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How many of you remembered what it’s like to live as a college or university student? It was not really that long ago since I was a college student, and I can still remember the horror of fitting in and keeping up with the peers.

I’m not exactly a people-person, I’m afraid. I valued my privacy and sense of security very much, and I can still remember what a nightmare it had been when I was forced to share a hostel room with a senior who is practically a stranger to me. I was extremely nervous and I couldn’t really have the privacy to do whatever I want because she kept bringing guests into our room during odd hours or during studying hours.

I decided to move out after the first semester was over. I wanted to stay in my own apartment with people that I am familiar with. I was certain that it was the only way to have privacy.

It was not easy to find a room or an empty apartment to stay back then. My friends and I practically had to hook up with real estate agents to bring us around to see rooms and apartment that might interest us. It was really time consuming and not exactly an effective way to adopt when you’re room hunting or house-hunting.

Years back, we do not have iBilik to help us make a good decision which rooms or which apartment is suitable for us. iBilik is a website that provides more than 70,000 rooms listing/ property listing throughout Malaysia . If you’re interested in renting, all you need to do is login to the iBilik and choose whatever room/property that’s applicable to your needs. Same goes with property owners who wants to lease out their rooms or apartment. They can also do so in iBilik.

Internet and the world wide web does wonder, doesn’t it? If you’re a student, or a property owner who is looking for a room or looking for a prospect to rent our your rooms, you can check this site out. It is hassle free and I’m sure you’ll find something that you’re looking for.


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