Editor’s Pick: What to Eat in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting

Sky Avenue, the latest lifestyle shopping mall in Resorts World Genting has been opened for quite some time now. Located at 6,000 feet above sea level, SkyAvenue is easily accessible via the cable car from Awana SkyWay.

One thing about this Southeast Asia’s latest premium lifestyle destination is that it is a home to plenty of top brands from around the world. Finding things to eat at SkyAvenue can be a bit overwhelming on your first visit as there are so many restaurants around, but don’t worry, here’s a little foodie guide on where to eat at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting:


Can’t live without your daily caffeine fix?Wanna chill out over a cuppa tea or two with your friends or loved ones in the clouds? Well, fret not. SkyAvenue have plenty of cafés for you to get your daily cure:

Starbucks Reserve
Outlet location: Level 3- T2B-31
Business hours: 10am-10pm daily

No, this is not your regular Starbucks Coffee joint. The Starbucks Reserve is more than just the usual grab and go coffee place. The coffee beans sold in Starbucks Reserve‘ often come from remote and rugged places, with limited harvests from lots as small as a family backyard. Each bags of coffee beans are extremely limited and can often last only a matter of weeks in Starbucks Reserve. The coffees are individually ground and brewed by the cup just for you, so if you are looking for a cup of coffee that you can customize to your liking, Starbucks Reserve is the place to go. I’m not an expert coffee drinker enough to recommend you any of those exclusively brewed coffees here at Starbucks Reserve, but if you need any help in customizing a cuppa, just ask your Coffee Master for recommendations. They will be most pleased to help you out in your coffee selections.

San Francisco Coffee
Outlet location: Level 4- T2C-07

If you want more than just coffees, San Francisco Coffee is a good place to grab a quick bite. San Francisco Coffee offers not only coffees to go but plenty of gourmet sandwiches and warm pasta too. You may dine in at San Francisco Coffee, or just grab and go, but I highly recommend dining in, especially if the weather is sunny as the outlet is located at al-fresco area with great view of the Genting Highlands sky.

Dal.komm Coffee
Outlet location: Level 4- T2C-10

Fans of Korean dramas will most likely find Dal.komm heartwarmingly familar. Featured repeatedly in a well known Korean drama series ‘Decendants of The Sun’, Dal.komm Coffee definitely lives up to the expectation of a nice dating spot. Offering irresitibly sweet drinks and desserts, Dal.komm Coffee will surely satisfy even the fussiest foodie. You may grab and go your coffees from Dal.komm Coffee, but I highly recommend dining in as the desserts are mostly good to be eaten immediately. Dal.komm Coffee is located at an al-fresco area in SkyAvenue where the outlet is overlooking the fantastic view of the vast Genting Highlands sky. Definitely a wonderful place for a date with your loved ones.

Outlet location: Level 1-T2-17

This outlet is operated 24 hours and if you are looking for something to fill your tummy at ungodly hours while you are staying in Resorts World Genting, then just head over to Richdad.
Richdad SkyAvenue offers a selection of coffee and non caffeinated drinks alongside with a selection of freshly made pastries and local delights. Among the must try items on their menu are their signature Grilled Chicken Masak Merah and their Beef Rendang with Rice.

Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-06

Loves chilling out in mamak joints or a local kopitiam and wants something similar on the menu while you are in SkyAvenue? Well then, just head over to PapaRich. Whether you are craving for toasts with half boiled eggs or a bubbly cup of Teh Tarik, PapaRich have it all. Their menu is not only limited to light bites but extended to Malaysian favourite dishes like Nasi Lemak and Nasi Ayam too, so if you are looking for a taste of local delights that you usually enjoy in your favorite kopitiam or a mamak joint, PapaRich is your best bet.

Dome Cafe
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-46&47

Dome Cafe offers a selection of delicious food on their menu alongside with both caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. Their pasta and pizza is a must try. And if you dine with children, you might want to check out their children’s menu too and order something from there as their children’s menu offers quite a selection of impressive treats.


On a diet? Looking for something nourishing to eat? Fret not, there’s a few outlets in SkyAvenue that’s offering something healthy for the health concious to indulge too:

BMS Organic
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-19

BMS Organic offers nothing but organic goodness, and whoever says vegetarian food does not taste nice obviously haven’t been to BMS Organic. All the food in BMS Organic not only taste fabulous but highly nourishing as well. Some of their signatures includes Lei Cha and Herby Broth Pot with Multigrain Rice. Highly recommended to those who want to watch what they eat, but wants to enjoy good tasting food at the same time as well.

