When will you people ever learn?

I read The Star newspaper yesterday night(because I simply can’t find time to do anything else besides working) and caught an article that caused me to mutter blasphemy. This is the particular article that was responsible for Cleffairy’s creatively uttered vulgarities. Thank god my family were not around to hear me cursing. Blasphemy and vulgarities is actually a no no in my parent’s house. LOL.

The article below was taken from The Star Malaysia, 7th August 2008, Wednesday,


KUALA LUMPUR: Her marriage seemed perfect but it turned into a nightmare when Salwanis Ma’az’s foreigner husband left the country with their three-month-old baby.

The 31-year-old research officer said her Pakistani husband Nasir Mahmood Qadri Nisar Ahmed, 39, took their son Muhammad Bilal to a family gathering on July 26.

“He refused to take me along, saying that it was a private gathering,” said Salwanis, who later went to search for him at the KL International Airport (KLIA).

Pining for son: Salwanis holding up photos of her husband and baby who are believed to be in Dubai.

She said the police at KLIA alerted the Immigration Department, which subsequently traced him to Dubai.

“They told me he boarded a flight to Dubai at 11.14am the same day,” Salwanis told reporters at a press conference organised by Putera Umno here yesterday.

He called her the next day to tell her he would be going to Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I didn’t expect this at all, as he was a religious man who lived according to the Sunnah. He has always treated me well. However, I have never met his family except for a female cousin,” said Salwanis.

The couple met on the Internet and married here last year after a whirlwind courtship.

She said her husband had an import-export business in sports goods and they later opened a supermarket in Serdang Jaya.

“Now that he’s gone, I have to pay the monthly installments for our car and for the supermarket premises,” she said, adding that she lodged a police report on July 28.

“Parents must do a background check on the future husbands of their daughters , especially if they are foreigners, to avoid cases like this,” said Putera chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez, adding that the movement would help Salwanis find her son.


There’s so many bachelors and single MALAYSIAN men available and yet these foolish women go for those exotic foreigners! Don’t they know that most of these creeps probably marry Malaysian woman for free sex and domestic caregivers? What’s so good about all these foreigners anyway? Their dick is thicker than average Malaysian men? Hello, ladies, it’s not about the size or the shape, it’s how those men uses them! What good is a big dick when they have ‘expiry’ dates?

Don’t give me the ‘love is blind’ thing. Love is never blind unless you turn blind eyes to it. Romance and ‘love’ is sheer bullshit when it comes to these foreigners who probably courted Malaysian women who are idiotic enough to believe their proclamation of love marry them, screw them legally without condoms, make them pregnant and then bagged the women’s money and fly away and never to be heard of again after some time. In this case, the man not only bagged her child away for good, but he also left her with some financial burden.

While my women’s intuition sympathized this particular lady for loosing her son to the creep she have the cheek to call her ‘husband’, I really wished I could tell her how idiotic she was to marry him after a short period of courtship, bears him a son and yet not knowing who the hell is the rest of his family. Just take a look at this particular paragraph:

I didn’t expect this at all, as he was a religious man who lived according to the Sunnah. He has always treated me well. However, I have never met his family except for a female cousin,” said Salwanis.The couple met on the Internet and married here last year after a whirlwind courtship.

Oh my god, this is just so…(kindly insert your favourite vulgar word). She did not expect this kind of thing is coming? Please don’t tell me that she never heard of such cases where foreign husbands bangs them and then leave them with all sort of headaches to deal with? The guy is a religious man and live according to sunnah, you say, and you didn’t expect him to do this sort of things to you because he is RELIGIOUS. RELIGIOUS my ass!

The guy probably treats the woman well because she put good food on the table, a roof over his head and passable sex session in his bed. Had it not occurred to the woman that the guy probably marries her for a purpose? If he did not marry her for purpose, why he did not bothered to introduce her to his family except for a ‘female cousin’ who in reality is probably also his wife who cannot bear him a child?

Now, this news really irks me. When will these people ever learn? The answer to my question is probably NEVER. They will never learn and they seems to turn blind eyes to similar previous news like these where a foreigner marries a local for citizenships or PR or even for the sake of convenience during their stay in Malaysia. When these sort of things happened, do these women honestly think that they can easily get back their child? Think again…even if the child is located, there will be a fight between two country’s court. And it’ll be a hell of custody fight because it’ll get two countries involved.

