Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

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I’m not the sort of person who will talk much about how my life with my family was when I was just a little girl or when I was still living with them before getting married and moving in with my husband, but perhaps, it is time to reminisce a little bit, considering that some people that I know kinda treat me and order me about as if I have no family to back me up to begin with. I don’t like it and I wonder why I’m being a subject of bully? Is it because I’m petite in size? Or is it because I’m too polite to snap back at people when they give me attitude? I guess I can’t help it huh? I’m raised in a family who puts a high value on morality and mannerism. In my family, nobody is a two-faced hypocrite or goes around scolding or ordering others about, and unlike some family’s institution, we do not step on each other’s back or head just so that we can look good in front of others nor do we lie to our relatives about another relatives just so that we can look…’heroic’.

I could never understand that behaviour, seriously.  I think those who does that needs to pay a visit to the psychologist. That person must be terribly insecure and have a serious case of inferiority complex issue! My family protects each other and work as a unit, and we appreciate each other. Nobody forgets each other’s birthdays and we make a point to greet one another on special occasions. There is no such thing as unhealthy obsession of always needing to be respected and proving themselves to their relatives and there’s no such thing as family rivalry and family politics is nonexistent. I did not grow up in a family where’s there’s constant mental warzone where you got to struggle to always look good in front of one another. My parents and grandparents made sure of that. Love is always unconditional in my family and we accept one another as we are. Unfortunately, that’s a sentiment that not many shared, and I guess, I really miss those good old times where I do not have to carefully thread around and speak my mind and actually be heard instead of ignored, but oh well, the good old times are gone and I have to adjust accordingly.

But, not all ‘changes’ in my life is bad. Some is good. I used to be so sheltered to the point that all my meals throughout my growing up years comes from my mother and my mother alone. Breakfast, lunch, dinner are all homecook. Even special birthday meals comes from my mother’s kitchen. My mother is a competent cook and my dad is a fussy fusspot who doesn’t believe in eating out. He doesn’t believe in such temptations, and nothing would ever satisfy or satiate his appetite for food except my mother’s cooking. I used to just eat at home whole year through and that can be rather mundane and routine, but not anymore. After being married, I get to eat out pretty often as my husband is not exactly a fusspot like my father when it comes to food. Thank God cuz I can’t imagine preparing every single meals a few times everyday for my family!

Lead us not into temptations…or so the saying goes. My father truly believes in that. But if temptations looks anything like Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak in Casa Ombak Bungalow, now that’s the sort of ‘temptation’ that’s most welcoming and not to be missed. I believe, even my father would be pleased to indulge himself with such temptations.

So what’s Casa Ombak? Casa Ombak Bungalow is a beautifully picturesque concept restaurant in a serene garden setting, located in Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur. Casa Ombak is managed by Ombak Creative and offers Ramadhan buffet promotion throughout this Holy Month of Ramadhan for an irresistibly attractive and competitive price. Ombak Creative is an event management company under the management of Casa Ombak Sdn Bhd. with over 10 years experience in managing catering, corporate events, wedding feasts and exclusive private functions.

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

Casa Ombak is very laid back, heavenly and romantic location for various events, including formal functions, anniversaries, wedding receptions, etc. Should you ever want to host any kind of events in Casa Ombak, rest assured that you are in their capable hands, and I reckon you will not be disappointed.

All right, enough about their background. Let’s talk about buffet. The Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak 2014. Here’s something diners should know about Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

The lavish will be held in a romantically relaxing atmosphere with the open booth buffet that enables the diners to choose generous iftar delicacies on offer.

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

Some traditional Malay kuih spotted at Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

Not particularly tempted with the ready spread prepared in the Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak? Fret not, ladies and gentleman. Casa Ombak and Ombak Creative aimed to please and indulge all it’s diners. There’s stalls available in the Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak where diners can choose to get their food prepared à la minute. Not familar with the term à la minute? Well, in the culinary arts, mainly in high-volume restaurants like Casa Ombak, à la minute refers to a style of cooking where an item, or particularly its accompanying sauce, is prepared to order, rather than being prepped in advance and held for service.

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak 2014

A la minute food stall at Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak

Do you know what that means? Yups, that means there’s food ready to order in Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak, so ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, should you decide to have iftar/buka puasa in Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak, head over to those fanciful stalls and tell the chef on duty what you want to have and they will whip your deliciously satisfying dish up in a jiffy! :)Now that’s what I call a Buffet Ramadhan worthy fit for royalties. 🙂 Food catered and freshly prepared for you on the spot! Wonderful, isn’t it? Well, to me it is something that I’d happily go for, especially after a long gruesome day without food as our tummies definitely would welcome such a warm indulgence.

The irresistible menu offered by Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak is extensive, and it includes masakan kampung, with a variety of savory dishes. Plenty of  authentic, home-cooked dishes along with ulam and sambal belacan to whet your appetite. A wonderful reminisce of the good old kampung days where dishes are not only simple, but flavourful too.

Worried about missing your prayers while dining here in Casa Ombak? Well, fret not, Casa Ombak also provides prayer room or surau for the Muslim diners to perform their solat, so no worries about missing your prayers here in Casa Ombak.

Tempted to have your buka puasa here in Casa Ombak? The Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak will be available from 4thjune – 25th July 2014.

Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak Price

Check out the Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak price below:

Adults -RM55/nett
Children -RM27/nett

Those who are interested to make an early reservation for Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak may refer to the details as shown below:

Call/Whatsapp : Akma Omar 013 2680001
Tel : 03 21818750
Call/Whatsapp : 013 624 1417
Call/Whatsapp : 012 662 1062
Facebook page : http://cleffairy.com/korean-girl-dating-foreigner/
Website: http://cleffairy.com/dating-site-for-free-in-australia/

Casa Ombak Bungalow, No. 22 Jalan Damai off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

Reservations from individual, groups, corporate bodies are most welcomed.

Location map:


Casa Ombak GPS coordinate: 3.164674, 101.717336


Personally, I think if you’re looking for a wonderful buka puasa place that actually worth all your time and money, Buffet Ramadhan Casa Ombak is just the place that you should consider. What more you’re asking for? They have everything that even the fussiest diner could ask for. Delicious food, generous buffet spread, prayer room for solat, and all that for only a fraction of the price! 🙂 So what are you waiting for? Book now to avoid disappointment!


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  1. Vivian says:

    I love how you shared this post with a very personal touch. Felt little touch reading this post although the end felt little hungry to have ramadan at the venue you posted. haha

  2. Ismail N says:

    Wow, an excellent review on Casa Ombak. Really like the way you presented the article. Hopefully there will be ‘duit raya’ for you for a good job done. 😀

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