Matic FM Launching is one of the strategic initiatives by Tourism Malaysia and Ministry of Tourism & Culture under the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) to enliven the tourism and culture in Malaysia. The ministry strategic partnership with MaTiC Tourism Writers Association and Twin Holding Sdn Bhd. It is one of the noble efforts to realize the Malaysia Tourism Transformation Plan (MTTP). The radio-based tourist information is actually an (IP Radio) and can be heard and seen throughout the world online either through a mobile app Tune In, smart phone or through the website .

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Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, officiating MaTic.Fm.

 photo FB_IMG_1441366847895_zpsmroihqw3.jpg also features the coupling of the radio (Deejays), both experienced and new faces. Among those who are involved is Ritchie Rahman, Nizal Mohamad, Aziz Desa, Arie, Azz, Aisha, Cha Sulaiman, Lia Omey, Char-B, Helmi and Zam Mui.

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Spotted: Deejays and local celebrities. From left: Cha Sulaiman, Iqwal Hafiz ( IQWAL The Singing Traveler) a.k.a Ewal AF and Ritchie Rahman.

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Ewal AF and Luqman of the local boyband Aftershock with a theme park mascot during the launching.

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Also spotted at the launching, is a local celebrity, Reen from the band Langit with her new single, Penipu.

Ewal’s impromptu performance during the launching, as per request of his avid fans who happened to be present at the launching.

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In accordance with the concept NBOS Voluntourism, all radio duties is on a voluntary basis through their respective segments. Commitments and the initial enthusiasm provided by the radio relay line is a pure business and social responsibility to help develop the tourism industry in Malaysia. Radio will be broadcasted 24 hours in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Some segments are related to tourism and culture eg; Best Of Malaysia, We Are The Host, Sembang Santai, and many more. is expected to be a platform for all players in the tourism and culture industry in the country to promote products, events and spur the development of services in the industry.

Next up: Behind the scene at Matic.FM

Picture credit to: IQWAL The Singing Traveler

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