosque?

    Seng… if the sender is a Malay, yes, indeed, he is a disgrace! But if he’s not, that’s even more worst! Woitz, jie’s didi got play back maple bo? If got tell jie, jie pei you. 😛

    unfortunately, Malaysia practices double standard. Even though the sms is slanderous, and if the original sender is a Malay and Muslim, do you honestly think that the authorities will charge him for doing so? I think not. 🙁

    Langkau, the sender may be Muslim and may be not, but the intention is clear, which is to disrupt peace between the two religion in question.

    Kevin, if I’m not mistaken, ‘fitnah’ is a sin as big as murder. But i am not sure about syirik. Have to ask Riverra to clarify.

    , omg, Vern, you scare me la… suddenly laugh here. You okay anot? o.O. LOL. Good luck in your studying, chill out sometimes, babe.

    Amoker… lol… youth camp? Was it fun? Hope you enjoyed the camp. back to check my site and glad to see me rant… lmao… thank God someone is glad i’ve been ranting… if only my boss would tell me that(in my dreams la). Sigh… tell me the mineral water contain toxic waste or melamine, i would easily believe it, but not this Holy Water can cause faith to be shaken mumbo jumbo! IT IS COMPLETELY ABSURD!!!! Holy Water is just plain water, isn’t it? Let’s just say that a baptism ceremony was performed in a sea or river, and the water was processed to become drinking water… wun that contain ‘Holy Water’? Den what? The entire river/sea was polluted with Holy Water and if the water is processed then the water is haram? If that is the case, den dun drink any water at all la, omg, FOOLISH BASTARDS! Some people simply refused to listen and only keep their mind closed.*sigh* What to do, Malaysia Boleh!

  13. amoker says:

    Yep, love the way you are able to expand on the rantings. haha. I just summarized such backward rational thinkings like this as pre-enlightenment. haha.

    The camp was very nice. It is nice to lead a group of energy and hormon driven teenagers. but they are pretty good kids. Just surprised (actually not) when the girls ( from a small town) were talking about gang bang. Wow, i dun know that term until much older.

    Holy water is just water being prayed over. Properties are the same as whatever source it is from. It is a function of their worship process and some believe in its healing / cast evil power. It is oversimplfying to think that objects can convert. The Christian believe is that individuals will make informed, conscious decision and is an act of faith by God. So, please la.. Holy Water or Christians are not plague that can infect if touched.

  14. Garfield says:

    it is useless to make police report, coz they will not care, since this sms is not slandering islam, u should know our country lar. controlled by Umpph NO!, is like this 1. nothing i fair now….


    i am wondering y some of those idiot outside there believe this sms….
    come on lar, it is just plain water only,
    if say holy water have this kind of power, then no need to drink any water from the whole world lar, any water in the world got contacted with these holy water b4 also mah.

    i really dun understand what those ppl who believe this sms thinking…

  15. riverrasquale says:

    Yes, all Malay muslims who went to study agama in school should remember this. It was drummed to us that syirik is no. one sin. Syirik is a very subtle sin. Like once, I actually got my sis-in-law to see a bomoh as she had these forgetful unconscious spells where she did silly things like throwing her purse away…etc…then I realised wait a minute, that’s syirik (that I made her go to bomoh even though she apparently became better) I really regretted it…so now I don’t ever want to see a bomoh…I see the rationale in psychiatry and psycho-therapy whatever in these matters… people tend to want quick fixes…see that lady who got sexually assaulted with a bomoh…we want to believe…syirik is so very subtle that it has to do with how you want to solve problems (mundane) things in life…where in the end, if you believe in all these things other than purely direct connection to God, you end up not being a brave person or blame others if you lack of faith…

  16. ahfu says:

    this is so ridiculous, btw how come you would be forwarded this SMS?perhaps the malays who received this kind of SMS dare not to write it out but forwarded to other races, to let us know the truth that really exist among the communities in msia, sad. but i believe the young generation could change the whole situation in the future

  17. cleffairy says:

    Riverra, thank you so much for enlightening us on that matter. I did not know that syirik is a sin bigger than adultery and murder. 🙁 i feel so ignorant.

    … bonjour mademoiselle! How was your French session? Hope it goes well, Mon Cherie. 😛 Ahh, buggers… they never fail to amuse and aggravate us, don’t they?

    , yes, it’s really ridiculous. Anyway, I am not the only one who received the venomous sms… a blogger friend of mine, Calvin, who is a Christian also received the same chain sms- and it was not me who sent it to him. I guess it was sent out randomly. I seriously think that their smses are not targeted to the Malay Muslims only… because they wanted to stir trouble between the devotees of two religion. 🙁 Stupid conspiracy that can do so much damage to peace!

  18. lolita says:

    i despise people who do those things.forward sms, emails, friendster msg, ym whatsoever.sometimes they even forward wrong infos.

    i used to have this junior who loves forwarding things. one day, she fwd smthing about the reverse atm number. that scam was like from years ago, yet she still fwd it to me. i asked her, then she said, “dunno, i just fwd what people fwd me back”

    i made her tried googling about the issue and it’s everywhere.then she apologized n promised not to do that again. she made herself looked stupid, sorry to say

  19. cleffairy says:

    Lolita, yeah, me too… these people really do not think of the implication of their action, forwarding such stuff around. like this one above, it irks me most. At first glance, one would believe such thing, but if you look beneath the surface, the intention of the original sender is very clear, which is to clash two religion! Sickening to the very gut!

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