My Womanly Experience with Snowdrop Pads

A lot of people asked me questions these days. Work related questions, personal questions and also ‘pretty amusing questions’, but all I can say is that changes is necessary, and at some point in our lives, we need to move on for the better. Some may like it, some may not like it, but I will do what I must and what I see fit.

One of the amusing question I received last week during my Railway Tourism Trip with Sahabat Media is about me traveling light. I was probably the only one who brings a small backpack as a luggage during my 3D2N trip to Perak. A lot of people couldn’t comprehend how I could survive with small luggage as that, but I did. And a lot wondered what’s in my striking pink backpack too.


Well, here’s some common item that I usually bring with me whenever I travel; My trusty DSLR camera, a shawl (because I believe style shouldn’t have to suffer whenever I’m traveling), my purse, small bottle of cleanser, lip-tint, BB Cream, mirror, a few packets of Ephyra, mints/fruit preserves, baby-wipes, my smartphones, power-banks, panties and sports bra, along with some clothes. Those are the usual things that I bring along with me whenever I go travel. So, how about women’s needs? Well, I usually use tampons whenever I travel, but ever since I miscarried back in August 2013, I got a lil bit traumatized inserting foreign items in my vagina… you know… it’s kinda related to the stupid suction thingie that they used to remove dead fetus from your womb. The entire thing is pretty much a horrifying and traumatizing experience for me. I don’t really want to talk about it, so yea, to cut the long story short, I’m no longer using tampons during my monthlies. Disposable pads are much more preferable, but these days, I’m a tad sensitive about em, so I use cloth pads instead.

A friend of mine introduced em to me and though skeptical at first.

I was given the entire Snowdrop starter kit to try. Apart from pads, I was also give. A panty liner to try too.

I can assure you that it works much better than the disposable ones, and after doing research about it, I discovered that there’s plenty of disadvantages using disposable sanitary napkins all these while.

Take a look at the youtube vid below

Sanitary napkins are  made ​​from recycled paper or paper pulp containing dangerous toxic chemical, so when  chemicals mixed with blood it will breed bacteria that can cause vaginal infections  and abnormal vaginal discharge for some women.When infection occurs, women in question will be prone to a variety of diseases , especially in the vagina. Bad itch, rashes, yeast infections and worst of all hormonal disorder and infertility. All these toxin takes years to accumulate in the body, and according to medical reports, it is one of the cause for cervical cancer too

I was surprised to discover that blood are actually not bad smelling.  The foul smell is actually the result of a chemical reaction between the blood and the chemicals in disposable pads , not from the smell of blood itself.

The advantages of using Snowdrop Cloth Pads:

  •     The absorbent layer made ​​of anti -bacterial microfibres to absorb moisture four times its original weight .
  •  Pads and Liners Snowdrop has been designed to adhere well without wrinkling your underwear , especially the part on the back for better protection and comfort throughout the day .
  •  Pads sewn around the top , and not sewn edges like most other cloth pad ( edge sewing faster and cheaper ) but also non-durable ( more easily drawn especially if put in the washing machine )
  •   Absorber layer and top stitched together in the middle to give the impression of a thin , neat and comfortable . Waterproof layer sewn in the middle to avoid penetrating and leaks.
  •  Snowdrop only use high quality imported fabrics and customized microfibre fabrics such as anti -bacterial , PU coated nylon to provide maximum performance , functionality and durability on all products . Both antibacterial microfibre and PU coated nylon is certified Oeko- Tex Standard .
  •  Quality workmanship , each of the pads are handmade with care and detail for consistent quality .
  • Snowdrop offers a wide selection of patterns and designs to suit every woman’s soul and feeling .
  •  Patterned fabrics used specially imported from USA cotton designer of high quality , resilient and durable .    Snowdrop offers a warranty for defects or damage from the manufacturing process ( for 1 year) .


Cloth pad is similar to the widely used disposable pads, the only difference is that it comes with buttons.  I’m using Light Mist and Medium cuz I have a petite body, and it works as well as the disposable ones. I can’t say much about it yet as this is the first time using em, but I can vouch for the quality and comfort. It is much more comfortable, almost as if you’re just wearing panties during your menstrual instead of wearing thick pads. My flow is pretty much heavy, but these pads does not leak and leaves undesirable stain on my panties or pants. Another brownie point for it. 😀

The one that I am using is made from minky fabric. The inner layer comprises a layer of anti-bacterial microfibre absorber and waterproof layer PU coated nylon to prevent leakage. Back layer (below) is 100% cotton patterned imported from USA. Equipped with two poly-resin buttons for easy size adjustment.

Washing and taking care of cloth pad is easy. All you need to do is soak em overnight or rinse it under the tap and hang them up to dry. You may also wash em by using washing machine.

The easiest way to travel near or far when using cloth pads is by using the wet bag.

  •      Size = 9 inches x 7 inches
  •       Made from minky fabric
  •      Coated with a layer of waterproof PU coated nylon.
  •      Zip to resist odors and moisture from coming out.
  •      Loop is 9 inches long.
  •     Can store up to 9 pieces Flux Dry liner, or 3 to 5 other pad size pieces.


Overall, my experience using Snowdrop cloth pad is very pleasant. Here’s a few notable things that I like about wearing cloth pads:

  • Comfortable. Comfort is pretty important to me, and probably one of the biggest things I’m loving about cloth.
  • No noise. Ahemm, no plastic crinkle noises when you walk. 😛 It’s very discreet. and I like it.
  • No leaks. I experienced a lot of leaks with disposable, staining my panties, but not with cloth pads.  I am looking forward to seeing if I experience less cramps or a lighter flow.  I don’t have either particularly bad, but I’ve read that many women experience less, which is always a nice thing!
  • Environmentally friendly. 😀
  • No uncomfortable itch if I were to wear it for more than 3 hours. Because disposables are made from plastic, they are not breathable. Therefore, some are “scented” which can also be an irritant.  Reusables are much more breathable, so even though they aren’t scented, there’s not a real issue with that.
  • Variety!  No more boring old sterile white.  There are oodles of prints, fabrics, and even styles to choose from! Okay, call me a fashion maniac, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? 😛

Have questions on cloth pads or interested to try them on yourself? Well, head over to Facebook/Baby.Snowdrop or the website or contact them at 0134361180



  1. Wendy Pua says:

    oh, i like this point of “No uncomfortable itch if I were to wear it for more than 3 hours.” usually i changed it for every 2 hours for this reason.
    now is time to thinking about getting this too!

  2. mnhl says:

    I’ve been using cloth pads for more than a year. Glad that I took up the courage to give it a change. Cloth pads are more comfortable. They are easy to wash too !

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