Cleffairy: It’s already going to be 080808, and I wish many couple out there who register their marriage on this date a smooth sailing in their matrimony and may they never encounter such thing like the article above.


  1. warrior2 says:

    Clef, if I am not mistaken, the woman is a complete purdah woman maksudnya she only shows her eyes. Now, the man is like a real pious person, so probably the woman was looking for someone like that and there are many like that in Pakistan, Afganistan and surrounding areas.

    OK, you probably know Malaysian men by now. Generally tak mesra, tak loving, tak romantik and TAK GUNA after a few years! hehe

  2. roses says:

    at least malaysian men cannot run far….heheheheh

    foreigner men…poor lady she doesnt even know his family members~~
    she must prolly think that foreign men are richer and kinder than local ones.

    being a religious man doesnt guarantee 100% of anything.it’s sad to see women being treated this way. sex machine, child bearer…women too deserve nothing but love. hey, we are human too..

  3. cleffairy says:

    Yea, pious until he bagged their kid back to his own country and left her in Malaysia, and never even divorce her. Wan to run also, please divorce the lady, at least she can start over…now what the hell is she supposed to do? Though I pity her, i can’t help but to say “padan muka’. Who asked her to find a foreign man who is probably a terrorist or something to become her husband. Being a middle east man, does not guarantee that their behaviour will be up to par to a saint’s.

    If she’s looking for a pious man to be her husband, I think there’s plenty in Malaysia. I simply refused to believe that there’s no more pious Malaysian men in Malaysia. Don’t tell me men who only resembles Osama are pious? Alot people in the middle east also bomb people around at wimp under the oath of ‘jihad’ at wimp, not caring who will be the victim of their actions. That one is not jihad. That one is JAHAT oredi.

    Rose, you’re right. At least Malaysian man cannot cabut far far…foreign men are richer and kinder than the locals? It’s better to marry a man who is not so rich, at least he don’t have the $$ to fly away from you. That lady, even if she want to marry the foreign man, she should at least demand him to introduce her to his family. If dunno his family, den marry for what, huh? To have sex legally? Don’t tell me she’s too submissive to her husband to demand what is actually her rights. The freak of a guy probably treat her like some legal sex machine or something and she simply treat it as her ‘husband’s rights.

  4. KevinP says:

    Clef, if people do learn from past mistakes then human wont be fighting today. But this case reminds me of this other Malaysian who many years ago “kidnapped” his children from Australia back to Malaysia….

  5. warrior2 says:

    after the wife or exwife “kidnapped” the children and brought them to Australia when the syariah court had given the custody to the husband. Your sentence is now complete Kevin!

  6. Calvin says:

    hiya guys…..been pretty busy lately, my boss in town. anyways, i was with a customer having tea late yesterday and he shared his most sacred rule. that is ALWAYS RESPECT YOUR MOTHERS AND WOMEN. why? it’s because we men will never feel the hardships of having to bear a child in us for 9 months as well as the pain and agony that women have to go thru during labour. this i fully sokong….and you men out there…RESPECT YOUR WOMEN!!! GIRL POWER !!!!!! hehehe

  7. ktx says:

    lol. calvin….u sure or not? while i hv my utmost respect for the women, soemtimes i find this equality thing quite blown outta proportion.

    opps, i think it’s out of the topic, it’s nothing to do with equality…, hehehe. anyways, i still and do respect them. that’s one of the reasons i do orgle at them in KLCC(when i m there once in a blue moon)!

    happy 080808.

  8. cleffairy says:

    Well said, Calvin. If only all fathers out there teaches their son to respect woman, one do not have to worry about their daughters being disrespect or abused.

    Eh, ktx/chit…when you gonna update your blog? *hint hint*

  9. Calvin says:

    pete, my boss is in town lar…very mahfan. have to bring her visit clients and makan2 lor. now that she’s back in kl, IM FREEEEEE !!!!! LMAO

  10. cleffairy says:

    LOL. Bosses are actually from hell, that’s what I believe, Calvin. good for you now that she’s in KL, now you can have a nice weekend. Haha… now you also use ‘LMAO’.

  11. roses says:

    wowow..boss issue again.
    yeah, women are to be respected. cause they have to bear through all that 9months and then going through all the life-risking labor..however, some men will just not understand this. hmmphh~~

  12. Son Goku says:

    mmmh… there is a saying that “to prevent a disease is better that to cure a disease”… yeah, we should always think before we act.

