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Festive season never fails to overwhelm me. There’s so much expected of me and there’s so many things that I need to prepare ahead. I don’t mean to sound so negative about it but seriously, as much as I like how much joy and family togetherness all the festive season brings, the festive season expectations can be very exhausting. There’s so many things to do, so many things to shop for and so many people to please. Christmas and new year’s 2019 celebration is barely over and now I’m already fretting over preparing for Chinese New Year. Already? Yes. Already. In all honesty, it’s the first week of January and Chinese New Year is just less than a month away and it’s time for me to make preparations for it.

Chinese New Year is a big thing for my family. Being married to a man who puts so much importance on family ties, Chinese New Year is all about being together and catching up with family, friends and acquaintances during Chinese New Year’s holiday, and my husband strictly adhere to tradition of visiting his relatives and friends during the first few days of Chinese New Year. The Chinese called it “Bai Nian” and whenever we go around visiting, be it relatives or friends, it’s a must that we don’t visit empty handed. It’s considered rude to “Bai Nian” to people’s house without bringing gifts, and as usual, like the years before, I’m in charge of preparing gifts to bring during our annual “Bai Nian” activities. What I usually prepare for those we’ll be visiting are hampers.

Preparing hamper gift may sound like a simple thing, but trust me, it’s harder than it sounds. The Chinese is all about getting lucky and prosperous during Chinese New Year and the items included in the hamper must reflect that. Reasons why I painstakingly handpick the items for the hampers is because I don’t really like the content from most hampers out there. This is because most of them are quite unhealthy and contain junks like sweet biscuits and chocolates, which is a no no for elderly people. Most of those I’ll be visiting has high blood pressure, diabetic, and need to watch their cholesterol level. Out of consideration for the hamper receivers, it is always safer to handpick some healthy and nutritious food made using organic, natural products.

I usually will personally select some healthy and auspicious goodies to be included in the gift hampers for those we’ll be visiting and then wrap it all up, but this year, I decided that it’s time to make my life easier and simplify things a little by getting the gift hampers from Koyara instead.

If you haven’t heard about it, Koyara is a one-stop Online Health Store that you can rely on whenever you need to shop for health products. The products sold at Koyara are also organic. The best part about Koyara is that they are offering premium grade items at a very reasonable price. Koyara boasts the largest variety of natural products ranging from food to personal care. They are looking to expand in to Vitamins, Sports Nutrition, Supplements, and even Traditional Chinese Medicine in the near future and right now, they are offering the convenience of buying Chinese New Year Hampers online and I cannot think of anything more auspicious than getting CNY Hampers that includes organic products helps to bring health to the receiver.


Check out the CNY hamper that I recently got from Koyara. This is the Eternal Beauty CNY hamper, customized especially for ladies. The hamper consists of 4 bottles of Nourishing Bird’s Nest, Dried Sweet Ginger,Gula Melts, Coconut Nectar Glass Bottle, Rainforest Herbs, Virgin Coconut Oil, Love Earth Beauty Oats, Natural Red Dates and Mountain Ginseng. Yup. All the items that helps to you to rejuvenate and retain youthfully is all in there and guess what? This Eternal Beauty CNY Hamper from Koyara is sold at just RM318. With all the premium grade things being included, this is a steal, I must say.

Anyway, check out other CNY hampers on sale at Koyara Online Health Store. You might be interested in getting them as gifts for CNY too:


Joyful Treats Koyara CNY Hamper- RM98. This set of hamper will make a perfect gift during “Bai Nian”. Great not only for your relatives, but for friends as well.

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Fruitful Wishes Koyara CNY Hamper- RM108. Containing products that are made from fruits, this set of hamper is quite a treat. Great for both friends or family as well.

Sweet Blessings Koyara CNY Hamper- RM118. Give a gift of sweetness with this one. The hamper contains items that your receiver can munch on, minus the guilt.


