Why did Cleffairy gone MIA…

This entry is just a part of what I’ve experience. There is more to come. I’ve open up another category specifically for the ordeal that I’ve experience. I’m hurt and traumatized, and hopefully, through writing, I would heal. Let me share with you…what time could probably heal what love, and reason cannot.

Indeed, why? I have been MIA these days, and for people who is my kin or knows me personally, would have known that something had happened to me. I did not write about it because at the moment for a lot of reasons I consider valid.

Firstly, for now I do not have a fix Internet line to enable me to blog about it and share it with all of you over here. That is the first reason. Secondly, it’s because I felt that my privacy have been invaded in some ways that it prevents me from writing anything or even making any statements at all.

Somehow, somewhere, someone, is probably in seventh heaven thinking that I’ve turn a meek, yes woman since I’ve been keeping mum these days. And thirdly, because I was not really ready to share what I’ve gone through the past two weeks with all of you yet.

Some may have thought that I have been shaking my legs on some luxury cruise in the Caribbean, enjoying the sun and sea breeze over a cup of some exotic drink I can barely pronounce correctly. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. Far from from it, though sometimes, I do wish that is the case.

I don’t really know where to start. Or how. There is too many things to tell. So I guess I’ll just start with the basics. Here goes:

Saturday, 18th July 2009, about 1.30pm, my house was burn down in fire.It was a quiet afternoon. One could have been probably fooled into thinking that nothing could go wrong that dreadful day but the quiet routine weekend nap. The entire household was taking a nap.

I did not really know what actually happened to cause the destructive fire. All I know is that I was asleep, and then, there’s the pungent smell of metal on fire. Little did I know, that the smell was actually the scent of thick carbon monoxide. I woke up, thinking that something had short circuit, causing that awfully unpleasant smell. The smell continuously invaded my senses, and it seems to get thicker, and sensing something amiss, I ran out of the room to investigate.

Out the room, the air was filled with smoke. It was very thick,  and the air was grey in colour. If one asked me to describe the air quality at that time, it was like thousands of men smoke their cigarettes in one room simultaneously. The only difference was, the smoke was polluted with the scent of electronic appliances burning. Breathing not only became hard, but painful to the lungs as well.

I was confused and panicked. For a moment, I wondered what was going on. If I’m not mistaken I couldn’t actually compute that the house was actually on fire until I went to the living room that is fast becoming pitch black with smoke and saw that the only lights that’s illuminating the living room was the fierce fire that is fast consuming the sofa and whatever that’s in its way. The fire was two point on the sofa. It looked like a a pair of demonic eyes, laughing at me. Then only it occurred to me that the house was on fire.

My other half was in the living room. Like the rest of us, asleep, and I thought he was dead, along with my newly adopted pet of 4 days, a little kitten I called ‘Meow Meow’. (Fine, lame name for a kitten, but hey, it answered to that name. LOL) I really thought he was gone and not coming back anymore, cuz he did not answer when I called out to  him for help.

Anyway, to cut long story short, let’s just say what happened after that is my husband saved me and the rest of the family. We barely managed to cheat Death, and escaped in the nick of time. A few more minutes, I believed all of us would have died out of smoke inhalation and be BBQ-ed and satay-ed soon after.

What happened during the time frame we escaped is better for him to tell the story. He could probably tell the story better than me, because he’s the one who did the rescue. For those who are close to me, you’ll know who he is, and feel free to visit his blog if you want to know what happened during that time.

I am glad that I’m still alive to tell you all this, but the fire took so many things besides my belongings and a place to stay. I will tell you what the fire took, destroyed and even killed next time. Til then, take care, and cherish the ones around you.

Cleffairy: Time should be able to heal what love and reason cannot. Don’t you agree?


  1. http://cleffairy.com/find-dating-profile-by-email-address/ says: http://cleffairy.com/dating-a-mormon-woman/

    Cant sleep…. end up landed here. LOL Feel so honored being the first to give comment. 😀

    Time should be able to heal what love and reason cannot … i guess so… but i think won’t be the same anymore. At least not for me. Won’t tell you not to think, as I’m not one who can stop thinking. But I want to believe there must be a reason of it to happen. I just may not know it now but time will tell. And I want to believe – tomorrow is a better day.

    Lots of hugs and love to you and your family. May you stay strong and difficult time will be over very soon.

  2. claire says:

    Cleffairy, I won’t say much..just remember I am always here, if God is willing and standhing by on the phone.. just take care of yourself and family…God Bless…

  3. eugene says:

    Cleffairy, I wont say much either,just remember i am always here (cyberspace),if God is willing and you are willing and the telephone is working,you can always buzz me anytime of the day, and i really mean it anytime of the day,,,, just take care of yourself and little adrian and hubby.

    a lots of love from an “un met” friend

  4. lz says:

    No wonder u stopped blogging for some time..
    Hope you will be strong to endure all these. We bloggers are here to support you morally. Glad to know that you and your family are not harmed by this incident.

  5. warrior2 says:

    Hi Cleff, I was away from my own blog, yours and many others for quite a period. Only came back into the blogging world recently.
    My symphaty for what had happened and i hope life will gets better for you.

  6. jen says:

    so sorry to hear about that. feel relieved that you’re ok and i pray for things to get better for you. you’ll always have my love & support. please take a great care of yourself.

  7. peteformation says:

    Hi Cleff, I think I missed this post. Just got to know what happened today. Sorry to hear that. Luckily you are alright. Hope you got most things back in order again. Take care, Cleff!

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