Christmas came early for me

I feel so blessed and happy. Why? Well, Christmas came early for me this year. It’s not even November and yet I’ve already received the most wonderful Christmas present from my godbro, SaintSeng who is living in New Zealand  a couple of days ago. He’s someone I got to know through an online game during my younger years and now is working as a sailor.

So… what did I receive from this generous young man? Did I get something cool all the way from New Zealand? Well…I didn’t receive anything that I can touch or hold from him… it’s nothing that I can unwrap as he had made a very generous donation to a charity body that I supported in my name.

I was so touched that my eyes gets misty when I received the notification in my email notifying me that my godbro has made a donation in my name. This is by far, the most wonderful Christmas present that I ever received in all of my 27 years of life.

People may have given me gifts that I can unwrap for my birthdays or Christmas, but nobody ever donated to a charity in my name before, and this is much more meaningful to me than those gifts that I can unwrap because it benefits much more people and not just myself.

Thank you Seng for being so generous and thoughtful. Jie love ya heaps, and  God bless you always, no matter where you are, at land or at sea.

Cleffairy: You’re always in jie’s prayer.



    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahaha…. cannot jadi ur godbro la this feller… too young, just 4 years younger than me… but can jadi godson la. Or ahemm… can intro to ur girl. (sei, I hope he dun see this!) 😀

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