Mind over matter?

Suituapui asked everyone in his blog how we celebrated Mid-autumn festival…in which I replied that my family and I did not celebrate it. We slept through the night, in fact.

There was no reunion dinner or playing lantern while admiring the moon in the garden while the rest of the Chinese community are celebrating.

I mean no disrespect, but truthfully, I’m kinda wary of the said celebration. The mooncakes are ridiculously expensive and it is not very practical to buy a box of traditional mooncake just for the heck of it.

The traditional lantern scares me too. I just don’t understand why some parents won’t buy those battery operated lanterns for their children to play. I know it’s not traditional and expensive, even, but wouldn’t it be safer? You see, ever since the incident where my family and I nearly died in a burning house, I get scared whenever I see children play with things that is related to fire.

It is a sentiment that many couldn’t understand…but whenever I see children lighting up their traditional lanterns, I would remember the times my son and I being trapped in a room that is full of smoke, slowly suffocating us.

I know it’s all over now, but I get such feelings over and over again whenever I see children play with fire or burning ‘hell money’ during Chinese prayers.

Alot people cannot understand the trauma I’m experiencing. But I guess it is something you must experience yourself to understand.

Cleffairy: Strange enough, I do not have such fears towards water element things despite the fact that I nearly drown in countless occasion during my youth in various locations. Mind over matter? I have no idea.


    • i gave up on dating says: free christian filipina dating

      Tak paham why some ppl suka sangat let budak play fire. They not sked, I tengok oso sked. Berani kasi budak main firworks oso.

      Yea, battery ones is acceptable for little children la. Not hazardous. The most that lantern konk onli if low quality. My anak got one battery operated one. A robot lantern. LOL!

  1. claire says:

    Yes.. fire phobia now.. can understand how u feel… last time i nearly drowned in swimming pool too.. so now water phobia..unless i m forced to learn swimming again..but so far, no one forced me.. hahaha… so leave it as that.. a height and water phobia i have.. so it seems u have fire phobia only.. never mind… just be more cautious…

    • i gave up on dating says:

      *sigh* Dunno la, Claire… some things, no matter how cautious oso, it will happen. Act of God, I guess. You’re scared of water? I nearly drown lotsa times back then, but really strange, tak serik, not scared… just scared of fire. Sometimes, eat steamboat using those gas stove oso feel uncomfortable…if can wan to use those electric stove. Feel like anytime can meletup. *pengsan*

  2. ladyviral says:

    Definitely mind over matter.

    I nearly drowned when I was a kid… really young like maybe 3-5 years old. At the port dickson hehe. i have phobia of swimming for the longest time… to me at least. but finally overcalm it and learnt how to swim ^_^v.

    I love the paper traditional lanterns. eventhough i have like burnt up a alot in my younger days. i still love it more that the battery operated sorry to say.

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