‘Chi trova un amico, trova un tesaro’

Dear Pauline,

(I’m not sure if you’ll be reading this…but heck, I can’t sleep anyway, I might as well write something, so here goes…)

You said, on 7.25pm, 2nd September 2001, which is almost 8 years ago, that ‘chi trova un amico, trova un tesaro’, which means ‘Whoever finds a friend, finds a treasure’ in Italian. I remembered it til this very second, my friend(okay, I cheat, I refered to the autograph you wrote to me back in 2001, I wonder if you still keep mine…been wondering what rubbish I wrote to you last time… LOL).

Let me tell you something, I really did found a treasure. That treasure is you, Pauline. You’ve been a great friend to me, though we’re distance apart. While others are not keeping in touch with me, you’re always there for me, through thick or thins all these years. You listen to all my rants and put up with my Grinchy-ness during Xmas, and my nasty vents during those Chinese New Years,my wails during my bad hair days, and never failed to wish me happy birthday every years since we’ve known each other.

Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, Pauline. Do know that you’ve always been a sister to me than just a friend.


I really do wish I’m there with you today on your birthday, Pauline. I miss you heaps, we really do have a lot of catching up to do, don’t we? Anyway, hope you have a blast on your birthday, have fun, and live life to the fullest.

Here’s a dedication for you… LOL… Thank God we didn’t sing this song on stage for Teacher’s Day… or else, we would have rolled on the floor laughing at our frog voice today. LMAO.

Your friend always,


ps: *sigh* my mom have the picture of us running in the gunnysack… I can’t really remember running in the gunnysack, do you remember it?


  1. Zara says:

    That’s so sweet of you!

    Happy Birthday Pauline.
    U r so lucky because have a good and nice friend like my dear Cleffairy!

    P/S: You should post the gunnysack photo(s) you know…hehehe~Happy weekend darling!

  2. PauLiNe PerFecTioNiStA says:

    Liz! Thanks so much for this, you really made my day *hargs* You’ve been a sis to me too.. and gosh, listenin’ to that song now almost made me teary.. good times! πŸ™‚

    Yes, I still have the autograph! I’ll tell you one thing you wrote which I remember, it’s in mandarin: “Xing Fu Yi Wan Nian” *smileys* Did you know you’re responsible for one of very few Mandarin phrases I know?

    (The only other thing I can say in Mandarin is prolly “Wo bu huay thing nee shuo shuh-moh”, banana-Chinese pronounciation included *chuckles* Literal translation: “I don’t know how to hear you say what”, in case you couldn’t decipher my awful spelling haha). So what you taught me was pretty intermediate *grins*

    Memories of way back then. My fave part of the autograph you wrote for me is (and I quote): “It’s wonderful to know that we’ll still be together in the future. (Trust me, I know we will).” The awesomest thing’s that it really is true. Of course there was also something you wrote bout vampires and putting heads on chopping boards, LOL *chuckles*

    Eh, gunnysack? Goodness, I don’t remember it either.. when on earth did that happen? Was it some sports day thingy? :S

    P/S. Sorry this comment is so long. Now I’ll have to sign-off before it becomes your turn to put my head on the chopping board *blushes*

    @ Zara, Josephine, Arc, Peteformation: Thanks for the wishes too! πŸ™‚

  3. cleffairy says:

    Zara… lol… my mom have the picture of me and a few of my girl friend’s picture in a gunnysack…she’s using it to blackmail me every now and then. LOL.

    Kellaw… lol… you must have thought that I can never be sweet with my entries that does venting and rantings more than writing nice and pleasant stuff… LOL…

    … yeah, friends play important roles in our life. In real life, I don’t have much friends…I know a lot of people, but real true friends are only one or two. Pauline is one of them. πŸ˜€

    Arc… lol… actually, Pauline is like a sister to me… LOL…you can say that we’re childhood friends-and we definitely go through awkward times together. LOL… having crush on boys…skipping classes, etc etc. LOL.

    Pete, she’s HAWT, but den again you already have alot of kids lorr… LOL… you want another goddaughter ah? Ahahaha… me and Pauline can eat alot wan you know? LOL. Wait we eat up ur house… LMAO… oihh, speaking of eat, when you wanna treat the fellow bloggers to eat your cooking? LOL…

    , omg, I thought you were zombified… sorry din reply your sms just now. After dinner, I went back to sleep. LOL…now 1:50am d, scared you’re sleeping. Ahahaha, actually, I remember that song because we were karaoke-ing it in my house before Teacher’s Day… God, you have no idea how grateful I am today that we din went on stage to sing it…ahahaha… I suspect my voice would have sound like katak la. LOL. o.O Eh… I said those things ah? I really dun remember. LOL…but good thing that what I wrote came true. Ahahaha… it’ll be a shame to loose a good friend like you. Not many people keep in touch after SPM, you know? See what happened to us… Janice, Dhurga, Romi… all lesap-ed. Shadow oso elehpochi! LMAO…
    Yeah, we actually ran in gunnysack… I think it’s sport’s day… I went back to my parent’s place last year, and I saw it in my family’s album, and I was kinda shocked to see it, cuz we were running in da gunny! o.O And not only us, you know? Janice were running in those gunny sack too… worst, there’s pictures of us doing hanky-panky things with pom poms!Strange, really strange, cuz I really dun remember running in any gunnysack or playing with pom poms! *shriek* But on lighter note, the time all of us were together in school were one of the best time of my life. Sometimes, I really do wish we can go back to those times, even for just one day… full of fun, crushes, and no worries. LOL.

  4. PauLiNe PerFecTioNiStA says:

    Gosh, yes… the karaoke-ing! We even sang super-old oldies like “To Sir With Love”, remember? *chuckles*

    Yea I agree.. most of em have lesap-ed.. Dhurga and Romi are on my Facebook tho, you can dig info from me the next time you see me on MSN. But besides Facebook, memang pun lesap-ed, tsk tsk *rolls eyes*

    Wah, ur mum… I can’t believe you kena peras ugut-ed with the pix, lol haha. Remember the Shampoo dance we did? We should be thankful there were no pix of that one *shudder*

    Ah, how I wish we could only go back to those good ol’ times, if only for a day πŸ™‚

  5. calvin says:

    pete, i beratur at your back okie?….lol. awwww clef, that’s so sweet. i feel like hugging you lil sis….hehehe. but pls dont tell my wife, else i’ll have a pair of black eyes….lmao

  6. cleffairy says:

    Pauline… =.= omg, you still remember ‘To Sir With Love’… lmao…. that was my dad’s idea lah… OMG… I can’t believe you still remember it, I almost forgot about it. *groan* the things we did when we were younger… omg, so juvenile! LOL…

    Almost everyone lesap-ed… I only kept in touch with you and Seong Eng… the rest, sms oso they dun bother to reply. Dhurga and Romi included(in fact, Dhurga is the worst one of all). Oh? They got facebook ah? That means still alive la… lol…*snort* how bout Janice? Lesap-ed to oblivion d? LOL…

    Yeah, my mum, terrible wan… she peras ugut-ed me with the piccies… lol…Eh? Who say she dun have the shampoo dance pic? She have a few of it! OMGGGGGG… now you remind me… I saw that pic also… we were doing some ‘hand gesture’ and I was wearing some nasty blue coloured tights and some baggy t-shirt. There’s not only two of us… janice and two more Malay girl who I couldn’t remember their name was there too. o.O uh ohhh… we’re in trouble… LMAO…

    …lol…eii… dun line up behind Pete la… you got a lot of catching up to do…you need to work for your 3E, remember? LOL… shoo!

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