Gentle birthing

Two weeks ago, I went to Central Market to meet my author friend, Zara. It was really a pleasure to finally meet her after knowing her all these years. When we just got to know each other, she was still a student and I have yet to publish my novels in the U.S.

It’s really nice to meet someone who is at the same wavelength with you. We talked about our writings and stuff, and for once, I don’t feel as if I am weird afterall.

We parted ways for after awhile and my husband and I were left to our own device in Annexe Gallery, Central Market. There are many interesting activities going on in the gallery. There were crafts and artworks on sale and loads of talks you can attend.

Initially I wanted to join the global green awareness talk, but something else caught my eyes.


It’s ‘gentle birth talk’ by gentle birth support group activists.
My husband was flustered that I chose to stay and listen to all the horror of gory of childbirth, but he accompanied me nevertheless and we learned quite a few things about childbirth.


This group obviously encourages natural birth.

My husband and I stayed for awhile and listened to their talks, and were were shown alot of things.

Among them is natural cervical dialation stage by stage.

And then we were shown this video of a woman, completely naked,giving birth in a pool of warm water assisted by only her husband. I was really shocked to see that. I mean, I may write erotic scene in my novels, but never in my life I thought I would see something so sensual with a bunch of people in public. Trust me, the vid of the woman giving birth assisted by only her husband was really sensual. She moaned and groaned as she breathe through her contraction and her sigh of relief when the baby was finally born. I know my husband was practically blushing, but I am not ashamed to admit that giving birth in the water is really fascinating.

Fascinating enough for me to do the same? Yes, I might consider. After all, I have always been fond of water. It is thereupeutic and soothing. And it is medically proven that a water birth gives less stress to both mother and baby in comparison to a normal vaginal birth. I know some hospitals provided this alternative to parents who wants it too, so why not? It’s drug free and less stress to mum and baby.

And the fact that there are no episiotomy and terrible stitches are involved in the whole process made it more tempting than a hospital birth. I’ve been there, and I hated that the most when I gave birth to my son. Damn the doc, the episiotomy was actually more painful than the actual childbirth itself, and I swear that the anaesthetic did not work for one bit!

Anyway, many interested couples who were intrigue by gentle birth were there too.

It was a really wonderful and eye opening experience, and I was really glad that my husband accompanied me to this talk despite the fact that he is a rather squeamish person. I really appreciate that.

Cleffairy: I am very proud of my husband. He is man enough to see all these. Men, are you man enough to see all these childbirth related things?


  1. Cheeyee says:

    I hv a friend who just hv home birth last month for her first bb. Instead of the doc in the hospital, Her husband received their baby in the water at home. I would it so much more comfortable to give birth at own house.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I’ve always hated the hospital… with reprimanding nurses and doctors…so yes, i would agree with you on giving birth at home is more comfortable. I wonder if I’d have the courage to do that if I’m ever pregnant again.

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