Chellenge Yourselves with JSPuzzle

I love traveling. But there’s two things about traveling that I absolutely hate: organizing the luggage and the boredom I had to endure before reaching the destination.While there’s not much things I can do about organizing the lugage, there’s plenty of things I usually do while I’m on the road or in transit to kill time.

One of the favourite thing that I do to kill time is playing puzzles. Yes, you are reading that right. Playing puzzles. But not the traditional kind of puzzles where you assemble it piece by piece on the table. Assembling that kind of puzzles would have not been possible when you’re traveling. It would have been messy and not to mention difficult to accomplish.The kind of puzzles I’m talking about is virtual puzzle from JSPuzzles.

 photo Puzzle 1_zpsrfketauj.png

JSPuzzles is a site that offers its users plenty different virtual stock puzzles with options to make gameplay a fairly realistic experience comparable to the traditional physical jigsaw puzzle.

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JSPuzzles is free to play. All you need tp do is just register with your user name, email and password. Once you’ve created your account, you can upload the pictures of your choice and turn it into your own jigsaw puzzles.

 photo Puzzle2_zpsq74b4bxl.png

But if you don’t want to create your oqn puzzle, there are plenty of puzzles on the site that is available for players of all ages, including children.

 photo Puzzle5_zpsng7fndag.png

Once you have choosen the category that you want, select how many puzzle pieces that you want to play with. Double click the “Play This Puzzle” button and just click and drag the puzzle pieces. If it is assembled correctly, it will snap into the grid and stay put. Once you had completed the puzzles, you can see your completion times too. You can challenge yourself to complete it faster at your next challenge.

 photo Puzzle 6_zpsi1nstodt.png

There’s also competitive mode where you can see your fastest solving time for the puzzle that you have choosen. A bonus? You can save the puzzles to your favourites and share it with your friends too.

JSPuzzles offers new puzzles In their gallery, you could have everything which include miscellaneous, scenery, nature, animals, art, places, transportation and buildings. If you are lookinh for a challenging game to kill time with, I believe this puzzle site is just the thing that you need.

Note: The site runs well in both PC and mobile.

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