Maybe it will be fun…

Maybe, it will be fun to see the world from a different angle. You see, ever since 2010 ended, I’ve been doing awful lot of thinking and loads of trips down the memory lane. While the year 2010 was quite a blast and was one of my happier and more fulfilling year than the ones before, it does have some… what do you call it… upsetting things that I could not get out of my mind. Things I wish I could forget but most probably will remember for the rest of my life.

Things that I couldn’t really confide in others because it’s bitter to the point that I am not sure if people would understand unless they were placed in the same position I was. Oh, well, I’m certain that some would understand, after all… I don’t doubt that there were many other women who were placed in the same position I was, by choice or by sheer, damnable circumstances.

There are things I wonder…you see… I feel somewhat detached… you know… crazy author kinda thingie. I just finished my 2010 novel, and I feel ridiculously empty and overwhelmed…VERY OVERWHELMED… I missed my characters and stuff, I sorta feel like an empty nest syndrome here but at the same time, I feel so worn out and exhausted and therefore, I decided to take a little break from writing until 14th January 2011.I kinda thought that a little break from writing would do me good.

But I am not quite sure if it’s a good thing or not… trying to be lay back abit is kinda hard… cuz when I don’t really get myself occupied, I started to thing about things… weird things…like… how is it like to be the other woman… or having an affair…or about… second chances… you know, that sort of things.

I don’t know what’s going on with me… really, I don’t. Mid- age crisis? I am not sure… I am not even a middle ager! Perhaps the not writing thing makes my head goes looney. Or maybe, I just plainly wonder how it feels like… after all, men do it all the time, no matter from what age or era they come from. They cheat on their wife and go to their pretty mistress with perfume behind their knees all the time, and I kinda wonder… wonder how it feels like to be in such women’s position.

It must be fun huh? Doing hanky panky things behind your spouse’s back… taking phonecalls and being sending secretive smses when your other half is not watching… or rejecting phone calls and lying to your spouse’s face saying it’s a wrong number or even telling them that it’s nothing… it’s just spam. It must be fun sneaking out and leave your spouse to deal with dirty diaper of messy feeding time too.

It must be really fun… being the other woman too… you see…you can wear like a tart and get complimented by it, and you don’t have to clean up after the guy or cook for him or deal with the nasty, shrewed, mother in law.

It’s part of the package of being a girlfriend to a married man or a mistress to a married man. Being a kept woman is nice, I guess, and I suppose everyone loves to be appreciated. It’s even nicer that we get to spend men’s money and he won’t complain about it being expensive or over budget too.

I guess that is why some women goes after married man and place a ‘single, but having an affair with a married man’ label on their forehead. It’s nice. All you need to do is inspire the man to have sex with you… have fun with him… listen to him and not nag(cuz you don’t actually have to, you don’t have to give a damn since you’re not exactly living 24/7 with him)…and you don’t have to clean or actually look after him cuz it works differently when you’re a mistress or a kept woman.

*sigh* maybe it will be fun exploring such world…so I think… this year… I’m going to get out of my comfort zone abit and write about such men and women instead of the fairy-tale like stories where men are handsome and rich and impossibly faithful and loving spouse, because the truth is…there is no such things.

Things get really, really boring at some point and men started to take their wives for granted after two or three years of marriage. And things gets even more worst and mundane with the arrival of those red, wriggly things that requires a lot of house-training. Yes… reality is… marriage equals to mundane and boring after some point, and many people wonders what it’s like to have an affair. Men wonders and look for an affair most of the time… they have an affair most of the time… and I kinda wonder how it would be like to be the other woman instead of you know…the victim of an affair.

Affairs… might be messy, but they might give you some sweet feelings and stuff… so yeah… 2011 is gonna be quite an adventure for me, cuz I’m stepping out of the box and write about such women instead of the disgustingly romantic men that does not, and will never exist. Okay… this year… I’ll be writing about “Bitching 101”

Anyway… not that I’m encouraging extra-marital affairs, but my advice to single men who wants to seduce married women into an affair: Never ever say your mother is an angel… or how you adore your mother… that’s a complete turn off, trust me… such things… such respect and such admiration towards your mother, just works on single, naive women not on an already married woman. And another thing…unless you’re prepared to learn how to cook instead of eating out and clean up after yourself…don’t ever think of seducing a married woman.

Cleffairy: Having responsibility and playing house is not part of the deal when you have an affair with a married woman or married man for that matter.It’s a huge turn off and disgusting. Having an affair is all about NSA, is it not?


  1. eugene says:

    that will open up a totally new phase of your writing skill already, but all that said,your provoking way of writing i bet is still very much intact….

    housewreckers or mistresses are just like a normal women who are looking for someone to love, it is just that they found the giver too hard too lose ,, the entrapment of mixed feelings, i reckon..

    hey have a great week ahead,,ya

    • Cleffairy says:

      Infidelities disgust me… but sometimes, I think i need to see things in different light to understand what such people actually feels when they’re having an affair. I really do wonder, at times… and I bet I’m going to have a lot of ‘fun’ interviewing anonymous ladies around…I’m sure it will be enlightening. *sigh* I’ve been sitting in my comfort zone far too long. Time for some changes in my writings.

  2. goldflower86 says:

    ME think its not all fun.
    you are unseen, he never is your husband
    people hate you
    and you will end up hate youtself
    being a sex object din increase self value and self respect…
    and u will end up thinking all men is bad?

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