eWana All Stars: eWana Raya 2014 for Charity

What can you do with RM21.90? I’m not sure what you can do with RM21.90, because to me, that amount of money is not that much to begin with and it could barely pass for a decent meal for two in my regular mamak stall. RM21.90 is also not enough for me to shop for a minimal 3 days groceries supplies. Yes. The inflation is THAT bad that the value of money that could have meant alot a decade ago seems insignificant now. Any amount that is less than RM50, is…well…not really enough to spend on anything. Sad, but true.

But what if I told you that with RM21.90, you can make a difference in someone’s life? What if I say, by just spending RM21.90, you could help play a part in helping to fill some hungry tummies and help to provide some clothes for the needy? Now, that is interesting thought, isn’t it?
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The eWana FM has recently launched a raya album during an iftar with media, bloggers and the children from an orphanage in Cheras at Pak John Steamboat at eCurve last week.

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With the mere cost of RM21.90 per CD, 30% proceeds of the sale of this album would go to the war ravaged victims in Gaza. Here’s your chance to give a tremendous value to your money while you entertain yourselves with some catchy but nostalgic Hari Raya songs.

There are five originally composed and never heard before songs in this album sung by the eWana All Stars a.k.a the celebrity deejays in eWana.FM. I’ve listened to my copy of the CD and I’ve been duly impressed, especially by the song ‘Kenangan Syawal Terindah’ sung by DJ Teguh. It is so meaningful and beautiful and not to mention addictive. I’m even listening to it right now as of writing. 🙂

If you are an individual or a corporate body that is looking for a gift for yourselves or your client this coming Hari Raya, why not grab a copy or two? You won’t only be ‘enjoying’ the songs yourselves, but a war ravaged victims in Gaza will be able to ‘listen’ to your kind thoughts too.

To place an order, do contact eWana.fm  or Wan Salam

Cleffairy: PS: You can request for autographs of the deejays of your choice upon ordering. 😛

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