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Christmas and the holiday season is coming, but I’ve been bitten by the nasty travel bug. And so, instead of buying Christmas gifts for my friends and loved ones, I ended up shopping for things to bring on my upcoming wanderlust trip instead.

You see, I’m never a believer of allowing style to go flying whenever I travel. Call me vain, but hey, who wouldn’t want to look great in their holiday pictures? I certainly want to look fantastic in my pictures.

Anyway, I was looking for some new bags and comfy shoes for my next trip and I discovered that Cheap Wholesale store online omgnb  is offering great bargain for their shoppers and I thought I’d share it with you here.

 photo nickor-vintage-style-trendy-backpacks-for-school-13701-v0_zpsqrmwu0ps.jpg

Cheap bags for women can easily be found over here. Just take a look at this one. This trendy vintage style travel backpack is just so lovely, don’t you think? I’m in love with this one, especially it has alot of compartments to fit all sorts of things in it. This beautiful bag will definitely make a travel worthy companion, in my humble opinion.

 photo siketu-sweet-lattice-foldable-ballet-flat-dancing-shoes-16723-v1_zpsad7m0uye.jpg

The site have plenty of beautiful shoes, but being a traveler, this pair of Flat Shoes won my heart the instant I saw it. Reason? Simple. I’m all for everything bright. And this pink sweet lattice foldable ballet flat dancing shoes is just the thing that I need for a long distance walk. Unlike most shoes, foldable shoes are great in a sense that they’re light and gives you comfort on long distance walk as the snugly fit onto your feet like a second skin. I owned a few pairs of foldable ballerina shoes like this at home and I have to say that they have never disappoint me during my travels. Bonus? They are foldable and I can easily stash them away in my backpack should I decide to wear other kind of shoes during hiking and stuff. Definitely on my must have list and I’m definitely getting this pair of lovelies.

Shopping at this site can be rather addictive, but for now, I think I’ll just go for these items first. They have wide range of items and they are going for a very cheap price. Great for online bargain hunters, I must say, so if you are looking for high quality goods for a cheap price, do take a look at this one. I reckon you will find your heart’s desire within a jiffy.

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