Come and Get Me

Okay, I admit, I’m feeling a little bit naughty, and up for a little bit of a naughty read, and therefore, I picked this up from my ebook collection and read it. Come and Get Me by Alyssa Brooks. I’ve downloaded this ARC document not long ago, but I couldn’t find time to review it. The cover is rather provocative, and somehow, it slipped my mind as I wandered off to the genre of fantasy. So, here goes:

Just as preparations for her wedding are getting underway, Sadie begins to get cold feet. Although she truly loves her fiance, Dylan, she doesn’t think she’s ready for marriage. All of her fears hit home when she begins to have erotic dreams…of another man! One evening, the panic really sets in and she gets up, packs her things and leaves, daring Dylan to come and get her.

Even with the picture clues that Sadie leaves, it’s difficult for Dylan to drop everything and chase after her. Yet, he knows she’s the one for him and he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep her, even break out of his own sexual repressions to truly seduce her. But will it be enough?

Come and Get Me is a story of one woman whose fears become more than she can handle. Although I enjoyed the growth that both Sadie and Dylan experienced, Sadie’s means of expressing her fear was very childish and selfish. Instead of talking about what disturbed her, she blamed others for the choices she made and then ran from those decisions instead of talking to the man she supposedly loved so much. Dylan had his own issues and Sadie’s dare actually allows him the chance to explore his true wants and needs. Eventually they both realize and discover what they want in their relationship.

Come and Get Me is a fast-paced, sex-filled story that shows the way two people learn to handle their fears, both as individuals and as a couple. Come and Get Me showcases the many feelings that these two characters feel and will keep the reader’s interest from beginning to end, even if only to discover what Sadie will do next and the lengths Dylan will go to in order to rein in his runaway lover.

Is this book a good read? Well… it’s jaw-dropping and sensual. I shall not say more. Want a browsing pdf copy? You know where to find me. Email me at [email protected] for it.

Cleffairy: Oh, yes, this is an open challenge. πŸ˜› Come and get me if you can.


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