It’s 1st june 2008, and it’s Media Freedom day. In Malaysia *smirk*. BENARKAH? As far as I’m concern, there’s no such thing as media freedom in Malaysia, unless you are bootlicking the current government.  One sentence critisising the oh so mighty government now, and you’re oh so dead. They’ll throw you into ISA and let you rot to death over there. That stinks! Malaysians, especially the presses can walk and march all they want, but they’ll never be freedom to write or to express yourself freely in Malaysia. I’m not being bitter about it, this is fact. Journalism is supposed to be the first step in history making, sadly Malaysian history is tainted by deceit and bias. There’s no longer truth in news being written in the newspaper.  I’d say, power and money is the root of all evil. But in this case, it’s an abomination in writing industry. Truth can no longer be told. Mind can no longer be expressed. What’s left is well drafted history, corrupting younger generation with sugar coated, honey smeared stories that’s enough to lull raging infant to sleep.

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