C2 – Refreshingly 100% Natural Green Tea

This is not a paid post or paid review. I was not compensated with money for writing this review. It’s just an honest review written by me for C2 – Cool & Clean Green Tea and URC Snack Foods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

I’m a hardcore tea lover. I take teas and not coffee. Even my blog name, Over A Cuppa Tea suggest that I’m a tea drinker, and it is true in many ways. I enjoy teas, all sort of tea except for Chinese tea. (They’re just so bitter) And I often take tea when I’m writing my novels, articles for magazines or even while I’m blogging. Only God knows how much those tea companies had earned from me.

And so, when I was offered this review by a very generous lady, I was practically jumping for joy. Free tea! 😀 Finally some tea company is giving me some teas for free.

Did you see how much they gave me? It’s a lot, right? But frankly speaking, it won’t last long. I can assure you it’ll be gone within a month. It’ll all go inside me and my family’s tummy, and it’ll go POOF, no doubt.

The C2 Company sent me 3 refreshing flavours. I’ve drank all three of them, and I love them to bits. Now, let me tell you how each of them taste like. Since I loved tea so much and they send me loads of teas for me to review, I think it’s only fair that I give these drinks my honest review.

C2- Green Tea, Lemon Flavour. I love this one.It’s so refreshing and it would be my first choice if I’m feeling hot and sweaty. Don’t be fooled by the word Green Tea. These teas does not taste like green teas, but taste like fruit juice instead. The lemon flavour tea taste a little bit sourish, and it goes well with people who likes sour drinks. this one tasted more like a lemonade than green tea. Best taken with oily food like fritters or fried chicken. It wash away the oily feelings the food gives you.

C2 Green Tea, Forest Fruits Flavour. This one is my personal favourite. 😀 Forest Fruits Flavour. It’s sweet and yet have a hint of the sour lemon in it. A well mixture of sweet and sour. The sweetness from the forest berries and the sour from lemon. And like a good wine, it goes extremely well with meat and poultry dish.I would recommend this if you’re to take lamb chops or a medium rare steak.

And last but not least,

C2 Green Tea, Apple Flavour. This one taste like apple juice, and one could easily mistake this for a pure concentrated apple juice instead of flavoured green tea. This one make a good replacement for your usual breakfast juice or coffee.

Basically, in my humble opinion, C2 teas are designed for 3 meals. 😀 It’s suitable to be served during breakfast, teatime as well as supper.

The tea is made from 100% Natural Green Tea. Yes, you’re reading it right, folks, it’s freshly brewed, and definitely not from powder and concentrates of green tea.

The Green Tea are brewed and packaged fresh on the same day, therefore retaining most of the green tea goodness and benefits which is normally lost in other extraction processes.

Among all tea, C2 teas has the least caffeine and the highest amount of health benefits.

Allow me to elaborate on the benefits:

C2 Green Tea contains Catechins. Catechins is a natural powerful antioxidant found in green tea. It is also found in chocolate (cocoa), fruits, vegetables, wine and in many other plant species but it is most abundant in Green Tea.

It acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and can reduce the risk of four of the major health problems: stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes. It also helps rheumatoid arthritis,  reduce cholesterol,  prevent infection and many more. And like most green teas, it can detox toxin from our bodies very well.

The C2 teas are a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drink.

There’s also no preservatives added. Cool, right?

And as I mentioned earlier in the article, the drinks comes in 3 refreshing flavours, Apple, Lemon and Forest Fruit. LOL… yeah, they gave me all flavours that’s available in Malaysia. So yeah, I was very ecstatic about it. But I hope, in the near future, they would make peach flavoured available in Malaysia. I would love to review that one. 😀

The C2 drinks are very convenient, as it comes in a 350ml resealable PET bottle that you can sip & seal and drink on the go.

And Muslim consumers do not have to worry too, as it’s a Halal certified product.

C2 is now available in:

1. 7-11

2. Mydin

3. Giant

4. Jusco

5. Other shops near you.

C2 Cool&Clean Flavoured Teas are best served chilled. While the drink is suitable for most people, it is not suitable for diabetics as it contains sugar. For those who have diabetes, please consult your doctors before taking this tea.

Cleffairy: C2 – Cool & Clean Green Tea. 😛


    • classified hookup sites says:

      LOL…you’re not a tea person wud, Cikgu… you’re a coffee person. Wait lorr… maybe they will come out with some coffee product and let you try.

      Eh… this one taste really fresh though it’s bottled. I was surprised when I first drank it. I tot it’ll taste weird, but these, these taste nice.

  1. claire says:

    Wow.. what a good review!!! anyone who reads this will want to sample it now.. but they can drop by your house first.. after all, u have so many! hahahaha…

    • classified hookup sites says:

      LOL… I’m evil… the tea very nice… a worth buy la. Kids will love the fruity flavour. Can cheat the kids to take these.

      Can… drop by my house…but dono by then still will have anot. LOL… drink all liao later! LOL…

  2. June says:

    Cleffairy, I dont really like this flavor. It’s drinking cough mixture, berries too heavy smell… C2 Green Tea, Forest Fruits Flavour.

    U got it free?? I bought 1 bottle it’s like rm3.90, kinda exp if compare to lipton. pokka, etc brand.. ^^

    Cleffairy, i like pokka green tea, honey tea, black barley tea, mulong tea.. U can try that!! ^^

    • classified hookup sites says:

      Oh, that one is my personal favourite, I guess different people different preference? The Mix fruit one is ok for me as long it’s properly chilled or taken with ice cubes. Goes pretty well with meat as it taste a little bit like a soft sweet wine.

      Yep, i got it for free… and yeah, i love Lipton as well, but C2 is a good change for me after taking conventional tea for so long. LOL…

      Pokka Honey tea? I might try… I saw it in the market. LOLOL!!!

  3. fatty oldman says:

    i like most tea without milk but tis one i will skip coz its too sweet and oldman like me cant take it…

    btw mayb nex mth i will drop by kl… 😉

  4. Garfield says:

    C2 nice to drink with cigarettes.
    The green tea neutralize the extra carbon monoxide in the cigarettes smokes.

    And most important thing, it taste very nice.
    Sweet, and not too sour. The taste is just nice.

  5. jules says:

    hey there..me either is a C2 addict..i drink up to two bottles everyday in d office!! i jaz hope dat this benefits arent jaz promises!!! 😀

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