Blissful Oasis Koyara CNY Hamper-RM158. Moving on to a bigger hamper in comparison to the ones above, this would be great for receiver with a small family.

Wholesome Vitality Koyara CNY Hamper-RM 168. Wholesome Vitality hamper is also great for the entire family and what’s better? It’s senior citizen friendly as well.


Home Sweet Home Koyara CNY Hamper-RM188. This healthy hamper is a filled with sweet delights that can be made into “tong sui” (Sweet Chinese desserts/beverages). And what’s better to celebrate joyful reunion than an accompaniment of a bowl of tong sui or two? I certainly can’t think of anything literally sweeter than that.


Grace of Youth Koyara CNY Hamper-RM268. Customized for ladies, these beautifully packaged hamper is packed with items that are rich in antioxidant, an essential to keep a young and youthful look.


Hearty Reunion Koyara CNY Hamper- RM308. This hamper is great to be given to recipients with large family members or your office teammates. The contents are definitely great for sharing between family or friends.


Eternal Beauty Koyara CNY Hamper-RM318. (This is the one that I got from Koyara) Among one of the impressive CNY hamper on sale at Koyara. The hamper consists of items that helps to boost up one’s beauty and is especially great for ladies of all age.


Fountain of Longevity Koyara CNY Hamper-RM318. This one’s especially great for men of all age as well as business associate. The items symbolizes blessings and longevity. Everyone would appreciate that, I reckon.


Blissful Health Koyara CNY Hamper-RM488. This hamper makes a wonderful gifts for senior relatives, but if you are feeling thoughtful and would like to bless your friends or colleagues at work with health all year long, feel free to get this hamper. Surely your kind sentiments will be always remembered.


Supreme Blessings Koyara CNY Hamper- RM888. This hamper is among the premium and high end hamper on sale at Koyara. I would recommend this hamper for entrepreneurs or freelancers who would like to to build connections or maintain a good relationship with their business acquaintances or potential prospect. Remember, generous gift makes lasting impression and goes a long way.


Bountiful Fortune Koyara CNY Hamper-RM988. Similar to the Supreme Blessing hamper that I mentioned earlier, this hamper contains all things premium and exclusive. Again, this huge hamper is especially great for those who would like to to build connections or maintain a good relationship with their business acquaintances or potential prospect. Apart from that, this Bountiful Fortune would make a great gift hamper for lucky draws at CNY parties or events as well. And of course, if you are participating in a CSR event or representing your company for a CSR event, this hamper would make a great gift to express your kind thoughts and sincerity as well.

Time is an essence and I think buying hampers from Koyara will be helpful especially for those who are constantly busy and find it quite a hassle to shop for Chinese New Year’s hampers the traditional way. Time saved is time earned. By getting my CNY hampers from Koyara, I can spend more quality time on other things that matters more like spending time hanging out with my son or chill over a cuppa with my sister-in-laws prior to Chinese New Year’s reunion dinner and such. I don’t need to waste time wrapping up hampers, even. Great, isn’t it? I certainly think this is wonderful.

Want to pick a hamper but not sure which one you want to get or have questions? Simply chat with Koyara representatives. They are really helpful, I assure you.

Check out the details below for more details on the Chinese New Year’s hampers on sale at Koyara:

Early Bird Promotion

Early birds are entitled to 10% off all hampers. The early birds promotion is applicable from 1st Jan to 11 Jan 2019 only. Price displayed in this write up are before discount.

Bulk Purchase Discount for Corporate Orders

*Purchase 10-19 units, enjoy extra 5% discount
*Purchase 20-29 units, enjoy extra 10% discount
*Purchase 30 units and above, enjoy extra 15% discount

Note to readers: Free delivery for purchase over RM200. Hamper delivery is within Klang Valley only. For outside of Klang Valley, please chat with Koyara representatives for further details.Gift box delivery is within Malaysia only. Hamper contents may change subject to availability

Hamper order deadline: 28/01/2019

You may order online or via whatsapp at this number: +60 10-221 2741

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