    BUT, if i should try not to be a judgmental person on this issue, i’ll say that i will give that man “the benefit of a doubt”.

    WHY? let me quote what the reporter says: “The couple met on the Internet and married here last year after a whirlwind courtship.”

    holy cow! am i reading it right they just met on the net then married after a very short courtship? yeah, it happens to a lot of people nowadays… BUT, the key word there is INTERNET. they probably both looking for a relationship on the net. if he is really a religious man, then, there is a possibility that he can also be a conservative person. now, what if he caught his wife chatting someone in the internet? what if he suspect that her wife is having an affair because there is this smart and funny guy in the internet or what if he really caught his wife having an affair to a smart and funny guy in the net? hey, im not accusing her at all, no, no, no… but, remember the report above, the reporter said that they met on the internet and marry each other after a whirlwind courtship. so it is possible that the internet is a big thing for him. the man was probably hurt so much that he can not confront his wife and just decided to simply fade away bringing the fruit of their love, their only child. somebody would say that “thats an incredible story” but the thing is, we dont know what really happened. there are numerous possibilities behind the incident, so thats why, it is proper to give the man the benefit of a doubt.

    STILL, of course, it is better to prevent it rather than to make it happen.

  13. cleffairy says:

    Pamina, naivety? Lol. maybe, or complete ignorance. Haven’t seen you here for some time. How are you? How’s your missus? Hope both of you are fine.

    Goku. You may be right, but the rest of us here might not be wrong too. Besides, there are many cases like these where foreign husbands ditches their wife and left them with so many burden to deal with. I’m living near a place where flocks of middle east people resides, and I can’t honestly most of these men marry for the sake of love. Some of them clearly have intentions, and it can be heard once in a while in my place through our new MP (my area’s MP is a lawyer, and people usually seek him for advice and help) on cases similar like these. Some had their money and possession cheated away while a good deal of others lost their child too. It’s only fair to say this this case published in The Star, is just one of many that we do not know of.

    If you are trying not to be a judgmental person on this issue, why not give the WOMAN a benefit of doubt too instead of the MAN ONLY?

    Is it possible that the rest of the women who experienced this kind of thing had affairs too? You are assuming that she had affair over the internet. Do note that the woman is a religious and conservative person too. She’s wearing full purdah/burqa that only shows her eyes.

    Do note that he did not bother to even bring her to meet his family. Why is that so? A wife is a part of a man’s family, is she not? According to Islam, it is a must to introduce your family members to your spouse.

    If it’s true that he is a religious and a conservative person and he caught/think his wife having affair with other man over the net, he knows very well that according to the sunnah and ways of Islam he MUST divorce her, but he did not do that.( Btw, an affair in a Islamic understanding is ‘sexual relation’ and must be proven with 3 male Muslim witness.)

    I just wonder why he just bagged their child away. For a Muslim man to divorce his wife, it’s actually very simple. They actually just need a phrase a ‘talak’ and it’s done.

    A tad too cruel for me for him to leave just like that, because the woman was not divorced and she had lost what she hold dear. To make matter worst, she cannot remarry and start her life all over again unless the Shariah court granted her an annulment, which I doubt she will get in a short time. Shariah court does not work like F1 racing when it comes to cases like this.

    Anyway, a kidnap is a kidnap, are you trying to justify a kidnap just because you assume that the man caught his wife having an affair with another man over the internet?Anyway, if you must know, and if I was told correctly, in Muslim marriage and family, the custody of a child remains with the mother until the child is 7 or 9 years old. We are talking in Muslim context here, so unless the father seek custody through the Shariah court, which is not the case here. He bagged the child away just like that. And yes, he had committed a crime in the eyes of law. There’s nothing said can justify that even if it’s his own child that he kidnapped. A crime is still a crime.

    You said he’s probably ‘hurt’ that he couldn’t bear to ‘confront’ his wife and decided to ‘fade’ away. I’d say, fade away my ass! Some middle east men treat women like what, I’ll tell you-domestic caregivers, passable bed partner and a child bearer. They get what they want, then they leave when their time is up. And as I mentioned in my commentary, God knows if he have another wife back in his own country, and the other wife could not bear him a child on medical reason, and it’s simply a convenience to get one from some naive and ignorant woman in a country that he can leave at wimp.

