Behind the Scene at Matic FM, Travel with Style

Have you ever wondered how it is like to be a radio deejay? I used to wonder how it’s done when I was a child, after all, at some point of my childhood, I thought of becoming a deejay when I’m all grown up. Unlike TV hosts or news presenters, deejays are pretty much mysterious. You don’t ever get to see them, period. Most of them keep you cheerful in the morning, while the rest accompanied you throughout those long lonely nights with soothing sentimental songs in between.

As time goes by, radio stations has evolved into something that’s much more interactive. Instead of just hearing deejay voices, you can now ‘watch’ them on air too as some radios functioned as online TV.

Now, as I understand, while deejays are no longer dubbed as mysterious creature or imaginary superheroes, things that’s done behind the scene is still pretty much vague to most, so here’s sharing some bits and pieces on how things works behind the scene at the newly launched is one of the strategic initiatives by Tourism Malaysia and Ministry of Tourism & Culture under the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) to enliven the tourism and culture in Malaysia.

With the tagline ‘Travel with Style’, aims to provide listeners with information that’s related to culture and travel, so expect to have some culture shock and online food indulgence.

 photo DSCN6537_zpshifqweqs.jpg

OB Van. This is official vehicle where the crew and news hunter will travel around with in order to bring to the sensational travel news and exciting stories from all over Malaysia.

 photo FB_IMG_1441336980867_zps0v2inndl.jpg

Here’s a closer look at the OB van.

 photo DSCN6540_zpsy2zvzw2n.jpg

The van’s interior. Quite chic, don’t you think? I certainly wouldn’t mind traveling in this. I think it would be quite an adventure traveling to interesting places in Malaysia by using this van.

 photo DSCN6514_zpsl7zooott.jpg

This is where news and interesting segments is made, the studio. Here’s Mr. Wan Salam, the producer for, conducting a test run before going on air.

 photo DSCN6528_zpsvdyvefei.jpg

Control panel and sound system. Being a deejay is not just talks. It takes more than that to be one as you would need to handle not only the talking and the listeners, but ensure that everything is in sync while your show is being aired live.

 photo IMG_20150903_202740_1_zps94vn5ave.jpg

During the test run for ‘Bicara Semasa’. :p Pretty cool huh? It’s just like any ordinary TV talk show, except that it’s not on conventional TV and you will be able listen and watch these free of charge as long as you have Internet on your computers or mobile devices.

The radio-based tourist information is actually an (IP Radio) and can be heard and seen throughout the world online either through a mobile app Tune In, smart phone or through the website, so what are you waiting for? Download Tune In and travel in style with now!


  1. Leona says:

    nice, in high school i used to listen to this deejay on radio so much and he’s got the most soothing voice and i’d imagine him to be super handsome…

  2. Emily says:

    Funny… when I was growing up, I too dreamt of being a radio DJ. And then one day, a friend told me, “With that voice you want to be a DJ ah??”

    Oh, there went my dream. LOL

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