Cynful Pleasure by Princess Breanna

Guest post by: Princess Breanna

Aloha, everybody! I’ll be writing a guest post today. My name is Breanna. My mummy and her friends call me Princess, but Auntie Cleff calls me Anna.

Haihh… my useless Auntie Cleff says she’s depressed and no mood to write, so she went on her emo rampage and keep watch movies non-stop these days. Says no mood to do anything. Why? Aiyo… that Auntie Cleff is abit cuckoo on the head. She don’t like Chinese New Year. She said, very, very headache during Chinese New Year. She said, she hates seeing people drinking, gambling and she’s also a scaredy cat… Auntie Cleff says she hates fireworks… says it scares her and gives her migraine. Tsk tsk tsk… why can’t Auntie Cleff be happy like me? See… I’m always happy…I always have a smile on my face… I’m all angel, especially when mummy brings me for a walk or to the pool.

This Auntie Cleff keep complain and complain about the upcoming Chinese New Year and now… she’s sulking in one corner… told me don’t bother about her until April comes… *sigh* aihh… don’t bother about her then… Auntie Cleff is quite a DQ.  She’ll get over it.You know what DQ is? It’s Drama Queen. Wanna pacify Auntie Cleff is pretty simple. Just feed her and she’ll be A-ok again! (What a glutton… or rather, DBKL!)

Anyway, speaking of food, my mummy is having a promotion again. Yep, yep yep…. that’s right! This time a CNY promo for her cookies.

Wanna know what’s mummy’s promo this time? Well, Just see below…

Assorted Chocolate Chip Cookies (with almond nips, walnuts, raisin) – RM20blog photo 1

Sables Viennois – RM20ramdom0097

Apart from all these ‘angmoh’ cookies, mummy is also selling both savoury and traditional kuih kapet aka love letters.

The love letters will only be made upon order to ensure the freshness.

Pre-order for this will end on 18 January 2011 .

The love letters will also be sold at RM20.

The promotions:-

1)  With each type of cookies purchase, a packet of cute CNY red packet will be given!

blog photo 2

2) Delivery charges

  • Purchase 1 – 4 tubs of cookies (any combination) – RM12 per address delivery (KL & PJ)
  • Purchase 5 tubs of cookies and above (any combination) – Free Delivery (KL & PJ)
  • Purchase 1 –4 tubs of cookies (any combination) – RM15 per delivery (Ipoh & Penang)
  • Purchase 5 – 8 tubs of cookies (any combination) – RM10 per delivery (Ipoh & Penang)

*  For KL & PJ Delivery, mummy will arrange based on your convenience, however mummy will need at least 1 day advance notice for the delivery.

** For delivery to Ipoh, it will be scheduled on 24th January 2011, and Penang on the 25th January 2011. Mummy and I will meet you in Ipoh Parade, and Queensbay Mall on the respective dates on the time that is convenient for you.

***  For any other places, please contact mummy and we will try to do the necessary arrangement.

All cookies orders can be placed now till 23 January 2011 (except Love letters).  You may leave your order in the comment box or email  breasbake@ gmail (dot) com

Okies, folks, it’s past my bedtime… I better go and sleep before my Auntie Cleff wakes up and go on her emo mode again. If she go on her dumb dumb emo mode again, my mummy and I will be in trouble, cuz this auntie’s face is a bit like the Great Wall of China. Thick-faced. Shameless. Will definitely ask for cookies as comfort food to make her mood better! Tsk tsk tsk!


  1. suituapui says:

    Buy! Buy lots home…sure your outlaws will be very happy and will not make your New Year so terribly miserable.

    Honestly, if it is that bad, I would just not go home – go to some nice, quiet place to relax and enjoy the holidays. Say what you want – what I don’t hear wouldn’t hurt me *shows them middle finger* New Year already so mood-spoilt, how to expect the rest of the year to be happy?

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