    Bottom line is, I honestly believe that it is safer not to jump into marriage without not knowing a man’s background, especially if he is a foreigner. Not that I say Marrying local men will be less risky;there risk will be there nevertheless, but as Rose said, Malaysian men can’t run or fly too far.

  14. Son Goku says:

    tsk! tsk! tsk! that’s really horrible if indeed there are many cases like of this one back at your end. there is a high probability that the same fate happened to that poor lady. but, im not saying that i am right or the rest of the readers here are right because it is not the time to judge both of them yet. of course, both of them should have the benefit of a doubt. both are innocent until proven guilty.

    well, i didn’t assumed or accused her that she is having an affair but whether she is religious or not, there are possibilities to be considered. here in my country, there are individuals (father/mother) who massacred their children but their neighbors swear that those individuals are extremely religious but the evidences and witnessing yields a very strong case against them. in the end, they confessed that they murdered their children and pinpoint the location of the missing corpses.

    even if the lady is religious, conservative, and the man did not yet brought her to his family and did not divorce her, it can not yet arrived to a strong conclusion.

    let me just cite the possibilities with the issues that are being presented above.

    ok, first issue: “is it possible that the rest of the women who experienced this kind of thing had affairs too?” maybe some of them, but certainly not all of them. or maybe none of them had internet affairs which is against their husbands.

    second issue: “the lady in the picture looks conservative because she is wearing full purdah/burqa”. we really cant conclude right away if someone is religious or a conservative person by just looking at the pictures.

    third issue: “he did not bring her to meet his family.” well, i think going to his place with her will require expenses that he cannot afford yet and they were such in a hurry to tie a knot and maybe in his mind the introduction can come a little bit later.

    fourth issue. “if he caught his wife or suspected that his wife was having an affair, he must divorce her according to the book.” well, if he did caught her, again i am not accusing her but what if he did caught her then there is a probability that he knows that he can only divorce her if she is caught having sex with other man and there has to be 3 muslim witnesses. maybe knowing that the lady is only chatting over the internet and he was probably too jealous that it hurt him so much, he decided to leave and let her suffer the consequences. the ways of Islam is absolutely right, there has to be strong facts before we decide to judge them, like the requirement for a divorce and not to judge them by what other people think of them or what the media has written.

    fifth issue. “he was too cruel for him to leave just like that, because she cannot remarry and start her life all over again unless an annulment has been granted and also her child was taken away from her.” well, this issue is the consequence that he probably would like her to suffer because he was hurt.

    sixth issue: “a kidnap is a kidnap”. of course, a crime is a crime. i am trying to justify a kidnap over a jealousy, my way of thinking is far from that. but we don’t know how the man thinks or react if it did happened. in my country, the law provides the right of custody in favor of the mother if the child is still at a certain age. this is the same in a muslim marriage and family. two possibilities can be given here, its either the man don’t know the requirements for a child custody or he knows the requirements so that’s why he secretly and hurriedly leave her because he will lost his child with her.

    seventh issue: “ men in the middle east treat women like this case. his wife probably cannot bear him a child.” sad to say that this is one of the probabilities. it is not only happening in the middle east, it is happening around the world since i don’t know when. my aunt was also a victim of “when they got what they want, its time for her to leave”.

    eight issue (issues stretch for the 8-8-8 fever. hehehe): “it is safer not to jump into marriage if one doesnt know the person’s background.” well, life is full of risk. whether crossing a street, riding a car, or even lying inside our homes, risks are always present. all of it (crossing a street, riding a car, etc.) requires decision. maybe someone would ask, “why is staying inside our home has a risk?” who knows, there might be an earthquake like it did in china and one would be buried alive or be crushed to death. nonetheless, i believe that whatever we do, we should try to think first, think carefully. for big decisions like marriage, we should think way, way deeper. hey, maybe thats the reason why am i still single because im afraid of the risk? the answer is, yeah, thats one of the reasons, the fear of unsuccessful marriage…


  15. Son Goku says:

    typo error in sixth issue:

    sixth issue: “a kidnap is a kidnap”. of course, a crime is a crime. i am NOT trying to justify a kidnap over a jealousy, my way of thinking is far from that.

  16. cleffairy says:

    So, if you are not assuming, pray tell why the hell are you trying to create a situation for us to compare and make discussion over what is probably been made out of air?

