Bring Home The Taste of Thai Street Food with Banngkok Street Food

Barely days into 2021, the Covid19 cases spikes again, causing more than half of the populations in Malaysia to be locked up at home again. Although the government has announced the enforcement of MCO 2.0 for two weeks, I have no doubt that it’ll be blatantly extended again for months, just like last year. Well, although I’d love to complain about it, I do realize that so far Malaysia government’s approach to curb the Covid19 infection is to force everyone to stay home as much as they can and I am powerless to do anything about it no matter how unhappy I am about it.

So, what have I been up to these days now that I have to stay home all the time? I’d love to report that I’ve been extremely productive, but that would be a lie as it’s not quite the case. I’ve been severely unmotivated and all I want to do is just waste the day away by watching dramas through online streaming sites. I’ve also lost interest in food and been losing weight rather visibly. A shame, really, considering how much a glutton I was prior the pandemic crisis.

Steadily losing weight to the point that I can no longer fit snugly into my shirts and jeans kinda scares me and I decided that it’ll do no harm if I start sourcing my meals from restaurants instead of just consuming my own cooking. And so having heard that one of my neighbourhood restaurant is still operating as usual throughout the MCO 2.0 period and is offering delivery and takeouts, I decided to give it a try.

Banngkok Street Food is a homely restaurant located in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant is still operating as usual throughout the MCO 2.0 period. While dining in is still not allowed as per government’s restrictions, customers can still order takeouts or delivery. They have extensive Thai street food menu that could tantalise your taste buds, but here’s sharing with you some that’s worth mentioning:

In the pic from clockwise: Khao Mok Khai- Thai Briyani, Hoy Tod-Oyster Omelet, Kuai Lai Pii- Striploin Boat Noodles, MAMA Thaley -Maggie Tomyum, Sua Rong Hai -Crying Tiger Beef, Special Banana Pancake and Niaw Mamuang -Mango Sticky Rice.

Khao Mok Khai- Thai Briyani (RM16.90). This is the Thai version of the famous Indian’s Briyani rice and it’s served with a generous amount of roasted beef strips. I was a bit skeptical about it at first as the Briyani rice dish that I’m used to is usually served with spicy curries and some vegetables pickles, but my skepticism goes out of the window when I took a bite of it. The rice was really fragrant and flavourful while the roasted beef strips complemented the rice really well without overpowering the flavours of the rice. Highly recommended to rice and beef lovers.

Hoy Tod-Oyster Omelet (RM12.90). The Thais really have a thing for omelet and rice. If you have visited Thailand, you’d find it common for them to serve plain omelet with a plate of piping hot rice just about anywhere on the streets. It’s a really easy to find comfort food in Thailand. And here’s an upgraded version of the common Thai’s humble meal of omelet and white rice, oyster omelet with fragrant white rice. Instead of just plain egg omelet, this one comes with plenty of plump fresh oyster and bits of chilli slices embedded in it. The omelet is tinged with hints of fish sauce and goes really well with the white rice. The dish comes with a small tub of Thai chilli sauce, but great enough to be a standalone. Highly appetising and definitely one of the most satisfying comfort meal that you can ask for at Banngkok Street Food.

Kuai Lai Pii- Striploin Boat Noodles (RM18.90). Love noodles? Then the Kuai Lai Pii is a must try. It comes with a generous serving of a well marinated striploin beef and a side of condiments like beansprouts and blanced kangkung. The soup is really flavourful and comes with slight hints of sourish spiciness. Great for those who wants something to indulge their taste buds with.

MAMA Thaley -Maggie Tomyum (RM22.90). Fancy some seafood Tomyam dish? Then this MAMA Thaley is for you. Banngkok Street Food Restaurant has taken instant noodles to an entirely different level by putting this together. This dish is usually served altogether in a bowl, but since dining in is not allowed, all noodles dishes are served deconstructed like this to avoid sogginess prior to serving. You will need to put everything together on your own in a bowl before enjoying it. The instant noodles comes with generous amount of seafood like a whole squid alongside with juicy prawns and two piece of onsen eggs. The Tomyam soup is abit spicy on it’s own but the noodles comes with a topping of mozerella cheese, so when it’s put together, it balance out the spiciness and the Tomyam soup becomes rich and creamy on the palate.

Sua Rong Hai -Crying Tiger Beef (RM14.90). If you are a fan of roasted beef, do give this a try. They’re to die for. Great on it’s own as an appetizer, but goes well if you’re to pair it with a plate of piping hot rice as well.

Special Banana Pancake (RM9.90). Slathered in chocolate sauce and topped with sweet corns, peanuts and raisins, this Special Banana Pancake is absolutely divine. The pancake is sweet without being cloying. A wonderful dessert treat that makes a great energy booster and an absolute cure for hypoglycemiac as well, I reckon.

Niaw Mamuang -Mango Sticky Rice (RM10.90). This is a traditional Thai dessert that’s made from sticky glutinous rice and served with a side of sweet mangoes and topped with sweet coconut milk sauce. A must try if you fancy traditional Thai desserts. I absolutely recommend this as an aftermeal as it cleanse the palate pretty well.

Overall, the food from Banngkok Street Food is highly appetizing and delectable. They’re definitely worth your calories. Ordering from Banngkok Street Food is easy, so should you want to indulge in some delicious Thai Street food, simply refer to the links below:


SELF PICK UP (take away)


Enjoy 15% OFF with promo code STAYHOME15 (capped at RM15 with min. spend RM30) when you ordered for delivery via this link:


Banngkok Street Food

Platinum Walk, No 56, Block H, Jalan Langkawi, Taman Danau Kota, 53300 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Business hours throughout the MCO 2.0 period is from 12pm to 7pm. Only takeouts, delivery and drive in is available until further notice.

I’d advice for you to make your orders latest by 6pm to avoid cutoff time and closure imposed by the government.

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