‘Neo Gladiator’ Collection by Bianco Mimosa Takes Centre Stage in Malaysia Fashion Week 2016

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Bianco Mimosa has once again made a comeback in Malaysia Fashion Week 2016, in support of Peniagawati Runway where the objective is to elevate local female fashion entrepreneur to a higher level. Not familiar with the name? Well, here a bit about Bianco Mimosa; It was incorporated on 26 April 2013, with vision to become one of the most prestigious fashion house in the region. Bianco Mimosa’ s name is originated from Italian language, Bianco means white while Mimosa is a Malaysian ‘Touch Me Not Plant. Bianco Mimosa produced ready to wear collection and have been hosting numerous designers from across the globe with designs that uses fabrics that are collected from around the world.

This year during the Malaysia Fashion Week 2016, they attempted to resurrect and replicate the high fashion during the glorious Roman empire era and came up with ‘Neo Gladiator’ theme as its latest line of clothing and it has been brazenly showcased at the prestigious Malaysia Fashion Week 2016.

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Brightly coloured clothes from Neo Gladiator collection.

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Individualistic and inspiring

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Chic and trendy

Neo Gladiator by Bianco Mimosa Showcasing at Malaysia Fashion Week 2016

Watch the video where the models donned the ‘Neo Gladiator’ collection during Malaysia Fashion Week 2016. As mentioned earlier, these clothing were inspired by the glorious Roman Empire, or rather, specifically inspired by the brave Gladiators that fought and shed blood in the Coliseum during the ancient times, and therefore, the clothing does not only display the bold and brave design but also feature bright, daring colours as well, perfect for those who would want to not only dress well but also for those who likes to stand out in the crowd above the rest.The line of clothing includes short dress, long dress, jumpsuit, and t- shirts with a touch of formal rendition.

The collection were well received by the fashion industry players and stole the hearts of many during the Malaysia Fashion Week 2016.

For more information on Bianco Mimosa please hop over HERE and for more information on Peniagawati, click HERE

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