    Where are you from anyway? Philippines?

    On the divorce matter, the man actually don’t need to have a concrete reason in Islamic context to divorce her. It’s actually his rights as her husband. Let’s say he doesn’t like her to wear a pink underwear or something, and she did that. Then if he divorce her because of this, no one is going to question that, period.

    Frankly speaking, I really think that he did not married for the sake of love, but for the mere convenience of it during his stay in Malaysia. Introduction to his family probably never came to his mind at all, because in the first place, he did not even mention to his wife what is actually his address back in his country in case of death or sickness. Don’t tell me that SLIPPED off his mind too? I’d say he purposely did that, because he did not intend to introduce his Malaysian wife to his family at all.

    You are still single, probably you haven’t met the right person who is compatible with you.

  17. garfield says:

    To Son Goku,

    I strongly disagree with all 8 of your points.
    For this case, I will say the person who are wrong is the guy.

    Many of foreigners from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Arab etc nowadays is coming to Malaysia nowadays and try to get benefit and use our facilities and resources here. The problem is, they just leech without contribute back anything.

    Some of them, they even try to marry Malaysian to get the citizenship so that they can get more benefits as Malaysian citizen. I’ve seen lots of this kind of cases around Malaysia.

    Once they get the citizenship and get the benefit they want, they will just leave and just leave the Malaysian citizen wife alone. These women are also wrong in this kind of case coz they are so stupid to get cheated. But then again, they are blinded with this so called “Love” which actually faked by these foreigners.

    Most of these women usually very loyal to their husband and the way they like are exactly like those middle east women, warp whole body with purdah and only can see they eyes, and also they do not have any contact with anyone else besides their husband.

    So I would not agree that saying this lady might have affair or anything. It is clearly shown that her husband after get all the benefit he wants and just leave her and bring all the money he earned in Malaysia then run back to his own country.

    This kind of cases has happened a lot. Just that usually they din bring the child a long with them and run back to their own country.

    And by the way, there is another party to be blamed for this case as well. I don’t understand why the government can easily approved these foreigners to have citizenship so easily or giving them visa to come to Malaysia so easily.

    Those who are non-Muslim had to get visa, but why those who are from Muslim country able to get visa & work permit so easily to enter Malaysia? Why when they just say they are Muslim and they can straight get into Malaysia so easily without even check their financial status or anything? It is not that I wanted to shoot the government, but I hope that the authorities do their work properly to avoid any cases happened such as allowing these kind of foreigners to enter Malaysia and make mess here.

    I am not discriminate or what, if they come here with good intention and didn’t make mess here, I do agree to let them come in, but allowing these kind of ppl to come in, it is just making Malaysia an even more dangerous place to stay.

  18. Son Goku says:

    oh no cleffairy, i do not assume at all, its not the way how i think. thats why i always used words like “maybe”, “probably”, “possibly” because those words implies uncertainties (disclaimer). do you watch CSI TV series? facts should be handled like that. CSI investigators think of other possibilities to try to solve criminal cases. in real life, investigations are being conducted that way (if the investigator is not lazy or other factors that would deviate from the protocol on investigation. hehehehe)

    in my country, divorce is not legal (although im not sure if its also applies to other ethnic tribes). however there is an equivalent for the divorce which is the annulment. lets cite your example. the husband doesn’t like his wife to wear pink panties or something related to that situation. but his wife defies her husband wishes. then the husband would go the court to file annulment. at a single glance, people would laugh at them. but here comes the psychologist and examine both of them. then probably the psychologist would declare that one of them has psychological incapacity which by some law (or country) is a ground for annulment. then their marriage would be annulled because the husband doesnt want her to wear pink panties and other things related to that effect but the wife is defiant because she always go for what she want.

    i do agree with you that probably he did not marry the girl for the sake of love, but for the mere convenience, but then again, its just one of those possibilities. the report posted above did not mention that she did not know the man’s address. it only says that they have invested on a supermarket and now the wife is left to run the supermarket alone. whose investment is the supermarket, from the husband’s money or from the wife’s money? i hope it is a good investment for the wife to pay their obligations.

    thank you for the sympathy about my love life. i have already met the right one for me but slipped away because i was too careful.. =(

    hey garfield, youre here too! im planning to install MAC’s leopard OS in my laptop so there will be 3 OS for my laptop. hehehehe!