Koong Woh Tong
Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-05A

Feeling heaty, feverish and lethargic? Don’t let fatique overwhelms you, grab some Chinese herbal refreshments at Koong Woh Tong. They have plenty of heat relief reliever beverages over here. Some of the herbal beverages over here may taste slightly bitter on the palate but if you don’t like bitter drinks, you may request for those sweet ones instead.

Tian Ma Bird Nest
Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-05B

Ladies would especially love this outlet. Tian Ma Bird Nest offers bird’s nest soup that’s made from high quality bird’s nests at a fraction of the price. Tian Ma Bird Nest not only will help you boost your beauty from the inside, but will keep your purse pretty as well.


DC Super Heroes Cafe
Outlet location: Level 3 T2B-06

Dining with young children can be quite a pain, especially if they are very picky with their food. SkyAvenue have plenty of children and family friendly restaurants but DC Super Heroes Cafe tops the list. The cafe adopts super hero theme where not only the deco features superheroes theme, but the food are presented in superhero theme as well. How can anyone say no to burgers or pizzas presented in Superman’s logo or pastas presented in Batman shaped logo? I bet nobody can. All the staffs in DC Super Heroes Cafe are dressed as superheroes as well, so don’t be surprised if anyone donning Superman or Batman shirts come and serve you. The young and the young at heart will definitely love this highly instagrammable cafe.

I Love Yoo!
Outlet location: Level 4 T2C-02B

I Love Yoo! is simply a shop serving porridge and assorted fried stuff. Everything is pretty light and easy and even toddlers would be able to appreciate the simple but nice food over here.


Wants a taste of famous Asian delights? Whether you are craving for a bowl of Udon or some spicy Korean food, SkyAvenue have plenty of restaurants that’s offering Asian cuisine for you to choose from.

Kyochon 1991
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-33

Since the opening of its first store in 1991, KyoChon 1991 has been voted Best Fried Chicken by South Koreans for 13 consecutive years and many years later, this brand of fried chicken finally arrived in SkyAvenue. Korean drama fans would be pleased to discover that Kyochon 1991‘s Korean fried chicken does not only look good in Korean dramas but taste good as well. The fried chicken over here are freshly made to order and therefore, it’s nothing like those fried chicken you get in fast food restaurant.

Outlet location: Level 1 T2-16

Fancy some Baba&Nyonya cuisine from Malaysia? Well, head over to Babajia. This restaurant offers authentic Baba&Nyonya cuisine. Among the dishes that comes highly recommended on their menu are the classic all time favourite Baba&Nyonya’s Cincalok Omelet and the refreshing Cendol. This restaurant operates 24hours every day, so if you find yourself famished at odd hours during your stay in Resorts World Genting and wants something nice to eat, just head over to Babajia. Your tummy will be eternally grateful for it.

Tampopo Delicieux
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-20&21

Tampopo Delicieux is a beautifully inviting restaurants that offers Japanese delicacies, mainly ricebowls, ramen and udons. An excellent place to dine in especially if you are feeling cold or in need of some comfort food.


Those with sweet tooth need not worry about lacking places to lurk at as SkyAvenue have plenty of sweet offerings around. Looking for pastries to sink your teeth into? SkyAvenue has it. Wants some delicate cheesecakes? They have that too. Ice creams? Well, yes, there’s plenty selling those too. Check out some of the dessert places that tops our list:

Madame Waffle
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-40

Madame Waffle serves of course, waffles as the name suggest. You can grab the Belgium waffles to go from Madame Waffles if you are in a rush but if you have time, do have a seat and enjoy the pleasure of enjoying some sweetly satisfying Belgium waffles topped with various kind of ice creams and toppings. They are simply delectable, I assure you.

Inside Scoop
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-45

Inside Scoop offers icy goodness in the form of sweet ice creams and sourish sorbets. But if you are looking for more, they have waffles for you to pair your sweet confections with as well.

Tokyo Secret
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-42

Tokyo Secret is well known for it’s divine tasting cheesecakes and cheesetarts, but recently they came up with Oolong Tea Cheese Drink as well. Tokyo Secret is definitely a must patronize if you are a fan of all things sweet and cheesy.

Just Heavenly
Outlet location: Level 1 T2-55

Just Heavenly offers freshly baked cakes for all occasions. You may opt to buy the whole cake or just a slice or two to enjoy at the outlet. Their cakes menu varies daily, so be sure to ask for recommendations if you’re feeling adventurous and wants to try some of their seasonal offerings.

After personally exploring SkyAvenue with my family during our recent 36hours foodtrail adventure, I believe that SkyAvenue is truly a foodie heaven and whether you want to just chill out with your lover or go for some casual dining with your family, there’s always something for everyone, so go on up, and have a blast exploring the culinary treasures that SkyAvenue had to offer.


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