Delicious Thai Food at Banngkok Street Food, Setapak Kuala Lumpur

Sawadee ka. Sabaidee mai? I’m a huge fan of Thai Lakorn. You can say that I’m absolutely addicted to them, especially Lakorn of romance genre. My current addiction is ‘Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised’, ‘Ab Ruk Online’, ‘Sood Sai Pan’ and ‘Roy Leh Sanae Rai’. Unlike other Asian dramas, Thai Lakorn is pretty unique in a sense that it does not always have happily ever after and they often feature delicious Thai food and unique places of interests their scenes. Being someone who appreciate food, I couldn’t help but drool each time there’s lunch or dinner scene in these Lakorns.

I only had the opportunity to visit Thailand once in 2014 during my wedding anniversary with my husband. We visited Songkla and Hadyai. A place that is abundant with cheap street food. We didn’t had much time to sample everything that they had to offer though, due to time restriction, but luckily for us, Banngkok Street Food Restaurant have everything that Thai street flavours have to offer and we don’t exactly have to go to Thailand to enjoy the flavours of Thailand.

Located in Platinum Walk, Setapak Kuala Lumpur, Banngkok Street Food Restaurant offers all sort of authentic Thai food.

Here’s sharing with you what my family and I managed to stuff our faces with a couple of days ago:

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Crispy Chicken Skin. This dish is actually deep fried chicken skin. Deeply fried and served with a side of sweet and spicy Thai sauce, the dish is pretty much irresistible. Perfect as a snack or to go with fragrant white rice. Not recommended for those who are on a cholesterol watch, though. This dish is terribly addictive and you can easily ask for more.

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Krapow Vs. Nachos. This dish is actually Nachos served with a side of minced basil chicken. The krapow is a bit on the spicy side with bird’s eye chillies in it. Great for those who loves spicy appetizers.

 photo IMG_4307_zpsojpidcz7.jpg

Crispy Popeye. The Thais certainly have a fun way to get people to eat the greens. This is spinach, dipped in floury batter and deep fried. Great as appetizer and casual snacking and even the pickiest of children will love it.

 photo IMG_4281_zpsfemrzxqk.jpg

Khanum Jeen Laksa is a variety of Thai curry noodles. The texture of the soup is spicy and cream with hints of coconut milk. Absolutely delicious and if not because I was saving space for more dishes, I would have asked for a second helping of this.

 photo IMG_4275_zpssk70m6h1.jpg

Mee Celup. The mee celup comes with three types of noodles, thin rice noodles, thick rice noodles and instant noodles. The soup have strong hints of herb and spices and are all equally good on the palate.

 photo IMG_4285_zpsiyy0bgop.jpg

Khao Mok Kai. I gave this Thai Briyani a huge thumbs up. It is not only fragrant but flavourful as well and the chicken were perfectly done.

 photo IMG_4301_zpsygimx0gf.jpg

Khao Pad Tomyam. This tomyam flavoured fried rice is simply delicious. Plenty of seafood bits like prawn and squid in it too. Great for those who wants a little bit of oceanic goodness in their meal without overindulging.

 photo IMG_4292_zpsoz7kenp6.jpg

Siakap Kaeng Som. Not a fan of fish, seriously. The bones usually scares me but this steamed fish with spicy tamarind sauce was splendidly done and if you love fish dishes, this dish is definitely a must try.

 photo IMG_4289_zpsq9an8dno.jpg

Siakap Krung Thai. Again, I’m not a big fan of fishes. The bones and the fishy smell really put me off but like the earlier dish, this deep fried fish with lemongrass sauce is to die for. No fishy smell whatsoever and the dish actually perfumed your palate with its lemongrass flavour. Very nice dish, and another must try in Banngkok Street Food Restaurant.

 photo IMG_4295_zpsemkasmdb.jpg

Tomyam Super Banngkok was a very spicy affair. While this chicken feet and chicken wings tomyam is great for those who loves spicy soup, I would recommend you to request for a milder one if you are not up to spiciness.

 photo IMG_4296_zps4cielhej.jpg

Tom Kha Gai is warming to the tummy. This Thai chicken galangal soup is great for those who loves creaminess in their soup. Great on it’s own or with rice and crusty bread as a dip.

 photo IMG_4302_zpswuo0lj1n.jpg

Kai Dow Kra Paw is a dish of minced beef with basil and fried egg can usually be found at the street stalls of Thailand. It is usually served in a small bowl with fragrant steamed white rice for those who would like a quick meal on the street. Suffice to say, this dish is a common comfort meal in Thailand.

 photo IMG_4304_zpsjm3tydkx.jpg

Ho’ Mok Steam Seafood. Uniquely presented in young coconut shell, this dish is loaded with all sort of crustaceans and clams. Highly recommended for seafood lovers.

 photo IMG_4315_zpsqq5rjjol.jpg

Yam Kai Dow. Loves egg dishes? Then this crispy egg salad is for you. Pair it with a plate of white rice and your tummy will be comforted in a jiffy.

 photo IMG_4329_zpsknxrtj6o.jpg

Yam Thai Mama Maggie.This is aThai instant noodles salad. It is always a hit on the streets of Thailand. Pretty spicy to me but it is delicious nevertheless. The dish is served very spicy by default so if you can’t take spicy food, do request for the non spicy or the mild version upon ordering.

 photo IMG_4337_zpsgrkkm9zn.jpg

Sweet Dessert. Those who have sweet tooth will surely love this bowl of sticky glutinous rice with creamy coconut milk and topped with vanilla ice cream with shredded jackfruit. It is very filling on its own, I must say. And if you are a small eater, I recommend you to share this bowl of sweetness.

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Banana Pancake. Low on energy? Need a little boost? Be sure to order this banana pancake. Packed with fried banana and sugar, this plate of pancake with surely perk you up. Definitely great for marathoners who wants to carbo load before their run.

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Red Ruby is a great end to our meal. It definitely washed away all the numbing spiciness and yes, this is a yet another must order dish in Banngkok Street Food Restaurant.

Overall our dining experience in this restaurant is wonderful. With some of the latest Thai music playing in the background, you could almost feel as if you are in Thailand.

More info on the restaurant below:

Banngkok Street Food

Setapak 56-G, Platinum Walk, No.2, Jalan Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, 53000
Facebook page:
Operating hour: 12pm to 11.30am daily

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