    for the eight points? oh i did not invented that, cleffairy brought it up (cleffairy, im just kiddin). but you know i just pointed out the possibilities. i didn’t say that the guilty one is the lady and i do agree that probably the guilty one is the guy. but then again, it’s just one of those possibilities.

    other individuals maybe convinced that the husband, after getting all the benefits, just left the wife while bringing all the money they both earned in malaysia then ran back to his own country because there are already examples of this modus operandi. but then again, it should not be automatically applies to all cases out there but its just one of the possibilities to be considered. is it really true that they have opened a supermarket and now the wife is left alone to run it?

    but then again, just like what i said (or typed) above, it is horrible that this is happening back at your end. i do agree for the government’s intervention for these matters. it will be a very difficult task to lay down rules for these cases, but if that is whats happening at your end then it should be done. if only the citizens (im referring to non-government individuals) can or would draft rules for these cases so that the law makers will review it, revise it as necessary and subsequently pass it for approval as a law, then the needed protection will be availed faster. so i guess, this is another party to blamed of? hey, im just joking! i never blamed anybody here. hehehehe! but seriously, things should be act upon as quickly as possible if thats the case. are there readers here who will volunteer to start drafting those rules right away? if so, please help them the soonest.

  19. Son Goku says:

    shocking is my word for that link! holy cow! but still, i wont blame anyone or anybody (because im scared of blaming people). hahahaha!

    like what i have said, prevention is better rather than curing it. someone should start drafting rules. we cant always rely all things with the government because they are too busy and there are tougher issues to confront with. a lil help from the citizens is one of the good options to start with to solve this particular issue. =)

  20. cleffairy says:

    Trust me, MY government are far from being busy. You ask anyone here, they’ll give you the same answer. Our new Pm is nicknamed ‘The Sleepyhead’, and that alone ought to describe our government. Basically, WE, the citizens are fending for each other while the government are busy politicking! they’ve been going on and on since their huge lost in the recent general election. But, if you call talking about who is fucking whose ass, C4ing some innocent lady and campaigning for some by election busy, yea, our government is BUSY all right. i’ll sooner give the government my middle finger than calling them busy. 🙁

  21. cleffairy says:

    You may say it’s funny, but that’s the truth about Malaysian government. All they talk about is business deals gone awry, sodomy, and the coming by-election. And to think that these creeps are using our income tax as their salary, it pissed me off to no end. All talk and no action. The PM is the worst one. I hate the new PM. The previous one contribute more and made our country stand up in the eyes of the world, current one, his administration is like shit!

    Grrrr, so pissed!!! 🙁

  22. garfield says:

    To Son Goku,

    Better dun try MacOS in PC, there is some device driver is not able to be detect in non-Apple produced mainboard.

    and about the government, it is really screwed up here.
    politic here is just about those politicians own benefit only for those ruling party. only the opposition is fighting for the people. and also some of those opposition politicians also contest for their own benefit as well

  23. Nasir Mahmmod Qadi says:

    ALLAH subhanaallahuwataala Name, Who is the most Affectionate, the most Merciful


    Allah subhanaallahuwataala blessing Syedna Muhammad sallallaho alyhe wassallam alway help you & your all the family in both world & inshaAllah bring junnah.

    I am Nasir Mahmood Qadri & i read that news today & i am very sad that my story not true & what i face in Malaysia nobody wrote but i said thank you very much & i forgive all the muslim reporter mistake & request please dont attack Quran & Sunnah mubarak & islam that all.

    thanks brother


  24. Garfield says:

    i forgive all the muslim reporter mistake
    what makes you thinks everyone who know how to write in Malaysia are muslim? can’t other race write on the web as well?

    please dont attack Quran & Sunnah mubarak & islam that all.
    i don’t see any part in this article attacking the Quran or muslim! please read before you post anything!

    thanks brother
    hey idiot! please do not discriminate! not only guys can write! females also can write! ok!
    the person who writing here is a female! you idiot!

    and by the way, since u wan to tell ur story, then just tell, dun talk crap here! no matter what you have faced in Malaysia, there is no excuse for you to leave your wife just like that!

    if u are saying that we disagree with you did is insulting the Quran, then please go back and read it again! there is no such verse saying that you can do this to your wife!!!

    and at last, fuck off from this world!!!
    don’t insult your own religion by saying what you did is allowed in the Quran! Islam is more holy than what you think!!!

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