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What makes a person a great thinker? Some may say that great thinkers comes from college graduates or university graduates. People always say, as long as you made it into the university and graduated with honours, you’ll be a great man/woman afterwards. And people too, always say that if you’re a college or university dropout, you’ll be useless for the rest of your life and there’s no future ahead of you.

But those statements are plain stereotyping. It’s not true. Not everyone who made it into university and graduated with honours become great men and women who contribute great things to mankind. Not all college graduates becomes great thinker who made it into the history books and is remembered for as long as the eyes can see.

More often than not, most ended up being chained and shackled to the office desk from 9 to 5 every day and leads a mediocre life. And the truth is, not everyone who drops out of college ended up homeless on the street and took up begging for food or money as their lifelong profession.

Just take a look at the info-graphic below and tell me what you see.  I don’t know what you see, but from the info-graphic, I see greatness that came from people who were once labeled as a failure as they dropped out from universities or college at some point of their lives.

So, never give up if you failed in university or college at some point of your life. It’s not the end of the world. A lot of people failed too, but what differentiate them with common losers is that they persevere and stands up again when they fall.

Top Thinkers from College
Earn a MFA Degree and become one of these smart thinkers.

What makes a person great in the history of mankind in my opinion is not just the education that they received in college or universities (or lack thereof), but how they use their knowledge to benefit others. What makes someone really great is their courage to fight for what they truly believe in for a better and a more peaceful world.

Remember, folks, people who are destined for greatness is people who never gives up and dares to be different.




  1. suituapui says:

    Today, the so-called education is all about rote learning…and getting a string of A’s. Brainless – no ability to think whatsoever. Ain’t surprising that the great names in everything are those who dropped out early from school or colleges.

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