Bianco Mimosa Offers Haute Couture to Malaysian Fashionistas

As a woman, I appreciate all things exquisite and beautiful, especially clothing. I like finely sewn clothes that’s not only comfortable to wear, but also helps me to stand out in the crowd. I’m a huge fan of haute couture, but they’re mostly not very affordable. But here’s one that offers exquisite couture dresses and clothing with reasonable price tag to it; Bianco Mimosa.

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Here’s a bit about Bianco Mimosa; It was incorporated on 26 April 2013, with a vision to become one of the most prestigious fashion house in the region. Fast forward to 2017, Bianco Mimosa is now a renown fashion house not only in Malaysia, but highly looked up upon in the international fashion industry as well. Bianco Mimosa’s name originated from Italian language, Bianco means white while Mimosa is a Malaysian ‘Touch Me Not Plant’ (Pokok Semalu). Bianco Mimosa not only emphasizes on exclusive haute couture collections but produced ready to wear collections as well and have been hosting numerous designers from across the globe with designs that uses fabrics that are collected from around the world. Their fabrics are also weaved from scratch to maintain exclusivity.

I’ve had the privilege to get a glimpse of what they had to offer for the first time last year during Malaysia Fashion Week 2016 where they showcased their Neo Gladiator Collection on the runway and I thought Bianco Mimosa offers some quite outstanding designs. You may read about it HERE.

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Visiting Bianco Mimosa boutique in Sungai Buloh recently has been quite an eye opening experience as I was personally hosted by Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa, the Managing Director of Bianco Mimosa herself.

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Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa, the Managing Director of Bianco Mimosa. Being showcased on her left is two pieces from the Bianco Mimosa’s Neo Gladiator collection.

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A closer look at some of the Neo Gladiator collection.

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Also spotted at the boutique, some of Bianco Mimosa Eid 2017 collection, T’Amore. These were exclusively launched at Lebaran Fashion Trends 2017. Read more about it HERE

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Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa, showing some of Bianco Mimosa’s collection for men.

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During our up close and personal time together, I discovered that Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa hailed from the small town of Kedah and have two decades of experience designing telecommunication equipments and audio systems engineering, as well as Project Management and Business Development before she moved steps forward to the industrial sector, which based on heavy industry. Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa was dubbed as the “Iron Lady” because of her active involvement in this sector. Deciding to step out of her comfort zone, Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa wanted to take another challenge in different field, where she found her passion in fashion designing. Yearning to change the world’s views through her creativity, Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa founded Bianco Mimosa in hope to inspire with fashion, beauty and lifestyle throughout Malaysia as well as in Asia Pacific.

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According to Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa, the Managing Director of Bianco Mimosa, everything in Bianco Mimosa is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality fabrics and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable tailors.

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All the masterpieces uses time-consuming, hand-executed techniques. There are a few labels currently being offered by Bianco Mimosa; Bianco Couture Atelier, Just Mimosa, Bianco Mimosa, Hijab Mimosa, Jubah Mimosa and Mimosa Kids. Each of these labels offers exquisite clothings with an affordable pricetag to match.

Apart from the latest Bianco Mimosa Eid 2017 collection, T’Amore which was recently launched at Lebaran Fashion Trends 2017, Bianco Mimosa will also be coming up with the ‘Tale of Tongkang Yard’ collection; a collection which design is inspired by Dato’ Ida Suraya Bt. Mustafa’s own humble beginning and childhood days in Tongkang Yard, Alor Star, Kedah. The collection will soon be showcased on a runway in a fashion show in New York, U.S.A.

You may not be able to get your hands on any pieces from ‘The Tale of Tongkang Yard’ yet, but you may certainly pre-order some of the Bianco Mimosa’s Eid 2017 collection, T’Amore now with extra 10% off. You may visit Bianco Mimosa’s Facebook Page for more information. Or if you prefer to shop online, Bianco Mimosa’s line of clothing is also offered on Lazada. You may check it out HERE.

While Bianco Mimosa offers ready to wear clothings, I would personally recommend you to go for Mimosa Made to Measure instead as it will be tailored to fit and exclusively made for you. You may visit their boutique and consult their clothier about it.

For more information on Bianco Mimosa, refer to the information below:

No. 48-G, Jalan Nautika B U20/B,
Pusat Komersial TSB,
40160 Sg. Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

Business hour: 9AM–7PM

Instagram: @mybiancomimosa


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