7 Recommended Muslim Friendly Restaurant For Chinese New Year

So, MCO2.0 is here to stay and Malaysians are back to having to endure their movements being restricted and confined to their homes most of the time. Although the initial movement restriction to curb the Covid19 was announced to be effective for just two weeks, I have no doubt that it will go on and on for months, seeing how ‘effective’ it is in handling the infection spike. Noting the daily news report, I don’t think the daily Covid19 infections will be going down anytime soon. The numbers keep raising and we’re definitely not flattening the curve at all.

Musings on the current Covid19 situation in Malaysia aside, I can speak with conviction that all the nearest upcoming festivals celebrations, especially the Chinese New Year is effectively ruined. At least for me it is already ruined, considering interstate-travel and gatherings is banned throughout the MCO2.0 period.

It is indeed a very sad situation. I already knew that the Chinese New Year’s celebration this year will not be the same due to my father-in-law’s recent passing. It simply will not be the same anymore without him around during reunion gatherings.

What I didn’t really expect was that I wouldn’t be able to spend the festive season with my mother-in-law as well, considering that she lives in another state and interstate travel is still banned. It’s very depressing indeed. First year of Chinese New Year without father-in-law by the act of God. And first time spending the holidays without mother-in-law too.I don’t mean to sound so negative but Chinese New Year is all about gatherings and togetherness. This year will simply won’t be the same.

But I guess life goes on and despite the fact that government can restrict the way we spend our holidays they definitely can’t restrict what you decide to eat. Being a rebellious one, I’m definitely going all out this coming Chinese New Year. I’m not much of a cook, so cooking for Chinese New Year is out of the question. I plan to order some chinese food via Foodpanda delivery and here’s recommending some restaurants in Klang Valley that’s available in Foodpanda should you decide to do the same:

1. Restaurant Yunnan

Restaurant Yunnan is a Chinese restaurant offering Halal Chinese Muslim food from Yunnan. They’re specialized in Mee Xian and Spicy Mala Claypot Noodles. Other must try items on their menu is their chicken and beef dumplings.

2. Mr Dumpling

As the name suggest, this restaurant offers a variety of dumplings on their menu. Among the highly recommended ones is their Beef and Cabbage Dumplings and Chicken Mushroom Dumplings. Also a must try is their Spicy Chicken Rice and their ‘make your own’ hotpot bowl.

3. Sunny Garden

Sunny Garden is a Chinese Muslim Restaurant that offers a wide variety of Chinese cuisine and snacks. Among the must try item on their menu is their Beef Noodles and Mee Tarik. Their fried chicken dumplings and Eggs Fried Rice is also among customer’s favourite.

4. Master Cook Muslim Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Master Cook Muslim Chinese Cuisine Restaurant offers a variety of home cook rice dishes. If you’re looking a taste of home, then this restaurant is a safe bet.

5. Dolly Dimsum

Want to have some Halal version of Dimsum? Then Dolly Dimsum is a good choice. They are offering an extensive Dimsum menu. Apart from Dimsum, they are also offering cooling desserts for you to wash down your Dimsum with.

6. Walid’s Kitchen

Walid’s Kitchen specialty is their Wantan noodles. If you fancy some Halal version of Wantan noodles, then grab some from Walid’s Kitchen. They are also offering a decent amount of Dimsum on their menu.

7. DA GAI JAY Alhambra

DA GAI JAY Alhambra is specialized in Pan Mee and Yee Mee. But if noodles are simply not enough, they are also offering some delicious fried snacks on their menu, so you might want to give yourselves some nice snacking experience. Their fried fishballs and fried dumplings is quite addictive, I assure you.

We may not be able to celebrate Chinese New Year like we did the previous years, but let’s just try to keep the tradition to dine with family members on Chinese New Year’s Eve alive, shall we? Let’s just order some delicious food from Foodpanda and celebrate Chinese New Year at home. Physical gathering may be illegal but we can always host a virtual gathering via Google Meet or Zoom, so let’s do just that for now.

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