Asam pedas



I was craving for some asam pedas the other day, and yet when I looked into my refrigerator, I couldn’t find enough ingredients to cook Asam Pedas. No belacan, no chilli, no dried shrimp, etc. And so, I decided to just satisfy my cravings by going to an Asam Pedas restaurant somewhere nearby Jalan Genting Klang’s Golf range.

It was okay… not that great… nothing I really can shout about in comparison to my mum’s and my late grandma’s. Was rather oily and not sourish enough… but I finished it up nevertheless cuz I’ve been really craving for it.


Goes very well with sliced omelet…


And plain rice with a side of ulam and sambal belacan.

The asam pedas set cost me Rm6.50. Not too bad, huh? At least I managed to satisfy my cravings and I did not have to slave around in the kitchen for hours for these.

Cleffairy: Sometimes, you just had to settle for the second best.



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