Cantopop Sensation, Grasshopper Celebrates Life and Music at Resorts World Genting

The beauty of life celebrated through music is what Grasshopper’s upcoming concert at Resorts World Genting is all about—and the Cantopop stars are sure to impress with their musical delivery.

Live Goes On Let’s Celebrate Grasshopper 2017 in Genting is scheduled to be held at the Arena of Stars on 31 December 2017, 10pm, and the trio from Hong Kong intend to ensure it is an event that emanates positive vibes to usher in the New Year. The message of the concert is, after all, about liveliness and positivity—something the group hope to share with their fans.

Grasshopper reveals how their philosophy has always been to live life to the fullest and having their music reflect how life goes on no matter what happens. Generating an atmosphere of excitement and vital energy at their concert is hence something the group would want to do in the name of entertaining their fans.

Grasshopper, of course, needs no introduction. Consisting of Calvin Yat-Chi Choy, Edmond Chi-Wai So, and Remus Yat-Kit Choy, the group have been hugely popular throughout the 80s and 90s. Set up in 1985, the trio first established themselves at the New Talent Singing Awards where they were subsequently offered a recording contract with PolyGram Records in 1987. They released their debut album in 1988, followed by their second album later the same year.

In 1990, the trio crossed over to the Taiwanese music market where they remained active throughout much of the decade. Although they took a break from the music industry after years of success, they never actually broke up and have continued to reunite periodically in order to perform together.

Prices for the concert tickets are priced at RM808 (VIP), RM598 (PS1), RM398 (PS2), RM288 (PS3), and RM128 (PS4); excluding RM4 processing fee.  GRC (Genting Rewards Card) members enjoy a standard 10% discount via cash or credit card, and Genting Points redemption. This is applicable for all price scales. Admission is one ticket per person applicable to adults, children of all ages and infants.

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