Feeling the heat!


Hey there. Yes… you! I’m talking to you. Are you feeling the heat yet? I’m certainly feeling the heat. The Chinese New Year heat, and so is my mummy. I’m taking over today. Mummy is indisposed and not in the mood of writing.

Right at the moment, she’s busy swimming to chill out (so that she won’t explode out of heat irritation, annoyance and mood swings…)…*sigh* Mummy is really a weird creature. Lately, she seems to find solace in the water. She made me wonder if she’s a mermaid sometimes. Whenever the swimming pool at our place is dirty, she’ll be absolutely miserable. She can’t seems to live without the pool lately.


I think it’s the heat that is making her miserable. Either that, or Chinese New Year. She’s always miserable during this time of the year. I don’t know what is her problem, but I know what’s mine.

Mine is that from the eve of Chinese New Year to third or fourth day of Chinese New Year, I’ll be treated like an animal. You see… Papa had to go back and visit his mama, and she’s not animal friendly.

She don’t like cats…or dogs for that matter. SOBS. How awful. Every time we go back to her house, I’ll be locked up in a cage. I cannot run around and be naughty like in my own home. I must behave at all times, or I’ll probably be dead meat!

Papa told me that his late dog Alan used to be caned for being naughty by his mama… OMG… I wondered if poor Alan died because of dog abuse after Papa left for college? I sure hope not! That’s really a scary thought. 🙁

I don’t like Chinese New Year. I had to pee and poo in it like every other poor cats that had been locked up. I hate having to pee and poo like an uncivilized cat. I prefer the toilet much more, thank you very much. It’s cleaner and much more hygenic too. I don’t understand why some people thinks that cats just know how to pee and poo everywhere. I certainly don’t. I use the toilet instead of passing motion everywhere.

Some people are just rubbish and plain stereotyping! I always want mummy to bring me into public toilet so that i can relieve myself during our travels, but no cats or dogs are allowed in public toilets. 🙁 Argh! Some animal right activist should bring this issue up! We have needs for toilets too, you know?

Another thing I hate about Chinese New Year is that I have to sleep outside while enduring the harsh weather!  I don’t like sleeping outside. That’s just for strays! I am not a stray. I am my Papa and Mummy’s daughter! I always sleep with them or with big brother at home. They always love having me around! They said I’m like a fluffy Teddy bear!

I don’t like it, I don’t like it! 🙁 But thank God for small mercies. Mummy always insist on bringing me out in my traveling bag whenever she goes out to town and whatnot wheile she’s there in Papa’s hometown. It’s a very huge relief. At least it’s much more comfortable than being locked up and I can go sight-seeing too. 😀


Thinking about it makes me feel down and moody. 🙁 Initially mummy was considering to send me to a pet hotel, but she hates the idea of me getting fleas from other cats (I am a flea-free cat) and she heard too much horror story about pets being neglected to death by pet hotel owners while the owners are away on holidays… so she prefer to bring me along.


*SIGH* God, please have mercy on me…and please make mummy buy me premium wetfood to compensate for my discomfort during Chinese New Year. If I can’t get comfy, at least make my tummy comfy. 😀

Meow Meow: I love to travel and going on holidays with papa, mummy and big brother, but I don’t like it when I’m treated like an animal!


  1. claire says:

    My Labbie goes to boarding house when I go outstation… RM15 a day.. sigh.. at least you can bring your “daughter” along.. mine one is too big! 🙂

  2. peteformation says:

    Aiya, I thought cats on heat….after CNY holidays, you come back and see kittens all over your house, ha ha ha!

    Wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year! Enjoy your holidays! LOL!

    • MeowMeow says:

      Wud to do… sobsob….every CNY or every time go bek Papa’s hometown liddat lo. No entry for cats inside the house ma. Not animal friendly wan… cannot nottie there. Must guai guai.

  3. Alice Phua says:

    Well, what to do? This is life – have to give and take, have to take both the good and bad times, cannot expect good times all the time.

    P/S: Cleffairy, yes, one day we shall meet. Am eager to meet up with you in person too. Yes, what ALice Law says is true. All my weekends so far are for private family time/outings. So if I want to go meet my friends or socialize, I’ll do that only during weekdays when I’m on leave, when hubby is not around with me.

    • MeowMeow says:

      Yo, uncle… of course I can talk… everyday oso I talk to mummy. I’m a new age cat! Dun say talk, I oso watch Tv, watch youtube and kacau mummy play Angry Bird!

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